Carp Fishing for Amateurs and Professionals

Catching carp, unlike other fishing, slow process. A lot of time it takes to search for and selection of fishing spots. Then comes the long preparation of gear and bait mix. For this it is necessary to pay due attention to the successful carp fishing.

The bait for carp fishing

As a basis for overfeed and attract carp, I use a variety of mixtures. The composition of bait depends on what you'll catch. If you are going to use the main bait boilies, be sure to bait for carp baits, add 20-30%, preferably cuts. That is, the different size and odor.

In places where a thick and porous mud, do not use weighted bait particles, it simply will sink in the mud. Although carp is not a problem, he loves to dig, looking for their own food. Catching carp is remarkable by the fact that you will immediately see visually, carp came into place overfeed or not.

In the place where you filled bait if carp came up, bubbles start to appear on the surface. But it may also be a line, if it is found in this reservoir. And to let the bubbles loves and bream. But if after a while carp suit, he brazenly drive out other species.

In the summer I use for baits mostly sweet flavors - honey, fruits, etc. The base is taken the bait mixture of ground corn, chopped stale bread, still some, loaf or rye. The main thing that he was without any additives and flavorings that are added to the bakery. Just for these mixtures are used a variety of grains - wheat, oats, barley, wheat, rape. It is advisable to all that the pre-grind.

Suitable sweetener to mix this syrup and honey. They are added when the bait is already swells. You can also add a little vanilla to smell. Now many people use all kinds of attractants and flavors. I except attractant pheromone carp do not add anything. This attractant is ideal for carp fishing. It attracts a greater distance from the carp and holds them for a long time in one place. Due to the attractant pheromones, usually carp, it is very successful.

When night fishing for carp and close to the coast I recommend not using fragrances in general. They can only scare the fish away from your place of fishing. At night, the fish come close to shore to feed livestock inhabiting the reeds. And regale young shoots of plants.

Just do not miss a moment. Carp are very well reacting to the smell of cannabis. I use a little germ or lightly mashed grain. This is done in order to highlight that the oil, which will be a natural attractant. How to cook grains of hemp and how to use them, you can read HERE.

From branded baits I and my friends for carp, or rather for luring it used such as Trapper Secret, yellow. Not bad work lures Carp FISH Mix and Mix NUT Carp. Still, I try to use homemade carp fishing bait mixture. Catching carp is good that you are implementing your own recipes baits. And believe me; they work much better than proprietary brands. And they are much more practical financially.

Agree, carp, the process is quite complex. In order to compete with trophy carp, it is necessary to provide very much and properly prepare for it. So now let's talk, which we need to tackle carp. At the same time I will share what I use myself on carp fishing.

Gear and accessories for carp fishing

Catching carp can be any resolution of the method. I prefer it to catch on long casts, with feeders or boilies, using hair installation. By the way last year I started to try to catch on chrysalis silkworm. And believe me; a few fishing’s was very successful. Silkworm pupa has a unique, specific smell, which apparently lures and carp.

Special carp rod is required for carp fishing. They have high strength. You can of course use common feeder rod, but experience has shown that they should be with high test. And such purchase is difficult and expensive. I use for carp fishing rods 3.6-3.9 meters long, it is close to the cast. Tests on these rods for carp from 2.5 lb to 3,5 lb. Translated into Russian language tests from 80 gr. 160 gr is the average weight of the applied weights.

Carp rods are telescopic and plug. Do not use telescopic, according to reports, they lose strength plug. And the rings are located, in my opinion, is not quite correct.

In turn, the plug rod for carp fishing is divided into two or three plug. Three plug convenient for transportation, but on the strength of two plug their superior. I use both here and there; it all depends on where in the car while riding carp fishing.

To throw over longer distances, at 150-170 meters, I bought Colmic Supra Match 4,5 m. In principle I am pleased with them, the only drawback, we have little to underestimate weight for casting. The proposed test rod a little too high, than it actually is.

Very well behaved showed rod Daiwa Black Widow, Fox Warrior, Shimano Alivio. About they speak a lot on forums and articles only from the good side. Yes, and they do not bend quite low cost options for the price tag.

As you can see, carp serious business. Therefore, the coil for carp must be serious. I will not dwell, which company you buy a reel for carp fishing. The main thing that this tool was necessarily baytraner. Do not buy unknown coil manufacturers; you simply throw out money for a wind. And the main condition when choosing a reel for carp. On it must contain not less than 200 meters of the special fishing line which stretched.

Special fishing line for carp was developed by companies such as the Shimano, Carp Spirit and Sufix. The main difference between these woods is that most of them Monofilament, the so-called monofilament. They are quite strong, and their main feature, they can be stretched up to 20%. What is very important for the power big carp? You can apply and wicker, but in my experience, and many other carpology agree that braid carp takes worse. But this is my personal opinion.

When catching carp pay special attention to the quality of the hooks. Among my favorites hooks Colmic Nuclear NK 800, Milo Super Carp in sizes 6-10 and MARUTO 9731 in sizes 2 and 4 (fishhooks MARUTO somewhat different from other brands).

And finally, on the applied supports. As you may have guessed, we will focus on the kind of hearth. Details about this device you can read HERE. I use the kind of under 4 rods, not expensive but practical. The only stress that a more sustainable kind of less than four feet than a tripod.

The carp is a strong fish, so catching carp always has to be prepared properly. A prerequisite for the success of carp, in the first place should be peace of mind, and in time to make sensible decisions. Catching carp is not child's play, and not just fishing, it's a real competition between fish and man, in which only one wins, draws do not exist.

Good luck to carp fishing and of excellent trophy!

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