Fishing in Sweden

Sweden is a true paradise for anglers. Having gone on a fishing trip to Sweden, a fisherman an opportunity to catch huge fish sizes. And also to visit the places where no man has gone before. To go on an exciting journey, you need to plan your trip in advance.

Reaching the destination to choose where to go first. Across the country, scattered a huge number of water bodies, which is found in various fish. Many fishermen dream about to catch the fish in their natural environment, which is found only in Sweden.

If you want to go on a roach or bream, then you can go to any country lake. If you want exotic, then it is best to use a spinning rod, but as a fly bait. On such gear you can catch grayling, trout or salmon. This fish is found in the rivers. Pike and perch can be caught on the islands of the Baltic archipelago.

Fisherman can fish all ways known to mankind throughout the year. Sea trout can be caught as early as January. The best time for catching this fish is considered to April. At the same time, very well caught pike. With the arrival of May, fish salmon family Morrumsan climb up the river. The migration of fish attracts a huge number of fishermen. Everyone has an opportunity to catch a fish weighing more than 20 kg.

You can take a boat rental, where you can go on the rivers in search of valuable production if desired. It becomes part of the catch pike, herring and perch. Locals happy to show tourists fishing spots, where you can catch a big fish. Almost every city has near ponds in which fish is found. In Gothenburg district are more than 50 lakes. That is why you can be sure that fishing will be successful.

Amazing nature in Sweden, its coast scenic lakes and mountain rivers teeming with fish, attract many tourists, fishermen from different countries of the world.

Of course, first and foremost attracts much sea fishing in Sweden, but many anglers come here to fish in the rivers and lakes of the country. However, before, armed with respective gear to start fishing, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of fishing in Sweden.

The Swedish Law on Fisheries states that any person who has taken the bait in hand, has the right to fish for free along the coast. As well as along the coasts such as the lakes Vättern, Hjälmaren, Vänern, Mälaren and Storsjön. Just under this right falls catching perch, cod, fishing for the bait and spinning. The total number of hooks not more than 10. In lakes trolling is forbidden, but can be caught by this method along the coast.

You should know that in Sweden most anglers use sports the principle of "catch and release". And on most waters that do not fall in the above list, fee fishing is practiced, for which it is necessary to acquire a license. However, this license is valid only for one particular body of water. On the other body of water, you have to purchase another license. Thus, freshwater fishing in Sweden in most cases is paid.

Fishing in Sweden

Typically, the cost of a license for fishing «Fiskekort» of 1 year about 300 CZK. And if you buy a family card, it will be 400 kroons. The cost of card 1 week 150 CZK.

Price for 1 day 100 CZK. These cards are only personal and others may not be transferred. Fishing in Sweden to some fish species is permitted only in strictly designated time.

Fishing for salmon

Fishing for salmon in Sweden in most reservoirs in Sweden, where he resides, it is allowed until 31 August. From 1 September until 31 December and on the fish catch is prohibited. Starting from August 1 until August 31, and allowed the day to catch only 1 specimen, ranging in size from 50 to 63 cm. After being caught the first salmon fishing on the salmon immediately terminated before 00 at the next day. Even if caught and immediately released the second fish, it is considered a violation of fishing regulations.

Fishing for perch

Fishing in Sweden

Catching perch in Sweden no less popular. The best time to catch these fish from June to late August. Peak perch fishing in the summer, usually in the morning and evening. Perch responds well to heat and during this period the activity of the fish increases.

With the advent of autumn, perch have become more active during the day. Most good biting happens perch on a clear day with the change to low pressure. In winter, perch as well caught in the numerous rivers and lakes of Sweden.

Pike fishing

Fishing for pike in Sweden is conducted in many lakes and rivers of the country. Pike fishing starts here in a week after coming off the ice from the pond, and stretches tend to early November. Most good time fishing for pike in May and lasts until the end of June. In locations such as bays and Bäckfjärden Åvikefjärden excellent pike caught in the autumn, in September and October.

Also very interesting to catch pike in the forest lakes and rivers in Sweden. Often in such places pike can behave as a trout. Usually caught pike rod length from 2.5 to 4 meters. It’s equipped with a scaffold in diameter 0,33-0,50 mm, such rods and catch on live bait.

In July and August, the activity decreases biting pike and predator spotted this period is better to catch the early morning or in the evening. But by the end of August, the pike becomes active and starts well caught in the daytime.

Fishing for walleye

The best time to catch walleye in Sweden accounts for the period from June to August, especially if the pressure is high. This fish is very active at night. In the daytime, in forest lakes or rivers because you can catch walleye on a worm bait dropping in the hole in the grass. Large specimens are best caught closer to midnight. Good catches gives catching walleye trolling on colored spinners.

Hooks should be sharp otherwise bony mouth of the fish does not pierce. The best fishing for walleye in Sweden is conducted in the mouths of the rivers flowing into the lakes. During the day, catch the walleye should be at a depth of 4-10 meters. At dusk perch out in shallow water, where it should be catching. Just good places walleye fishing is small bays.

Trout fishing

In the protected areas of Sweden to catch trout from September 14 ban is introduced until 15 October. As is the case with salmon trout one catch is allowed per angler per day. The dimensions of the caught trout must be at least 40 cm. Brown trout caught starts when a body of water coming off the ice. Such biting lasts until freeze-up.

The most active trout biting occurs in the early morning and in the evening. In autumn trout can be caught during the daylight hours. Particularly good biting trout season is celebrated in the "white nights". Tackle for catching trout consists of a rod length of fishing line 2.5-4 m in diameter 0,18-0,25 mm, and a float. Just trout caught well on a variety of spinning lures. Fly rod on wet and dry flies.

Fishing in Sweden

For the best bite of trout fishing point it must feed. But if the lake is stagnant, as a rule, this fish in it is not. Some lakes are populated by trout artificial.

Sea fishing at the coast of Sweden, as a rule, the majority of interested anglers who came to this country for the trophies. The best time for fishing on the coast, are the months of April and May, and in the fall of October and November. Sea trout when the water temperature drops, goes away in Skerries. In October, it can be caught close to the shore. But in November, she caught at a distance from the shore. When it is the rainy day, trout less fearful. When the wind lasts for several days and blow away food in the coastal waters, then fine trout caught near the shore in shallow water.

Welcome to Storuman

Fishing is unique in Sweden. Storuman in Swedish Lapland is a quiet and pleasant holiday destination for beginners and experienced anglers and connoisseurs of nature and silence. In winter, there is the opportunity to enjoy skiing on the slopes of the famous resort of Hemavan, Tarnaby. This resort has long established itself among connoisseurs of skiing and lovers of snow motorcycles.

New database fishing and recreation center, located near the famous lake Storuman, directly in walking proximity to Långvattnet Lake, to which you can leisurely walk for 5 minutes. Långvattnet Lake is 20 km away and Lake Storuman length of about 80 km! In the district a lot of rivers, lakes, which are located on the boat, so that our guests can experience a variety of fishermen, changing the water course.

Boats equipped with engines of 5-10 horsepower, intended for 2-3 persons. They will tell you where and how to catch. Next is the choice for you, what kind of fishing you like, and what fish you prefer.

Fishing in Sweden

Many fishermen say that this place is one of the best fishing. It even capricious Swedes by car from Stockholm travel 750 km to get those trophies, which can dream of any fisherman!

Reservoirs in Storuman area rich in such fish: whitefish, trout, salmon, grayling, arctic char, big perch and pike. One of the main activities is the whitefish, which weight here reaches up to 4 kg. Weight trout comes to 8 kg! The municipality of Storuman famous because it was here that the only place in Sweden where you can buy whitefish smoked and venison jerky! In Storuman to catch whitefish fishermen travel from Germany, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia.

Whether it is in the north or south, east or west, in Sweden you always have a chance to catch the fish of your dreams. Tourists and fishermen will take real pleasure fishing in the wild corners of the rich nature of Sweden. In addition, you will be able to contribute to the development of eco-tourism, which was built according to the principles of sustainable development. Paying tribute to nature and enabling future generations to enjoy the gifts. Let your dreams come true for ideal fishing in Sweden - delightful country for fishing enthusiasts.

Our unders tanding of this country is very subjective, probably because we love Sweden, fishing in Sweden, and everything connected with it.

Sweden is associated with the word "quality", and this is indeed the case. For example, just enough to remember the Swedish automobiles, household appliances and fishing tackle. Probably because in Sweden collected all sorts of water bodies from the Baltic Sea to the mountain rivers of Lapland. Fishing in Sweden is simply gorgeous, and the Swedes - some of the best anglers in Europe!

In the southern part of the country a lot of lakes with pike and perch, and on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia round winter caught Baltic salmon and trout. In southern Sweden, fishing is possible all year round. As for the central part of the country, the fishing here is more favorable from April to November.

Gotland Island - one of the most popular among fans of the coastal sea trout fishing. The mainland coastline rugged sea skerries. Where thriving fishing big pike and perch.

Fishing in Sweden

Gotland is quite a large island in the Baltic Sea, on the south coast of Sweden, about 150 km from Stockholm. Here beautiful nature, combining steep sea shore, rocks, covered with a clean pine forest and endless rocky beaches.

Gotland boasts excellent sea fishing. And this is quite a unique fishing - trout fishing is spinning and fly fishing in the surf wave. Unique fishing in the fact that it can occur far away from civilization, and right in the city. Next to the medieval houses and modern hotels. You will be enchanted by the stunning beauty of the old Visby - the main town on the island.

Sea trout comes close to the coast of the island during the cold season, from October to May. There are 2 periods trout activity. In late autumn, from mid-October to early December and early spring - from mid-March to early May. Fishing takes place only on the sea shore shallow water. Required waders, they can be rented from local fishermen.

As well as the gear sets. Catch can be like spinning a fairly heavy oscillating spinners and fly fishing sea. The average weight of 2-3 kg of fish, but regularly come across copies of more than 5 kg. If caught a large trout. In the autumn of the same can be to catch a big pike. Angler should be prepared for cold winds, high waves, as well as very low temperature. This is an adventure for the really dedicated and physically prepared anglers.

Ponds near Stockholm are also popular with anglers. In Lapland the mass of fishing camps, offering to conduct fishing in the crystal clear rivers. Where are the great grayling and trout.

Fishing in Sweden

In Stockholm you can go fishing right in the center of the city. In Rozenbade - body of water located between the bridges and Riksbrun Vasabrun. With two bridges that connect the central part of Stockholm's Old Town, you can catch fish such as salmon, trout and other game fish.

In spring and summer the early morning you can see a lot of fishermen along the shores of the river Stromgatan. Right next to the residence of the Prime Minister of Sweden. Also good conditions for fishing - behind the Swedish parliament. On the bridge Stallbrun if the number of fishermen is not too large.

You can also rent a boat to the inner archipelago. In the waters of the islands you can catch pike, perch and herring. And if you're lucky, you can catch whitefish or pike-perch.

Let the locals lead you to a great fishing place, rent a boat and go to the coastal waters. Here you can catch catfish, cod, hake and mackerel. More than fifty places to equip fishing on the lakes around the city. You can try your luck in the search for dark trout. It is also possible to fish in fresh water - rivers, lakes and streams. And if your itinerary does not pass on the fishing places, just visit Fiskehamnen - to feel the atmosphere of the biggest in Sweden Fish Market.

Trout, including river and bass - are always on the menu in the towns and on the pond Borkdammeni Sallerups located in the vicinity of the city of Malmö. The bridge Öresund you can catch trout and perch - at Sega bridge. Also good fishing can be Limhamne, Sementamne and Olehamne.

Another very popular in Sweden by helicopter to remote areas of the river where the most amazing fishing. Exciting fishing in Sweden - the dream of every fisherman.

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