Fishing in Cyprus

Fishing in Cyprus is popular form of recreation on the island. All year round tourists and locals fish in the bays of the island. Sea fishing in Cyprus attracts fishermen from around the world; many of them enjoy fishing this exotic fish like tuna in the warm waters of Cyprus.

Despite the fact that the water area of ​​Cyprus blocked by dams, it is possible to fully enjoy successful fishing. Especially for this, it was created more than 20 artificial ponds, where you can catch walleye, perch, trout, carp and bream. In general, the same fish as in our rivers, so the bait and tackle problems should not be.

Choosing Cyprus holidays there will remember you great memories. Cyprus is not so much to get lost in the streets. Since you will always be attendant, the more you pay the full cost of holiday. In any case, ask for an interpreter to be able to easily communicate.

For fishing in the ponds have to buy a license, because they are created by artificial means, and it means that they have a master. But do not worry about it, since the cost of resolution is not much impact on your costs. Catch may be the bait or spinning, but local fishermen say that fishing is not as successful in the coastal zone.

Therefore, we will focus on the water. In addition, the fish species are known to us, we know what bait to take. Upon arrival at the location, you can immediately feed a bit to attract more fish, and then uncover the rod.

Among the majority of fishermen, there are champions who ever catch big carp, whose weight reached 15 kg. Some simple tricks and skills you can give yourself biting trout and golden tench. These fish are very clever and at the same time, palatable when they are ready.

The most interesting thing is that all the reservoirs are located near the hotel, just a 20-minute trip by car. Here is a paradise, it is not necessary to break through the bushes along the river to try to catch the bait or spinning. Enough to take a license to one of the ponds and quietly go there.

For tourists there are all conditions: equipped playground, Tame Fish and pleasant company. With regard to marine species fishing, then you can hunt for tuna. Taking a rent a boat and went to the open space of the Mediterranean, try to catch at trolling.

If the weather favors, and you are lucky, the big trophy will not take long. In Cyprus you can and relax, taking advantage of a local nature. And for fans of adrenaline are always ready to service underwater fishing of marine life. Will help you with the equipment and show the most picturesque corners of the water area. Fishing in Cyprus a paradise for fishermen.

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