Fishing for Pike in the Spring

Your entire favorite and coveted predator that can reach an impressive size very well caught it on spinning tackle. However, catching pike in the spring of spinning has a number of subtleties, which will be discussed. It starts long-awaited season pike fishing in early March, when the ice starts to descend.

Pike fishing on spinning in the spring assumes a fairly easy target, as much fish starved for wintering period and needs a quick replenishment of energy. She actively takes any bait, rewarding you for a long winter on a hunger strike.

Catching pike on live bait in the spring

Pike - it's one of the best and most expensive trophies any spinning. Particularly desirable prey it is spinning to the novice, who not only dreams of catching this fish, but also that it was a fairly large size. However, not every one of them knows how to catch a pike in the spring on a spinning, how to implement the casting, wiring and undercuts.

What you need to know in order to spring spinning fishing pike, starting with the appearance of open water to the time when the grass grows in ponds, forming islands, it has been successful and has brought a real pleasure? Let's talk about everything in order.

The behavior of the pike in the spring

First, let's find out the main features of the behavior of the pike during this period of the year. Spring fishing pike on spinning when the predator is particularly active, can be divided into the following stages: before spawning and after. Reinforced fish appetite immediately after hibernation allows it to gain strength in anticipation of spawning.

In addition, activation of the spring fish is also called saturation in this period of time oxygenated water by melting water, which falls into the pond. In addition, water bodies receive supplemental oxygen by forming a plurality of streams in the spring when the snow melts.

When the fish start spawning, they are close enough to approach the shore and not paying attention to events happening around them begins to spawn. Usually, at this time an attempt to catch a pike is unsuccessful. But a good reward angler is after spawning, when in the spring you can catch pike on spinning again quite effectively. Exhausted long absence of food, it resumes its active nibble.

The best places for spring pike lures

To get the desired result, catching a trophy pike, you need to take advantage of its best qualities angler. One of the important conditions of good fish is to find the best places for pike fishing lures. As we have already said, a time when the spring to catch pike on spinning occurs immediately after the ice starts to go reservoirs.

Before this occurs in areas with little depth. These shallow areas are shallow bays, lakes, ponds and places where they fall in the river streams and small rivers and other shallow water. The best places to catch the predator-pike on spinning tackle in the spring - it is a pure pond area with clear water.

It is worth paying attention to the place where the borders turbid and clear water. This is where the fish feed collects food for themselves. Pike, who feels great water borders, quite often here preys on fish feed. Pike bites often occur in coastal areas where feeding white fish.

How to find the best places?

Along the shores of water bodies with Run-of River wind or current, which is not muddying the water, as well as secluded bays where the water temperature has already risen, spring pike caught on spinning quite effectively.

During spring floods the water is much cleaner and fish knows this, so the most productive may be areas where the main body of water flow streams of melts water. After the ice melts and the water warms up, there comes a time when you can catch a pike on spinning spring in large reservoirs. Pike likes quiet places, so in the spring of the river it can be found in the pits, backwaters and below the dam.

In the lake there is a greater probability of finding fish in areas overgrown with vegetation. Larger individuals are trying to be in depth, and smaller - in the shallows. If the pond, where you fisherman, there are cane, it is worth trying to catch a pike close to him.

Pike is easily seen by its characteristic bursts, it is absolutely not afraid of people, and can afford to splash a few meters from the fishermen.

Well equipped - the key to success

Another, no less important factor of success in catching pike in the spring of spinning is good and correct rigging. The most important quality for the rod - it is his strength.

Based on where you will be fishing - from the beach or swimming with the means chosen spinning size. For fishing from a boat will be sufficient length of 2.1 m, and if you are planning to catch from the shore, the rod must be chosen slightly longer, ideally - about 2.7 m.

When fishing for pike in the spring using lures to lure more smoothly moved the structure of the rod to be average, but if you're going to catch a pike on lures, jerk guiding using need medium and fast operation.

Pick up coil with a smooth swing and the ability to wind up to seventy meters of line 25 mm thick. To catch pike on spinning spring was successful; you need to pick up the line correctly. For fishing jig lure is best to use a braid. This line was not extended with the wiring and helps to see the location of the jig. In other cases, suitable mono filament of good quality.

Leash in spinning should be snap steel. This leash is able to protect the line from sharp fangs predator and prevent it from breakage. Quite often, novice anglers make the mistake of choosing the wrong gear.

Due to the fact that they are mistaken, believing that this predator is not choosy, they hope to catch the big fish selected strong, but a rough tackle. Such an approach can only be effective only in the initial days after spawning, but at other times pike behave carefully and cautiously, so a rough tackle it can easily scare.

The best bait for spring pike on spinning

Lures that work best in summer and autumn seasons, spring is almost lose their effectiveness. The most ideal option for spring pike on spinning will be the ones that are able to attract the pike.

If you come on a fishing trip, not only in order to throw the gear and spend time in the company of other fishermen, but also to return home with a trophy catch, before catching pike in the spring on a spinning, you need to take care to prepare operating spinning lures.

So, we offer you a list of some of the working spring baits for pike on spinning:

Spoons - a classic of the genre in fishing. It is one of the favorite lures experienced anglers, and is best suited for pike fishing. Due to its fascinating unhurried movement she is able to draw on any spring pike. Choose their gold-plated or silver color.

Fishing for Pike in the Spring

The field is too small pond, lots of typical vegetation, baubles quickly sinks and therefore are more effective noise wobblers are medium in size with bright, contrasting colors of eye-catching. Among crank baits have a very popular model, which is called in common killers pike.

Fishing for Pike in the Spring

Spinners work well during increased activity pike.

Fishing for Pike in the Spring

Bait Jig well manifest them in the period March-April. Twister soft plastic baits and has a wide range of colors, different versions and sizes. It's quite popular bait that works well in the deep places.


When a pike is passive, it may bring little moving baits imitating fish sick weakened.

Fishing for Pike in the Spring

Catching pike on live bait. As bait well suited small roach or small perch. Bait should be fresh and quite active, to draw attention toothy pike. So be very careful when skewer bait on the hook.


Every experienced spinning has their own opinion on how to properly lure fish, and it is quite often different from the views of other fishermen. They choose for themselves the most preferred fishing technique, based on personal experience and other facts. We touch on only the main aspects to be aware of all novice hunters’ pike.

Biting pike spring characterized by the fact that it is almost the whole day, starting from sunrise to late at night. The most effective time of day - is, of course, morning and evening. But if the weather is cloudy or rainy, fishing during the daytime also brings good results.

In March, Pike behaves still quite passive, and therefore it will have to draw out from the depths. The same applies to the April fishing. Begin to look for pike is at the bottom of the spring. The first few casts to keep the lure should be in the bottom layers of water, as deep as possible. If there are no bites, then you need to gradually raise it to the upper water layers. Posting at the bottom must be slowly and carefully, and when the lure will be closer to the water surface, it is necessary to gradually increase the speed of conducting.

Pike fishing in May by spinning the most active on the surface. When fishing for pike from shore works well fan-method. It lies in the large number of abandoned, exploited all the reachable area. Do throw the bait, alternating necessary, on the one hand to the other, closer to the shore and away from him, and vice versa. In the case where none of the casting is not successful, you need to change the spinner. Then repeat the technique again. If a change of spinners do not give positive results, it is necessary to change the place of fishing.

Once swallow pike bait, it should immediately withdraw. If you tighten the time, it can float away in inaccessible places. When pike swallow hook is in close proximity, make a short but sharp and strong cutting. If the fish are far from you, or it takes over, it should also strike sharply, but more widely.

Predator pike with a small weight about 2-3 kg, will try to escape as quickly as possible, using a variety of techniques. But every experienced angler knows how to fish for pike on spinning in the spring, and therefore uses various cunning ways to prevent fish jumping off the hook. For example, if the pike too hard trying to get off and pretty much pull, you need to slightly loosen the line and then continue drawing. Such manipulations and techniques need to be repeated as long as the fish will lose all power and no longer resist.

With trophy pike will be a bit more complicated. It usually inhabits depths. Provision should be slow and calm, and should be periodically lure sink to the bottom. Cuttings should be done on a large scale and very vigorously. During the withdrawal of fish you should try as much as possible to tire pike, pitting and pulling the line.

Summing up, I want to draw your attention to a few basic rules that must be followed when the catch pike on spinning in the spring:

  1. Most likely is a successful catching pike in shallow areas, where more quickly descends ice and warmer water.
  2. Various noisy and attract bait in different shapes, colors and patterns are the most effective.
  3. Attachments should be qualitative and not rough.
  4. Wiring is carried out slowly and quietly, and pulling - without delay.

Good pike fishing in spring on live bait.

Pike - a favorite object fishing in fresh water for every angler. Its ubiquity, fertility, rapid growth and activity cannot leave anyone indifferent. Especially interesting pike fishing in early spring on live bait. Nowadays, you can find a huge range of artificial lures, because of which live bait unfairly overshadowed.


But catching pike on live bait in the spring and in any other open water season more interesting, and quite often more efficient than spinning with artificial lures. In addition, this type of fishing brings great pleasure from the process. For anglers on a budget for the purchase of live bait gear at all it is ideal.

Where to catch?

Spring - this is the time for nice results pike. Search pike should be among the thickets of grass and shallow water, especially if it's catching a pike on live bait in the early spring. Pond Areas with shallow warm up much faster, and it is here hungry pike will look for a prey to weight gain after a long hibernation. This predator hunting chooses places where you can best disguise and observe. As soon as the live bait will fall into its field of view, it immediately begins to attack.

If fishing occurs in lakes, looking for pike near snags, drowned vegetation and where rivers and streams flow into the lake. On the river it most loves to dwell near the pits and the pool shores.

Cooking gear

Properly equipping the fishing pole and accurately selecting the place, no angler will be left without a catch pike. A test instance of resistance trophy dreams and a professional and beginner. Since spring pike on live bait often best fished from the shore, the main gear for the occasion will float rod. You can also use a spinning reel. Equip it can absolutely everyone is a fan of fishing.

For equipment you will need main fishing line 0.35 mm in diameter, large enough to float, to cope with the weight of the bait, sinker weight from 4 to 6 m. and Hook №8, 9 or 10. Leash for pike is best to use the metal in order to avoid cutting the teeth predator fishing line.

The depth of fishing float is adjusted so that the live bait was 20-30 cm above the floor level. As soon as you notice the bite, do not rush to do cutting. Wait until it is completely swallow prey and begins to move to the shelter.

Choose live bait for pike fishing

In order to catch a pike on live bait in the spring to be effective, you must follow some rules:

It is necessary to correctly choose the size of the bait according to the size of the planned production. If you want to catch a trophy pike, you need to stick to the hook bait larger. In the fry will be caught only small size pike or other underwater predators.

On the capture of prey pike requires a lot of energy, so it will not waste your energy to catch small fish, which not only bring the saturation, they will not even be able to compensate for the energy spent by it. To live bait was readily visible in the water among the vegetation; its color should be bright enough, but quite active behavior.

Equally important is the ability to live bait for a long time to maintain its activity. Otherwise you will not get the desired result. For example, the same carp ready for a long time to maintain a high activity and survive even a couple of pike attacks. The most common bait anglers use small crucian, roach, rudd, bleak and gudgeon.

Catch live bait simply using the lift. Lower it into place in advance tame, you can attract a lot of fishes. Once above the trap fish, you will need to hike up the lift.

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