Choose a Spinning Rod for Fishing Trolling

Fishing trolling is known for a long time. In some countries this method of fishing is called a path. Only, when catching a path, the engine was not used, and the boat moved on the oars. But the essence of the process did not change from this - the bait stretched behind the boat at a certain distance, with a certain speed and at a certain depth. In fishing trolling process of throwing gear is infrequent. Therefore spinning for fishing trolling experiences the main load when there is a bait wiring and fighting fish.

Properties of spinning for fishing trolling

Spinning weight

In spinning for trolling, the weight of the blank itself does not really matter. Casting is performed quite rarely, so there are no loads on the muscles of the hands. In this regard, the brand of material is not particularly important.

Choose a Spinning Rod for Fishing Trolling

It is quite possible to use not only carbon-fiber rods, but also spinnings made of composite materials. For sea fishing trolling can often be used heavy, fiberglass rods. After all, the main time spinning is in the stand, not in the hands.

Spinning structure

As for the spinning system for trolling, there is no need for spinning to be a fast construction in the classical sense of it. But at the same time there is absolutely no need for spinning for fishing trolling to have a pronounced parabolic structure. In this case, it will be bent on the wiring, especially if wobblers are used with large blades and greater penetration.

Therefore, it is believed that the spinning for this type of catch should be of a medium order. In this case, not only the upper part of the form works well on the loads, but approximately two-thirds of the blank, when the load increases.

Length of spinning for trolling

If we consider the length of the spinning for trolling, then the size of the rod is not particularly critical. The length of the rod can be from two to three meters.

It all depends on what conditions you have to catch. For example, if you have to breed rods in different directions, then it is quite natural that long spinnings are needed. If this is an option with a single spinning, then a shorter option is also possible. For example, 2,1-2,4 meters.

Choose a Spinning Rod for Fishing Trolling

Spinning test

A few words need to be said about the spinning test for fishing trolling. Wobblers, which are used for trolling, often have a very large blade and a very substantial depth of penetration. Hence, there are serious loads on the rod form. In addition, various tools are used to lower the bait to a depth, which also creates high loads.

From this it follows that the use of light spinning for trolling is simply irrational. Although it is possible to use spinning with an upper limit of the test of 20-25 grams. But for deep-water wobblers, such a test will not be sufficient, and the spinning will be substantially bent when posting such wobblers.

Choose a Spinning Rod for Fishing Trolling

Thus, the greater the resistance of the wobblers and the greater the depth of the lure wiring, the greater the tackle test. And reach this value to 70-80 grams of the test. Here still need to take into account the fact that during the wiring is quite real deaf hitch wobblers. And if the rod test is not enough, the spinning can break, like a match.

Fishing trolling large fish

In addition to the test, you need to pay attention to the power of the rod. Although it is presented by manufacturers as a test for the breaking load of the line. Designation in pounds per letterhead. True, these designations are not on all spinning rods. And the test for the breaking load of the line will be greater, the better.

If the wobbler clings to a snag and the boat does not stop immediately, but continues to move, the friction may not work out or work out a little with delay. Then the breakdown of the spinning with a small test on the line becomes a reality.

The special sensitivity of spinning for trolling is not needed. After all, there are no accurate bites and there is no need to do the cutting in time. Cutting into trolling occurs due to the movement of the boat itself. In addition, trolling fishing is a way to catch, above all, large fish. And to fix a bite of such fish, sensitivity is not needed. But we need reliability and power.

Choose a Spinning Rod for Fishing Trolling

In particularly powerful trolling spinning, this technique is used to harden the blank as different types of windings. This can be a winding with a special thread or a special tape. And the winding can go, as on all length of the form, and settle down only in the bottom part of a spinning. And this option of hardening is used most often. Although many manufacturers have enough strength of the blank, in order not to use the winding at all.

Spinning for multiplier reel

Many fishermen use a trolling cartoon as a fishing reel. For fishing on captured and large fish, the multiplier reel fits best than the traditional spinning reel. In any case, the pull of the multiplier is greater. And this is very important when fishing for trophy fish.

The difference in spinning for the multiplier is in the arrangement of the rings. If in the traditional spinning rings in the working position are located below, then in the spinning for the multiplier rings are located at the top.

But can the usual spinning be used for fishing trolling with a multiplier? Theoretically it can be done. But you need to take into account that in the spinning, calculated for multiplier reel, the main stitch of the stiffness passes from the other side. Therefore, the load on the tackle will not be applied correctly. Spinning, of course, will not break, but its strength will be lost.

Rings on the troll spinning

Spinning for trolling can be used, both traditional rings on legs, and rings, which are made in the form of rollers. Rings with rollers are most rational to use for catching very large fish and in fishing rods for fishing trolling.

Choose a Spinning Rod for Fishing Trolling

Thanks to the rotating rollers, rubbing on the rings is significantly reduced, which makes fighting with especially large fish less physical effort. In addition, the rotating rollers are not so sawed by the cord, when there is a load in the fight against the fish.

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