Boilies. Self-made Boilies

More than 20 years ago in the secrets of carp and focused on a few individual recipes bait kept in secrecy. Commercialization baits and baits for carp at the time was not yet. Each of the anglers had their formula and the secret recipe for the dough containing any unusual and amazing ingredients that are thoroughly and carefully kept secret from other anglers.

The problem with the test, used for bait, was such that it attracted mostly small carp and other small, peaceful fish. Larger and medium sized carp rarely managed to catch as the bait was offered an easily digestible and immediately attacked the small fish in ponds. To overcome this problem, the idea is to create bait for large fish and led to the idea of ​​mixing dough with a small amount of raw eggs (protein).

Also it was decided to make bait for carp as granules, and then subjected to heat treatment for a few minutes. Thus obtained, the bait had the desired hardness, which did not allow small fish to nip off even a small piece. So she was "born" as a bait ball, or rather a ball of dough.

By the mid 80-ies in Western Europe among fishermen began to gain popularity quickly catching on hair, and some are starting to make and sell baits on an industrial scale. For the first time, an ordinary fisherman can buy baits that give him a great chance of success in catching big carp. Ready-to-use baits of all colors and all tastes were the most popular baits for carp. Some ponds have been thrown so many boilies ground bait that they become an integral part of the carp menu.

Fully enthusiastic carp fishing anglers make their own boilies for bait - it is hard work, but a lot cheaper than brand-name and you can afford to do for every taste, color and smell, in addition to any amount. For the average carp angler is much more convenient to buy ready-made baits to use, than to make them. They are sold packed in plastic bags in various quantities, size and weight, almost all stores selling fishing tackle, bait and bait.

The sealed packages boilies can maintain a fresh scent for several months if stored in a dry and dark place. If we have stocks of baits in large quantities and we want to keep them for a long time, we can freeze them, every time we take only the amount of boilies that we need for the trip on a fishing trip.

The main ingredients are eggs boilies, which is the basic element of communication of different combinations of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. On the basis of the theory of the ingredients of protein granules implies knowledge of dietary habits and behavior of carp. There is no doubt that the boilie flavor is more important for the carp bait than color and in particular Boyle.

In lakes where baits are used frequently, and carp are accustomed to eating them, you need to throw 20 or 30 balloons around each hook with bait. If baits are used as bait in a pond, or try new flavors, you will need to throw a few hundred boilies and still have to wait a little to carp tasted them and they began to be caught. Whenever caught carp, usually throw a dozen baits, and if we catch from the bottom or in ponds with low concentrations of nutrients, you should throw them twice.

Types of boilies

Protein pellets can be divided into five categories: composition, density, flavor, color and size

A) The basic structure of baits may be different, and although it is not necessarily a special dry mix or high protein flour. Of course, the protein-rich ingredients have a much higher performance and can improve the effectiveness of the bait. Components bait various types of fats, sweeteners, but a large percentage of different types of flour and other plant products. It is also an important component of most types of baits is milk, which is rich in casein.

B) The density of baits can be greater or less than the density of water - respectively, they may be floating or sinking. As a rule, usually prepared (cooked) boilies have a greater density and therefore they drown. However, if you want them to swim, you have to bake them in the oven. Baits of different densities are used for a variety of installations, however, may be used in combination.

C) Flavoring agents and flavor enhancers, natural essences incredible abundance in various combinations with each other. A large number of well-known companies involved in the production of various attractants, liquid or powder and flavor enhancers, developing many types of additives for the production of boilies, which will respond well to the carp. You should know that there is no universal boilies. The right combination of taste and flavors applied to each class.

Strong aromas of meat, fish and vegetables has been shown to stimulate the well-biting fish when used as a flavoring. But to find a better and easier to navigate on any body of water, made boilies and without odor and taste that you are able to add the desired attractant in an unknown pond or lake. Orange Tutti Frutti or high in flavor strawberry boilies with smaller size is good bait for tench, bream, roach, large and medium-sized boilies with the aroma of the cheese is successful at catching barbell and chub.

D) Boilies Color is a matter of dispute between the fishermen. Some believe that the color is important, and others, and it can affect, but under certain conditions. And the truth is that when carp are hungry, it is guided by the smell and taste, and vision has almost no value.

Maybe if we rely on carp curiosity and trying to get his attention to the bait with a different contrasting color. But it may be true - it differs from the surrounding colors can vice versa bother him and he will ignore and avoid these baits. Still, it is well known that carp curious fish, so do not be afraid to experiment with flavors and colors of lures. The most common colors used in the production of boilies, red balls, yellow, orange, sometimes green and brown. In general, as you can see, these are some more natural colors.

E) Production standard baits have a size of 10 to 26 mm in diameter. The most common size of 14 to 20 mm. Some fishermen believe that, by size, is able to control the size of fish caught. However, practice shows that this is absolutely untrue. But the standard baits and large in size is too big even for the major representatives of bream and roach. For smaller fish, including big Rudd, need less bait is usually the smallest size, respectively, diameter of 6 mm and 10 mm.

Most fishing stores have on sale size 16-20 mm boilies. If you want to have some other size, it is better to make them yourself at home. Experimenting with different sizes, flavors and colors of baits, fishing will bring you only positive emotions.

Methods of Use boilies

The best way to place the baits on the hook, it is to apply hair setting. In part, this is because the baits are hard baits, but the main advantage of installing the hair; it is increasing the likelihood carp. Short hair length holding bait hook near the forearm, while long hair is the best bait. The most optimal hair length is the distance from 0.5 to 2 cm above the hook bend. For suspicious carp can increase the length of the hair. But how to keep floating baits, that they do not come off with the hair? This is done using a silicone stopper.

Hair length can be adjusted. One end of the filament is passed through the movable part passes through a predefined tubing hook shank. So at any moment, we can make shorter or lengthened, depending on the situation.

With the introduction of the hair through the baits used needles. These needles are slightly thicker and stronger than those that apply to corn, but the principle is the same. Before reflux baits dipped in aromatic liquid or sprayed with a special spray to enhance its taste.

 Floating baits

Floating baits combination is fairly simple, although it would seem that this is a difficult task to lift the bait above the bottom. The initial idea was to lure not bury in the mud or hidden between algae and make visible to the fish baits. Anyway, very soon, fishermen noticed that the carp suspicious of free floating bait, bait above the bottom, especially if the bottom is clean and not muddy.

This is likely due to the unnatural behavior of the bait. Thus, although the theory of floating lures quite justified, but it turns out that this setup is much less effective than the standard, and if sometimes achieved the best results with this setting, it is probably due to the carp curiosity.

One of the most modern and efficient systems is a spherical hinge attachment ellipse in solid form D, and thus the assembly name - D-mounting. Although this unit is designed primarily for floating boilies, in fact it works equally well for boilies and lying on the bottom of the pond. Installation is suitable for lakes where bait should be presented in an overgrown or muddy bottom. It is also suitable when the carp are very cautious and suspicious of any bait.

After carp swallowed the bait, the hook is very difficult to spit it out, because it is easily rotated in the mouth of the fish. With this installation, the hook is always at the bottom of the mouth of the carp. When the fish tries to spit out baits, hook stuck on the lower lip. D-assembly is a highly effective and very popular in the west.

In order to achieve a more attractive presentation of the bait, and thus attract the attention of curious carp, do a combination of floating and sinking baits.

 Making boilies

Making homemade boilies is not difficult, and everyone can make their individual bait. Balls contain mainly high protein ingredients, and part of fats, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. This bait refers to a group of those with a high nutritional value because it contains the concentrated elements that give carp entire spectrum of chemical elements contained in natural foods.

In essence, this means adding ingredients to the recipe suggested, until we have a well-balanced and structured type of food. It is necessary to use ingredients that are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and have such properties when combined with other ingredients to form the adhesive properties, such as in wheat or rye flour. It is important spices and flavors, which are one of the main keys to the success of the use of bait.

Once we understand the principle of how to make an effective basis, we can begin to experiment with a variety of flavors, varying different ingredients to find your own unique and works 100% fragrance bait.

Before we begin to improvise and create something new, it is necessary to consult with experienced fishermen, who can tell us what all of attractants and flavors available in the market are good and effective. On the market today there are a whole bunch of available materials as a basis for the creation of baits, with very high values ​​of food ingredients.

To make the bait with high protein content, start with the acquisition of the dry ingredients such as casein (milk), calcium, sodium bicarbonate. Casein protein contained in cow milk used in cheese production. Laktobumin also milk protein and is found in some foods, used by athletes and bodybuilders to gain muscle mass.

However, since these products are not the cheapest, you can use milk powder, where the content laktabumin very large and quite concentrated. For the manufacture of the rest of the mixture using carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Finally, the adhesive composition is to add a small amount of the mixture of aroma and color to complete the mixture.

Sinking boilies

The recipe for the baits is a combination of the above dry ingredients and eggs that are needed to impart the desired density of the mixture. Mix the dry ingredients in a deep bowl, add three eggs, previously beaten in another bowl, add colors and flavors. Gradually, then add dry ingredients to form a dense and homogeneous mixture with a desired density. Do not add all the dry mix at once - divide it into smaller parts so that when kneading the mixture became homogeneous.

The mixture should resemble dough. It should not be too soft, because when forming the balls would deform when touched lightly. To each prescription is further added egg (6.8 kg). Sweeteners (sugar or honey), a little oil, a colorant (for example pigments for eggs) and flavoring (vanilla, fruit extracts, chocolate, etc.). Density is controlled by adding a mixture of flour or liquid (water, eggs).

The dough is kneaded until it becomes sufficiently rigid as it is formed to the desired thickness of the sausage and begins to cut it into equal parts of which form the baits. If the mixture is too sticky, add some dry ingredients until the mixture no longer stick to our hands. Molded cylinders must already have a size between 14 and 26 mm. Then they are placed in a special cutter, which finished boilies are formed.

Then finished balls are poured into a container of boiling water for 1-2 minutes. While baits in the water, it is necessary to shake them constantly. Thus, we can make about 30-50 boilies at once. After boiling, remove the ready-mades and place them on a dry cloth. After a few minutes, carefully turn every ball so that it could dry out the other side. If you want to dry the baits to the desired condition, leave them for a few hours or even overnight.

Making floating baits

Instead boiling raw baits are placed in a microwave oven. Thus prepared baits acquire the ability to swim. In fact, they have the ability to stay afloat, which in turn means that their tactical characteristics can be varied.

It is necessary to take a knife and cut off the top and make a hole for quick and easy preparation of floating baits. In the prepared hole to insert a fragment of polyester, polyurethane, cork or other floating material. Close the hole by any means, and you get floating baits or how to properly refer to as pop-up (pop-up). It is a way to change the buoyancy of a sinking boilie.

These floating boilies pop ups are prepared as follows.

We start in the order is stored as the same method as in the production of conventional baits, but instead of boiling water, they should be placed in a microwave oven. Cooking time varies them. For infant formula it requires much more time than that of fishmeal boilies and grains. Ordinary from soy flour and also require more time.

Remember, the more you keep them in the furnace, the drier and more buoyant, they will. These baits are ideal for impregnating various liquid flavors. They absorb much more attractants than conventional boilies.

Behavior in buoyant boilie can be controlled by the amount of protein than it is; the better it will be in buoyant boilie.

 How to make the most boilies

Make a 1 kg boilies is not difficult, it is, like many other things in carp fishing, requires practice and experience. Before you start doing the most boilies, you need to organize your workspace. Clean the table, cook a certain amount of clean cloth. Try not to use detergents, as they may get into your bait. Collect all that you will use - the components to be mixed, forks and spoons, scales for the base mixture, spices and much more. After you have prepared all - are you ready to start making boilies.

Weigh kilogram of base mix and place in a deep bowl. If you're using the dry additives, now is the time to add them and mix well with the main mix. Beat eggs 6 in the other bowl and add the fragrances, fats, etc., according to their recommended dosage. Whisk them well with a fork. Add to base mix beaten eggs not once, but parts, mixing thoroughly until the density will not be such that you can pick up the product. Bring the mixture until it is ready, it should not be too wet, not too dry.

If the mixture is too wet for boilies, it will stick to your hands, and the walls of the syringe-gun, if it is too dry, you will not be able to squeeze a mixture of raw and boilies pistol will fall apart. After a few kilograms of boilies, you gain experience, and easy on the eyes will be the correct consistency of the mix. Once you make the necessary moisture and density test, fold it in a plastic bag to prevent it from drying out during the preparation for the next step.

Now make the dough sausages, forcing him out of the syringe board. After putting the balls rolled in a towel, taking care that they do not stick together. You can put a small amount of oil for lubrication during rolling. Take a large pot and fill it with water and bring to a boil. Then put 30-40 wet boilies in a metal colander. If you put too many balls, the water stops boiling. Well have a timer for monitoring the cooking time.

Note the time that you put the balls and gently stir them to a boil evenly. Basically baits refluxed for 1 to 3 minutes, depending on the basis of which the dough was made. Usually the cooking time boilies selected empirically. At the most basic components of mixtures have purchased their cooking instructions. After cooking, put them on a towel, being careful not to touch until they have cooled. Thus they should dry between 12 and 24 hours and then put them into bags for fishing or in the freezer.

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