Features of Fishing Spinning in The Heat

From the choice of a reservoir, especially in hot weather, depends on the choice of gear and baits used, and therefore in this article I will describe the tactical patterns of fishing by spinning, based on the characteristics of the reservoirs themselves.

Reservoirs without current

For these reservoirs in hot, windless weather, the occurrence of a thermal wedge is characteristic; therefore, at a great depth in standing water, one should not look for fish.

To catch the jig, bait should be in places where there are no thermal phenomena. Interest deserves so-called underwater shoals, adjacent to deep places. The necessary thing to find such places is the depth sounder.

Since modern models of these devices show the thermo cline itself, these devices are simply invaluable assistants in fishing. Of baits, we are perfectly suited twisters up to 5 inches and foam rubber. Weight of used goods for them will suit in the range from 8 to 14 grams.

Do not also forget about such lures as wavering spoon-bait. They perfectly play with the stepped wiring, and on the fall, the lures fall to the bottom much slower than classic jigs of baits of the same weight, while also making unforeseen fluctuations, which often provokes an inactive predator to attack.

Time of catching

Here, too, everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. It is usually believed that in hot weather, a predator bites only in the early morning and evening at sunset. Quite often that is the case, but not always. I many times got on day "exit" of a predator in the hottest time of day.

And it happened to me, when the result of fishing left much to be desired, I was going to sail to the base. Fishing topics and interesting that the results are quite unpredictable. Therefore, if you did not manage to get to the pond early in the morning or just could not find the fish at that time, do not despair, look further and experiment.

Shallow Baits

In this class fall various wobblers, poppers, spoon-bait and various soft baits.


When catching in shallow areas, overgrown with grass, the best results are shown by various voluminous baits, such as minnow wobblers and other types of these baits.

Features of Fishing Spinning in The Heat

In fishing for pike, the most advantageous is fishing in the middle of the aquatic vegetation. Often, various non-engaging baits are used; I try to avoid using such in these places. Although the grass often clings to hooks, but at the same time, the effectiveness is still higher, as the pike is detected better, and the result is always better than the trolley carried over the grass.

Such active aggressive lures, like wobblers, do not necessarily throw in the thick of the grass. It is enough to conduct them in the immediate vicinity of the possible pike parking area, as they have the ability to pull a pike from a decent distance. To do this, the wobblers must create powerful visual and acoustic vibrations.

Features of Fishing Spinning in The Heat

Pike jerk baits are the best. Since they create the most powerful oscillations and have a diverse game. But there are situations when there is very little open water and it seems that the bait will instantly catch on to the vegetation. But I also use baits with open hooks in such conditions. In these conditions, baits work well, which practically do not dive.

The best result I have shown is the bait from the company Lucky Craft, called Keroll. True, the size is often small, but you do not have to miss it. Lead this bait should be neat and small jerks. When catching a pike and a large perch, I got good bait from Yo-Zuri Zombie Popper.

It must be carried out, alternating strong jerks with pauses and slight accurate twitching. Since catching occurs among aquatic thickets, the tackle must have a certain reserve of power. Since when cutting the fish goes into these thickets, and it has to be literally ripped out from there. Short spinning in this catch, I do not use. Long spinning is much easier to make the necessary maneuvers bait than short.

Catching on wobblers in half a water

Quite effective in hot, windless weather is hunting for pike perch with the help of wobblers. In this catch there are many nuances that, in the end, can play a decisive role on the whole result of fishing. For example, the choice of depth of the used wobbler is determined by the time of day and the level of the location of the thermo cline boundary.

It makes no sense to use those wobblers that go in layers of water below this boundary, since there are no pike-perches in them. To search for pike perch follows at the same time in places where there is a lot of fodder fish, as well as where there is near the shelter.

It is also strictly necessary to have a solid bottom - sandy, clayey or rocky. Although at this time a pike perch and a lot is in the half-water, but in the silted areas of pike perch does not live. Most likely, this is due to the fact that in such places in water there is a very large amount of rotting organic matter, which during its decay very actively absorbs oxygen dissolved in water. Almost any predator on such sites in summer can be very difficult to find, since the fish selects those places where a large amount of oxygen, necessary for breathing, is dissolved in the water.

Let's talk about catching pike-perch

There are several tactical schemes for searching for pike perch: searching for various underwater hillocks, shallows or shafts, the peaks of which are above the boundary of vertical stratification of water. The easiest way to find them is with the echo sounder. Pike perch, most likely, will be located not at the surface, but near the lower boundary of the fish flock.

It should be noted that if about such a congestion of fish gulls and frequent outbreaks from a hunting predator are visible, then it is possible to catch a pike perch only accidentally. The main predators will be perch asp or bass.

Fishing at dusk and at night on sandy beaches

Why at this particular time? Because of several reasons. In summer, in the heat of the day, there are a lot of different bathing and other people on these places. Therefore, if you catch in the daytime in such a place, then a very great chance to catch the "fish" in swimming trunks weighing under a centner.

In addition, you cannot avoid listening to various jokes and jokes in your address. Well, the main reason - in the daytime, the pike perch keeps deeper, not going to such frankly shallow places. Pike perch appears on them with the onset of twilight and begins its hunt for flocks of small fish, located near the shore.

Searching for fish by trolling

In the simplicity of this method, there are quite a few different factors that should be taken into account when applying this search technique. The depth of the thermo cline, the nature of the bottom, the availability of fodder fish, finding in the search area various shelters for pike perch and the like.

Only at first glance it may seem that due to the fact that the boat is constantly moving, searching for pike perch is not difficult. Trolling can make it easier to search only on those areas where the pikeperch moves. For such fishing, various wobblers will be needed: sheds, minnow, cranky. Deepening should also be different, from 0.5 to 3 meters. Waggle stop & go, normal wiring, but with stops. Often bites of pike perch happen on pauses.

Fishing by spinning on small rivers

In the heat on small rivers, the most promising places are the shady areas and estuaries of the forest streams flowing into them, carrying cold, oxygenated water. The most interesting baits are various wobblers and spoon-bait. Fish, which you can count on: chub, ide, perch and pike. Sometimes comes asp.

Behave on the shore, you need very carefully and quietly. Dress better in clothes of calm, not bright tones. Good results also come from catching a micro jig. If the aim is to catch a pike, then you should stock up with various non-hooked baits, such as a Croatian egg. Where it was successfully caught in spring (where permitted) or in the fall, in July it may not be possible to bait with open hooks.

In this situation, I use a variety of self-made baits. Sometimes I use worms on Texas rigging. Often I throw them into the thick of the vegetation in the water. These baits differ not only in efficiency and success, but in their low implementation. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to hold bait with open hooks, I put the wobbler’s minnow.

Large and medium rivers in summer fishing for spinning

Features of Fishing Spinning in The Heat

On the rivers, because of the constant flow, water is mixed, and for this reason no thermo cline is observed on them. But this does not mean that the fish should be found in the deepest pits.

In the heat of the rivers, the water warms up quite strongly. Therefore, the fish keeps either in cooler places, or in those areas where water is more saturated with oxygen - the mouths of small rivers, rides, rapids, and other places where oxygen saturation of water (below various hydraulic structures). These places do not directly differ in great depth, but they coexist with deep sections.

Catch should be in close proximity to deep pits - at the entrances or entrances. For these factors, the tackle used is chosen. I use the weight of the cargo small, but not because of the depth, but in order that the strong current does not take the bait off the fish. The baits themselves are also used compact, 3-5 inches in size. Spinning is powerful, with a test of 10-60 grams and a length of 3 meters.


An effective way to catch a predator at night or in the twilight for these baits. For this purpose, the minnow wobblers are great, but they need to be driven by a uniform, slow wiring. Continuing the theme of night fishing, you can not overlook the night fishing of jigs. Catch better near the pits and other places of predator sites.

Outfit for fishing in the heat

Staying in a pond during a hot season can be dangerous to health. Being all day under the scorching sun, it's very easy to get burned, get a sunny or heat stroke. If you catch in the shadows, for example, on forest rivers, then there may also be a danger trapped - ticks, mosquitoes and other bloodsucking creatures.

Accordingly, clothes should be chosen in such a way as to minimize the risk from all these factors. If you are going to catch from a boat in a large open reservoir, it is best to wear light-colored clothes. The fabric should be light, ventilated and well draining the moisture from the body.

Features of Fishing Spinning in The Heat

On the head it is necessary to put on a baseball cap or panama. It is helpful to periodically wet the head with water. To protect the eyes you need quality sunglasses, for example Solano Fishing Line.

These glasses have certificates confirming their effectiveness. Do not forget about repellents, repelling blood-sucking insects, and about other means of protection from them. It is not superfluous, too, in any case, a cream that protects the skin from burning. Also, do not forget to bring a supply of water or tonic. Good in the heat quenches thirst for iced tea. Drinking alcohol in the heat is contraindicated. Good luck and good trophies!

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