Essential oils fishing

Since ancient times, to attract the fish people used a variety of essential oils on a fishing trip. We used odorants: attracting (attractants) and repellents (repellents). Use repellent on the pond, as well as toxic substances commonly prohibited and punishable by law.

For fishermen will be interesting to see what the fishermen preferred attractants before what is now known, what is their use of technology. How to use the very small addition of these substances can be significantly enhanced fishing.

Recommendations for fishing

Giving advice on catching fish of the carp family (carp, crucian carp, bream, roach, ide, tench and others), it is advised to add to vegetable nozzles (dough, cereals, cereal grains) and baits various oils: linseed, corn, sesame, sunflower. Experts write that oil gives a very strong smell, audible fish from afar. It makes packing easier and has a strong laxative effect.

That's why after eating the fish come to feed again soon. But apart from the heavy oils, fishermen at that time were widely known and essential oils: anise, dill, lavender, mint, bay, camphor. When fishing for bream bait included crushed chocolate with vanilla. Bream and roach bait successfully using herbal extracts (thyme, thyme). There is even mention of the use of kerosene and tar for flavoring tips.

Natural flavors

Currently flavors have become part of the arsenal of anglers. The manufacturer of fishing products created a whole industry for the production of such substances. When they are used not only in pure form. The composition of baits is introduced as components of products containing vegetable oils: oil cakes (hemp, sunflower, linseed, rapeseed), roasted and ground hemp seeds, sunflower, flax, canola.

When fishing for bream is successfully used in the bait chopped dill shoots and leaves of black currant. Of particular success of this additive is in the heat. And if, for example, in a box with a worm to put a clove of garlic, then this worm odorous carp will take a much more active.

Group attracts supplements today significantly expanded through the essences of fruit: apple, pear, barberry, banana, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, currant, and others. It can be successfully used as cocoa powder and crystalline vanillin. Currently, anglers, especially athletes, are beginning to use roasted and chopped nuts (peanuts, fennel, almonds) as supplements to the bait.

It is also effective and some spice (cinnamon, coriander) in small quantities. For several years I have been unsuccessfully applied in bait crystalline amino acids (they are easily soluble in water) that affect the taste and olfactory sensations fish.

The mechanism of action flavors of fish has not been studied in detail. Most likely, the majority of them, especially those with a sharp smell, simulate an increased concentration of oxygen dissolved in water.

It is also noticed that the fish in its motion moved by zones with a minimum content of attracting substances to areas with the greatest of their content. Quickly finding a place at the bottom, where is the bait? Thus, we can say that fish fragrant additives set direction.

The use of flavorings

Why does fishermen use a wide variety of flavors in nature and at the same time continue to search for new substances? This is associated with behavioral side fish life, particularly with selectivity rigid when moving in search of food. What is it can be understood by the following examples. In the broad, slow flowing rivers the fish concentrated in confined spaces.

Essential oils fishing

In the deep waters - feeding in shallow water. The overgrown ponds looking for a clean place, and vice versa.

The same thing happens when sitting on the bank near each other anglers using bait create enough longest artificial feed area. Assume that all anglers, except one, as the flavor of bait used anise oil, and one fisherman - Dill.

It is clear that in this case, among the non-homogeneous "field of odor" there is land with special smell, to which the fish will approach. But gradually, as the accumulation of fish in the fishing area, the bait that has the smell of dill, cause fish to focus on "their" area. Fishing for anglers, who applied dill oil, it will be much more successful than those sitting next competitors.

Of course, this is an ideal scheme, which implies equality of all other conditions. The real picture is much more complicated. For example, during the competition, when the strong competition between fishermen, athletes use complex compositions attracting substances, in accordance with its own reservoir of experience and knowledge. At the same time the consistency and quality of baits vary considerably. Therefore, in reality, it may be several local areas of high concentration of fish.

By the use of a large number of attracting substances should be treated with caution. Not all of them are compatible with each other, while the application. It may happen that two or more flavorings, individually well attracting fish will work together as a repellent.

In addition, some fishermen brought the use of substances to attract the absurd, by introducing them into the bait or attachment in an amount such that it is now fleeing fish. It must be remembered that, for example, essential oils and fruit essences are concentrated chemically active substances. Excessive use of them can cause a chemical burn fish gills, mouth and eyes.

Affected fish, leaving the dangerous area, will issue alarms scaring off other fish. Moreover, almost all odorous substances behave as attractants only at a certain finite concentration of water.If it becomes marginal, these substances begin to work as a repellent. Therefore, the fish will avoid the zone.

Dosage flavors fishing

The optimal dose of a substance for attracting bait depends on different factors: the time of year, the type and activity of the fish pond types, water quality and flow forces. For each body of water and fishing conditions specified in it, the quantity and composition of the additives angler must identify you. Through personal experiences, asking his companions. Such investigations should be systematically recorded and then analyzed.

On many waters the rate of application of well-known fragrances developed (per 1 kilogram of bait or attachments) similar to the following. Vegetable oil 1-3 tablespoons; 3-4 drops of essential oils; fruit essences 5-10 drops; Crystal vanilla 1/4 teaspoon; nuts to 100 grams.

On the compatibility of flavors with each other have such observations. Essential oils do not mix with fruit essences. Heavy oil, vanilla and cocoa are highly compatible both with each other and with almost all the additives. Both together and separately.

It is now known and successfully tested a lot of extracts and extracts of plant and animal origin. While they are expensive and are produced in small quantities. Proper use of odorous substances attract fishing in itself is interesting in cognitive terms.

In additioDosage flavors fishingn, it offers great opportunities for further improvement of skill. It is also important that a small number of flavors make much more effective bait. This can significantly reduce the consumption of products that do not contaminate the bottom of the ponds, to reduce the cost of bait.

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