Fishing for Trout in the Fall

Spinning trout fishing in the river has always been considered an emotional experience and the determination to test the skills and fishing skills. The use of artificial lures is often the only way we can catch most delicate fish.

Caution and waywardness of trout, and the changing conditions in the river - such as low water level and greater transparency, and sometimes require special baits - baits micro. With minimum weight, almost without a loud fall in the water and simulate small aquatic insects, these miniature devices can surprise us with their newly discovered opportunities for trout fishing.

Micro bait for trout fishing.

The term micro bait meant those models that have minimum weight and length, and often look like natural organisms. Most often found in stores micro spinners, which according to their size, are indicated by the numbers 00 and 0. These spinners weighing about 1.5-3 g and 2.5-4 cm in length. Their structure consists of one or more different metals color, such as brass, steel and copper.

A good variety of micro spinners has firm Mepps, both with the same parameters are characterized model Black Furry, Thunder Bug, AGLIA and Comet. They are compact and lightweight blades, however, require greater stability during wiring, which is achieved by high speed retrieval at a certain angle to the flow of the river.

 Lures for Trout Fishing

Another important part of the mini lures are wobblers. They include a model with a length of 2.5-3 cm, and also proved to be good for trout fishing. They, like spinners, very light, but the light weight are compensated for by the blade regulating bait dive to a certain depth. Trout fishing in small and medium-sized rivers on crank baits has shown that this type of bait is no worse than rotating spinners, and in some cases even more effective.

There are species that mimic fish, frogs and insects. For different situations of catching trout floating or sinking lures may be used. These miniature models manufactured by Ecogear, Owner, Fllex. Filstar, are also popular on the quality and availability of wobblers Goldy. Very often this type of bait works best in a situation where the trout are not very active.

 Tackles for catching trout.

As it comes to micro-bait, rod and reel must also comply with them. Ultra Light (Super Light) is a word that defines the parameters and characteristics of the gear. For trout fishing commonly used light spinning rods 1.8-2.4 m in length, the rods in this gear is quite flexible, but the fish is kept up to 2.5-3 kg. The coils are used as lightweight, weighing less than 250g to achieve a balance with the bait.

Necessarily it is necessary to have a spare spool with fishing line or braid a different thickness. Commonly used cord 0,12-0,14 mm. When fishing for trout can be used as ordinary twine and braid, but it is best to use a fluoride fiber, which is in the water almost not visible.

 Trout fishing on the micro bait.

Using micro baits can be very effective in late summer, when the water in the rivers is quite warm and clear, and trout appetite minimum. A very important detail in trout fishing, bait correct behavior, this should be as close as possible to the natural behavior, be it fish, insect or anything.

In addition, micro baits should simulate natural prey fish, which is typical for this time of year and the corresponding river. No less important are the characteristics of the particular river, transparency, flow rate, water temperature and average depth, it relates to environmental circumstances, temperature, lighting, etc. Paying attention to all these aspects of fishing, we can choose the right bait for trout fishing.

Trout fishing on the pond

If you want to succeed in catching trout in the pond, you should listen to some advice. As with other fishing methods, there are a few things to consider. In addition to the bait, trout fishing method depends on the behavior of trout. Also affect the location and characteristics of the reservoir.

There are special rods of different lengths for trout fishing. I personally prefer short-sensitive carbon fiber rods. The coil should be smooth and have good rolling brake. From using monofilament fishing line with a diameter of 0.14 mm.

 Bait for trout fishing

The bait used as both natural and artificial bait. This is different larvae, mealworms, the larva of bees, flies and other trout. Most use a combination of these lures big meal worms. Many artificial lures such as flies manufactures it.

Bottom trout fishing.

In addition to the classic trout fishing, the fish can be caught and from the bottom. But mostly used by trout fishing fly fishing. Many have special ponds for trout fishing is fly fishing. For bottom fishing, the method of the floating bait. This is when the bait is raised from the bottom. So it is better to attract the attention of trout. For this purpose, small foam balls, which are strung together on the hook with bait.

 Designated trout fishing

Since most of the trout ponds are artificially created, more difficult to find places where trout. Here are some tips for finding the definition of trout. In the cold season trout kept near the bottom, in the warm weather is closer to the surface. Good sites are places near the water injection pipe into the pond or artificial fountain. In such places there is a better oxygenation, and trout naturally tends to this place.

There has come the first real autumn day, when a light frost grass picked on the banks of the rivers and the air turned blue transparency. In the morning silence with a thousand tiny bells rang from the roll in the autumn clear water. Birches with yellow shining brightly on a noble dark green velvety background of old and young fir trees. On the very edge of the cliff he rustled protein, hurrying about their business.

I love moments like autumn morning. Later, everything changes, and in the excitement of fishing is not so acutely see the surrounding countryside. I am pleased to breathe deeper juicy, tart aroma of fallen leaves air, I started collecting gear.

It so happened that in this wonderful day, I was on the bank of the river, which is not known for an abundance of trout. But still it has a faint hope that somewhere in the shallows still has this fish. In addition, he inspired the idea that in rivers where trout have such a competitor, as a pike, trout loses in quantity, but the gains in quality. During the day you can catch a maximum of three, but no! Well, finally, I have always been attracted to a trip (I call them "expeditions") into uncharted space.

Hunting for big trout is a real safari, as divided into several stages, each of which is equally important, and they are all so interconnected that if you exclude any, then Safari will not take place. The first of these - the search. Often it is fruitless, since large fish careful. Yes, and feeds it in the evening, night and early morning, before sunrise. It is easier to detect when it is slightly turbid water - after rains or spring, when the snow melts. In turbid water and large trout smelled out into smaller, open spaces far from their primary shelter, but in this case it is quite attentive and legible. However, in the spring of famished fish are not particularly fussy, and at this time often come across large individuals.

But a large predator found parking. It begins the next stage - a careful study of the site and its surrounding areas. This means that you need to identify opportunities for movement fishing, explore the route of movement, to outline the route options on failure. Trout, especially large, trying to stay where it is the least attainable for the angler. It is well to notice the typical wiring methods and baits, having been on the hook, keep guard. That is why the failure angler must change the path of their movement and wiring options.

When thoroughly studied all the approaches to the river along the shore, the bottom in the areas of promotion on the water, begins the most interesting but also the most difficult stage - the hunt for big trout. The main thing that makes it easier is that large trout live sedentary and does not leave again chosen location. Stealing, as an Indian, on the shore, so as not cracked any one branch, or goes gently on the water, being careful not to splash, and, finishing, last, stand, and throw the lure. Extremely important is the well-aimed throw, possible fall silent spinners to water and its proper management with the first throw, because often these casts are not successful.

If done correctly, it can be expected that the fate will give you sharp experience in dealing with big fish. This usually occurs suddenly, first soft hook, then a powerful lift to the side, turn on the water surface and throws lightning in different directions, threatening to crush tackle. Yes, it is difficult to take a lot of trout, but the trophy, the more memories of the battle, much less explain the phenomenon of stopping time is not known, whether the fight took ten minutes, or half a minute.

Thinking about all this, I did not notice how gathered spinning, - all done automatically. Shouldering his rucksack, I slowly moved upstream, peering into the river, the whole being striving for re-rolling. For a long time I was not indifferent to him. Their beauty is undeniable to me; it seems to me that they embody the diversity and perpetual movement of life itself. And the fish is always worth it. Trout, chub, chub, a little away from the jet - perch, pike, perch. Here and now it spurred me hope and the participation of the heart his pace in anticipation of the hunt...

Toss! Spoon, describing a flat curve, gently fell slightly ahead of the big stone. Immediately I began reeling, and now the yellow speck hurtling down the rifts. Where for some slowed down, I began to deploy trolling along the arc. And then it happened. From the bottom, hidden light ripples, like a submarine, in a horizontal position emerged a huge trout and turned his body, slowly moved the yellow speck spinners.

My throat was dry; my heart seemed to jump out of my chest. Trout went to the bottom without touching baits. Not budging, I sent spoon just like the first time. Spoon approached the parking giant, my eyes boring into the running of the jet, the hand on the reel handle - a continuous nerve. And once again surfaced trout with spread tail fin and headed for the spoon...

Time stood still for me. Rybin was not less than 70-80 centimeters, and it is true two kilograms. Such I have not fished. She just touched the spinners, and the hand, tense to the limit, felt super boost. That's all. Trout gone, disappeared in brownish jets, and I frantically throwing money changers and different baits, knowing that it's over for today.

Nothing to do, I had to move on. In a shallow, quiet rift middle two trout chased spoon. What prose! Today I "tasted poison" to the full and average values ​​I was not interested. Meanwhile, the sun rose over the firs and illuminated river. Modestly some bird, light breeze touched the birch tree, on the grass, leaning over the water, flashed diamond droplets of melted frost. It was close to noon. The air spilled heat. All the colors began to play, as in the children's kaleidoscope. Stronger smell of damp wood, rotting leaves mushrooms and something else - a whole symphony of smells.

During one of the turns of the river opened the roll, after which it was evident already far calm mirror river. Obviously, the area with trout was over, I thought. And so it proved. Later, I found two more plot with beautiful rapids and large humpback boulders scattered along the bed in picturesque disorder, however slight disappointment settled now, and my soul. Even half a day left, and the fun is already ending.

The last roll was the most powerful in the whole area traversed by me. According to the logic of the events of the day, there was supposed to be empty: after all, the giant, and the other two trout, lure their pursuers, standing on the slow jets. Nevertheless, I began to methodically fished roll. River jet carrying a lot of fallen leaves. They huddled in groups in places barriers to driftwood or boulders, the speakers slightly out of the water. Most of the spoon flashed something light, very similar to the attacking trout, but a second later it became clear that this sheet-deceiver. At such moments feel the bitter taste of disappointment, and the flame of hope again beckons you.

Sending repeatedly lure in flight, I was thinking about trout, about where she might be. Behind the stone? For black snag? In this pit? At the jet? Somewhere is beautiful fish, looking for prey, but where? Carefully roll, I quietly approached his top. Before boulder on which the waves break on two powerful jets, contrasting with everything a roll stretched smooth mirror of water. Spoon raced down to the swirling jets, ahead of laps, the costs of its fall.

Before she disappeared in a whirlwind of water foaming crests, I felt a powerful impulse, and foam and mist seemed trout. Shining steel, she rushed down again soared into the air and ... disappeared. Eh! It was a good fish! Not that one, but it was 45-50 centimeters. Somewhere about a kilogram. My bag is empty, but it is not important today. I'm still happy with the results "of the expedition." However, at least one fish would not hurt and bring back home.

Vibrant water rolling safely hid me from trout and let us hopes that the beauty is not gone. Around here it is. Well, I'll try again, but a little further downstream. I have noticed one feature of the behavior of trout: the pursuit of a spoon or a miss, it is far away and down a meter and a half down. If you continue to catch a view of this property, it can still catch it or make sure that lure her something alarming. If the latter, the approaches and the pursuit of spoon without grasps will continue each new place downstream.

However, this did not happen three or four times, respectively, the number of possible sites downriver. After that trout goes upstream, just above the place where she was found. Hence, if it is the pursuit of the spoon, then certainly for the last time. Later trout or you can take five or six hours, or a completely different spoon (as by game type, and size and color).

I decided not to risk it, do not take yourself more stupid trout and trolling yellow replaced the red - copper. Calculating roughly, how will move the bait, I sent it across the rolling and led her from the jet only tension fishing line, almost turning the reel handle.

Suddenly, in the middle of the most powerful jet clearly flashed a large cigar-shaped body trout. Missed! It happens. The main thing - it is not gone far.

Again baubles flew to the intended point and the beginning of its run on jets. Hit! Jerk - and trout wildly around its longitudinal axis. This I have not seen! Open jaws of pale pink spot turns and jumps at the same time along the ridges. What a spectacle! Trout stopped rotation and ran to the opposite shore, complicating the fight immediately. The course is now working on it. Another spurt and another ... and cracked clutch coil to save the line from breaking.

Last trout soared above the water, and seemed to give up. I turned it down the river, and led to the Bank. The end of the battle is often misleading, so I was all ears. And now back already dissecting water fish in the shallows. This is one of the most dangerous moments of struggle, especially with a large trout. The main thing - do not give her last, most powerful spurt, when it touches the bottom of the belly or side.

We must try to disperse the fish so that it is as if she jumped ashore, it does not always work, and it is not always possible, as the beach can be steep and strewn with large stones. This time next to me turned yellow small sandbank, turning into a tiny beach, where I kept the fish. Dispersed through the shallow water, pulled her onto the sand.

I'm still lucky: Tee just fell out of the mouth of a trout when it was already a good distance from the water. But the fight is over. And I can safely enjoy trout September.

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