Fishing for Catfish in June

In this article, I will tell you about fishing for catfish in June. June is a very good time for catching catfish, as it starts activity in search of food after spawning. Professionals in catching catfish know well when this period begins. They also know the peculiarities of fishing for catfish, but beginners can stay with nothing. Although the catfish actively feeds, not everyone can catch this giant. Very much depends on the time of catching, on the choice of places and baits, but about everything in order.

When to catch catfish in June

The first half of June is the most favorable for fishing for catfish. At this time, he is most active in the search for food. Catfish does not tolerate heat, so the best hours for fishing will be from sunset to morning. If the weather is bad, catfish can be caught in the daytime. But in this case it should be sought near the places of its permanent parking. In the second half of the month, day catch is not effective, since the activity is over and the catfish goes to normal diet. At this time, the best period of catching will be evening and night.

Where to look for catfish

Catfish do not live in small and stagnant water bodies, so it is necessary to look for it on medium and large rivers. Day of catfish keep on pits, where the depth is not less than 4-6 meters. This is due to the fact that the catfish does not tolerate warm water. In the evening, when the water starts to cool down, the catfish approaches the shallows where it feeds on frogs.

Fishing for Catfish in June

The best place for evening catfish fishing will be a sandy beach near the reach, but the depth there should be at least 1 meter. After sunset, the catfish continue to keep on the shallows, but no longer approaches close to the shore. At this time, it should be caught 20-30 meters from the shore. There he is looking for fallen asleep frogs, who cannot quickly swim away from him. Closer to the morning rods can be thrown to the pit. Coming back from the hunt, the catfish will certainly eat your bait.

Tackle on catfish

The main gear on the catfish are spinning and bottom gear. It's also possible to catch catfish on a float, but it's not advisable, so we'll consider spinning and bottom tackle.

Fishing catfish on spinning

As we all know, catfish can grow to 2 meters, and reach a weight of more than 100 kilograms, so the tackle must match. Although these individuals are rarely found, it is better to be safe, especially if small catfish is not scared by rough tackles. Spinning on catfish should be very strong and have a test of 100 grams.

Fishing for Catfish in June

It may seem that the bait of 100 grams is very large, but in fact it is not. As a cord, it is best to use a braided line. Catfish do not make sharp jerks, and the braided line together with the rod works great. As I already wrote above, it's better to be safe and take a braided line with a breaking load of 30 kilograms.

Even small catfish like to rest on the bottom. Sometimes it seems that this is not a fish, but a hitch, so the breaking load of the line should be with a margin. The reel needs to be taken capacious. The size will suit from 4000 to 6000 according to the classification "Shimano". These reels usually have a large spool, on which you can wind more than 150 meters of strong braided line.

When catching a small catfish, you can take an inertial reel, but in this case, the risk of injury to the hand will increase. The ideal reel option is a multiplier reel.

Fishing for Catfish in June

These reels have a large margin of safety, and a stopper for the return stroke, which will protect your hands from injury. In the snapping tool on the catfish, it is better to use a steel lead. This is due to the fact that the catfish and pike have similar parking spaces. When catching catfish with spinning, a pike is often found. Of course, this trick will weaken the tackle a little, but we will not stay without a bait, which is not cheap.

Bottom fishing tackle for catfish

The same requirements apply to bottom gear as to spinning. The rod should have a large test and a good safety margin. The test is better to take from 150 grams. Lures for catfish are voluminous and weighty, plus the weight of the sinker.

As a line you can take both a woven line and a monofilament. Here everything depends on your budget. A high-quality rod, combined with a good reel, will perfectly match the braided line. If the rod is rigid, and the reel is budgetary, it is better to use a mono fishing line. The equipment of the bottom gear is identical to the rigging on the burbot. Here, a sliding sinker is used to better identify the bite.

Lure for Catfish

Fishing for Catfish in June

Depending on the method of fishing, various lures are used. For bottom gear this will be animal baits, and for spinning you can use both animals and artificial baits.

Spinning baits

Speaking of artificial baits is worth noting the main. It will be a jig of bait, large spoons and deep wobblers. By the way, when using the wobblers it is necessary to use a metal lead.

Also often used and animal baits, such as dead fish, or a frog on a jig head. These kinds of baits work better than artificial ones, but to keep on the hook is worse and therefore should be in large quantities.

The best bait for bottom gear in June will be a frog. The classic bunch of worm works just fine. Less popular in the fisherman's chicken liver, and chicken meat. You can also equip the bottom tackle with a live fish. But in this case it is better to catch on an even day so that the bait cannot hide.

Tactics of fishing on Catfish

Any fishing begins with choosing a place. If we talk about spinning, then catch catfish better in the daytime, and the bottom of the tackle at night.

Fishing catfish for spinning

Since it is impossible to catch spinning at night, it is necessary to work at daylight. If you catch in the afternoon, you need to hoist pits and outlets from them. In the evening, you can go to the shallows. Lure fishing is very different from catching another fish. The catfish is extremely slow, and does not like active play. If you catch a jig, the best post will be a step. Pauses between rewinds need to be done long for 10-20 seconds.

When catching wobblers, you need to drive the bait on the verge of breaking work. When catching a metal spinner, you can try to catch a jig with a step. In this case, after touching the bottom bait, do not pause, and immediately raise the spoon.

When fishing catfish, catches are not uncommon, so try to take more baits with you. Biting a catfish is just like a hitch. Only after 10 seconds the catfish can start moving. With a hook, do not immediately try to unhook the spoon. Wait for 30 seconds, maybe it's picked up by catfish. to the content

Catfish catching at the bottom tackle

Catching on the bottom tackle is stationary, therefore it is necessary to choose a place in advance. It is very important to clear the place of fishing from bushes and various sticks. The chances of catching catfish with donkey are less than spinning, so it is better to use several rods. On the fishing rod you can put different baits, so you determine what the catfish likes today.

Fishing for Catfish in June

To go fishing with a catfish it is better to go alone. When you bite a catfish, you need to remove the rest of the gear, so that everything will not be confused and this will help you comrade. The bite of the catfish on the bottom tackle has to wait a long time, try not to pull out the rod once again. Do not forget that the bait should be large, its size is better to do not less than the ball for table tennis.

If the bait is smaller, other fish will quickly eat it. They also eat a big bait, so you need to check the bait about once in 40 minutes. That's sort of sorted out about fishing for catfish in June. If you have any questions or additions, write them in the comments. It would also be interesting to read your stories about fishing for catfish in your regions.

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