Carp fishing – part 3

In this article I would like to mention some pretty important issues relating to site selection carp, as well as the choice of bait and the impact of weather. I think that especially beginners and amateur anglers carp are here to find something for your self and draw the appropriate conclusions. I note that I do not want anyone here to teach, I only tell you what I learned from his mistakes, and that turned out to be useful to me.

Carp and choice

Maybe I’ll start with the most important question of the choice of a place where we can find the common carp and stay with their fishing gear. For having thrown the bait and then bait in the selected location is not right, you’re just wasting your time, waiting for a bite carp.

It is well known that when the carp to be away from the place of your catch, it cannot come to the smell of your bait. Unless of course you do not use pheromone attractants. Pheromones fish is a very strong reason for the carp to visit the place with the highest concentration of pheromones. Details of pheromones and their delectable action can be found in these articles.

So when the carp are far from fishing place, we begin to think that the baits that we use for the carp are unattractive. So we believe in this, we do not see an obvious mistake, this is the wrong choice of location. After returning from fishing, and preparing for the next fishing for carp, the first thing we do is visit a fishing shop and buy extra kilos of bait and boilies of different flavors, colors and species.

Buy, of course, all the other firms and manufacturers, hoping that these lures and bait better than the previous. In part, this may work, but in my practice I noticed that the carp can be “persuaded” to any bait. If carp somewhere nearby, he is sure to come up. So I think that the most important role when fishing for carp is the correct definition of the place of fishing for carp, although there is other factors in fishing, but more on that later.

Where to look for carp

Of course, this does not rule out that in many lakes and ponds carp have their permanent habitats and feeding areas, and where there is enough to throw the bait 2-3 meters away from such a place, and immediately followed by a bite. This often occurs in old quarries, where repositioning rod per meter on the side, get your lips right bait carp.

From here and follows the principle that checked me over the years – the smaller the pond, the more should be done casting, bait for carp should be put where carp habitat or feeding. In small lakes, often the best feeding grounds are located at the edges. I noticed that most of the fishermen have criticized the notion of believing that it is necessary to throw as far as possible from the coast, while the best seats and the carp are just under your feet.

If we are not sure whether the selected location will be the best, we need to look, at least three potential places where we will catch carp. By focusing only on one spot of fishing, we could lose a lot of time, if it turns out that he chose wrong.

I will not dwell on specific areas as it has a lot of information. I, too, by the way, wrote about this in previous articles. Who cares, flip through pages on a site, you will find many interesting things. So, I just want to note that the choice of location for carp is of paramount importance, and we cannot ignore this issue.

Do not worry if you need to determine where to spend a day or two. It does not need the rush. Even if you are the first time in this body of water, spent two days and found the place nice results, you are, of course, be sure to come here again and again, to catch carp.

Carp likes reeds, which are teeming with snails, and if we find such a place, most likely it will be promising for carp fishing. You can safely put the fishing gear and try to catch the pre-Lures this site fishing. At night glanced at the surface of the lake. Carp can give your self, when dusk begins to feel near the surface. I have often seen how big carp, with a splash tossed on the surface, just ten meters from me. More often than not, at this point, the carp will not be caught, but there are exceptions.

To understand the logic of the carp is very difficult, but you can try. If they are a few pieces, and so often the case, one or two may be interested in enticing smell of the bait. And again, at such times, if you apply an attractant pheromone, such Ultrabite, one hundred percent guarantee that you will catch a few. This is verified in practice.

The bait for carp

As I wrote before, to attract carp and in the manufacture of bait I use boilies and pellets. Use only ingredients with a large fraction of the bait. In any pond or lake there are flocks of other fish such as bream, roach, bleak, ruddy, idea and others. If you use bait finely ground, afraid of that carp will not have time to come, everything will be eaten before.

That’s why I never buy bait at the store, I’m doing it myself, mixing the necessary ingredients and add the desired attractants and fragrances. No, of course I use and smaller baits, I mean especially peas, corn or beans and hemp. I use them, especially during cold periods where I care about bait for carp, and not on his bait. Such seeds, especially grains of hemp, not only entice the carp, but also speed up the metabolism at it, and it means that the carp is still hungry and we have a chance to catch him.

If a cold snap, carp becomes less active. When it ceases to be caught in the fall, I’m on these places carp begin to catch other fish, such as roach, bream, bream, chub and other white fish. These places will visit Bell, even in winter, as used to pick up after the remains of carp bait. Definitely put, place, lured carp, it becomes a place for feeding other fish.

I noticed that the closer to winter, the carp is going in places like those where he will spend the winter bream. In short, they become as it were neighbors in winter quarters. I advise you to use a rough grain in the warm season, when there is no fear that the carp were filled. So, if you decide to use corn as bait, make it reasonable to initially do not spoil the place catching carp.

Masking fishing gear when fishing for carp

Lately, I hear from many anglers, carp that very often leads to use different types of camouflage. Simply put, we have to be very careful to disguise fishing equipment and accessories for carp fishing. Sinkers, hooks and even the hooks are designed in such a way that is easily visible to carp at the bottom. It seems to me that most of these “toys” are not made to remove the big fish out of water, but in order to draw more money from fishing.

Novice anglers and those who are already “hooked” on karpfishing commit the same mistake. When followed by setbacks in fishing for carp, one after another, the fisherman begins to spend a lot of money on a disguise, while the reason is different. I’m not saying that masking can improve the results in catching carp. But I think that the carp can distinguish a piece of the shrinking of the plants on the bottom.

To test this, for some time I was painting accessories unrealistic color. By this, I wanted to see how the carp takes foreign things in your world. I did not see any negative effects. Looking ahead, I will say that even sinkers, painted in bright red color, let me at that time to catch twice as many of the carp tackle, which were installed than camouflaged under the stones. Both rods were the same kind of hearth and were abandoned at a distance of 2 meters from each other in crystal clear water, where visibility at the bottom was very good.

If it does not bother the carp, whether it makes sense to use something that does not bother the carp and does not affect fishing. I think that a lot more should behave as quietly as possible, so as carp very well hear any vibration and movement on the land, not to mention the loud speech or music. Especially in shallow water fish it is very good to hear what is happening on the beach. Also, stomping on a solid surface, we are unaware of, is distilled carp come caught on your bait.

Irony becomes for me as a fisherman will take all the precautions put almost perfectly invisible for the carp tackle, while on the beach, he takes part in a good party, the music and the clatter of the city of mermaids. Of course there are many more elements that come into play when fishing for carp when it can be more efficient to catch what we caught so far.

In this article, I only wanted to show that effective carp in the lakes and reservoirs is not limited to the large number of fish ponds as paid. If you are going to do everything with your head, it will help you some time to improve results in the capture of carp, is likely to be systematically catch trophy carp.

In continuation of this article, I want to pay attention to my observations on the past seasons carp, which were not always, used one hundred percent. I will tell you that the impact on biting carp, and what to do to carp fishing you did not disappoint. From my own experience I know that every season is exactly what we wanted. I will try to answer the question why this is happening.

Where to catch carp

The reasons for which the carp fishing is not successful, it may be very much on the wrong site selection to properly time carp associated with climatic conditions and water levels in the river or lake. While the first and the second will only depend on you, then there may be a result of poor barometric pressure, the third situation does not always depend on us. Sometimes it may happen that our residence allows us to catch only two or three nearby ponds. But let’s assume that we are in a comfortable position, and in our area there are several more good lakes that are significantly different from each other.

Based on their observations, not only, I would say that this approach is justified by the carp. Take, for example, the angler who chooses only one fishing ground as a place of carp fishing for the whole next season. The place where he intends to catch carp is a shallow pit with an average depth of 1 to 3 meters, densely covered with duckweed summer with small windows.

In our example, the fisherman thinks that the best period carp begins in May. And then he leaves to go fishing. It takes the first day, second, third – nothing happens, carp is not caught, although from time to time in the coastal thickets seen carp game. Under the morning sun can be seen as small fish are constantly resurfacing and algae in the windows between them … It spawning roach.

This example perfectly illustrates the pond is not properly selected from the standpoint of the season. An alternative could be a gravel pit with a larger and much deeper in which the fish starts spawning later, due to the slow heating of water. In order to plan for carp fishing, it is necessary to be familiar feature of the reservoir, its structure, the speed of heating and the presence of shoals and depressions.

The situation is different in the summer, when most of the reservoirs and lakes, especially those that are smaller and overgrown with aquatic vegetation. These lakes and ponds is very hot in the summer heat, the water temperature often exceeds 28 degrees. In such circumstances, the carp does not feel very well.

The heated water is depleted of oxygen, resulting in a significant decrease in the activity of carp in these times it is only occasionally fed, and it is only natural food. So do not rush too much to lure carp fishing place, as it will be empty translation bait. It was then that our bait is not as much of a chance when it comes to competition with natural food.

One example of our powerlessness when fishing for carp is an algae bloom. Every year it happens in lakes and ponds, overgrown with weeds. At this time, the carp feeds mainly on small invertebrates, which are abundant algae. Carp at this time is similar to the whale, as the clock filters water through its gills, absorbing large amounts of plankton and small animals.

I have often found him in a situation where a large number of carp drifted far from me, not paying any attention to my efforts to interest them in a variety of lures. Does this mean that in this period, we need to give your self a break and start catching carp in the end of summer? So say many anglers. However, I do not think so. And in this period can be a good carp, however, you should find another body of water with a slightly different character and structure.

During algal blooms, it is necessary to look for ponds where algae are much smaller. It usually abandoned quarries or lakes with running water, or having enough springs. In these lakes the best place for carp fishing are located near the shoreline, where not deep, where there is vegetation, which carp find snails and clams. In these quarries algal blooms occur rarely or not at all the case.

The impact of weather on fishing for carp

In addition to choosing the right location carp, also plays a largely weather factor. The main thing that affects the activity of carp and consequently the fishing is good pressure. It is best for carp fishing, where it will remain at a constant level. Sudden pressure peaks very negative effect on the bite carp.

Assume that a low pressure is maintained for a few days at a constant level. Then, of course, is to choose to carp fishing. We must follow the atmospheric pressure, because in a day or two until you change it upward, biting carp increases. It is time that in any case we should not miss for carp, and any fish.

At this time, the carp is less cautious and begin actively feeding. Of course, such situations do not happen too often, so that we should not lose the chance in catching carp. I’ll explain why atmospheric pressure greatly affects the activity of carp. Carp constantly monitors the pressure in the swim bladder. Such pressure jumps suspend the consumption of carp feed. Before substantial pressure drop carp drifts lake surface and collects oxygen from the atmosphere, so it adjusts the amount of air in the swim bladder.

And the reverse situation, when the pressure starts to rise rapidly. This pressure causes the carp to quickly descend into the depths. Where it releases the excess air out of the bubble, which can be seen in the form of bubbles on the surface of the water. But this is not the bubbles as during feeding. Most likely, it will be the single gas bubbles emerging to the surface.

Influence of the moon on the bite carp

Undoubtedly, unfavorable conditions for the carp, so-called white nights. The reason for this is the moon, especially the full, to put it simply the full moon. Especially when the moon shines bright in the sky and on the water is full of quiet, without a ripple. These quiet and windless night carp tries to avoid, hiding in shelters.

This does not mean that at this time there is no chance of catching carp. Chances are good the way, especially when the pressure is stable. But still I’m in the planning of fishing at night, try to choose the moment for carp in the cloud, or better yet rainy weather, when the moon is not visible and is not a full moon. Often carp when clear nights, moves their clocks feeding in the daytime. Thus, you can spend the night without any bite. Only at dawn, lured the place comes to life, as the carp feeding went on.

The impact of wind on the carp

Another factor unfavorable for carp is an east wind. In total, it is difficult to explain why this happens, but if a long time the wind blows from the east, carp fishing results will be zero. Often these easterly winds, especially in spring, bringing a sudden drop in temperature and pressure. It is possible that the effect of feeding the carp is that the eastern front brings mostly cold, which, especially during periods of low activity of carp, are bad for biting.

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