Carp Fishing - Part 2

Boilies of all colors and sizes for carp fishing are available in each store, and fishing is an integral part of the production of a number of audited companies in the field of fisheries. Currently boilies have become a major attraction for carp fishing in European waters. The second most important bait for carp is corn. Now, two completely different origin bait successfully compete karpolovov dividing into two camps. On the corn we know a lot, and this product is known.

Catching carp baits

So, let's talk about Boyle, their use as bait, and use them in bait. Baits are usually treated with different attractants, mainly before casting bait into water. Boilies durable bait. If they are stored in tightly closed containers, they can be stored for about a year.

How to effectively catch carp baits

Anglers usually are people who in their setbacks should always find some excuse. This often happens when the cause of our failure becomes incorrect application of the bait. How many times, coming back to carp, we begin to analyze our failures. And immediately the question arises. Can we use baits bad or wrong offered carp bait, and this contributed to the fact that our baits are not prompted the interest of the carp and he would not even try them.

Looking back now I can see how much has changed since I started catching carp baits. I also see how many mistakes I made before you learn how to effectively use the properties. Take as fly fishing, spinning, in carp fishing, too, must have the ability to fully and properly use bait, which will enable us more effectively to fish and to achieve the best results. Thus, in this part of the article we will try to answer some of the questions that will allow us to feel our bait and use its advantages.

Buy or make boilies yourself?

Each of us sooner or later, has to face the dilemma of choosing to buy ready -made baits, or to do with their hands, making them more interesting for carp.

We must realize that the baits that are sold in fishing stores can lie on the shelves for several years, as manufacturers rarely give a shelf life of these products. Carp can certainly distinguish the fresh bait, or it has long lost its attractive properties. With a little knowledge, we do not see a visual difference. And check the quality boilies very simple. Take the bait in your hand and squeeze it a little bit. So we check the hardness of Boyle.

Fresh baits should be a little softer than those that lay in store for more than a year. This is because a preservative in Boyle over time increases their hardness. Boyle, who two or three years, becoming the stones, and possibly not even scratched with a fingernail.

Another issue is the composition of the mixture from which were made boilies. Do not be fooled, those baits, which are not expensive, they are usually made with two, maximum three types of flour with the addition of albumin, preservatives and flavorings. Choosing baits depends on your wallet. We still have to choose which scent we are interested and which, sinking or floating baits we need.

If someone loves to experiment and have a little patience, you can use a different solution, which is an independent production of boilies.

The advantage of this choice is the freshness of our confidence in the bait. We have here also a lot more room to maneuver. Firstly, we can independently choose which scents do, as well as the shape and color boilies. If you do not want to use a preservative in Boyle, you can simply freeze. Personally, I always handmade boilies freeze, so they are kept much longer.

But I know fishermen who catch carp, it is the dried boilies and efficient way. If you do decide to use a preservative, it is better to add a minimal amount of, say, one-third of the recommended dose, which is about 30 ml per 1 kg of finished dough.

I noticed that the amount of preservative is in no way affects the quality of home-made boilies. Another advantage is that we can individually adjust the concentration of flavor or to make boilies with the natural scent of the mixture. What refers to the selection of components for a mixture here also we can create it yourself or use a ready-made mixture.

Individually prepared mix for boilies easy, and before you do this, we must have some knowledge about the properties of individual components.

Not properly mixed components may cause hundred baits may lose buoyancy, the dough is not suitable for rolling baits will crumble when mounted on the hair. Thus, beginners, I suggest you use ready-made mixture.

What used to carp baits

Let's try first to think about the advantages and disadvantages arising from the taste baits. Flavors are a mixture of different flavonoids, in other words, flavoring agents, which are designed to revitalize our bait. However, too much concentration may just scare the fish. Therefore, it is best to add a little less flavor than to overdo it. Remember, what we like, it does not necessarily correspond to the preferences of carp. Therefore, if you plan to good fishing for carp, better use of baits with natural aroma mixture.

The disadvantage of these baits is what we need some more time to approach carp, since they do not have a strong flavor, so we must be patient. Thus, we can also selectively hunt large carp because the strong flavor often attracts small fish.

Mixing flavors, or do not mix?

At present, the choice of flavors is so huge that we often cannot decide what to choose for our bait. I know fishermen who could mix up to ten different flavors and fragrances for Boyle. When there are no bites, they change the bait one after the other, and stop at that which works. I do not think this is the best tactic and better to limit you to two, maximum three kinds of baits that can bring much better results. I most often use baits made of two types of compounds that differ only in the percentage composition of the protein. This tactic has never failed me.

Does the form of baits?

During the carp to boilies, as a rule, we do not think about the shape of the bait, we've learned that the baits are always round like a ball. I suppose it is accepted and baits should be round, as a form of easier casting lures long distances. On the other hand, as I understand it, the shape of Boyle does not matter. If you are in a place where it is necessary to balance the bait to raise it with mud, we cut in half boilies and significant impact on carp nibble it produces.

There are situations when the carp prefers half boilies, apparently because the baits are not used in the bait whole, and often break down and split. Therefore, it may be worthwhile in some rods to charge only half boilies. It can have a positive effect on fishing for carp. More and more frequently used bait in the form of "dumbbell", which are a little tease carp.

Carp baits should resemble natural food?

Most anglers say that carp baits should resemble their natural food. Probably many of you at this moment will not agree with this statement, but I think there's a lot of truth in this statement. If so, then the baits with strawberry, vanilla-scented shrimp or significantly increase the number of bites carp. Once it is proven that baits with flavors of sweet fruit far outweigh the effectiveness of various "skunks". By the way, the nutritional value of baits is also a factor in the effectiveness of carp.

More than once I became convinced that assimilation baits with natural food does not lead to results. In addition, a large number of reservoirs with natural food, it is better to use baits sweet type and those which consist of a large number of carbohydrates, and have relatively little protein. Like it or not, but we cannot argue with nature and create baits that carp would be more attractive than natural food. I think that carp baits are interested in, as a delicacy. As we also love to eat something tasty and original. Here we are, trying to catch carp, presents his dessert something sweet and delicious-smelling bait.

The situation changes when the carp are not enough natural food. In these lakes and ponds should be used boilies with high protein content. Typically such baits manufactured with high content of protein as fish meal. Similarly, we can adjust our bait for individual seasons. In the spring, when the water is still not a lot of natural foods, with carp, the effectiveness of the bait with high protein content is high.

In contrast, closer to the summer, more natural food starts to appear in the water and baits with fish smell and taste should be changed to a sweet and high in carbohydrates. The addition of such simple components as sugar or honey, sometimes leads to a greater number of bites carp. As you know, the conditions and carp are different everywhere, so it would be better if we use both types of baits and carp he will show us his eating habits.

Here I will show how to use the baits when fishing for carp, using a popular assembly "Hair".

And a little more interesting when fishing for carp baits. Many people know and are caught in the floating boilies pop ups (pop-up). I will share a little secret using these baits. Any bait in fishing for carp must be sufficiently attractive to him. It should be emphasized, the bait must not only be attractive carp, and is very interesting and should get a carp to try it. The best of a series of floating boilie baits, I think white IB V-pop (Fluor).

They're just perfect. They have very good buoyancy even after 24 hours in the water. Their buoyancy remains constant. My conclusion is that they are the best. Boilies IB V-5 POPs have a practical size, depending on the situation (diameter: 10,16,20,24 and 28 mm), and are available in six colors: white, yellow, red, pink, orange and bright green.

These carefully selected colors attract the carp, they awaken curiosity in it. Of course, all this is related to how well the visibility in the water, what is the clarity and purity of the water body. However, at a depth of 15 meters, where it seems that it is difficult to visually attract the carp, these baits well cope with the task.

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