Catching Walleye at Night on Spinning Lures

Nothing can stop this fisherman at any time to enjoy a favorite pastime. Never mind that the dark winter lasts a long time - we will catch in the dark.

Night Fishing Spinning not a new phenomenon. Many themselves caught in the dark, or hear from friends and acquaintances from the Internet about the successful fishing at night. Yet night fishing spinning is not as simple and straightforward at first glance, it seems. Here lie the many nuances and pitfalls.

And in order to achieve a good result, it is necessary to work hard, but the result could surpass all expectations. The main fish while fishing at night in both summer and winter is a perch. Sometimes there are also some other fish, but this is quite rare. Stable result in the same field can only bring perch. The biggest problem for spinning - find the right places and knowing the right time.

No matter how good the place was coming at him at the wrong time, and you cannot see the bite. This is due primarily to the fact that perch at night is not in one place, pike only goes to feed at certain intervals. Unfortunately, to give practical advice on time is simply impossible; for each site they own and can often vary depending on the weather, the sunset of the sun, and more. Understand, a good time or not, the easiest way to empirically.

Let us consider the main issues that may arise during the night catching walleye spinning, and will try to them in detail and to answer in detail.

Clarify that all the following terms related to fishing in the winter and early spring on the ice-rivers, even before the floods. Summer or fall sometimes may vary. But in general, the information can be useful to fans of the night catching walleye spinning summer.

Where to catch walleye spinning at night?

So, we decided to catch the night spinning zander. Where to begin? Logically, it would probably be to start with the selection of gear and bait, but this delicate question we will look at below. In the meantime, we define the place of catching walleye at night.

The night fishing walleye, too, need to plan ahead - namely, in the afternoon, when all is well visible and can be guided over the pond. If you arrive at a strange place at night, nothing good will come of it.

Search all need the same thing we are looking for when we catch the afternoon: interesting terrain and the presence of walleye. But we must remember that one from the other cannot always depend even on a very promising relief, walleye cannot be. To understand this, there is only one way.

If any particular place in the afternoon will walleye bite, almost with absolute certainty I can say that will be caught perch and night. Maybe not exactly in this very point, which, incidentally, most likely, but certainly in the area. Sometimes it happens that the day is almost no presence of walleye, and at night, nowhere, it appears. But it helps to know just a case of the more experienced or good friends.

Actually, the first steps in the development of night spinning zander do better with an experienced angler in this area, and that the place will tell you and lures, and will talk to anyone. And without the presence of fish, night fishing alone usually quickly tiring and ends.

For example, tell no one, and you have the most promising place to look for, and then remember. The first night perch in the shallows out to hunt. In winter it also goes to them, despite the fact that water is much colder than in the summer. Should not be shelf itself, and with adjacent depth. Not necessarily that it was a large pit, but the pike will never stay all the time in the shallows, he goes there only to hunt.

It is advisable that this shoal was over, and the presence of stones and limestone. With the combination of these factors, we get a roll, is almost guaranteed place night hunting walleye. But, even if we found on the river roll, it does not mean that the golden key in our pocket.

If we catch the shallows during the day, a bit of understanding where and how to shoot, to have a bite. But at night the picture is changing, and making casts of reflux into the void, all understanding is reduced to zero. Frankly, even a thorough knowledge of the structure and features of the terrain on the particular rift does not guarantee a successful fishing trip.

For this purpose, it will likely have to visit a place more than once during the night. And to understand where and how much goes perch on this rift. So the first fishing tends to be unmarried. But then everything will seem so simple and obvious. Become clear migration path walleye, it moves and secret paths. One upset, they may change over time.

So, to sum up, we find that the most promising places for catching walleye at night are the rapids, but a successful catch they need to have a clear idea of ​​the topography and the knowledge of the possible release time. All? Of course not! Everything would have been so easy, we would already walleye left, and distinct shoals usually not much found. You should also pay special attention to all kinds of man-made structures that are in the water (bridges, dams, reservoirs, and other).

These places always attract underwater inhabitants. Bridges are usually built on the shallowest parts of the river; props and construction debris at the bottom, always create a perfect ambush. Dams - a separate conversation. Falling water saturated with oxygen, for, all kinds of reverse currents and complex topography make these places particularly valuable for walleye and fishing. One problem, many of them is closed for visits, and those that are not, are stamped competitors. Collectors with warm water, so nice and warming his feet underwater inhabitants, generally come in the first place to attract walleye.

But fishermen there also pull like a magnet. In general, you want stable jobs and merry company, do not pass by. By the way, the best option for the development of night-fishing perch catch at particular locations, so to speak, to understand the principle, and only then go in search of their secret places. But all of the above applies, shall we say, to fixed locations. That is moving at such locations is very limited. There is greater expectation of release walleye in place already planned.

If you do not want to sit in one place, you can go the other way. To determine what that section of the river, the main known working day. And gradually move on it and make casts along the coastline, at a distance of about ten meters from the water's edge. As a rule, all walleye bite occurs within this distance. Finding walleye stop and carefully place to fish.

I almost forgot, another very important indicator is the presence of young fish in the fishery. His presence will definitely be to attract and walleye. See it possible to shine a flashlight into the water or if you catch on the course, is just a little to go in the water and you will immediately feel the butting of your boots obsessive curious fish.

When the night to catch walleye spinning?

Fishing time - this is perhaps the most controversial and complex issue, but it is also very important. Since I did not yet fully understand patterns of walleye fish from time to time and is not ready to display statistics say at this point very little. What time greatly affects the biting perch is proven fact. It can be a long time in vain to rinse your bait in the water, and at some point will begin to be caught.

Well, it is, of course, an exaggeration, and such a sharp drop in the fishing difficult to wait, but in truth it's definitely there. If, for example, active and hungry pike, it is not particularly pay attention to the time, but when he is fussy, the biological clock may fail.

But it must be borne in mind that, depending on other conditions they are subject to change. Firstly, it is the length of daylight, because in the winter and summer activity walleye night comes a completely different time. In winter, as the night the day much longer, activity peaks more, but they are not as long as the spring or summer. Also on the walleye effect and pressure, water temperature, and many other factors. It is understood that analyze and identify the dependence of all, and even more of their population, is simply impossible.

What to catch walleye at night?

Here we are getting to the most basic theme, namely the choice of bait for pike perch at night. Well, the options can be a lot. But the main one - lure. For several reasons, this is the bait comes out on top in the night fishing walleye spinning. From bait we need resemblance to the real food item, good visibility, working at slow speed wiring, and stable game on the course and hang in the water column. That is why the lure!

And what a lure?


How often I have asked myself this question, having tried unsuccessfully a dozen models. It is very hard to determine the crank when there is no fish. And even known to be working crank baits seem to have no such ideal and how you think about them a few fishing’s ago. When fishing for walleye at night very often it happens that it is not in a wobblers, but simply that the walleye is simply no time or do not come. But if you are sure that the perch there (for example, caught the others, and you do not), it is already necessary to more aggressively engage in the selection.

Of course, you do not need to choose from the variety of lures and of the models that correspond to certain requirements. These requirements when fishing at night about the same for each wobbler, however, difficult to manage one or two or even a single form. Therefore, to avoid confusion, consider the main features and benefits of each class.

Wobbler’s night should be clearly visible and audible zander. Accordingly wobblers must have an active own game and acoustic effect. Despite the fact that the perch has good vision in the dark, an additional stimulus will make the lure more visible from a distance. But just want to make a reservation; do not take these words as applied to all situations.

Basically, it refers to the active and zander fishing on sufficiently large areas where we need to actively playing the bait. At the "persuasion" walleye less active in the local point from them will be of little use. Actually, such a system does not differ from the daily fishing where bait is also the role of spies and provocateurs. Is that the wiring is done at the slowest pace in the winter, on the verge of breakdown of the game, but more about that in the next section.

Of specific models can highlight Megabass Griffon MOP 6, which is endowed with a very expressive sound system, high-frequency game, the most dramatic tee and all the advantages which advantageously distinguish crank baits this manufacturer from any other.

Catching Walleye at Night on Spinning Lures


Lures of this particular form come to the forefront when fishing for walleye at night, as they combine the majority of our requirements. First, almost all of them had retained an active but more smoothed game uniform wiring that allows the use of this class as search wobblers. Secondly, the shape of much more than Fat, close to real prey walleye. And this form of wobblers much better fit with different posting options. And the totality of all these parameters makes it more versatile lures, and hence demand. From Shed can be identified krenk (wide at the sides) and minnow like (narrow at the sides). Of particular, working models of the first group include wobblers SV-100 and SV-slightly smaller 50 by Lucky Craft. A good representative of Shed for their universal qualities. It has a stable game sound system of a plurality of balls, and tempting forms, of course, combined with different animations.

Catching Walleye at Night on Spinning Lures

Catching walleye spinning vobbler Takzhe night on the first group is yet another masterpiece from the company Megabass - Cyclone SR-X. Wobblers impresses with its views and then for work. The presence in the bow wobbler’s titanium ball moving in the transverse direction, and the through-holes, provides a striking ability to instantly switch into operation even at the slowest wiring, which is so important when fishing at night. Although penetration meter Cyclone reaches through the water channel in the rear part with it very easy to change the horizon up to the surface.

Catching Walleye at Night on Spinning Lures

Namely wiring horizon greatly affects the perception of a wobblers perch. The most ideal option when your lure several times over the wiring touches the bottom of the shovel, and most of the time is very close to the bottom. Due to the positive buoyancy wobblers at the moment when it begins to cling to the bottom, pausing, it can continue to rise and wiring in the right horizon. If the lure again begins to cling to the bottom, the procedure can be repeated.

The second group can be attributed entirely new, but have proved effective lure Pontoon21 Chaos SR. This lure has a pronounced form Shedao, most similar to the fish alive, like a roach.

Catching Walleye at Night on Spinning Lures

Especially pronounced action game in a horizontal plane and in vertical ads to naturalistic. That is when fishing for walleye at night prime rate for this lure is an imitation of the real food item. Chaos perfectly responds to the very slightest impulses spinning, and given the fact that it floats, is quite suitable and in shallow waters. Even though it can be immersed up to 1.2 m.


Class wobblers, a very popular and well-known throughout the country. Now, perhaps, and do not meet any spinning, who would not know what a minnow lure. And most importantly, because everyone knows that it is also necessary to Twitchy. But it is not necessary for catching walleye. No, of course, wobbler’s animation should be attached in any way; except that the twitching is called a language does not turn. Rather, slow lift and long pauses. Active jerks, fast speed, this is not a night for walleye fishing.

Catching Walleye at Night on Spinning Lures

And if we are to be completely honest, this class of lures when fishing for walleye at night, I almost do not use. The only exception is catching on for when it performs most of the work on the animation wobbler. In this case, I use sinking cranks that can only monitor and mastic is the line, sometimes making - ups wobbler. The remaining work is done for. In particular, we can highlight the wobbler from Ima, which is also not in shape thoroughbred minnow, but still closer than the rest. Narrowed laterally body provides good swing during fall wobbler. This feature wobbler zander always like.

What coloring wobbler choose?

Everything related to coloring of wobblers, including for night fishing walleye, may also be subject to various disputes and arguments. Some will say that Pike in the dark anyway, it is more important than a game, others argue, why then at the black night wobblers no catches. But for myself, I decided, and I think to give this attention is not necessary. Basically I use bright acid colors, if not, use a natural, light. Why is acid? Just beautiful, and most fisherman are easier to see in the dark, both in water and on shore, perch like too notices.

Still very much depends on the type of a wobbler and a method of feeding. If you catch on crenken, then there's no point thinking about coloring, brighter place. But when it comes to the most slow conducting Shedao or minnow, in order to portray the sleeping fish, here, of course, it is better to use light-colored crank baits, like faded. If you look at the night on the fish in the aquarium, once it becomes clear why light colors. The fish is very well developed mimicry, and usually fish at night are much lighter in color than the day.

What do the wiring?

Submission and lures wiring, perhaps one of the key moments in any fishing lures, including a night. As you can already tell from the above, and probably knew before wiring during a night of catching walleye should be slow and with many pauses and stops. All! In fact, the theory about the wiring to add almost nothing.

But in practice, to represent it "slowly and with pauses" can be very difficult. Especially when you do not feel any bites or wobbler game, nothing. Immediately there is a desire Twitchy, even Crank, to feel it, to speed up for the same purpose, and all this leads to lacks interest in walleye wobbler. Fix it only one way. We must have patience and slowly turn the reel handle, and at intervals, when lost all sense of control and a wobbler, just wait and hope for the walleye bite, it adds some optimism.

From my own experience I can say that after a certain point, that is, after a few bites, or catch walleye, have already ceased to hurry, before exhausting the time to flip. Already beginning to be fully immersed in the catch and somewhere on a subconscious level feel the wobbler movement under the water and wait with bated coveted kick walleye. And given that it takes place at night, with snow lying around, comes complete, with nothing comparable idyll.

If the bites are no long, so as not to fall asleep, it is better to do experiments with both wired and with wobblers. Regularly change lures, try a variety of options for the animation. After a slow entry is just the overall style. It can be in the form of a short jerk, then a long pause, slow lift, followed by a short spurt or two jerk and pause (for suspender). In general, everything will depend only on your imagination. And if at this point there is perch, sooner or later he is still interested in your crank.

What kind of gear to use?

Some people believe that it is more convenient to use at night spinning a length of 2.4 to 2.7 m for convenience wobbler wiring. In part, I agree with it, at night it is not necessary to catch a flourish, and spinning length is not critical in this regard. And to make the control and smoother lift along the shore of a long and hard spinning, of course, more convenient.

But much depends on the habits. I here, for example, absolutely any wobblers and in all situations it is more convenient to catch the short spinning, mainly length of 7 feet, that is 2.13 m. This also applies to walleye night fishing. Much more important to the spinning had good sensory properties and rigid systems. All this is necessary for increased sensitivity and control of the crank in low visibility conditions.

Another important fact - the existence of crossing rings, fishing line of lap impeding. This ring «K-series». What is not there some fashionable novelty, but a means of basic necessities, I realized that a couple of my friends broke the night spinning is due to entanglement of fishing line. And without realizing it in the dark lures flew with spinning parts. Agree, not very pleasant event.

So I try to use it with the spinners such rings. They were installed at a relatively new spinning model.

For example, such as Psyhogun Minnow Plugging 7'3 "7-24 grams or Legend Tournament Twitch & jerk 7 '7-21 c. Most often, walleye fishing at night by these models. Spinning meet the necessary requirements in terms of sensitivity and order and have a very good supply of power, which is also important.

With regard to the coil, then it should be quiet smooth ride without disturbing feel the lure of trouble. With at Daiwa in the cold always had problems. Therefore, the last time I use Shimano Twin Power MG C3000.

Catching Walleye at Night on Spinning Lures

Weight of 215 grams and quiet smooth running is very encouraging. But it took only 15 fishing’s. Let's look at its work further.

Small additions

Well, here we reviewed almost all the issues that may disturb nocturnal hunter. In conclusion, once again I would like to remind you that today we talked about fishing at night in the winter and spring, before the rising water.

This time is not yet replete with high temperatures, and the nights are generally cooler than the day, so do not forget about the right clothes.

A key element to the night fishing is a lantern in the dark without having big problems.

Although if the night light, the eye quickly adapt and become accustomed to the dark, a flashlight and cannot be included, but it is still be required. Excessive use is not they, too, need only turn on when changing lures or playing a fish.

It is best to have a spare spool, and both are still at home should be handled quality silicone

Grease or oil for the coils from freezing ice. Otherwise, the formation of a beard and at night in the cold is a good end.

It is best to catch in wading boots or wading suit. Absolutely do not need to go far into the water as walleye sometimes gets to such frank that bite "out of the boot." But for safety reasons, especially if the place is not very well known, it is better to wear high boots.

Successful walleye fishing at night depends on each separate issue discussed today, and most importantly - the right combination of them all. Just being in the right place at the right time with the appropriate bait and feeding it properly, you can achieve a good result. Granted, a lot of variables, but nobody said it would be easy. Next thing only for you, search, select, experiment, and most importantly - do not stop there!

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