Carp Fishing - Part 1

To catch more carp bait is necessary to add attractants. But not all attractants work well in different places. Basically they are made according to the standard formula for all types of fish and to the general conditions - carp. Experimenting with attractants to specific locations carp, we lose a lot of time, and did not correctly apply the attractant, we can just scare carp fishing on the chosen place. Only one way out - it is necessary to apply the attractant made with their own hands. Such attractant is effective for catching carp at a given location at a given time of the year.

Attractants for carp

When I decided to make their own boilies for bait, became seriously study the composition of ingredients, smells and tastes of different attractants, flavorings. I spent a lot of time experimenting with all types and tastes of different baits, and these results have made themselves felt. I decided to start making their own hands attractants. I already knew quite a lot about the mixture prepared bait, bait density, manufacturing floating baits, etc. A key element for an effective and quality attractant own hands served several problems associated with the use of branded attractants. In particular, very strong flavor and rapid weathering attractant.

Some carpology offer to reduce the baking time boilies, because at high temperatures some of the flavors are neutralized. Some suggest using boilies odorless, and only to the fishing impregnate their attractant. But again, as I said earlier, is too strong initial flavor, odor concentration at the site of fishing is very strong. Carp do not like when something smells too much, it scares him. Having some experience in the use of flavorings and attractants to lure, I began experimenting with different flavors to see what happens.

In the last fishing, when fishing for carp, 80% of all the fish I caught on boilies neutral, for which I used an additional attractant. Before fishing baits all processed attractant and then frozen in packages of fifty pieces in the freezer. On fishing trip took only the amount that is needed for the entire process of catching carp, the others were kept in the freezer.

The types of attractants

So what is good taste and smell? There are three types of fragrances that operate differently. The first type is a flavor that has rapidly spread in water and a strong concentration. He quickly diverges, warning his smell of a fish food. The second type of attractant has a somewhat slower effect. It dissolves slowly, giving time for the fish to get used to the smell. The third type is an attractant, which is as long as possible in the bait and released during the dissolution of bait, creates an aura of attraction around Boyle. This is an attractant, which are really the best and makes sucking carp bait.

My studies have shown that exposing attractant HAZ, it becomes unusable. In fact, heat destroys the active volatiles any attractant. This means that the bait is not suitable to boil. But we have to make the bait more difficult to protect it from small fish. What conclusion - adding flavor after cooking! This is done by immersion, soaking bait attractant. You can also freeze the scented bait. The freezing process does not hurt the flavor attractant.

From many fishermen I heard, "But why domestic flavor is not as good as the outside?" My personal opinion, given that the bait usually consists of only natural mixture as fish meal and grain, for example, the outer fragrance is good that it can be use as many as you need. Elementary, thus saving a huge amount of attractant. But think for a minute, what are the advantages of liquid without lures and baits.

By creating an attractant with their hands, you can have the bait in countless ways aroma and flavor. Take only as baits, as necessary for carp, impregnated with their attractant own hands made, and put in the freezer for a few hours to boilies absorbed more flavor. Almost all carpology who I know and who have tried this method of flavoring had good results fishing for carp.

I have to make a little note here. Why do we sometimes do not have positive results when fishing for carp.

1) An attractant flavor quickly disappears.

2) The fragrance is not an attractant for carp.

3) The process of dissolution and release of the attractant bait much longer, carp remains indifferent.

4) The bait has odors, this occurs when the freezer kept other products.

I am appalled by the quality of certain attractants which are offered for sale. There are some flavors that contain 2% flavor and 98% filler. There attractants, which are actually a copy, but with a different name and with different colors. There are only 7 or 8 good attractants on the market, and other variations on a particular topic under various names.

There are liquids which do a great job - its oil-based attractants. They are very dense, very slowly dissolve in water, have excellent taste and smell. Flavors based on the famous PG (propylene glycol) are water-soluble. Those attractants that are based on the EA (ethyl alcohol) super water-soluble. And I understand that repeat, but freezing attractants based alcohol improves the preservation of the aroma during prolonged storage of bait, which leads to a greater likelihood approach and bite carp.

Top attractants in fishing for carp

When I started catching carp on one of the local ponds a few years ago at the dawn of paid fishing, it was relatively easy to catch carp. Sweet corn, dough baits treated with the attractants, works on hurray. This is understandable. Then release very little attractants, and they were really excellent quality. And carp was not popular scents attractants. For carp, all these smells and tastes were as a delicacy in the restaurant. He is very willing to respond to the delicious smell attractants. After a few years it has become more wary carp to the bait treated "chemistry" and there was rarely bite.

In a conversation with a colleague about the situation that is already so difficult to catch carp pay sites that the fish do not want to respond to any bait, he told me that he too had tried everything. And then he took out a bottle and showed it to me and said - "But it works, and very good!". What I found after spending 2 days with him on a fishing trip.

Now it is no longer a secret, and if this was a new attractant, and who knew and used it to keep secret. It was an attractant Ultrabite. Attractant released by the British company Cefas, which is synthesized and launched the attractant pheromone not only carp, but many other fish. I still use attractant Ultrabite, and he never let me down.

But here's a case where I was surprised by my other friend, with whom we have not seen for several years. We met by chance at wild lakes. I wanted to catch this, wild carp or carp. I had to get into this wilderness, where it seemed untouched by human hands. Man may never set, but there were definitely fishermen, and one of them, my friend.

Again, we spoke about why the carp became badly caught. Then he took the bait and plunged into a vial with some liquid. On the smell of this liquid it was quite nice, not what Ultrabite. I could not believe my eyes when I literally 15 minutes later he got carp more than 5 kg. I asked him what it was, and he told me - "Attractant made with their own hands."

Flavors which have been mixed there were strawberries and honey. It smelled divine! So this was my first lesson for the manufacture of an attractant hands. The next time I was in the carp fishing with his attractant in your pocket. I used strawberry jam and honey, where I also added a little vegetable oil to dilute the mixture. This fishing was a complete success, I caught more fish than catch early, not counting those fishing’s, which used Ultrabite.

 Attractant hands

Of course, that after all these experiments, I have become more selective in the choice of attractants. Though, to tell the truth, because I only use purchased Ultrabite. All other attractants for carp fishing, I do own hands. Of course, you can go to the store and buy a fishing attractants and flavors for all occasions. But I'm more than confident, 90% of these liquids will just lie in your bag. I do not see the problem, everyone can make their own hands any attractant, which will be 100% working.

Here are a few ideas to get you started experimenting and better to catch carp. Once you learn, you can do and their experimental combination, which will bring the best, results, and will give you a catch carp are not only more likely, but also, captured specimens.

The first thing you need is a base fluid which will accept and retain the flavor attractant. This may be olive oil or sunflower oil, or my favorite - sesame seed oil. The base flavor can be canned corn juice. This taste, which is well known to many generations of carp, and each year hundreds of anglers catch big carp is on canned corn. If you want to get an attractant flavored fish meat, try adding the butter out of the jar of canned sprats or sardines.

Once you have made your liquid foundation, you can add your tastes. To a mixture of sweet almond oil, try to add such flavors like strawberry, vanilla, peach, chocolate, or anything that you think will work well. Honey is a good sweetener. Sweet syrups are also a useful addition. Spoon syrup has a remarkable effect and helps thicken sweeteners. If you want to achieve a spicy flavor, add the need to chili, curry and garlic.

For summer fishing for carp, when the water temperature is high, I work with oils, used as a base, because the oil flowing down from the bait spread over the surface in the form of oil, which attracts the carp. In cold weather, I'm willing to bet, an attractant, which treated bait is still centered on the lure. In this case, the juice of sweet corn is a good option for attractant prepared with their own hands. Juice from fermented corn or other grains are also a good base for the liquid base used during the cold season, the fall and winter.

Remember that you do not have to do too readily soluble attractors, this means that the more dense fluid, the slower will be separated from the bait. If you want a stronger flavor, you have to soak the bait still at home, and then freeze before use, put for a while in a warm place, but not in the sun. While I soaked and frozen baits, not thawed. Since they will be thawed in water, smell and taste will slowly diverge near the bait, creating a long-term operation of the attractant.

Just remember one thing, do not overdo it with flavor. This can only lead to scaring carp. And remember, not only can be flavored boilies and soaked. Regardless of the bait you can try any bait attractant impregnated and flavor. In addition, try to keep your bait with honey or jam. Two substances that are dense and sweet, the carp will not ignore them.

So well understood with an assortment of products and spices in your kitchen, you do not need to go to the supermarket for ingredients for homemade attractant. A little experimentation and Fortune may be on your side when fishing for carp, and you can get an advantage over their fellow fishermen, focused on the same pond or lake.

 The bait for carp

Thus, in their search for new flavors you find cat food bank, "Complete E-Kat", which is when mixing bait gives a striking effect, even in the most adverse conditions carp. I have often added to the bait bag of dog food. Sugar cream powder mixture creates stickiness. Corn flour, milk powder, sugar, ground barley, all components of the ideal formula of good bait for carp. In any case, we are all fishermen, and also use a variety of food seasonings. On the use of these spices can be found in my previous article "Bait your own hands."

In general, most of the baits available today in a large assortment. The development and production of the company spend a huge amount of work and the dignity of these baits should not be underestimated. Among the fishermen to popular opinion that today the production of bait cannot do without the strong intervention of chemistry in order to get the best effect for attracting carp and fish in general.

Perhaps the creation of baits has also given impetus to the growth of production in the turbulent attractants and flavors. List baits begins to seem endless, and all new versions mixes for carp appear almost every month. The main factor is that not all but only a few really unique bait, by trial and error, with an uncanny ability to lure carp. They are commonly used natural ingredients for the flavor and aroma.

In practice, the vast number of available baits for carp has two sides. The advantage is a large variety of flavors. But is it necessary? The downside is that many manufacturers are trying to use baits too many flavors and mixtures, without making an attempt to understand their effectiveness.

Many anglers want to have all the flavors in one bait, not thinking about the fact that this deadly mixture just scares the carp and any other fish. Another group of fishermen complain that the purchase of a certain flavor in the bait acts as a repellent ie expels all the fish. Usually, as soon as it becomes clear how they have used the product, everything falls into place.

Flavors for carp

Now let's talk about the fragrances used in branded baits and their use as flavoring. Most fragrances are sold today are not proven the effectiveness of attracting carp. They are mainly designed not on the basis of natural and chemicals, and therefore have a very high concentration of odor, which sometimes exceeds 1000 times! Some anglers for carp is not reasonable, "bathe" bait "syrup." Can you imagine what the effect of this "flavor" is carp. Smell the contents of one of these bottles, and you will understand!

It has been proven that carp can feel the fragrance, diluted to 1000000! This means a drop of your favorite flavor must be diluted in 5 liters of water. Now we can, and to speculate on why using such flavors we carp fishing back with nothing. Are 1000 reasons for poor activity of carp.

Improper use of scents is one of the reasons for the unjust accusations of carp. This applies not only to the specially developed flavors for fishing. This also applies to the bait, made by supposedly reputable firms. But in the end, it's the bait that is simply made by manufacturers left instead to lure carp, on the contrary it deterred. And distinguishes them from brands, and really good baits, is the price and futility.

So we looked at some of our properties attractants and baits, and I hope that you should not have problems with their choice. We cannot focus only on Boyle. We must understand that there is other great bait. Only depends on us whether we are able to properly use its advantages. Looking at a variety of lures, baits, attractants, activators and flavoring agents, easy to get lost in all this. Focus on correct choice of attractant or flavor, or are looking for super bait that could bring you success in fishing for carp. But it is in the next article.

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