Fishing for Catfish - Bait and Fishing Tackle

No other species of freshwater fish cannot be compared with catfish on a variety of food absorbed. This predator is a very good hunter and therefore food range has a very large. Catfish endowed by nature incredibly good orientation sensors. Therefore, it is very effective for catfish in the food supply and has to spend less time and energy than any other fish in search of food. In addition, nature has endowed catfish unusually expanding stomach that allows him to eat at one sitting a large amount of food.

 Information for those who like catfish fishing

Sated at a time, catfish can be a long time without food, resting in its burrow. It is interesting that even in waters that are rich in food; catfish measuring about 2 meters eats less than 100 days a year. Catfish consume high-calorie and can afford a few days to relax at the bottom.

Larger and more mature individuals hunt and are active in the middle layers directly on the surface, often in the dark. Small specimens and extremely old catfish prefer to gather food on the bottom. Incidentally, catfish tend to prey on the bottom, where the water is very clear.

In general, the most important place in the diet of catfish is a fish that is most often found in the body of water, and that's why we must proceed from this in catching catfish. Catfish pursue fish weighing from 300 to 1000 grams. However, there are exceptions. In some waters, especially in the southern belt, catfish grow to gigantic proportions. For such a monster no problems to swallow fish 3-5 kg.

Especially when fishing for catfish, it is choosing the right bait, in accordance with the pond. However, if you fail to get the desired bait, remember that the catfish can respond to different types of bait. Below are the most effective ones.

 Fish - bait for catching catfish

Catfish are not always committed to large-scale production. Often he prefers shoals of small fish. Catfish stun those dozens of his tail, and then collects them into his mouth. For bait fishing for catfish using a few small fish, Rudd, bleak or roach. On the Tee Dress few fish, creating the illusion of small flocks. In this trick, and catfish being, seeing a flock of fish suitable for food. A good way to catch catfish, especially if there is a next few hooks.

Also catching catfish bait successful on average, in the form of small, 25-35 cm bream, carp and roach. In such bait, usually caught by large specimens of catfish. Very large fish as bait in fishing for catfish is not preferred. Only sometimes, in exceptional cases and alluring Kwok, you can succeed in catching catfish. And if you are already hankering for large catfish bait, it is truly a very large catfish.

Acne - bait in fishing for catfish

The greatest delicacy for catfish - is acne. We can assume that this is the most productive bait for catching catfish. For fishermen using eel catching catfish, the great advantage of this attraction is that the preservation of carp, bream and other fish is practically impossible at high temperatures, acne always be stored without problems.

Catching catfish pellets and boilies

40% of feed catfish food collects on the surface or in the middle layers. However, there are lakes where catfish ambition to collect food, much higher. Small water reservoirs, clean water, and bottom fish incite and collect food on the bottom. In such places, pellets and boilies are very good bait in catching catfish. The big advantage of this lure is that we can train catfish get used to it.

After some time, we can even lure the fish to a certain place, as well as in fishing for carp. For catching catfish can also be applied and dead fish or pieces. All of the above bait used for catching catfish exclusively on the bottom.

Catching catfish on squid

It is not known why, but catfish is very fond of the smell of rotten squid. The stronger the smell, the better! Kalmar bought at a fish store, and before catching catfish, stored for several days in the sun or in warm non-residential premises. Repellent smell is the reason why many fishermen avoid this bait at catching catfish. But the lure of the good, the smell of rotten squid persistent in water, extending over a long distance, attracting catfish. Catching catfish on this natural attractant always effective, the only drawback may be the stinking so that home, then do not let them!

Earthworms - classic bait for catching catfish

Finally, one of the more absolutely universal bait - earthworms. A bundle of 10 - 15 worms excellent bait for all waters and for any time of the year when fishing for catfish. You can use worms and length of any thickness, of any kind and with all methods. A small drawback is that the peaceful fish and perch are also not indifferent to the worms. So on catching catfish can use a bunch of worms before your bait suit catfish. Sometimes it is a bundle of worms - that mistrust of Somalia, and he carefully tries to take the bait. Therefore preferable to string beam on a tee to catfish probably caught when biting.

Catching catfish spinning is becoming increasingly popular. Let us consider some aspects of catching catfish: where to catch what fish and how to catch. This article is not a manual on catching catfish, this advice based on the practice of fishermen, and including me.

Errors in catching catfish

Currently, fishing and catch catfish are discussed frequently in fishing circles. In various forums on the Internet all the useful and not very useful advice on the matter. Often, for example, many write that to catch catfish and bait should be cast into the deep pit at the bottom of reservoirs.

This is the first misunderstanding. When the water warms above 15 degrees catfish fishing with spinning successful on the surface of a pond. Even natural bait should be presented to not deep. However, before making the first catch, we need appropriate gear.

Tackles for catching catfish

The ideal length of spinning 2.70 to 2.90 m, with dough baits weighing more than 150 grams. A very important element is the quality of leads for the hook. Since catfish fishing with spinning is carried out mainly on the braided line, and catfish usually lives in places where the toe is more likely, therefore it is necessary to use high-strength leashes. To prevent wear on the leash bristly teeth catfish, it is recommended to wear a silicone tube.

Another factor for the application of strong leashes. When a 50-pound catfish attack a fish, it displaces about 70 liters of water! For this reason, a large load is not only lead but also on the rod tip. Ideal soft rod for catching catfish must have a parabolic action, to be able to bring a depth of catfish.

Shimano Beast master Siluro Spinning has been specifically designed for catching catfish. Speed ​​models as the Shimano Stradic reels or Twin Power index 6000 or 8000, are the perfect complement to a kit for catching catfish.

Multiplier reels are stable, but not suitable for fishing for catfish. In the initial phase bait capture larger soma moving at high speed in the direction of the angler. The gear ratio in the multiplicative coils is not sufficient to maintain contact with the catfish.

At high quality coil wound braided cord with a diameter of 0.28 to 0.35 mm. For me was very good networking Berkely Whiplash Pro and Power Pro. They have a diameter of 0.28 mm. These braid of very high quality and are able to withstand heavy loads. Accordingly, it is necessary to choose the highest quality swivels and locks. Catching catfish spinning does not make mistakes in the choice of accessories.

Features catfish

Somalia on the upper jaw are whiskers that give information and probed the fish, the eyes are located upward direction, and the body structure says that catfish has ideal conditions for hunting on the pond surface. In addition, catfish is a predator, which is easy to fight with a strong current. In this situation it is not surprising that his favorite places, very large rivers.

Somalia is extremely effective senses, they may in the murky waters to find their prey without any problems. Lateral line allows you to find the fish for catfish vibrations that radiate potential victims. Having a lot of sensory organs, soma does not necessarily rely on sight, but nonetheless it is very well recognizing the contours. Catfish are not only sensitive, but also very curious fish. So the bait that attracts his attention and affects the senses, leads the cast and the attack.

Lures and bait fishing for catfish

As bait for catfish using many different kinds. The main thing that they were doing a lot of noise. Big wobblers with live game and a powerful vibration of water, silicone fish with a large paddle tail and the other rattling simulators for catching catfish. Baits that create a lot of noise, vibration and displacement of water can well be interested in catfish.

For me, the favorites in catching catfish are great lures with natural game and attractive appearance, gigantic Jig with a double tail, and very noisy lure Super Trap. We must not forget about the Rapala Super Shad Rap, which we are well fished the river.

The best bait does not necessarily have to be expensive. Ordinary silicone bright fish of 23 cm are very effective in turbid water. During the day in pure water pure natural bait quickly attract catfish.

Catfish fishing techniques

When fishing for catfish on the surface, keep enough bait evenly. If you want to fish in the water column, it is advisable to pause 2-3 seconds, and with a large current of up to 7 seconds in order to bait left in the lower layers. It is important when fishing on the river to throw the bait upstream. Wiring conduct alleged by the riverbed, where a strong likelihood that the catfish attack.

Recreational fishing catfish

Some structures in rivers require more than one wiring wobbler’s fish or silicone. Down by the river before turning always whirlpool. There is guaranteed to be hunting catfish. In such places it is necessary to act quickly, because the catfish after the attack if he missed and you will not be immediately thrown bait in place strike out in a different location. Natural banks also hold catfish.

What place has merit for catching catfish? When spills are spring, or after heavy rainfall the river overflows its banks, catfish go hunting in the 30 cm depth of the flooded meadows or between the flooded coastal bushes. When the water recedes, catfish hunting, hiding in those places where the fish back into the river.

These places are like manna from heaven for the hungry catfish. We should not forget the recession on the sandy islands, where rapid transition from shallow to deep water, the so-called piled up. Such locations create the best conditions for catfish attack from below.

In the spring I love to fish in the shallow bays, which are heated in the first place. Just when the wind is blowing in the bay, the fish begin to look for food. At the same time there is a danger that they will fall into the mouth of a catfish.

If the hot summer, and the water temperature is about 25 degrees, it is necessary to catch at the boundary between the warm surface and cold deep water. The same is true with the warm water of the rivers. As the warmer water, more interesting deep pits.

That looks like this catch catfish from the point of view of professionals. When fishing for catfish on spinning, and not only, it is recommended to use special, unique attractants for catching this species of fish.

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