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Fish attractants and fragrances are very common product on the market fishery products. But how to choose an attractant, and whether or not to use them for fishing? Many of asking yourself this question, looking for answers to it in the internet. But how many fishermen, so many opinions. I usually respond to this question is a simple answer: no one I do not send fishing without having taken with an attractant. Of course many people ask me the question, and what you are using attractants which attractant is better, and what better to buy what works best for catching fish?

 The use of attractants

These questions clearly cannot be answered, because of all the different brands, flavors (or flavors), agents of many different formulas (liquid, spray, types of jellies, pastes, etc.), Along with the costs, attractants have their individual pros and cons when use of fishing.

Personally, I only use three different formulas attractant (or flavor), which covers all my needs while fishing on the predator is (shrimp), garlic, dill and pheromone attractant. The reason for choosing these three is that they are the most tried and tested by me and by many anglers.

Then, finally, many ask me what methods of application of attractants to lure I use? Mainly because of problems with some products that destroy the rubber parts in the boat with the accidental spillage or applied to the bait attractants must be used carefully.

But most of all spent attractant spray it on the bait, especially in a strong wind. Also highly liquid attractants keep bad hard baits and quickly rinsed off with water. There can be noted the only attractant for which rapid dissolution in water, only a positive result. This is an attractant pheromone. The faster it dissolves in water, the better the effect of the application.

Formula attractants

The answer to the question of how to choose an attractant and best use lays a few answers. Firstly, we will try to clarify the "myth" of the formulas attractants. One thing to keep in mind that there is no such thing as a "fish attractant," with the exception of only the use of special attractants for fishing in salt water - sea fishing. In general, these attractants are made on the basis of natural components, without the use of chemicals. These attractants are very expensive, they have little demand, have a limited shelf life and use.

Formula attractants mainly intended to cover, and remove unwanted taste that comes from your contaminated baits that to touch the bait or not kept in the best location, impregnated unnecessary odor.

Shelter unwanted odor and processing of fish bait is preferred, it is the same that makes the hunter, his ammunition spraying pheromones or scents, deer hunter. So he hides the human scent that will stay in the woods.

The same applies to the formula attractants that are made to be used for fishing. But they do not just simply hide foreign smell, they still needed to fish like the taste of flavor, then it will hold the bait a few minutes longer than if the fish do not like the taste, and this is of great importance for the successful sweeps.

Say for example that you are going to go fishing and on the way stopped to refuel at the gas station. Then you are on the reservoir, preparing the boat again you have contact with the fuel. Even if you will wash your hands very well, still the smell will remain, and will ignore the bait fish. And you just sit and wait for quite a long time, when the fish bite. Similarly, when posting a spinner or wobblers, all efforts will be in vain, the fish may just hit the bait, and then let her go.

That is why many companies produce attractants and fragrances, to help prevent this problem. But even they can be wrong formula to form an attractant. As well as fishing products on the market a lot of fakes. Simulates the actual working formulas and smells.

Now about the financial side. You buy expensive formulated bait that can get contamination from something, why not buy an inexpensive bait and using her attractant, to make it quite working. I'm convinced of it more than once. Cheap Chinese bait works better than Brand. The difference was as low as only a few times.

Synthesis of natural and chemical ingredients

Famous international brands can afford to consolidate the work of specialists from a variety of directions. These are: ichthyologists, biotechnology, research institutes, and chemists, researchers of life and behavior of fish.

On the basis of the use of different knowledge companies such as: Yamamoto, Rublex, Bass Assasin, Sensas and so on, producing a wide variety of types of attractants and baits for fishing. It is worth noting that many of the companies involved in the production of pure compounds that are added to the fishermen own their recipes.

  Production of artificial attractants

Western manufacturers tend to produce large amounts of a wide variety of types of baits, additives and compounds for bait fishing recipes artificially. Now, many companies adopt Western notation attractants. For example, Fish Attractants, Fish Scents, Fish Formula and so on. But there are some signs which are characteristic of the gel-like substance - Flavor Gel For Fish Bait.

These areas are engaged in the production of a variety of manufacturers. For smaller companies characterized by the use of ready-made dry mix. That is, they cannot afford to work with laboratories and produce attractants in its sole discretion.

They used dry blood of animals, marine life particles, chopped worms and other insects. In addition, this type of manufacturers all possible uses and food flavorings. It can be as extracts of honey, vanilla and so on. Do not pass by and all kinds of oil. The range of small producers can find attractants produced using chemical components of medicines. Data types are mostly amateurs.

Professional and industrial fishermen use the products of large manufacturers. It has a higher cost and quality. In this case, special attention is paid not only to the standard norms, but ichthyologist’s studies and experts to study the tastes and habits of the fish. The range of such companies can detect attractants, for certain groups of fish, and for separate species. For example, there are special bait for catching carp and carp.

However, there is one feature. Western companies produce only artificial lures and bait. That is, plastic, polymer or other types of artificial lures. They have an inherent, natural food flavor attractant.

Manufacturer’s attractants

It is worth to note that the most popular manufacturers believe Western companies. This is due to the fact that many firms specialize in the development, improvement and refinement of the popular types of lures and baits.

In the domestic market there are plenty of options for a wide variety of artificial lures. Many species are based on the use of silicone and other, types of soft artificial substances. Do not forget that it is best to give preference to individual types of lures to be used with attractants. That is, those which are designed for a certain type of fish. This is due to the behavior and taste preferences of each, separately, a single species of fish.

For instance, the Predators are not always "take", "being" on artificial lures. That is, if the fish feel that bait is not edible, it just spits it. In addition, the predators are guided by a set of feelings. Accordingly, the sight of food, they rush forward, but felt deception can spit.

Among foreign manufacturers in our market known and popular manufacturers such: Berkley and Rublex. This species such as Power Bait and Bio-Bait, respectively. From domestic manufacturers popular manufacturers such as Biotechnology, Bio-Kihyena-C, Delta Fish and so on. But the truth is foreign attractants are not limited to products of the two companies. On the shelves you can find products companies: Sensas, Crave, Pautzke and so on.

Each type corresponds to a particular type of bait fish. All companies that produce this type of attractants are several popular acids and various compounds through the use of propylene glycol.

How to choose an attractant

The next question we will look at how to choose an attractant, and smell what formula to use. To this question I really cannot tell you exactly what the company product to buy, because there are so many different manufacturers of fish attractants and most of them are very compatible and work well, but I can tell you from experience that the natural flavors work better.

I always use the formula "crabs" for plastics and jig baits. For spinning lures and bait works best with an attractant scent of garlic. Universal, I think pheromone attractants. They really have proved effective at catching a variety of ways.

Once warned, in no case do not bother with those pheromone attractants flavors. The effect may turn out negative, although some fishermen say the opposite. I experimented with pheromones, in my case, the effect of mixing bring negative results. But experimenting and mixing different smells, unexpected results were obtained in fishing.

Now that we have moved to the professional formulas smells, let's try to eliminate some of the "cons" that can really disturb the fishermen when using attractants for artificial baits. Over the past 5 years, I have tried almost every attractant that can be used for applying to the bait. I've tried sprays that just sprayed, try thick, which envelop the bait.

Tested paste, very thick consistency. I experimented with a liquid in which the bait is simply dipped. All this helped me to determine the optimal from the point of view of the application, an attractant. Although optimal, a relative thing. Each attractant designed specifically for those conditions and fishing, where it will be used.

Finally, over the years I found a way, using an attractant as hand lotion. To hide extraneous odors, it was the best option. Again, I repeat, this method is suitable for simple flavors. Pheromone attractants to be applied directly to the bait. Pheromones should definitely be in the aquatic environment, in the air, they quickly lose their properties.

Attractants for winter fishing

Very good jelly attractants. They last longer on hard baits and as quickly eroded. This particularly applies to trout paste. But there is another question. All the time we are discussing the attractants used in the warmer months. After all, these are all winter attractants simply turn into an icy mass. At sub-zero temperatures in the winter fishing is recommended attractants based ethanol.

It prevents freezing of the product. Incidentally attractant pheromone and are made on the basis of alcohol. And yet, the smell they are neutral. I had seen on the winter fishing, if you overdo it with the concentration of flavor, the fish simply cannot go. Even bait intended for winter fishing, have a bland flavor. In the cold winter water soluble flavor faster and spread it much further. This is from the fact that a little cold water microorganisms.

That's like, we figured out how to choose an attractant for a particular fishing. Most importantly do not buy a cheap knockoff. Good attractants manufacturers are always tested before they are released to the market. Well, listen to the advice of experienced fishermen, although many keep it a secret.

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