Equipment underwater hunter

Sometimes I got out after three hours of hunting on the shore, Vladimir hovered near the water. It turned out he was all this time, could not begin to hunt for several reasons. Three times he dumped in the water fins - in high galoshes. He then tried them in different ways to bind to the foot, but to no avail. Weight belt was not tightened at the waist and a diving day on the chest and on ascent crawled almost to the knees. Mask leaking ... The poor hunter cursed in the whole wide world, fumed and raged. It seemed a little more - and he burst into tears of resentment. Of course, it is insulting to drive 700 km per day, and instead of fun to get one only frustration and hassle.

This case clearly shows that in the spear fishing equipment of quality and arms depends very much, including the very possibility of this fascinating thing, I is not in the usual hunting, no fishing. Therefore, any underwater hunter, regardless of their experience and seniority, should pick up his scuba gear very carefully and constantly take care of it.

The first and indispensable element of the equipment - a mask that could be described as an individual window in the realm of Neptune. In sports stores are now a lot of them, and the most diverse. The choice depends on the shape and features of a person hunting conditions, the susceptibility of the skin to the rubber and so on. D. Therefore only describe the basic requirements for the equipment item. In the same principle, we will continue to use when talking about all other equipment of the hunter.

The mask must fit well to the person that is not under it leaked water. This is the basic requirement for it. Check it out in the air by applying a simple mask to the face and nose air retraction. If she sticks with it and does not fall - well. To achieve tightness mask stronger tension of the strap cannot be, because after a few hours of sailing you get a long fading red circle on the face, and even headaches. For the best hunting is the mask, which has great reviews.

Some divers from prolonged contact with rubber facial skin become red, scaly, and then it hurts - severe allergic reactions. They should go to a silicone mask. Imported masks often have bright coloring, which, in our experience, does not scare the fish. But not suitable mask made of transparent silicone and especially with the side a small window through which the hunter will dazzle reflected sun.

If your vision is at a distance of 1-3 meters do not allow to see all things clearly, you will surely need corrective glasses, eliminate this defect; otherwise most of the fish to hide in dense thickets of underwater or weave among the trunks and branches, you will simply not be noticed. Glasses with diopters for the import of masks sold for domestic - have to do everything myself. There are several simple techniques equip mask optical lens, including the most simple - the usual glasses, but removed from the temples.

Serious spear fishing also impossible without the breathing tube. The handset allows you to watch not looking for an underwater environment, constantly monitor the actions harpooned or broke and leaving fish. By tube for spear fishing more demanding than for diving tube. Perhaps most importantly - the mobility of the upper part relative to the mouthpiece, which is achieved by a corrugated insert, the point is that when swimming in underwater thickets and among the branches of bushes subsea rigid tube transmits its vibrations to the mouthpiece, and he, in turn, on the palate. After a few hours of hunting palate can be wiped up blood.

At the same time the presence of the corrugation somewhat difficult to breath, it has not completely blown out the water, which is then a gurgle and scares the fish. Eliminates the lack of a special flexible corrugation with a smooth inner surface, a bottom valve, constantly resetting the remaining water in the tube.

Mouthpiece to be literally "too tough". Well proven anatomical silicone mouthpieces. In general, the mouthpiece should be such that after 5-6 hours sailing you from the constant compressive forces did not hurt his jaw.

And the last, the final part of the tube - the top valve. What he constructs is not critical, as long as during the dive and ascent he did not cling to the grass and twigs. And the benefit of its obvious and proven long-term practice: it does not scare the fish coming out of the tube air bubbles when submerged, allowing to emerge under a layer of duckweed, under the leaves of water lilies, will not let the icy water to the teeth on the winter hunt. Find the stores up, satisfies all these requirements, we have not succeeded; so you have to do it from the appropriate component or two or three store tubes.

The first task of any suit - the creation of favorable conditions to the hunter for the entire period of hunting. Almost always in the seas and lakes of stagnant water temperature on the surface is much higher than the 5-10-meter depth. And whoever thinks to do underwater fishing in reservoirs with warm water in a hot climate, is seriously mistaken if it believes that the cost without a wetsuit.

In any case, the hunt requires a very slow swimming, only with the help of fins without the hands, and at the same hour and in the 25-degree water freeze. The second purpose of the wetsuit - the hunter protection against mechanical damage under water. At sea, it may be a coral, plants and animals-burning, stabbing fish in fresh water the branches and twigs of sunken trees, fittings and fishing hooks.

According to the principle of the warming action - all the costumes are divided into two main groups: wet and dry. The first passed under him a small amount of water, but this water body is heated rapidly, and the special structure of rubber (neoprene) is a very good heat preserves. Dry type diving suits are made of sheet rubber or rubberized fabric, which has no insulating properties of neoprene, and under them wear warm clothes. Naturally, such a suit should not miss a single drop of water itself - it is dry.

Each of these two types of suits has their pros and cons. The wet fly is much easier, it is less tiring, and it allows the hunter to dive to extreme depths. Also do not worry about its possible puncture or rupture, in a dry. The main advantage of dry suit - an opportunity almost any time to swim in the icy water willows under fierce Russian winter. Personally, I have to hunt all year round in a dry suit, because of the long stay of water in the ears certainly and quickly get bilateral.

Now a great number of sports shops import wet suits. One of the hunters praises the products of one company, someone - another one like a suit without a fabric base inside and outside, the other - on the contrary. But there is a fast rules for choosing this part not cheap equipment. The wet suit must be tightly encircle the body of the hunter to have him trapped under the water was not able to walk freely to and fro, carrying the precious heat.

Most chassis thickness neoprene for hunting - 7 mm. And more: the neoprene elastic, the more comfortable you will float. If the suit has no outer caproic protection, his age is not long: his teeth and spines of fish, driftwood and hard reeds soon will cut it so that it largely loses its insulating properties. Enterprising hunters often put on top of the "hydro" battered usual tracksuit.

Dry suits this afternoon with fire will not find. In the shops they are, but there are from 700 to 1500 dollars, and hunting is still not suitable. Craftsmen keyed dry suits themselves from rubber sheet thickness of 0.7-1.0 mm.

At the same time adhere to the following basic requirements:

- Cuff sleeve and the front part of the helmet should be very soft, fit snugly to the body and does not have seams;

- Suit on the person wearing the suit, for example, 50 sizes should be at least 56-58, and preferably 60 sizes;

O upper and lower skirt providing sealing of the suit should not have seams.

No seams on the helmet due to the fact that dry wetsuit mask lies on top of it (wet - under it). The gigantic size of the dry suits are not just useful, but necessary when you 3-4 woolen suit, and the flexibility and mobility of the limbs, after a five-hour winter hunting pretty lost, only this costume you will be able to take off without assistance. At the same time he was blown away by the water (air from under it sucked), and formed the folds do not interfere with the hunt.

Any suit more or less gives submariner positive buoyancy. For normal hunting as buoyancy should be close to zero, so go easy on the depth and return to the surface or, if necessary, to hover in the water column. To achieve this most neutral buoyancy allows the weight belt. Most often it is a wide and thick nylon strap, which are strung lead loads of different shapes and weight.

Normal weight belt from 5 kg to 16-17 kg in the summer in the winter. Belt buckle should be easy-and quick-but at the same time protected from accidental, such as underwater branch, disclosure. It is based on a possible emergency situation when you want to emerge immediately, without applying to their own efforts.

Such times are softer sits at the waist; it is easier to move around on land. But in bags stuffed a lot of mud and silt, wet, they are no longer in the cold open, as the ice grasped "Velcro." In the future, it will be clear why it is important and what is.

Departing aircraft on the hunt, for example, in remote Siberia, it is necessary to save the total weight of the equipment. In this case, from the heavy lead have to give, and use specially stitched bags. Already in place this bag stuffed with sand or pebbles and fastened at the waist.

Fish Stringer - requisite underwater hunter fish. Its task is to save you from having to return to their camp each produced fish. Without this device, we would not be able to swim on Winter River 5-6 km, to explore many kilometers of limonite, and a few hours to come back to the only exit through the reeds on the shore. The design methods of use, advantages and disadvantages Fish Stringer can write a separate large study. They either before or is now in stores are not sold; they are always designed and manufactured the hunters themselves. And once done, then it is better to just what you need. Therefore, without touching the others let us on the design, which was the result of four decades of "natural" selection.

Our Fish Stringer - a metal latch with a small guide cone, steel needle and connected with her thick (5-6 mm) tightly braided nylon cord. The cord is attached to the waist from behind, the front latch in the buckle. On this Fish Stringer well kept and 100-gram roach and-pound catfish, strong and slippery eel. Versatility, simplicity and reliability of handling - the main advantages of this device. Experienced hunters swim immediately with two such Fish Stringer. To while diving do not cling to anything Fish Stringer and to hang the fish by their spines and teeth are not torn wetsuit, free of the rope is wound Fish Stringer certainly front loads.

During hunting rifle in one hand, the second - along the body, and only work the legs. Without fins, the smooth, quiet, yet powerful and fast promotion of the hunter in the water cannot be, if necessary. This attribute is widely represented in the stores, but even here there are some nuances. If you hunt in rivers and lakes in the summer and autumn, the fins should not be sticking out to the side locks, hooks and other projections, or they will cling to the grass and twigs; at sea and in the winter the pond, this requirement is not relevant.

Shoe fin should not greatly compress the foot, or after some time will have to stop hunting because of the unbearable pain. The size and the rigidity of the fins depend again on the hunting conditions. For deep dives and the movement against strong currents better fins larger and harder, in other cases - a smaller and softer.

Of course, you can catch fish by hand. However, what kind of hunting without a weapon? Shooting detected or fish - the climax of the whole hunting process. And on what kind of weapon you can depend on it.

In the vast majority of Russia's today hunt with pneumatic guns. Good pneumatics easy to use, compact, reliable, strong enough to defeat any of our fish, including the "armored" carp. But even among the pneumatic structures - enormous variety.

The principal difference between the two main pneumatic weapons - front or rear hitch. It is a question of whether the hook trigger for the boom is carried out (front) or the piston (rear). The first structurally simpler, but less in operation: in such guns are weakened and because the boom is often broken and the trigger force depends on the pressure generated in the receivers, which is undesirable.

I do not know a single Russian submarine hunter-athlete who would have hunted with the purchased gun - all homemade. This fact clearly indicates that both domestic and imported weapons from the store have many disadvantages. Yet novice hunters first come into the store, and they know where to look, what to take?

For hunting in the reservoirs with not very clean water (transparency is not more than 5 m) and an abundance of aquatic vegetation is not suitable long guns with a handle at the end. For our rivers and lakes optimal gun with 500-800 mm in length and a handle in the middle. It should not be too much to trust what is written in the instructions and data sheets on the flight distance and the arrow especially lethal force; as a rule, the figures are inflated by about half. It should be borne in mind that the actual shooting in fresh water is carried out at distances of 0.5-1.5 m, and in the seas and very clean lakes -. 1.5-2.5 m At large distances and there, and firmly hit a decent copy of the fish is much more difficult.

Operational advantages have the gun that the boom in the trunk sink and swim without the boom. Sometimes, this is easy to achieve by putting a piece of foam under the front of the barrel. The same simple upgrade balances the gun, as any pneumatic charged with the boom, especially if it is with a trident, have the advantage over the nose. After several hours of hunting with a gun hand is very tired from the constant voltage. Well, if the gun handle is not metal: metal hand, especially in the winter. Most purchased guns protecting the trigger bracket so small that under her finger in wool and rubber gloves just do not fit.

On hunting results strongly influences the choice of an arrowhead. The most common of them - the single-tooth and trident.

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of the two main types of terminals?

Single tip or a single-tooth:

- Meets a minimum in-flight water resistance, so it is preferable in a particularly clear pond when shooting at long distances or when there is insufficient power rifle;

- Has a maximum penetrating power that is necessary for hunting large or well-protected scales of the fish: it is primarily catfish, carp (carp) and large hybrid carp;

- In any place slaughter of fish there, that is, with the defeat in that it is not broken, and did not slaughter, which it is easy to tear and go, often without prejudice to the continued existence;

- If your arrow pierces right through the fish (which allows only single-tooth) and that is on garpun line, it is virtually impossible in this case, the gathering of fish;

- Does not interfere with their way through very dense underwater vegetation;

- Practically not deformed and do not break.

But there is a single tip and disadvantages. Secondly, there are problems with the shooting at a fish lying on the bottom, or the fish was taken to the interlacing branches, and the underwater bush roots. In the first case, an arrow hit the fish, usually pierces deep into the ground, as if riveted to the bottom of it. And every angler knows that strong and big fish, so that it does not tear, in any case should not be given support; on the contrary, we must give her to take a walk and get tired more.

When the fish hidden in the roots and branches of the underwater bush, the arrow usually pierces right through it, but then goes into the soft beach so deeply and sits so tightly that remove it sometimes manages only uprooted bush. Do not break a wetsuit when such work is not always possible.

Among the shortcomings of single nozzle flow is quite obvious advantages of the trident, and so they cannot enumerate.

Single-tooth design is simple: three "or The square tip and two thick (thickness of 1 mm, length 60-70 mm) petal island is not circular cross-section, because honed facets are cut, and the arrow passes through the scales easier to carp there are other modifications to.. Which hooks are made not in the form of petals made of sheet steel, for example, a thick spring wire? Either the role played by hooking the tip itself, which, after passing through the fish undocks from the boom and is connected with it a steel rope.

Trident, which we have developed and tested in practice, has a large (215 mm) long, and on each tooth in the long (40-50 mm) petal. Small steel loops, fixed below the petals will fall easily extract the trident of fish. Before us was invented this simple little detail, use with petals was very uncomfortable, and part of why we enjoyed for many years exclusively odnozubtsem.

For example, in winter and late fall, I almost always hunt chetyrehzubtsem without hooks. And when going to hunt for acne, especially for underwater stumps, then take with 4 in which extremes are located on the triangle of the teeth do not have hooks, and the fourth, center, - has. The length of the tip half than trident described above.

Unfortunately, these tips in our stores do not sell, even now, when they appeared so many foreign diving equipment - making them have to trust familiar turners and locksmiths.

By offering readers a particular modification of the underwater gun, I am well aware that many of them for various reasons are not able to get even the most unpretentious weapons. This is especially true for children. They can offer a very simple design that allows a close-range strike not only 100gr fish but pound ide. This peak, which is important, it is absolutely safe.

The operating principle of the mini-guns borrowed from the ordinary slingshot, but instead - metal or wooden tube 8-10 cm long, with an inner diameter slightly larger than the thickness used boom. By the end of the tube attached two gum (medical tourniquet, expander and t.), and instead of the traditional leather for inserting stones better to tie some plastic cap. For example, the stopper from a bottle with a narrow neck.

Bolt to be thin (6.7 mm) long and - at least one meter. It is threaded into a tube embedded in the blunt end of the plastic cap, pulled back his left hand, and then, charged, position clamped between thumb and forefinger of his right hand, which holds the entire structure of the tube. It is necessary to loosen the fingers and the arrow is thrown forward. It affects fish from a distance of 10-50 cm from the end of the peaks, that is, one that is from the hunter a meter and a half. This is quite nominal hunting situation.

Leading a conversation about the equipment, I never said a word about winter gloves, a knife and underwater lamps, a special allowing hunting alloy a light day, about tens and hundreds of "little things" on which in large measure to the success of spear fishing. Let us hope that this gap will be filled in the future, when a novice hunter will be involved in our business, to his heart and feel the need for additional, deeper knowledge.

Where to begin?

Undoubtedly, one of the most important elements in the equipment for underwater hunting is a wetsuit.

The warm water is theoretically possible to swim in the "set number 1" - with a mask, snorkel and fins. But in order to make you feel comfortable throughout a fairly long hunting process, the water must be very warm, say, above 26 degrees Celsius. But as the human body temperature is normal 36.6ºS, it is easy to understand that the cooling is still inevitably come.

Therefore, to keep warm using a wetsuit. A good wetsuit allows the hunter to stay for hours in cold water and enjoy the process. Only comfortable immersion allows a person to achieve maximum physical performance in spear fishing, so the wetsuit for spear fishing should be made of quality material, well-tailored and matched in size. Hunting from May to October is quite sufficient thickness 5.0 mm suit. A more universal will suit the thickness of 7.0 mm, but in the summer it is too hot, and not to get heat stroke will have to run the water under the suit.

In winter, the 7-ke is also possible to hunt, but not for long, the time will depend on the cold resistance of the organism has an underwater hunter. For amateur winter spear fishing wetsuits are used with a thickness of 9-10 mm neoprene.

The basic division suits - "dry" and "wet." The first rather exotic, because suits of this type is not very easy to use and require very careful care and careful operation, because the slightest hole in the rubber - and the water gets inside and hunting cannot be considered. Usually, "dry" suits used in professional divers for a long and deep sea diving.

"Wet" suits are made of "neoprene" - a flexible and well-insulating material, which is tightly, hugs the body, being essentially a second skin. Water under such a suit falls slightly, but quickly warmed by body heat. When choosing a suit it is for hunting by many experts strongly recommended to buy a suit with the so-called "open times" ( "remora").

These costumes are not inside "duplicate" nylon neoprene, as it were, naked gums with tiny pores, which when equipped suit attach themselves to the skin, thus not allowing the water to "walk" under the suit. Booths open at times even much softer, they can breathe freely, and diver movement is not hampered. In addition, due to such tight adhesion can be comfortably carried out in water for several hours. However, this procedure is so elementary that it is not an inconvenience, even for beginners. Choice wetsuit for spear fishing.

For hunting it is preferable to use the so-called "separate" suits where the suit pants and jacket are made separately. This eliminates the need of the "vulnerable" to the element of water - lightning. There are models of how short pants that extend only up to the chest of the swimmer, and with pants with shoulder straps, they are usually called dlinnye. On a hunting suit chest pad a special triangular or oval. It is a special non-slip palm loading rifles rubber battlefield.

A variation of this type of costumes is costumes with a titanium coating. According to the developers, the reflective properties of the titanium spray deposited on the inner surface, can increase the insulating properties of such suits by about 25%. The same coating makes the rubber more slippery. Such a suit on and off much easier. In addition, this model has a knee. All this significantly increases its service life.

The next type of wet suit is a type of sport suits designed to dive to great depths and hunting in cold water. These models are made of neoprene suits without reinforcing it with a cloth. Rubber suit such as soft and supple, they are called "second skin". Neoprene is treated in a special way, it has a smooth surface. This allows the swimmer to slide easily in the water, greatly reducing friction as compared with other types of costumes.

This effect began to use some of the swimmers in the competition to improve their results. Not only wear, but also to take such a suit should be using shampoo, lathered well, and very gently and carefully, so as a lack of material makes it very fragile. Locations subject to the highest loads and the joints are reinforced with sutures materials on its heat-shielding properties and ensuring freedom of movement of the swimmer he is superior to other types of costumes for underwater hunting of the same thickness. When sailing in inland waters, when it comes to hunting in the reeds, for the protection of such a suit by discontinuities often put on top of a thin nylon windbreaker with pants.

Now, as the brand itself, here the choice is huge, costumes - for every taste and budget. If the standard figure often recommend suits well-known manufacturers - Beuchat, O.M.E.R., Cressi-Sub, Picasso, Imersion, Spetton etc.

However, in recent years, suits of decent quality at attractive prices appeared among domestic manufacturers - Neopro, Spear Fishing Club, Sargan, Pike. Stitched suit sits perfectly in size. When buying a suit pay attention to the seams, take a look inside and out. Ask measure suit. In a good store you it will be done without problems.

A few words about the selection and operation of hunting suits:

  • when you buy, consider the thickness, cut and feature material.
  • the suit should not be unduly compressing
  • after using it should be washed with fresh water
  • stored preferably in a suspended state in a room with a moderate humidity
  • do not leave in the sun or in the cold
  • remember that the inner surface of the "open time to" require careful handling

Protect the body; do not forget about the hands and feet. With legs simple - bought neoprene socks that help to not rub the legs in flippers and keep warm. Selecting sock thickness similar to a wetsuit. Just do not look at the socks above an "open time" because in contrast to the suit is "time to open" rather inconvenient because scary slides when moving on land, although some producers and make these socks.

With the protection of the hands can go this way - the usual summer wear gloves (or buy a 3 mm neoprene), in spring and autumn to buy or 5mm gloves or just 5-7 mm three-fingered gloves. The latter option is warmer. Here in the selection of gloves and mittens on the manufacturer to pay attention to is not worth, you need only look at the convenience of sitting on the hand and how they precede, for that fill them with water enough. Gloves for spear fishing.

Just buying the socks can be purchased fins, because to measure they will have to toe! For a long time not to talk about the selection of fins say what a kind of axiom is already for underwater hunters. (This article is available with the test fin. Perhaps it will help you to determine the model.) It should be long hunting fins with a closed heel, ie, a sock, rather than shoes.

The most popular models of fins, which should be guided - PicassoBlackTeam, OMER Millenium, Cressi-SubGara, BeuchatMundial, SporasubN.Dessault. Size galoshes fins should be selected so that, putting them in a sock, fins would never shake. We cannot allow fins squeezed foot; it can lead to severe pain, and leg cramps rise much faster than will freeze. All galoshes fins are unique - different stiffness, different lift height and shape of galoshes.

Therefore, the choice is individual fins. Most big galoshes have BlackTeam, they should pay attention in the first place. There are differences in blade stiffness. Beginners should look for softer blades, or to accept that at the initial stage of the leg muscles will ache.

Mask for underwater hunting

Choosing a mask for spear fishing and easy if you follow these guidelines. Features masks are subject to the maximum preservation of the amount of air in the lungs during a dive after a series of pressure compensation of the increasing water pressure with depth by exhalation through the nose space and create the best possible overview with all this.

Glass masks made of tempered glass, seal (that is adjacent to the face) with dark, opaque silicone small space - although the latter is not particularly relevant for small depths. Then everything is simple. We come to the store, look for the appropriate option, presses the mask to the face and inhale nose. The mask should stick to the face and does not drain the air outside. Then we try to tear off the mask. If it comes off with an effort - the right choice.

But that's the theory! Practice shows that the selected and thus mask can leak, what would have to try other, and by trial and error to come to a convenient option. Again, in the first place, pay attention to the well-known brands, because French, Italians and Spaniards long been producing equipment for spear fishing and in the line of each mask there is certainly something that is right for you.

With handsets even easier

The tube for skin diving soft chosen not to cling and do not beat against the barrier, and the mouthpiece "is not wrenched his mouth" while breathing and releasing when nyrke. Look on the next version - OMER ZoomProSoft, BeuchatTubairActivia and SporasubSamurai. It's simple, convenient tube for hunting. Those tubes are most hunters. There are, of course, and fans of the tubes with valves, but they are much smaller, the tubes themselves with expensive valves.

The remaining two gear element, without which hunting is not possible - gun and unloading.

Guns leave for dessert - it is a serious topic, is the same as choosing the wetsuit, because also one of the most expensive items of equipment, designed for long service life. For comparison - the same socks can be considered a consumable item, as they usually wear out quickly and become useless in just a single active season.

Cargo for spear fishing

Unloading. What are the goods?

Wetsuits, socks and gloves give submariner positive buoyancy to its offset and need a weight belt. It aligns the buoyancy, making it neutral, thus allowing diving and floating effortlessly. For a more comfortable breath usually recommend rubber weight belt (it does not restrict the movement of the abdomen during inspiration) and lead sinkers. Cargo Weight chosen experimentally. Typically, a 5 mm suit is required 7-8 kg of cargo.

For thicker lead costumes require more. If your lower back does not suffer unnecessary burdens, there are so-called "discharge" - Lashing system with shoulder straps and a broad "pan" on the back. This can significantly reduce the load on his back. The belt can be made, and himself, to his main buckle allowed in emergency situations and in one motion to undo the drop zone. For "by the company" does not exactly need to pursue in choosing belts, our cheaper and less quality.

Spear gun

Question rifle of choice for underwater hunting is the most difficult and causing the greatest number of disputes between hunters. The gun for underwater hunting comes in different types and power plant, and production of materials, and methods of hunting, etc. If abroad, the most widely used shotguns with rubber rods - "crossbows" are distinguished by simplicity and high reliability of the design, in our country often use air guns. Air guns are produced in two versions - with adjustable combat force or without adjustment.

The principle of operation of modern air guns does not know everything, and many believe that after each shot the gun is required suspension. This is not true. If the gun properly, then one injection at least enough for the entire hunting season. The principle of pneumatic guns device is very simple. The air pressure in the receiver acts as a compressed spring, the piston propping. The gun is charged harpoon, which is necessary to move the piston to the hook or harpoon piston (depending on the underwater gun device), and the shot piston moves down the barrel, pushing the spear from the bore

Air guns are made of different lengths and therefore different strength of battle, with a maximum working pressure of 30 kg / cm2.

Pistol grip anatomical arrangement reduces the recoil and barrel throwing, the test showed good accuracy of this type of submarine combat rifles.

Italian air guns for skin diving are available on a single plant, but commissioned by various companies. Guns are different for different brands of small changes in the arrangement of line system reset and function of the fuses.

The advantages also include a soft descent trigger, neutral or positive buoyancy, depending on the receiver's length, ease of use and availability of service centers.

Weapons are selected not only on the principle of action, but also along the length. The longer arms - so it is usually more powerful and long-range, but at the same time and less maneuverable. Therefore, in the arsenal of underwater hunter, as a rule, several guns. Comparison of different guns can be found in the pages of the magazine specialized in underwater hunting, we say the same about those guns that are most convenient for our suburban reservoirs.

The novice underwater hunters can safely recommend the Italian air gun 40-55 cm in length. It is reliable, easy to use, requiring no special care rifles, allow 90% override all the shooting distance and take almost any fish. With 40 Coy convenient and hunt in the grass and in the rubble, they are often enough for open water, because visibility of 4-5 meters, when a gun will be powerless.

Here, finally, and "gum".

Modifications and various species of this type rifles produced myriad. They vary in length, the number of rods, the number of harpoons, and much more, but the principle of action in all one - the presence of the rubber joints and notches on the shaft, for which clings to rubber traction. The strength of the battle depends on the strength of the vacuum rubber, mounted on an underwater gun, and on some of the notch geared traction.

If you choose this type underwater gun is recommended to ask about the presence or possible supply of spare rubber rods and spare harpoons.

For the same length "gum" weaker air gun, so they are not actively take root in our country. However, when visibility is 3-4 meters, and the hunt is on clean water, such as the sea, "gum" in the full extent of taking revenge. Taking fish with 4 meters of length meter rifle - a special pleasure. The biggest advantages of rubber bands are a surgical accuracy, quietness and simplicity of shooting a gun. Breaking in the "gum" almost nothing, only need to monitor the condition of the rubber rods.

Furthermore gum because of its design substantially does not corrode in seawater. Most running "gum", again produced Beuchat, Picasso, OMER, it is added to the Greek Demka- very reliable and inexpensive gun.

Knife for spear fishing

Special gear in the underwater hunter is a knife. The most common type used by diver’s knives - a double-edged stiletto with a hook knife on one of the cutting edges. The knife is usually mounted on the inside of the shin, not to cling to the grass. It must be securely fastened in its sheath, but at the same time easy to accrue in an emergency.

Fish Stringer for spear fishing

The rest of the items of equipment are already auxiliary functions. It is extremely important and useful things - Fish Stringer. It provides an underwater hunter the opportunity to come back to a parking lot on either produced fish. Only Fish Stringer can permanently stretch underwater fishing. Fish Stringer allows a wounded fish mounted on you. It is again a consumable item, as regularly lost or forgotten on the bank.

If you want to dive at night, in this case.

You need a special lamp.

Here are the main criteria for selection of underwater lights:

  • maximum water resistance
  • structural reliability
  • running time
  • ease of Management
  • light power
  • the presence of tactical button on flashlight
  • batteries
  • desirable crumpled reflector (with choices)
  • sturdy lace

For underwater lights, there are original accessories: rubber cones with red and green glass, allowing for certain fish remain inconspicuous. Filters simply dress up the lamp head.

Good to know that the use of weak laces can be the cause of the loss of the lantern. It is better to use strong cords with metal carabineer.

When you use the lamp frequently and for a long time, it is advantageous to use rechargeable batteries: AA Ni-MH or 18650 Li-Ion - depending on the model. In most cases, the battery lasts for lamp operation for 2 hours at the maximum output - then you can put a spare set. There are also intermediate in the lamp brightness modes that allow you to shine on one set of power have 3-10 hours continuously with a sufficiently powerful beam of light.

Here is a brief and all the equipment on underwater hunter. Now pick up the necessary equipment is not a problem. Then the fun begins - hunting trip and the first trophies!

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