Fishing for Pike and Zander Spinning in November

Sometimes winter comes in stages, frost thaws are replaced, so it is possible to catch a spinning, not only in November and December. This year was different. The first days of November were marked by frost ten degrees, so that the fishing spinning for pike and walleye become extreme pastime.

The first November leaving the reservoir took place on the second number; the positive temperature with a slight northwest wind makes it feel comfortable enough on the pond.

Fishing for Pike and Zander Spinning in November

The decision to give full attention pike was taken the day before. I caught twitching, using large, up to 130 mm cranks. Caught on the channel edge, carefully punching it them. The only bright expressed pike outputs, as it was in October, were not observed. In just a few hours of fishing, namely from morning to afternoon, I managed to catch a perch and a few pike. One weighed over two kilograms, but the second weight has been more than four. Success brought slow wiring with pauses to ten seconds. Caught pike were caked with leeches, which confirmed the passive state of predators.

If the autumn is stretched, and then in November, happen very good fishing, where you can catch for two full-length tails to twenty per day. And an excellent biting pike can be not only on the channel edge, but in the shallow bays, in the summer partly overgrown with grass.

In one of these bays, and I finished my first November fishing, good floors on Jackall Magallon. Pike caught a medium-sized, up to one and a half kilograms, but had a lot of bites, so fishing has brought satisfaction.

Fishing from a boat at high water always involves a certain risk, but when we go to the pond in late autumn, the fishing at all turns into extreme. It should be 100% confident in his boat. We have life jackets on board - something mandatory. A simple piece of foam to help keep the boat bottom is clean and dry; this is especially true when we fish in sub-zero temperatures. The water that flows down from the anchor rope and caught fish on the bottom of the boat, quickly frozen, and the bottom turns into an ice rink. The risk of falling overboard grown significantly.

Next the November fishing by weather conditions differed little from previous. Is that a bit of the wind increased, but remained in the same direction? Catching twitching because of the wind would be difficult. So I decided to rest against the catch walleye on a jig.

Many spinning look forward to the autumn, based catch walleye is. But with the perch in this year somehow it did not work out. No, we cannot say that the pike was caught not at all. Just each fishing has been very hard, had to constantly move around the pond in search of clusters of bream. It is "out of bream" more often, we are guaranteed to catch walleye. But to expect this fall to stable nibble all day long was not necessary.

Fishing for Pike and Zander Spinning in November

Pike was caught openly or small, or after the capture of one, two tails comes a long pause in Kleve. Therefore, there were two variants of behavior. First - to stay put and wait for the next period of activity of the walleye and the second option - to move on in search of other swarms of bream. I have chosen the second strategy of behavior. But all my movement on the river crowned only catching one two small perch.

Catch walleye late autumn you can not only jig, but also on the lure. The main object of hunting to fishing on the edge is twitching pike, and walleye catch is not uncommon. When perch is active, it controls not only the lower part of the stall, but the top. Therefore, periodically and perch catches the lures, the working depth of which rarely exceeds two meters.

Fishing for Pike and Zander Spinning in November

I could not assume that this will be the last fishing boat of the year, but seventh day of November the temperature dropped to -12 degrees, and all the lakes and shallow bays of the reservoir covered with ice. And the eighth day that is, the next day, the first snow fell. But the frost a little weak after a few days and took advantage of this, planned to leave on a fishing trip.

There were years when the November shore fishing here brought good results. But this time, the whole day I caught a half a dozen medium-sized perch and pike to two kilograms. At the end of the day there was a gathering of a fairly large fish, I thought it was a decent walleye. And so the ending of the fishing departure encouraged me to come here the next day.

However, hopes of a trophy were dashed just two walleye were caught for the whole day. The following week, the temperature began to fall again, and suitable for fishing conditions were only a week. On 20 November, in the morning I was again on the river, in the same places where fishing a week earlier. But fishing is not turned on this day.

On the river came close floes and along the coast appeared icy rim. This situation did not have to fishing lures. After a few photos on the background of sailing ice, I have finished fishing and spinning the whole season.

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