Basic Rules for Spearfishing

Underwater fishing has appeared for a long time - in the 30s of the last century. For the first time such an innovation interested fishermen warm country on the Mediterranean coast. It even held national competitions in underwater fishing. However, the advent of scuba gear at the official level is considered to be 1957, when the first international competitions were held. Since then, such events have taken a regular basis and are held annually.

Underwater fishing

Fishing under the water only at first glance from the TV screen looks simple and too easy. In fact, even for the experienced fisherman this type of fishing is difficult and, without a doubt, entertaining. And all because of that underwater fishing is significantly different from the fishing ground. Yes, a fisherman all his useful knowledge about the habits of the fish, their habitats, but also from the fisherman need and physical training.

For underwater fishing is crucial immersion technique, because physically weak and untrained people cannot withstand the tremendous physical exertion, lack of oxygen and tension eardrum when submerged under water. Such effects on the underwater fisherman can be avoided by carrying out regular comprehensive lessons with an experienced instructor, as well as studying and testing in practice various techniques of immersion. For example, when immersed in the sea, the definitions of immersion techniques to study the impact of seasonal weather conditions on the immersion technique.

Dive into the water in the rivers, too, is subject to its own rules of fishing. For example, to move in the river should be strictly against the current, as the fish swims up strictly with the flow. In order to protect yourself from possible trouble when submerged under water, the fisherman need to pass a preliminary course of training under the guidance of experienced instructors and purchase appropriate equipment.

Note fisherman! It is worth remembering that in addition to the masks, flippers, tube suit the fisherman need to buy a gun for underwater fishing, and even a special lamp (it is useful in the dark places of the reservoir). For underwater fishing on the river or pond will suit rather short rifle and the appropriate tip. So, for pike and idea need many teeth tip, and for catching burbot and catfish - a single-toothed.

What kind of fish caught in the water?

Underwater different types of fish are caught, depending on the selected position of catching fish. Special beauty fish fauna and flora differ sea, so many underwater fishing lovers go there, giving their preference to those places where official diving. After all, in such places unpleasant surprises underwater much less.

It's worth noting that it is often in the seas of the main animals (including fish and marine species) are found not too far from the coastal strip, where the water depth of the subsoil is 10 to 30 meters. It is home to various species of marine fish: mullet, sea bass, tuna, cod, mackerel, salmon fish, garfish, squid, shrimp and many other animals.

For example, in the Sea of ​​Japan, there are about 600 species of fish. Going deep into the sea, there is darkness and emptiness, impenetrable thickets of seaweed. In many water bodies of the country with fresh water underwater fishing is not as exciting as the sea, however, fishermen have great pleasure to catch pike, carp, perch, pike perch, sturgeon, rudd, carp, catfish, idea and other fauna of the rivers and lakes.

Fisher’s underwater fishing novice understanding of how the process of catching passes under the water comes only after they undergo training with an experienced instructor. To begin the training can be in the presence of a complete outfit. Although today many of the sea clubs give out their gear during lessons.

However, for those fishermen who still decided to engage in underwater fishing, it makes sense to buy their own equipment to work in her immersion technique. It's no secret that high-priced counterpart’s equipment for underwater fishing provides minimal discomfort compared to the cheaper counterparts.

Selecting immersion technique under water depends on where in the plan to fish: sea, river or lake. For example, when immersed in the sea, a fisherman must first simply access the body and dive vertically, then lie low and find a quiet place where he could hide and not to frighten the fish.

When diving into the river, the fisherman made every movement against the current along the bottom, with a minimum of fluid movements, saving the air. On the eve of the dive gear should be checked, if you find any faults immersion is canceled. In this case, the risk is not relevant.

Submarine fishing sturgeon

In many countries, underwater fishing of sturgeon has its tactics and legal norms (for them to be recognized on the eve of fishing, so as not to fill the ranks of poachers). Many experienced fishermen engaged in underwater fishing sturgeon, say that some individual tactics underwater fishing sturgeon does not exist a priori.

After all, everyone knows that the sturgeon is a way of life near the bottom, so it settles to the depths. Accordingly, the fishermen should, first of all, to give up and haul out to give preference to active search for sturgeon and not be afraid to frighten away the fish. After all sturgeon sure that he had no enemies under water, and because not too and cautious.

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of guns for catching sturgeon - low-power types are not suitable here. The fisherman must be prepared and to the fact that sturgeon fish are too powerful, so even if it gets a gun, he would not give up and will move away from the enemy. Often, in order not to lose the gun, fishermen are forced to cut the line and leave the pursuit of sturgeon.

Underwater fishing carp fish

Catching carp fish under water is different in different bodies of water. For example, in the quiet backwaters and lakes, where there is practically no current, carp can be found very rarely because of the muddy water. Fisherman simply not visible, so count on the success of such underwater fishing is not necessary.

In rivers and lakes, which more or less clean water, you can fish for carp under the water, choosing his favorite hiding places - reeds, coastal bushes. If the water bottom flat terrain and there's no hiding it in a place trying to hunt for carp under the water also does not make sense. Search carp need in deep lakes, in the pits, plant meadows.

Underwater carp should be done quietly, without any sudden movements and fuss. For tubes need to purchase a valve - such a precaution eliminate spray that will not flush out the prey. The fisherman must take into account that the carp is an active way of life, it can be fed in the muddy and clean water, and he loves to feast on vegetable food - reeds and cane.

When choosing equipment for underwater fishing, the fisherman must choose a powerful rifle with a powerful tip, as individual specimens of carp in the rivers reach 25 kilograms or more. The main tactic underwater carp - is the search for his dwelling place.

A special thrill delivers spear fishing on the young - fish more timid and too close approach does not allow the fisherman. Older individuals, on the contrary, may even "curious" who invaded their domain, and go towards the fisherman, not even knowing about their fate.

Note fisherman! When hunting large fish in the receded river, identify places carp habitat help original holes on the surface of the water - it leaves such marks carp during feeding. To beat him you need to gills, it allows you to break through the gills and harpoon to catch. It would be the best is not too powerful long rifle and a harpoon, which has a single-toothed tip.

The process of underwater fishing

In order to process the underwater fishing was productive; the fisherman must have an elaborate strategy of immersion under water (based on the places where he is going to fish) and certain underwater fishing skills. Theoretical knowledge of submarine fishermen is welcome - there are cases where such a situation is created under the water, which did not mention the instructor during class. Selecting the underwater fishing techniques depends on the dive site, the terms of this body of water, climate and weather conditions.

Submersible hunter-fisher should move against the flow of the river. In the sea or lake fishing tactics and hunting for other fish. Trapper is necessary to choose a stone or other object, hide. Catching this fish shelter is to change the hiding place.

Conclusive rules that must know and perform every underwater fisherman:

  • to check the serviceability of all equipment immediately prior to immersion, despite the fact that on the eve of such audit no violations and malfunctions are not identified;
  • pre-inspect the place where diving will take place;
  • sailing as close as possible to the bottom of the pond, underwater fisherman should look around and up on themselves, making smooth movements;
  • the water needed to carry out the correct tactics of breathing - inhale too deeply and as infrequently as possible;
  • charge the gun should be directly under the water, guiding it down.

The basic membership is underwater fishing scuba gun - no fishing rods, spinning like a land of fishermen is not in sight. For underwater gun need arrows - they can be single-toothed or trident. Terms of release underwater gun arrows can be pre-work out on free space. Only in this way the fisherman will be able to understand the principle of the underwater gun and learns the intricacies of leads to the coiling arrows.

On the eve of diving fisherman checks the air mask. It must be done this way: put on a mask and try to draw the air through the nose. If the mask is stuck, it means that there is not any air, and the mask on the face sits closely.

After that, you should try to set up the phone so that it is about the mouthpiece could move freely. And do not forget that the fins help fulfill swimming movements, they have to be a fisherman in size as small fins will pinch the foot that can cause seizures under water.

Experienced fishermen are advised to purchase such a device, and for underwater fishing as Kukan - it is possible to string the fish and will not need to refer it to the surface. Choosing a tube for underwater fishing, you need to give preference to such of their species that have crimped connections in the form of hoses.

Rigid tubes, though cheaper, but they are often under water can be dangerous, because it is transmitted vibrations from the aquatic vegetation, followed by respiratory structure may be damaged. As a result of such failure fisherman can drown water.

As you can see, the underwater fishing has nothing to do with the types of fishing ground. From underwater fisherman requires physical fitness, ability to dive and swim, good health, wit and intelligence.

One tactic knowledge of fishing in this fishing form is not enough, we must be able to react promptly to the situation under the water, take an adequate solution and minimize the risks. Besides underwater fisherman should learn to stay underwater as long as possible, and for that he is obliged to fulfill the skills hyperventilation.

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