Bait Fishing for Carp

Does the prohibition on the use boilies for carp end trophy catch? Perhaps passion baits fall into oblivion other equally catch ability bait? However, the angler fish catches, not the lure. I know how annoying it is: you know a great lake full of great carp fishing noticed a better place - and all of a sudden ban on using boilies all negates.

Instead of arguing about the meaning or meaninglessness of such bans, let us ask ourselves: Do we love this lake? If you like it, let's calm down, do not you just us out of this paradise cannot erase. Prohibited only one lure, however, a first-class, but, strictly speaking, only one of many.

Paradoxically, the ban on baits has some advantages. Such restrictions are introduced in most cases where there is too great fishing news. After the ban, the pond becomes a lot quieter - no one would lead you now the carp from under the noses of excessive feeding.

And the less caught, the easier it is to outwit the fish. It is foolish to say that without a purposeful boilies carp fishing impossible. Fish catches fisherman rather than the bait. Frankly, we are somewhat spoiled in our fishing. The prohibition forces us to look for new ways. On heavily fished waters, new tactics and bait fish often allow even better than the traditional technique.

It accumulates valuable experience that goes beyond the usual routine. Anyone who, in spite of the restrictions, is successful, it is a first-class fisherman. Let's talk about baits.

Meat for lunch

The meat for breakfast - it is certainly not new. Each angler - "carp" knows, but few people use. Remember when the last time you caught him? But it is very catch ability bait. For example, not so long ago in the French Cass Lake on him -kilogramm caught 20 fish.

Try to buy such meat for breakfast, which is sinking rather than floating on the surface. After lightly frying in a pan of meat cubes become more elastic. You can spice up their paprika or by adding a few drops of flavoring, freeze. After the daily storage in the freezer flavor absorbed.

Cubes are mounted on the hair a snap. To hair is not on the cast dice cut, a thin fishing line put on a piece of rigid duct. The stopper is used as a tube segment. Another alternative to meat Boyle - Viennese sausages. Even better mini-salami. The other day we caught three together on boilies lured into the ground.

Bites were on. Boredom is my friend unwound another rod and planted a piece of salami. The only bite was the bait. Take a walk to the supermarket and choose a delicious sausage, want - hepatic want - Blutwurst or chopped meatballs. Just make sure that it did not contain an excess of fat and preservative.

Classic bait

Thousands of carp have been caught on corn and chickpeas. Before catching the grain to soak for 24 hours, and then simmer for 20-30 minutes. Flavors are added to the water prior to cooking. Corn after cooking I leave for two days in broth. Lightly coated with slime and fermented (but not moldy), it is especially like the fish.

Another miracle bait, which are very fond of carp - tiger nuts. Tiger nuts, Spanish Chufa, strictly speaking, not the nuts and tubers of earth almond, which is cultivated in the Mediterranean for thousands of years as a cultivated plant. Why they are so successful, no one knows for sure.

However, they are quite nutritious and absolutely not dangerous for carp, in contrast, for example, peanut, but so hard that at first carp consumption will hardly be able to digest them. What happens next with allocated then the remains; I would gently call the "re-use". Excellent complementary feeding, as you know.

The lower nuts better. However, be careful, "nuts" are insidious and can play a cruel joke. When the first rumors about the fabulous tubers from England crawled to the continent, we were all worked up. But the first results have disappointed. I thought that the fish must first teach them.

Within a few days I threw 2-3 kg of tiger nuts into the window between the water lilies. Again, no bite. Apparently, our carp is there will not be. Yet these nuts did not give me rest. The whole world is caught in them! Only I could not. One compassionate colleague finally sympathized and enlightened me.

It turns out that it was necessary to pour nuts with water and leave it for 24-48 hours, and then simmer 30-45 minutes. In no case do not add flavor. In the water, tiger nuts start to ferment and emit an unpleasant odor, but that it irresistibly carps. The most important thing - it is the number of bait.

Two or three handfuls enough! In any case no more likely, less! Maybe someone has a different experience, but the more I throw the bait, the less become my catch. If you think that you need to add the bait, take the corn, hemp and oat flakes. From time to time you hear that some waters beckon tiger nuts are bad fish.

I bet that this fisher-loser just fed them too much. On the tiger nuts fish caught over the years. Even if carp become cautious fish activity will begin again next year. Only cancers and bream not happy with them, but the better.

Granules and dough. One of my favorite lures - large pellets of fishmeal. They are held for 24 hours until the hair snap if their prior to withstand for several hours in a vegetable oil, which holds the pellets and protect them from erosion by water. Suitable ordinary virgin olive oil with a drop of flavor or attractant.

Better yet, add fish oil, however, it is rancid after a few days and then it should be discarded. Rancid oil is also very harmful. The fact that the dough is not less than boilies attract carp is well known. Of course, not soft like butter dough and viscous, dense mix for boilies, which casts a powerful stand on the hair a snap. And may need at least 10 hours so that it dissolved in the water.

Once I cooked my baits immediately after rolling into balls, and two days later was surprised to see that they were hard as a rock. I have used them for bait is not cooked (bait on the hook then consisted of one boilie) and, along with excellent carp, caught and the best linear. The dough is prepared in the same way as for boilies, but not boils.

Balls of dough may be larger (2 to 3 cm), since they dissolve slowly in water. In addition, the adhesive should be used only egg whites and discard the yolks. It is important to create the right mix. Armin Reich, a great expert in this area, encourages bonding only ovalbumin (egg white net). In my experience, suitable and wheat gluten (gluten).

Very loose or fat is not recommended to use the components. Most hard bait obtained by adding 30% milk powder. The dough should be kneaded thoroughly, to form a completely homogeneous mass. Roll dough balls, put them on all leads and dried, at least during the day. Finished beads freeze previously by holding in a vegetable oil, which reduces the penetration of moisture.

Baits of the dough are placed in a trough for boilies, Solar purchased from firms that have been created, in fact, to protect the bait from cancers. Also suitable are the holders of the cut dough feeder firms Drennan, most small or home-made spiral dough. This dough in my arsenal of baits boilies almost completely replaced and in the winter I am extremely complementary feeding them.

I have accumulated a lot of experience of using all kinds of baits. Outsmart many beautiful carp helped me raisins, shellfish, dry kibble for cats Frolic, cubes of cheese and the dried water chestnuts, and, where permitted, crayfish. Maybe you will find among them their super bait.

Concrete dough. A good basis for boilies are:

20% of the bread flour;

20% milk powder;

15% egg albumin;

5% gluten.

The remaining 40% you can make at its discretion from finely milled granules for trout, egg-biscuit feed for canaries or mixtures boilies. Flour from the nuts of the high content of fat should be added cautiously.

At that it is better to catch carp

Shell perlovitsy double-wing. Shells can be found in the river, and lake, in places with hard sandy or pebbly bottom, covered with a thin layer of silt. To this end, in shallow areas you need to get in the water, feeling the feet and pick up shells in the bag hanging on his shoulder or cast ashore.

At the same time, be careful at the edge flaps shells razor sharp and can be easily hurt. Good store shells in the water, in a mesh bag from under a potato or onion, putting pre-load there. Shell-perlovitsy is excellent bait, which is well pecking fish such as catfish, carp, bream, tench, crucian carp close-and many other species.

We can say with certainty that it is universal bait, but it has one flaw, it is bad rests on the hook. Anglers differently this fight, who binds the meat shell thread to the hook, one copper wire who pinches denser meat baits, a kind of sandwich.

Carapace in shells still quite strong and not every fish will be able to see through it that would get to the tidbits. Therefore, not all shell-fishing on perlovitsy be successful, it needs to choose the appropriate place where the shell can crush the boat, the movement of stones, logs.

Hence the conclusion that the catch on perlovitsy best marinas in the area, bridges, dams and other structures, which can happen something like this. To open the sash shellfish, you need to maintain between the knife blades and turn it by 90 degrees, thus undercutting the muscles of mollusk. For bait fit so-called "foot," or muscle that is vehicle for shellfish.

If the pond a lot of seashells perlovitsy-and you do not live far away, regular complementary feeding meat shells at the same time and in the same place becomes pure, a treasure in terms of catching big carp and other trophy fish. They will already know that such and such a time in such a place with table delicacies will be served, and believe me, if you do it right, the rewards you will not take long.

To prepare the mass of the shell, you just smash the shells of stone or something heavy to form a smooth paste with particles of small and medium size. Catch meat shell-like bottom perlovitsy can tackle and float. On the bottom gear all clear, but on float tackle better catch in the wiring.

If you want to catch a catfish, you are putting on the hook as many "legs" perlovitsy that they completely shut down the whole hook. Also not bad work for catfish sandwich meat shells, fixed between the two beetles. On the large carp bait the same should be large, corresponding to the size of the hook and something to add to it (maggots, worms, corn, etc.) I would not recommend, would get small things.

Lin is desirable to put a small cube of meat shell with maggots and worms. The list goes on for a long time, but you need to experiment with compositions by bait on a particular fish, and then maybe you will find the very golden key that will open the door for you where caught only trophy specimens.

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