Fishing for Perch Fishing Rod

Fishing for perch float rod is no less interesting than spinning. Now, after the fish spawned in most bodies of water, it's time to try. It's about a fishing trip when the bass is not very much and it is not large, as discussed fat liquoring catching schooling bass, snapping everything that moves, has no meaning and interest: planted a worm, I tossed and pulled.

At the end of spring, even in areas where the concentration of the small coastal perch is very large, you can hope to succeed only on the basis of a very careful fish. Random catch a few perch among roach or bleak do not say anything about the number of fish in the pond. To understand this, you need to take special fishing.

If you use well-known literary advice, then, it is likely to catch perch randomly. There is nothing strange, because the authors never put myself a special task of catching perch float tackle it at the end of spring. To catch a few perch on the worm gear with the rough manages almost always as a few bleak bread. To really catch perch efficiently and almost regardless of the weather and time of year, you need a different approach.

Yet I would not like to discuss is catching live bait, such as the fishing is good in the autumn, and time for it will come. To begin with, that in addition to food fry perch, including quite large, are worms and insect larvae. It is also noteworthy that the bass is active in the pursuit of prey, adequate size and mobility of the production.

That is, for large bait in the form of baits perch fry or chasing fast and active, chasing preys at great distances and at maximum speed. But if the food in this case are small larvae and crustaceans, the perch behaves in pursuit of even less active than, for example, roach. There is a certain analogy with fishing in winter on the jig.

Very often, especially in summer, perch completely ceases to respond to the usual worm, especially if you have long worm hanging on a hook, and resembles a cloth with torn edges. This bait can still be of interest to the perch, but only if doing artificial wiring. And that's the last action anglers still or do not respect, or completely ignore. It's hard to do the wiring, if the rod is on the stand.

However, the bass may abandon the worm, which turns smartly on the hook. This is probably due to the natural availability of the food at this time. In general, the bass often becomes very finicky, especially with regard to small food items. Maybe because they are a good seasonal availability in the diet. Like the carp, perch yesterday snapped muckworm and today Bring him only leech.

To avoid tedious experimentation with the selection of bait, which today enjoys this fish, fishermen had worked out a very versatile method of catching bass.

Perch need to catch a bleak. That is, in a rapid, measured pace, showing a maximum of his own activity. Of course, bait and lures are different, but united by bleak and perch fishing tackle and some elements in common fishing technique.

First of all, on specialized gear. As it may seem strange to many, but the best is the so-called snap-on small fish. That is the most thin and lightweight design, which includes a float with a load capacity from 0.3 to 0.7 In rare cases, at a good flow and depth of more than two meters, using a float, the float 1 with a pellet and under herdsman .

That is the simplest scheme weights. Firstly, because this adjustment is the minimum load and do not need it on the fishing line even try to distribute. Secondly, because, as opposed to catching roach, very rarely used in the wiring bait drop.

If no hooks, and exactly what happens in most real cases, the use of the leash does not make sense. Leash further twists the line, increases the probability of entanglement due to the additional node. Docking assembly leash and main line weakens the snap to the same structural leash somewhat restricts the freedom to change it is the length of the leash, that is, the distance between the hook and the under shepherds. In addition, the use of a separate leash predetermines the use of more robust main line.

As a rule, the main fishing line take the leash a little thicker, increasing the sail rigging and reduces its maneuverability and handling. You can use the same fishing line as the main pedestrian and if the leash to tie the special knot, which I tried to show in the figure. In such a high-quality fishing line knot is always torn by the leash. The loop on the main line is clean or free of residues site. I emphasize that this unit is meaningful to use only when you have a very high quality monofilament.

In most cases, it is taken as the main fishing line diameter 0,09-0,10 mm, and for a lead - 0.08 mm. The strength of the modern high-quality woods such that the snap on a short length of 3.5 m at such a delicate snap unable to display perches and shelves. Of course, if you have a fishing rod with a fine tip, good nerves and net handy.

I must pay attention to the fact that the use of the leash has other advantages besides that keeps the snap at the toe. Removable leash allows you to change the hooks quickly. It is important. It often happens that the initially selected hook for bloodworms should be replaced by a hook worm. More often it is necessary to change the hook after a few hooks behind the rocky bottom. In low-quality hook sting can "sit down" even after the capture of several dozen perch. That is, the hook can be blunt even fish.

As stated, it is necessary to carefully select the size of the hook for the amount of bait. If we talk about the shape of a hook, I prefer to use the model of a round bend, with a size of 20 and 18, as is most often used bloodworm. Even in the case of the worm do not advise to use hooks larger number 14. Personally, I will never catch perch hooks with a short forearm.

Interestingly, sometimes the color of the hook is set, and then prefers to perch, as well as in winter, golden hooks. Another extremely important to stock up is not only very sharp, but also thin hooks. Hook made of thin wire allows for longer keep the bait in its original condition seductive, but still very important otherwise. Thin and small hook has a minimum weight, but it turned out to be very important.

Before proceeding to the fishing techniques, it should be noted in the selection of a feature of the float. Changing the type of bait leads to a change in the balance sheet as light a snap, so you need a bit of under load or float, or shepherd boy divided into two parts. If the shepherd boy of two parts, one small weight is removed from the fishing line when changing the crank on the worm.

When you replace the back - back into place. Nothing wrong with that, since the replacement of one bait to the other more than two or three times during a fishing trip is not required. And if you catch, as expected, that is, with the bait of small moth, and the choice in the bait is not required.

Distance fishing is small and is 3-7 meters. Fishing is conducted on the first curve of the coast, or at the edge of the coastal vegetation. In the spring and summer of depth at the point of fishing may be only 20-30 cm. Fishing technique is to slow the artificial wiring along the coast. Bites are so cautious that they are visible only on very light snap.

As for feeding, it is sufficient to hundred grams of fine soaked in water moth, which is thrown to the point of catching doses. That is, you need to feed often but very small portions. Try to do so, and would be enough once to catch at a certain spot ten times more bass as you would appreciate subtle sporty touch.

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