Cod fishing in the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is rich in cod stocks. This fish, known to most as the gastronomic product, has long been mined here for professional fishermen engaged in fishing. However, in the last 3-4 years, cod has become a figure and as an object of amateur fishing.

Cod cannot tolerate warm water, and all summer rests on a rather great depth, often exceeding 30 meters. In some areas of the Baltic such depths it is at a distance of 3-9 km from the coast. Only with the cooling water cod begins to come close to the shore, sometimes up to 10 meters. The best time of year for catching cod - fall, winter and early spring.

In late August, catches of the three fishermen in a boat for a fishing day often exceed 120-180 kg. Captured specimens with cooling water begin to approach 10 kg, and when the water temperature falls to 5-10 ° C, the weight of their passes and 10-kilogram mark. Everyone should, of course, understand that when he returned to the sea, to achieve significant results can be only when you will be present in the boat and guide your actions experienced specialist, of course, if he wants to show off their fishing efficiency point.

Swimming facilities and equipment

For a successful and safe catching cod, which happens often at a depth of 40 meters and the distance from the coast a few kilometers, it is necessary to pay special attention to the preparation of equipment. And first of all need the speed and safety of the boat, from which it will be convenient to catch and quickly get to the right place. With the practice of fishing for several years, many fishermen come to the conclusion that the best option is inflatable boats 3.6-3.9 meters in length, with a cylinder diameter of 45 cm.

Even more comfortable to catch on big boats, but it should already be RIB (boat with inflatable sides and hard bottom). Such boats have a significant drawback - you need a good launch, in addition, a fisherman must have a place to store boats. Another problem faced by owners of large boats - with strong surf wave is not always possible transom (stern) forward to lower the boat into the water. A wave just rolls over the transom and the boat quickly fills.

Motors Sea used exclusively branded, power - depending on the boat, but the most popular are the engines 15 hp - They are not so heavy, can be easily installed on the transom of the boat, is easy to maintain and operate. Boats have a long and heavy, carried on trailers equipped with more powerful stationary engines.

From electronic to ensure fishing is inconceivable without the sonar - it helps you quickly find the stall, to determine the presence of fish and the depth at which it stands today. It helps the navigator, which in the open sea quickly fined catch ability point marked with a successful past fishing’s. Having a set of points, quickly moving through the sea, it is easy to find a place where cod that day more active and where it is a lot.

Fishing for cod in the sea takes place in the drift. To the boat was delayed a little longer over the accumulation of fish, special floating anchors used - water chutes, which are thrown overboard (with a strong drift exhibited two floating anchors). Expanding water, parachutes, not only hinder the drift of the boat, but keep it at a certain rate. The use of conventional anchors on such fishing is problematic - rocky bottom of the sea and shell, is always present during and drifts boat in the wind - the likelihood hook firmly anchored to the rocks is very high. On top, anchor rope length of 40-80 meters for relatively small boats - not the best option.

It is necessary to bear in mind the security - all fishermen have to go out into the sea wearing lifejackets. Be sure to have an emergency communication device - cell phone, placed in waterproof case - because fishing takes place away from the shore, and, if necessary, on the phone you can send a distress signal. About the clothes I will not say it is clear that it must meet modern requirements - not blown, do not get wet, be light and breathable, always warm, and possibly floating.

Tackle and Bait

Rods are used for catching cod is relatively inexpensive, in most cases - made of fiberglass. The main thing is that the upper limit of the test was not less than 150 grams; more is better - up to 500-700 grams. The fact that lift from great depths cod difficult. The length of the spinning - from 1.8 to 2.4 meters. The line is used with a diameter of 0.6-0.7 mm. In recent years, more and more anglers switching to braided lines catch 0.25-0.4 mm. Their choice is justified by the fact that when fishing in deep water (40 meters) with a braid tackles more sensitive and responsive when biting and cutting.

Coils on sea fishing are given special attention. You need an animator, as can be more powerful and reliable, suitable for fishing in salt water. All coils are made not in the marine version, almost after the first fishing rust, and they have to disassemble and lubricate each time anew. The coil acts as a real winch-like the one that is used for catching marlin - probably seen on television more than once. The most popular today is the multiplier PENN-320, although other marine grade models are used with success.

The main bait - pilkers weighing 150-300 grams on the garter (pilkers above) was used initially branded snap-garlands (3-4 hooks), but many of these hooks are small and weak, often unbent, so almost all switched to home-made suspenders . On the hook №1 tied three or four primary wing feathers of birds. Another option - hooks skewer simple twisters, great color is not important. Also successfully applied garters, made of synthetic material - different thread. It is believed that they should be as shiny, while at a depth of 40 meters is unlikely that all these details are visible.

To form (shape) and color pilkers anglers have different attitudes. Some believe that pilkers shape and coloring little impact on cod bite, while others, on the contrary, give this much attention. In my opinion, the form pilkers largely affects the biting than paint, although I have a favorite color - a blue, red and yellow, and nickel.

To receive caught cod needs sharp gaff. Landing net is not very suitable for such fishing - all those who have tried, have seen this. The main problem is that the hooks of the garter engage the mesh landing net, and their removal from kapron grid takes a long time, and when the sea rough sea, this activity becomes painful at all. In addition, a small boat always little space for a large size. With the hook no such problems - they are easy to cut down the cod and it is also easy to remove. It should only be kept in mind that the gaff handle must be long enough to pick up the fish as possible from the sides of the boat.

Tactics and fishing equipment

Fishing begins with the fact that the boat after launching at high speed goes to a certain point, which indicates the direction of navigation. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that all things in the boat were secured during the withdrawal from the coast and sea traffic. Garter and pilkers should be placed in solid containers; the hooks cannot penetrate the rubber side of the boat. Boat hook must be on the tip cap, while moving it must be kept in a backpack.

Coming to that place, the boat shifted to quiet running and includes sounder, by which the study begins stall. Determined, in what place is a school of fish. It is also determined by the direction of the wind and currents. The direction of flow of water in the sea will often depend on the wind direction. Here it is necessary to determine in what direction and how best to move away from the cluster of fish and how to put the floating anchors.

When it is determined that the fish in this place and it has much drift direction is determined, the boat must be diverted from this point above the drift, and to lower the anchor set at the bottom of the bait.

Playing the entire tooling rather monotonous: pilkers hit on the bottom and immediately lifted up by about one meter. So throughout the fishing. Of course there are variations of the game - changing the frequency of the oscillation lure more high raises, shorter sweeps, climbing and swing. But there is always required a heavy blow pilkers bottom. Perhaps cod in deep water well and hears the hit rushes to the spot to look at the causes of the sounds.

Weight pilkers depends on the drift forces. It is very important to choose it correctly - pilkers should as much as possible Steep sink to the bottom. The current and the drift is stronger, the more weight pilkers. If the weight pilkers insufficient, then falling, it will not keep up with the drift of the boat - there is slack in the fishing line. As a result, pilkers falls to the bottom and dragged on it, and, because the bottom is rocky, it should be a dull hook. Fishing from the frequent snags can turn into one of frustration.

Bites the cod are both pilkers, and the garter. There are days when cod caught only pilkers and pays no attention to the garter, at other times on the contrary, all the bites occur exclusively on the garter.

If you come to the point, and bites in 30 minutes not, as a rule, this point is changed to another. Although there is a group of fishermen, who took a different tactic - they come to the place; they get in the stall and wait for suitable joint cod. From my own experience I can say that the search for the fish, rather than waiting for its approach often give better results.

And, of course, there are days when the cod does not want to be caught at all, that she was not offered, but these days, few and they tend to coincide with the days without a bite of fish in inland waters. Typically, cod is caught with an enviable stability, with the only difference being that one day - the bigger, the other - smaller.

At sea, all must comply with the senior command of the owner of the boat. He will indicate on which board who sits and which side catches when to start fishing (gear lowered into the water) and when they are exhausting. Moving the boat must be careful, it is better when your intentions will be made aware of your companions.

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