Chinese and Japanese Wobblers

Now there is a huge number of wobblers in the fishing market. From cheap models of incomprehensible origin to the expensive Japanese wobblers of famous firms. A fisherman who starts to learn fishing with a wobbler is often at a loss. The prices of Japanese wobblers of famous firms are very large. There is quite a legitimate question, how much is this price justified? Let's try to understand.

At a certain stage, all anglers pass through it. I did not miss this road either, many years ago. In the beginning I bought not expensive wobblers. These purchases were haphazard. Very high prices then I was just scared. Is it someone who buys?

The matter was further complicated by the fact that none of my acquaintances were attracted to wobblers. I had to go through trial and error, and this always entails unnecessary financial costs. Sometimes not effective, poorly catching baits were bought. Consequently, the money was wasted.

Now a novice fisherman is much easier. With the advent of the Internet, everything became simpler. Go to any of the fishing forums, read and study the theory. Ask the questions you are interested in more experienced fishermen. With a high degree of probability you will get a qualified answer.

In addition, the forums are very useful in that there is extensive collective statistics on various wobblers' models. There are presentations of baits. Concentrated reviews on their use.

Ninety percent of the hits among artificial baits are taken by Japanese wobblers. If you go to any fishing forum and see the result of the wobblers' hit parades over the past few years, it is immediately noticeable that the best of all models are Japanese wobblers.

In general, from the middle and upper price range, the cost is from fifteen to thirty dollars. Why do fishermen, even not with the greatest income, still buy Japanese wobblers? How justified are such wasting.

Let's try to consider all the arguments "for" and "against." To begin with, the Japanese are scrupulous about the production of any things. If they undertook to do something, whether it be consumer electronics or the same cars, they will definitely bring it to perfection. Fishing tackle did not become an exception.

Chinese and Japanese Wobblers

Including wobblers. Japanese wobblers from any of the companies that produce fishing tackle (Imakatsu, Evergreen, Megabass, O.S.P.) - a high-tech, very high-quality bait. At least one idea is embodied in the Japanese wobblers.

Understanding this idea gives the key to this bait. This is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčintelligent control of the mechanical properties of the bait, embedded in it by the developer. The fisherman only needs to understand the idea and apply it competently in practice - adjusting the wobbler wiring diagram to the predator.

Each model is designed and manufactured with a clear understanding of what, should be the game of this wobbler. There are all the nuances in what conditions you need to use the wobblers. And the "key" this often has to be selected intuitively, by trial and error. Some models manage to pick it up pretty quickly. These wobblers immediately become favorites. Other models, despite all the efforts, are silent one to two seasons. Only after, through long experiments, the wobbler begins to bring fish for the fish.

The use of Japanese wobblers

Firstly, this is a high repeatability of specimens. If we buy Japanese wobblers of the same model in return for lost ones, then we can be sure that the new wobblers are an exact copy of the lost one. Will catch the same.

Secondly, these are various ingenious systems of moving weight. Simple and magnetic, with tungsten balls and cylinders. Making casting is easier, far and accurate. Sometimes it is very important - there are situations, especially when catching from the shore, when the extra five to six meters increase to casting decides the success of fishing.

Chinese and Japanese Wobblers

Thirdly, this is the aesthetic component of the bait: a durable coating and the elaboration of the smallest external details.

Currently, among the fishermen there is a large army of admirers of Japanese wobblers. These fishermen, from their own experience, felt the difference in fishing with the Japanese wobblers. But there are many fishermen whose motto is "why pay more if the result is the same." But whether the result is actually the same, this is below.

At once we will exclude from consideration of wobblers of the lowest price category - cheap Chinese wobblers from the category "all on 1 dollar". It's hard to even call them wobblers. Common to this class of baits they have only appearance.

About two-thirds of this stuff or go into a tailspin even at an average wiring speed. Or lifelessly dragged on the cord, unable to show anything that looks like a game, regardless of the method of animation. In a word - thrown away money.

Among this nonworking mass of cheap Chinese wobblers, there can occasionally be a truly working and well-catching wobblers. You can buy baits of this level in the hope that you are lucky. But the money in the end, you will spend anyway more than a quality Japanese wobblers.

The most working of cheap wobblers are those whose price starts at $ 5. Basically, these are Chinese wobblers - clones of the most popular models from solid Japanese manufacturers. This is the most accurate copies of expensive baits made on relatively inexpensive equipment.

But even the complete external similarity of such a clone with the original does not provide a guarantee. The inner filling is equally important for bait playing. In general, some cheap replicas of branded Japanese wobblers already sometimes withstand in some cases a comparison with the original.

Most of the counterfeits are still inferior to their prototypes. This is due to non-compliance with technological discipline and weak quality control of manufactured baits in Chinese factories.

But still, the overall level of performance is not so bad. Especially among manufacturers such as Aiko, Scorana and others. This makes it possible for fishermen who do not have the opportunity to buy expensive Japanese wobblers, to catch fairly high-quality baits. Of course, Chinese wobblers sin with low repetition of copies.

According to the game and the buoyancy of two Chinese wobblers of one model may differ. Chinese manufacturers in the pursuit of reducing costs do not always bother themselves with the inner stuffing and the fineness of balancing the bait. Nevertheless, we must admit that the level of execution of some wobblers - clones is quite high.

Plus Chinese wobblers

Despite everything, the Chinese wobblers still have a number of advantages. Firstly low price. Very many fishermen simply ruin the family budget if they buy only all the Japanese javelins they like.

A novice fisherman of expensive baits is simply afraid - I know for myself. From cheap Chinese wobblers - clones it is possible to make a good working set. You can even have each model in several colors.

Chinese and Japanese Wobblers

Secondly, an expensive Japanese wobblers fisherman is afraid to use in places where there is an opportunity to hook it and lose it. Especially it concerns fishing from the shore. And not an expensive Chinese wobblers can be used on an unfamiliar reservoir as a scout. Even in the case of loss of the wobbler, the pain from losing the bait will be significantly less than when the Japanese broke off for $ 30.

Chinese wobblers very often have to be tuned. Changing tees to better ones, loading or facilitating bait in case of a mismatch in real buoyancy.

Arguments "for" and "against" we considered. But each fisherman decides which bait to catch him. If you figure it out, it's not so important what kind of bait a person catches - an expensive Japanese wobblers or a cheap Chinese wobblers. The main thing that fishing provides aesthetic pleasure and a sense of deep moral satisfaction.

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