Carp fish is so common that there is hardly anyone who does not know what he looks like. Silver Carp is the fish of the carp family, living in warm stagnant or slowly flowing water. Ubiquitous in overgrown ponds and lakes, can live in areas with a shortage of oxygen in the summer or winter. In the past, it has been very common throughout Europe and Asia, today, in many places disappeared.

Silver Carp is a lot like carp. The main difference between the two is the lack of a mustache at the carp. Next carp has a slightly less curved dorsal fin up and coarser gill covers. On these grounds experienced fishermen could even blindfolded determine the crucian carp is or.

In general, crucian less than carp usually and it is smaller (shorter) and wider head body. Roth is also smaller and stretches as far as the carp. Scales on the sides, as a rule, has a silver color, but depending on the environmental conditions, it may be in some cases of very dark, or conversely, light grayish to yellowish or greenish tint.

Due to life in adverse conditions is extremely viable carp fish that can very effectively manage energy and tolerate water with minimal oxygen content. In winter, when physical activity is reduced to a minimum, according to the latest findings of carp are able to survive even for a few months completely without oxygen. The oxygen required for the metabolism of fat is formed by burning.

In small ponds, with a constant lack of oxygen, carp takes a special form. These fish are usually a brownish hue, and few exceed a length of 10 cm, being the only species can create a large population. Exceptionally can reach a weight of 2 kg. Unfortunately, in recent years, such instances have become rare in the catches. Crucian silver grows very slowly, in some waters is found only in small amounts. If the pond is enough predators, particularly large pike, carp are large birds.

 When and where to catch carp

Carp often can be found in calm water near aquatic plants, often very close to the shore. Carp caught a pretty good start already in early spring, but the best period for catching carp, the warm summer months. Carp takes well before the beginning of autumn, after the first frost quickly becomes caught. Crucian, in general, fish is quite capricious, often without reasons unexplained stops for a long time to bite, even when the conditions for hunting, it would seem ideal. Sometimes, on the contrary, in turn, surprises with its day-active and willing to take almost any bait.

Sometimes, in the same way it behaves and trench. The best time for catching carp, early morning and late evening, before dark. Crucian also caught a good idea even in complete darkness.

 What to catch carp

Silver Carp fish are best for the bait to float. The bait can be used as various animal and vegetable baits. The most popular bait for carp - a muckworm. Many fishermen noticed that the carp caught on better than just dug a worm and not bought in the fishing shop. Most likely the matter is in the smell of the worm - Fresh has its own peculiar smell, but it loses worm. Not bad for carp bait maggots.

The most interesting thing is that the carp can completely ignore the white maggots, at the same time and in the same location will be actively peck on the color. Of all carp fish, carp silver willingly takes on the dough. The main thing to know on what and with what seasonings. For many years in a row good carp bite on a croissant. Apparently he likes the structure of the test.

While fishing on the carp does not necessarily as bait apply complex feed mixtures. Most often enough to mix with the soaked bread crumbs. Adding fish meal bait and bait further activate bite carp. In recent years become popular activators fish with pheromones. These attractants and activators good cope with their task, actively lure and keep a flock of carp in one place for a long time.

Tackles for catching carp

Carp takes mostly very carefully, so that the float should be very well balanced. The depth of catching carp is necessary to try to establish itself on the bottom. Liquid sludge is often more difficult to measure the exact depth of the bait. In view of the increased activity of the carp when playing, the line thinner than 0.12 mm is better not to use, are frequent breaks. Hooks depending on baits, mainly numbering from 10 to 14.

Crucian, in general it is not a great warrior. Yes, large specimens of more than one kilogram can deliver you some pleasant moments during. Choosing the right gear can help in the fight against carp come out the winner. Most fishing problem basically does a large amount of grass, which are usually carp and lives. Long landing net is a good help in catching carp on the overgrown weeds and grass pond.

 Place catching carp

To catch the best carp fishing spot will be overgrown ponds and lakes, which provide shelter for large specimens. If the carp does not have such shelters, the whole flock of migrating across the reservoir. If we want to catch a big carp, we must find overgrown ponds and lakes. Often such places in hard - accessible areas of forest and swamp.

Caught carp normally not far from the shore. Basically you need to catch a carp no more than five meters from the shore, from a few centimeters to a depth of about 1.5 m. It is also necessary to pay attention to the condition of the bottom. Carp feeds are almost always on the hard floor or only in moderate dirt because carp differs from its relative carp, which is looking for food in the mud and silt. The best time for catching carp in May-June, after spawning, or during it, as well as the June-August. These months you can catch trophy carp specimens.

 Bait for carp

Carp feed on insect larvae and small crustaceans. A large part of their diet includes aquatic plants and algae. The best bait for carp bait to be of animal origin: earthworms, maggots or small slugs and various larvae. It is also well caught carp on the dough, bread, corn. If you want to catch a big carp, use small boiled potatoes. Recently, many unsubscribe that good carp caught on croissants. When fitting the bait on the hook, the sting is not necessarily hiding it. Even better if the tip of the tip of the hook is open, better carp will detect.

  The bait for carp

Catching carp can be almost the same method as that of other non-predatory fish. The first rule to carp fishing, it is necessary to place lure fishing. The bait is required to add the bait, which are going to catch carp. Strongly just do not, and then best finish feeding small parts to a flock of carp remained in one place, the place of your fishing. The bait can be prepared at home or use the purchase. From my own experience I know that if you want to catch only the carp, you need gentle and simple scent bait. If you want to only carp was caught, and avoid strong odors that will attract other fish, such as bream, carp or roach.

Here's one recipe designed and tested specifically for fishing only carp.

50% cornmeal

20% soaked bread

10% of boiled wheat grains (24 hours soaked and boiled) or oatmeal (cereal)

5% wheat germ

5% wheat flour (plain), 10% of the bait, which will mainly catch

The aroma of the bait is not very significant and, therefore, for other fish is less obvious (not literally). The bait will drop to the bottom for several minutes after casting, depending on its moisture content. Thus, the bait reaches the bottom is not a big lump and small lumps that are less interesting for carp and bream. We have prepared bait and lures, and now we can go to catching carp.

A method of catching carp

Supplementation place where you want to catch carp, 2-3 balls the size of oranges and during catching, every 15-20 minutes (depending on the number of bites, and the season) balls size of a large plum.

If classical lure bait, then you probably will catch a mixture of carp, crucian carp and other fish (tench, bream, etc. - depending on the applied bait). If you go strictly to catch carp, use bait neutral as possible, or cook a mixture of grain cereals.  fishing grounds should be over a wide area, and not in one particular place.

Carp do not stand in one place. Even during feeding, it is constantly moving, unlike some other cyprinids. Therefore, when you bait scattered over a large area, you have a greater chance that the carp will always move at this point, even though the presence of other fish. On warm days can not hurt to add in a mixture of bait popcorn cornflakes.

Catching carp really active and interesting fishing. Even if you do not have had good specimens still Activity carps impressive. If the place came a flock of carp fishing, they do not let you get bored. The only carp in the pack is usually the same size. So it is necessary to bear in mind if the first carp caught on a hook of a small size, and the whole catch would be the same, and vice versa, if you just catch a good copy of the carp is likely you will have a very active fishing and a good catch.


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