Catching Carp in the Middle Layers of the Water

Most anglers who are trying to catch carp, using the bottom bait. During the summer, some may try to catch carp on the surface of the water. Both of these methods catch huge number of carp, but the most cautious of them do not take the bait, provided by any of these methods. The only way to catch suspicious and cautious carp - is to use a gear that will catch carp in the middle layers of the water, or at some distance from the bottom.

There are many anglers who have not caught the carp in the middle layers of the water for several reasons. Some believe that it is very difficult to catch fish in the water column.

Many believe that the carp cannot be fooled with the help of, stopped in the thickness of the water bait that looks absolutely natural. This is absolutely not correct. Karp is well caught on this bait. I believe that such tactics should be encouraged most.

Why carp can be caught in the middle layers of the water?

Although the majority and it seems that the hung bait in the water, it looks all wrong, some anglers believe that the carp will eat very well suspended particles of food. All may be that carps long been known that the bait presented by any other method, can be dangerous.

It is therefore necessary to find a source of food, which will be absolutely safe. Also, you should know that the suspended in the water column feed particles are not as unnatural as you might think.

There are two natural ways in which food particles can be suspended in the water column:

  1. Water flows.

Some natural food particles become suspended during strong winds which raise waves on a pond. At the same time due to the vibrations of water, various foods will come off from the bottom, will be suspended. Some particles from the flow of water run into various obstacles (steep coast, rocks, driftwood, and seaweed). Climbing up, may remain near these obstacles for a long time.

It just might be the explanation for why the fish will not be incredulous to treat balanced feed in some areas of the reservoir. It may be trapped with various ways of presenting bait in the middle layers of the water in the right area.

  1. Fish, forcing food particles become suspended in the water column.

It seems crazy, but I heard some fishermen say they have seen carp affect flow of water to feed. Making it as if to jump from the bottom up, and only then grab the descending bait. In fact, a good reflection, we can say that this explains the fact that the carp, especially large ones, prefer smaller bait.

After all, larger bait harder, and it is alarming the fish. They learned that lures that do not go up are dangerous, because they are "tied" to the bottom. Do not behave like other particles in complementary feeding.

How to catch a carp in the middle layers of the water?

Accessories Zig Rig is the best fit for carp in the middle layers of the water. While I believe that by linking snap and threw it into the pond, do not have high hopes on catching carp. Most carp will try to avoid such representation bait. Catching snap Zig Rig - an art. You need to think about how to place the bait placement. Place it in an area where it will seem like a natural as possible.

Catching Carp in the Middle Layers of the Water

Where the fish are accustomed to find food in a suspended state. For example, place a snap near the islands of algae, lily fields or under the cliff to get a good chance to bite. From time to time, when the underwater flow is strong, some particles of food may well jump up from the bottom or from underwater stems of water lilies. This will be the most suitable conditions to lure could look as natural as possible and managed to deceive the cautious carp.

Another method is to lure in the water area of ​​different particles, which will slowly sink to the bottom, planning smoothly. This will give the fish a chance to grab food in the middle water layers. Get used to it and make sure it is safe before you place the bait to the hook. This effect can be achieved with the help of fine granular bait.

Only slightly moistened and thrown by a missile. You can also use slightly watered flavor bread. The particles will slowly sink, attracting fish from afar. Most importantly, the particles are as light as possible, to create a cloud attracts. Sometimes minutes would be enough to feed the fish noticed and began to eat it actively. All this makes this method, additional benefits with the use of Zig Rig equipment.

The following method will be to use the PVA technology. Please fill PVA package food, which will pop up, and put him to the sinker. The package will fall to the bottom together with the sinker and begins to melt.

The released particles will slowly float to the bait, hook, constantly attracting carp. This method would have several advantages. Surfaced on the surface of the water particles will spread far over the surface, and to attract more and more carp.

You can also feed the PVA bags filled with food half. Fallen PVA bag let us make a lot less noise than a rocket. Once in the water, they will float until it dissolved and the contents starts to sink. Carp, delighting the falling food, definitely will go down lower and lower to the bottom, without missing the bait in the middle layers of the water. You can also try to throw at this point and with the usual snap bottom Boyle. Carp can find your bait along with other Lower the feed fractions.

Try to use the balls of dry and oily bait in PVA mesh. Melted on the bottom, the mesh will release small fraction of bait that cloud will slowly climb up to your bait. Try to experiment with the bait itself. Make every effort to further attract fish to the bait and get her to eat.

You can also try the soluble capsule with a liquid attractant that will melt from twenty minutes to half an hour and gradually give flavor to the water. You can attach them to the sinker with silicone ring. Carp do not necessarily stand before such a delicious aroma in the water, and be sure to begin to explore all around in search of food.

I often fill the capsules by various flavorings, oil-based; they will slowly rise up to the surface, spreading the wonderful smell in all water layers.

Other methods of carp

Another way is to use critically balanced nozzle on a long leash. Which will only slowly sink under the weight of the hook. The leash can be up to four feet long. This way of presenting the bait may look very attractive to carp swam nearby. Try more likely to use this method, if you are sure that the carp swimming in the water, and then rising to the surface, leaving it to the bottom.

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