Fishing in Cyprus Reservoirs

Wherever you are vacationing on the island, fishing in Cyprus reservoirs will always be close to your location. In Cyprus, there are 25 reservoirs in which is found a large number of different fish. Many of these reserves are located in 20 minutes - half an hour from any hotel. Here you can enjoy secluded vacation - fishing on the reservoir and swim in the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Fishing in Cyprus Reservoirs

40 years ago, the system of fresh water supply was built in Cyprus. Some gorges have been dammed. Due to winter precipitation turned reservoir impressive size and volume. Total Cyprus about 20 such reservoirs. For natural water purification, they were stocked. Because we know this fish roach, perch, carp, catfish, perch, tench, bream. There is a famous American bass, but, unfortunately, I had never once seen or caught.

Most popular places - Yermasogeia, Dhypotamos and Asprogremmos.

Located 10 minutes from Limassol, Yermasogeia has a large swimming pool, which is found roach, silver bream, mullet, perch, and carp. Also Polemidia, is the largest of the closest to the tourist area places for fishing.

Dhypotamos located between the cities of Larnaca and Limassol, to the north in the mountainous region. This pond was caught the biggest fish in the whole Cyprus - mirror carp weighing 15 kg, a length of 1.5 meters. This reservoir also is found tench, carp, bream, roach, and catfish.

Waters Asprogremmos- biggest dam in Cyprus. It is located close to the Paphos airport. Here, trout, roach, catfish, carp, silver bream, tench and perch. Some of them are really monsters sizes - 10-20 kg.

Fishing in Cyprus reservoirs paid. The license for a fishing tackle (spinning) costs 35 euro for all reservoirs and 17 euro for one particular. Long sought the Department of Fisheries of Limassol. It is located in the town Zakaki. Close to Limassol are two large reservoirs: Yermasoyia (15 minutes' drive from my place of residence) and Curio (30 minutes). They are something, and I went fishing from time to time.

The first time came - how to catch on that I know nothing. I have been with a feeder rod 3.90 (up to 120g.) Flywheel 6 m. And a folding spinning Balzer 2,4. From baits are maggots (5 euro a small container in the store) and ground bait for feeder (4 per package). He scored with bait maggots and small hooks. Peck start almost instantly.

Generally the coast is teeming with fish, mostly small flocks of predators. Splash in the reeds constant. Immediately pulled roach grams by 60. Then he began to be caught small perch. Its rules on local fishing little brother cannot. Then suddenly it took something more substantial. How to pull, do not know, it was already on 700 grams of catfish then caught more catfish the same, and then still fishing rod broke when pulled pound carp. From the first time I received a lot of positive emotions.

Subsequent times more closely watched as neighbors caught. I became acquainted with many of them. As I said, the locals do not go fishing in reservoirs. Catch is only visiting. After Cyprus entered the European Union, to an influx of workers. The last 10-15 years have seen the construction boom in Cyprus. It came a lot of construction workers from Romania and Bulgaria. But most of all came the Greeks from the former Soviet Union, the so-called Pontic Greeks from the South of Russia and Georgia. Currently there are no jobs, the crisis. Many people spend a lot of time fishing. Because so many British tourists anglers.

Beaches in reservoirs steep, depth starts immediately. I watched and he tried the following types of fishing: float on the centrifugal bait fishing on the feeder and catch on spinning.

Fishing on float fishing tackle

Basically centrifugal I caught on bait. Mostly for fun, as a big fish on the float difficult to catch. True once something pecked and so that in five seconds, blown off the line with a float and went deep. After the bait to the coast can approach a flock of linear and begins actively biting. An hour and a half can catch a few dozen grams of linear 200-300. Once due to the fact that caught the cliff, I could not get a decent tench weighing more than a kilogram. On maggots takes small perch and catfish. Also on the float can catch small fish and use it as bait for catching walleye.

Fishing at the feeder

The most common form of fishing in reservoirs. With the help of the feeder I managed to catch a few carp up to 1 kilogram, and when I pulled out handsome 2-3 kilograms. Local fishing technique: at the end of the main line is worn round communicating trough. To her leash tied 2 very large hooks with a short forearm.

Fishing in Cyprus Reservoirs

The feeder hooks and bait feeder is pushed to roll out (surprisingly, it is well kept on the hook). This design is thrown 40-50 meters from the shore. A few minutes later forward bite. Carp bite is very powerful; it can easily drag loose bait. When pulling the carp get a lot of positive emotions. A time comes the usual carp and mirror. One day when I pulled out a pink carp.

Once at the big feeder pecked line. View from lin nasty. Color dirty yellow and purple head. And one very strange happened. He scored for carp and waited a long time to no avail bite. I decided to check out the nozzle, and when he began to pull out, he felt a sharp blow. I thought that this hook, but it turned out great carp bait caught pike. Toting it with great difficulty, but still pulled out. He was immensely pleased.

Fishing on a spinning

I'm not an expert at catching spinning, but still tried it and this kind of fishing. First I caught on turntables and spinners. The result is zero. Then he bought the store a little vibration rubber tails. I planted on a large hook. On the line sinker planted about 5 grams. The result was an analogue of the jig head. On such gear began to come perches 300-400 grams, it is quite edible.

By the rivers of Cyprus created the reservoir 21. In total there are found 17 species of fish. Major trophies fishermen are trout, perch, roach, bream, carp, tench, eel and perch. The restaurants in the mountain regions served trout. The license costs £ 3 per Reservoir and 10 at all, and is issued to persons under 12 years of age.

Group license for a period of up to 2 weeks worth one pound. Buy a license and become familiar with the list of reservoirs on which they operate, it is possible in the departments of Fisheries Department in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos. Some companies offer group tours, fishing, having a picnic on the banks of the reservoir. The fare - about 25 pounds, fishing rods and bait provided.

Ten most popular reservoirs in Cyprus

  1. Achna Dam - here it is most convenient to reach for those who rest in Ayia Napa and Protaras. Caught a big carp and roach and perch.
  2. Lymbia - a small reservoir located on the way from Larnaca to Nicosia. Caught carp, roach, and perch.
  3. Dhipotamos - between Larnaca and Limassol. Caught carp, roach, tench, perch, pike and bream. Here Cyprus record was set - caught mirror carp weighing more than 14 kilograms!
  4. Lefkara - near the village of the same name, famous for its lace. Convenient access to the reservoir is not enough. They are found carp, roach, tench, trout and bleak.
  5. Kalavasos - a 20-minute drive from Limassol towards Larnaca. Carp weighing up to 20 pounds (8 kilograms), roach up to a kilogram and a lot of bass.
  6. Germasoyia - closest to the reservoir of Limassol, just 10 minutes' drive from the town's tourist area. There are carp, roach, perch, bream, eel, and mullet.
  7. Kouris Dam - located to the north-east of Limassol, on the way to the mountains of Troodos. The second largest reservoir of Cyprus is home to carp, large roach, bream, perch and pike. 8. Asprokremmos - the largest reservoir in Cyprus is a 10-minute drive from Paphos airport. Caught carp, roach, perch and trout. Carp catches an average of about 2 pounds (900 grams), but some specimens weigh up to 20 pounds (9 kilograms).
  8. Mavrokolymbos - a few kilometers from the beach of Coral Bay in Paphos. Small carp roach and perch.
  9. Evretou - on the road from Paphos to Polis, surrounded by the scenic hills in the vicinity of Paphos. Caught carp, trout and pike-perch (sometimes large).

Five reservoirs, which are worth a visit in Cyprus

Germasoyia Reservoir is located in the eponymous village in the vicinity of Limassol. The volume of this huge water reservoir is 13.5 million cubic meters. Along the reservoir stretches automobile line and closer to the water there are hiking trails for walking. Including the trail recommended visiting the Cyprus Tourism Organization (walk is designed for 30-40 minutes).

Fishing in Cyprus Reservoirs

In addition to hiking trails, reservoirs neighborhood equipped areas for picnics. Ornithology lovers have a great opportunity to see rare birds that live in this area favorable for life. Also on the shore of the reservoir are located sports facilities, where you can rent a kayak and paddling to learn.

The fishermen, who are licensed, which are required in order to engage in fishing in Cyprus can bring your gear. In Germasoyia dam are found are species like roach, carp, catfish, bass, largemouth bass, as well as the American Cancer marsh.

Another popular reservoir called Kalavasos Cyprus and is located near Larnaca. The dam was built on the Vasilikos River in 1985; in 2007, the water level in the reservoir dropped to critical, but over time the situation has improved, and by 2011 Kalavasos again become a favorite holiday destination for anglers. The usual pond carp, bass, tilapia, perch, roach and other freshwater fish.

Fishing in Cyprus Reservoirs

From Nicosia, it is easy to get to the picturesque village of Kalopanayiotis, next to which is the same name Reservoir Kalopanayiotis. On the shore of the reservoir is a trout farm. Products which activities can be enjoyed in a nearby restaurant. The shores of the reservoir are perfect for walks and family holidays. In the village itself you can visit the Monastery of St. John Lampadistis XI century building, which is under UNESCO protection.

The largest reservoir in the Famagusta district called Achna. The dam is located between Larnaca and Ayia Napa, practically on the border of the "Green Line" separating the Greek part of the island territory of Northern Cyprus. Near the reservoir is a park of animals Animal Park, where you can see geese, ducks, horses and donkeys, which are allowed to drive.

Fishers should be borne in mind that the fish caught in the tank, it is necessary to release back into the water. That is fishing, in this case, is for sports or entertainment purposes.

At 24 kilometers north-east of Paphos is located one more famous Cypriot Reservoir - Kannaviou. The volume of the reservoir - 18 million cubic meters. In one and a half kilometers from the water an equipped picnic area with tables, children's play area and toilets. Also, this area - a popular destination for hiking and fishing.

Fishermen - professionals specially come to Cyprus to catch the American bass. Maybe I'm caught in the wrong places can from the inability, but the bass I never caught. Can anyone share his experience of catching bass in Cyprus? It can respond gentleman with whom we have received your tubes luggage Larnaca airport, and specially traveled to Cyprus to catch bass?

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