Fishing in Tenerife

Canary’s archipelago - one of the rare places on the planet where the avid angler can go any time of year. Due to the rich marine life fishing in Tenerife is available year-round, the main thing to know what kinds of fish at the moment "guests" (see. The calendar below) off the coast of the island. Anyone who likes to relax with a fishing rod in his hands will be able to enjoy here for the full program. In these waters home to such interesting marine life like marlin, tuna, and various types of rays, swordfish, Wahoo, barracuda, sharks, groupers and many other species of interest to anglers.

In Tenerife there are two ways of fishing: 1) go to sea in a boat, or 2) to fish from shore. For fishing in Tenerife needs a license. The case of sea fishing, the issue of fishing permits solves the organizers, you that do not break the head. And so in the Canary Islands, there are three types of licenses: 1) sport fishermen - 28 euro, 2) using a harpoon - 21 euro, 3) license, allowing catching from shore and boats - 14 euro. It costs 25 euro, validity period - three years on the whole territory of the Canary archipelago.

Although tourists are fishing rods resting on the banks or sea walls, few people are paying attention, sometimes to ask permission to go fishing. The local laws for this offense there is a penalty amount of 500 euro, but is used very rarely. Since I asked permission, confused smile, apologize supposedly did not know or forgot to buy, be sure to obtain and so on ... Most likely escaped with observations and recommendations to buy a permit.

Rod and tackle fisherman this case will have to buy the most, because it supplies rental does not exist here. Cheap bait then you can buy for about 20 euro, but such fast break. Therefore, for 40-50 euro to buy a quite decent folding "telescope". Fishing within the ports and beaches is prohibited. Underwater life boils around the rocks.

If you decided to go into the sea, then have to fork out. All the necessary equipment for fishing is included in the price. Often, the price will include soft drinks or something to eat. On the island are several companies that offer to go to sea for sport Fish.

Fishing in the open ocean

The first option for the fisherman in Tenerife - go on a boat in the ocean for the catch. The choice on the ocean fishing is fairly limited because suitable boats for fishing here is not so much. The difference from coastal fishing, in this case, all the necessary equipment and give the participant's head is not necessary to break.

Prices for one person on ocean fishing can vary from 55 to 120 euro, depending, for example, the length of fishing. Most often willing to buy fishing group, the boat will be others who wish to fish in the ocean. Depending on the boat, the group can vary from 4 to 10 people. If you want to fish in splendid isolation or friends, then it is possible to rent a boat, but it will be worth more. With this you will be able to express their desire to captain about the process of fishing, for example, inject more dynamism and on the other hand.

The result of fishing depends on the professionalism and experience of the ship's captain. Before choosing with whom to go to the sea, it is worth wondering how long the boat captain in this business.

One of the most experienced and successful captains in Tenerife host of "Happy Hooker" Englishman Jamie. On the island he lived for 25 years. As someone who knows the local waters inside out, Jamie will be able to show a beginner, what is done.

The advantage of "Happy Hooker" over other firms that specialize its small and medium fish. Every fisherman knows that such a fish in the sea most. Results of this will ensure that you return to shore with their catch. Out to sea with a captain Jamie appeals to anyone, since a child and ending with experienced fishermen.

Lovers of fishing offered three, four and five hour trip with trolling, bottom fishing or fly fishing. If you want to leave the coastal waters, it will be necessary to rely on a small surcharge for fuel. Jamie Boat Centre Console 6,4 m long, provided all the equipment for the quality and safety of fishing.

Sea fishing can be an ascetic, when gathered on the deck of the boat only an avid fisherman, and only the ship itself is designed for fishing enthusiasts ... comfortable recreational fishing in the sea can go on a boat Rampage 43, 14 meters long and 4.3 meters wide. Apart from fishing, boat trips included in snorkeling, swimming, lunch and transportation to your hotel. The price of this boat ride and fishing - 85 euro per person, and the observer - 60 euro.

A little bit about how the sea or ocean fishing. Each participant has his own rod. In casting the bait water and the ship sails the vastness of the coastal waters in anticipation of biting. I must say that biting may be a few hours. And what to do at this time? Options are different; you can admire the sea views, drinking beer, sunbathing or just to talk about life with fishing companions. And so to the happy moment.

Fishing from the shore

And so - fishing spot. Be careful with the choice of stones to slippery out there. That slippery stones often cause injury. Going fishing wear sneakers or other adequate shoes for this situation. Be sure to remember to bring a hat and sunscreen. After all, as a fisherman grouse fall into euphoria and nothing around to notice.

It is best to choose a steep bank, which goes sharply in depth. Fishing takes place on the float rod. Rod should be firm and flexible, for cutting undercuts. Jaws of ocean fish are usually strong, but she is very fast ... the process to be controlled and the float could see the mast it should be high. The average weight of the float - of 10 to 20 grams.

Ocean fish eat everything, so a choice of bait is not necessary to be a problem. But the bait must be sufficiently strong and sinewy. Ocean fish worse than hyenas - fast, toothy and arrogant ... not adapted any bait these things churning in seconds even blink do not have time ... It should be noted, shrimp - the most versatile bait.

And since the preparation of the universal lures for ocean fishing. Frozen shrimp, hard with a very sharp knife on the board is cut into pieces the length of a little less than a centimeter. They should be with shells, it is the lure give extra protection against ultra-fast eaten.

Next, a piece of shrimp is mounted on the frame of the tee, connected fishing line and bait placed in the middle. Eventually, she is protected by three hooks and shells in a circle. On this bait will lead the whole sea creature from the cuttlefish and octopus to sea bass. In supermarkets you can buy a small piece of bait shrimp both frozen and fresh.

Canary is a little about fish and how to catch them

No shrimp, good bait is small and crab. To do this, we have to work a little in the open air - a large number of crabs when the tide can be collected among coastal stones. Crab like shrimp, small fish cannot handle, so that the bait is not. One of the most delicious fish in the Canary Islands - is the Waha or parrot fish loves crabs. If pecked, it is necessary to strike sharply.

Attention!!! There is one very important thing that will affect the result of fishing - a phase of the moon and the cycles of ebb and flow. The usual division: dawn-dusk does not work here. The best time for fishing from the shore - the first two hours the tide ... and if the depth is more than ten meters, then it does not matter.

Catching ocean vegetarians: a tackle with a light float

It should be a small plastic bucket to soak cheap white bread and throw in place of the selected fishing. At a small hook placed the ball out of the flesh of white bread. We need to quickly cut down, after each sweeps - a new ball of bread. Fishermen in Tenerife adore this kind of fishing, and sea bream - only a stage of bait.

The most evil the Tenerife vegetarian - thick lip mullet or Spanish - Lisa and he also has a mullet. As with all ocean fish, a lot of muscle power and not on growth. Bait mullet takes care quickly if spits became suspicious. Very fond of white bread. Feed the upper water layers. 5 can reach up to 7 kilos in weight.

The local traditional method of fishing - float - bubble and a piece of white bread (baguette). A piece of bread wrapped with a lead of 10 ten small tees and thrown away. Mullet notices bait on the surface of the water, pokes his nose melting bread, mouth pieces missing, but already there before the death is not far away.

Catching Viejo (vieja) on the float

Viejas is considered the tastiest and sports in the Canary Islands. Quick predator, like a carp loves crabs. And the meat of fish, too, smells crabs.

The best bait to float, this crab the size of a thumb nail. Crabs Viejas feels spinal cord. Victim of the attack quickly and rapidly, much faster than the trout. Vieja may fall and shrimp, crab but it is still a delicacy for number 1.

Walking bottom fishing rod for catching Viejo

Viejas crab eater because production feels as accurately as beads cats. High-quality crab trap is the key to success.

To do this, solid rod, not small coil and a good supply of fishing line. Useful heavy sinker pencil shape (so as not to cling) in the two middle, but strong hook. The first meter leads on the bottom and the second - another meter above the first. Throw-away should be keeping the line constantly dressed up and slowly pulling up to her, sinker slow walk on the ground. Thus two crabs exactly move at different depths, attracting the attention of inveterate predators. Since the line was constantly tense and rigid rod. Cut down at once!

This method works much better if made a point bait seabed and drag her through a cloud of fragrant crab turbidity. But spot the bait in the conditions of powerful waves and the tide is very difficult.

Fishing bait on the bottom

The choice of location is important, otherwise you will lose a lot of weights, and the bottom is rocky. The best way to get the rod holder. It can be made with a plastic plumbing pipe, which is attached to the metal pin. The metal part is stuck and fixed in the crevices of rocks or stones, as in the case of - Rod quickly pulled out of the holder. In this case, use a robust and heavier than lead fishing line to keep the line taut.

Bait from the bottom - any meat, durable pieces of octopus. We have to be careful - very well from the bottom takes Aranha - fish. Spider venomous creature.

To fish in Tenerife can be around the clock! The fish will be 24 hours, but only different. If fishing from the shore begin to approach sun, the risk of causing the fire itself. All Coastal fish is much bolder than the day at dusk. There will be octopus, cuttlefish and moray eels. In the darkness, across octopuses, which unbend tees willingly takes the same mullet?

Night time fishing with shore you can catch a big stingray. For this we need a strong and small mackerel as bait.

On the rocky shores of the need to be careful in the dark is an injury.

Big Game Fishing from the shore south of Tenerife.

Trophy number one - BLUE MARLIN

In the famous novel by American writer Ernest Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea" tells of a fierce struggle between the old fisherman and big fish. The struggle between them continued for a few days. This fish - blue marlin! She is one of the biggest fish in the world and among fishermen is considered a great prestige catch him.

Blue marlin - the biggest fish of the family sailing. The largest specimens can reach up to five meters in length, and weight - up to 900 kg. Females are four times higher than males, which rarely reach 160 kilograms in weight, while females usually weigh around 540 kilograms. Body length of females with the "spear" reaches 5 meters. A fish elongated upper jaw, with which it stuns and kills his victim.

Blue marlin - reckless hunter. They hunt in the upper layers of water - mainly tuna and mackerel, as well as their menu includes squid, lobsters, crabs and sea turtles. Most of his lives they spend in open waters away from the coast and travel long distances in search of food. Marlins are found in the coastal zone and in the open ocean.

Blue marlin have very strong dorsal and tail fin, which allows to overcome the vast distances in the vastness of the ocean and develop a speed of over 100 km / h, which rightly puts a marlin on a par with other cool hunters and predators of the oceans and seas.

His upper body - dark blue, and the belly - brilliant silver. On both sides of the body 15 rows of pale greenish blue vertical stripes.

Because of its size at the blue marlin in nature are almost no natural enemies. But often his kids are the victims of sharks, tuna and mackerel. Although a lot of marlin catches fishermen, to sport fishing, but for the species of these beautiful fish is the most dangerous industrial Fishing Rods today off the coast of the developing countries of East Asia.

Blue marlin is a very popular subject among sport fishermen because it caught on the hook firmly resists, including making acrobatic jumps above the water surface. The fight can last for hours, and blue marlin always beats to the last. Because of his stubborn nature and size, sports fishermen consider it the best of the best competitors in the class sea fishing Big Game. And it must be seasoned fisherman to take precedence over this sea hunter!

Among the sports fishermen have the concept of "Grand Slam" (Grand Slam). We fishermen are something similar as the appropriation of black belt "in karate. Under the rules of the International Association of Fishers IGFA (, to receive a" Grand Slam ", the applicant must be for a limited time it is necessary to catch fish set and register a catch . In one of the IGFA clubs, for example, to get a "helmet" in the Offshore Super Grand slam Club for a day of fishing you need to catch four fish species - the blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish and swordfish.

Even in ancient times, fishing has been a major crafts of local residents, but now - it attracts sport fishing enthusiasts from around the world. Sport fishing is conducted with specially designed boats. They tend to be fairly compact and specially equipped. But because of this, they are poorly suited for other tasks. For example, cruises, they are not quite comfortable.

On Tenerife you can fish both in shallow water, so in the open ocean. At the coast you can catch the Spanish and king mackerel, bluefish, yellowtail and other fish. Fishing in the open ocean is like a game of roulette, then it is impossible to predict what a fish bites your bait: it can be wahoo, tuna and blue marlin may or sailboat.

We suggest you go fishing with one of the best British fishermen of the island, the captain, in the waters of Tenerife since 1984. The secret of his fishing is that it specializes in the fish of medium and small sizes. Such fish are most and so it never returns to port empty-handed. His center-console, 21-foot boat is equipped with the best fishing equipment Penn and Shimano. A pair of powerful engine Honda, allow the boat to accelerate to a speed of 20.5 m / s. This is especially important if you decide to catch a big fish trolling.

Duration fishing - 3.4 or 5 hours. It can be organized as a private charter - when the whole boat just your disposal, and fishing in the national team of the group. While fishing are offered free refreshments.

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