Fishing in the Summer for Spinning

The activity and way of life of a fish largely depends on the time of the year. There are times in the year when she is most active and eats very well, respectively, and bites well for different baits. Everyone knows that this is the spring period and autumn, before the winter cold. But there is a time when the fish seems to fall into complete anabiosis and does not react at all to the bait.

Most often this happens in winter. But even in the height of summer, when water is more like a fish soup, the activity of any underwater living creature is reduced to zero. But we learned to fight frosts and successfully catch a predator in conditions of negative temperatures, which means that we can successfully catch in the heat in the summer.

The fish, although not active, but it is still present in the pond, which means it's worthwhile to think about how to adjust to the circumstances. The heat imposes a certain imprint on the behavior of the fish, its activity, places of parking, but still it does not fall into complete anabiosis. And considering these features, you can count on the result, and sometimes on a good result, which is not always possible to achieve, even at a more favorable time of the year.

Think like a fish

As it seems to me, the main success in any business, including fishing, understands. Understanding what you are doing, why, how, why, to the smallest detail. It is important to understand the behavior of fish; more precisely this is the most important task facing the angler. Having learned to understand why a fish keeps in one place or another.

Why are caught on those or other baits, we can be confident in our tactical actions. Will only have to experiment with gear, bait and fishing techniques, but this understanding may not be enough for all life. Probably, that's why fishing is so interesting and fascinating that every time you discover something new for yourself.

Here's what we need to understand in this case, on a fishing trip in the summer on a hot day. Pisces, like any organism, under certain conditions feels comfortable and is in an active state. But when these conditions change, the habits of the fish also change. And the main thing is that she tries to find these comfortable conditions for herself again. Agree, we do not feel very well in the heat either, and are not ready to jump, run or eat well.

I want to find a cool place, eat ice cream or take a dip, although I'm cooling myself a bit. So the fish also traced exactly the same tactic of finding the most comfortable places with cooler water. But in addition to temperature, another very important factor in the comfortable state of fish is the presence of a sufficient amount of oxygen in the water.

Fish, as a person, cannot exist without oxygen and, with its lack, experiences no small difficulties. What makes it to be in a constant search for places with enough vital oxygen? The oxygen enters the water either from the air, or from the photosynthesis of aquatic plants. Places with a large current, rushes, and waterfalls saturate the water with oxygen much more than areas without flow.

Just in such places thanks to the current, the water is stirred and becomes cooler. It is easy to guess that in the heat it is these places of the reservoir that will attract underwater inhabitants and there they will be in a comfortable state. So, they will eat and, accordingly, come across our baits.

Saving current

Reservoirs with currents and streams are, of course, a river. And it is on the river, in my opinion; in the summer heat you can achieve the best result on fishing in the summer. The main thing is to find a suitable place. On small rivers it is not difficult to do this, as all perspective places can be visually seen: rolling, reverse flow, rushing. By the way, usually if we consider a classic roll, then in its upper part shallow water, from which the most powerful stream descends.

Most often, the predator does not hold in it, since it prefers to stand on the faults of the current that is, in calmer water, and wait for something interesting to come from the main stream. Even the chub and trout, which like the strongest current more than others, do not stick to the current itself. But in the abnormal heat, I noticed several times the fact that the fish came into the strongest current. Apparently, for her to spend energy on the fight with the flow, but to be in a comfortable state was better than to suffer from the heat and lack of oxygen.

Fishing in the Summer for Spinning

In general, abnormal weather phenomena, in particular heat, cause abnormal manifestations in all living organisms. And the usual rhythm of life can easily get lost and change. Concerning the fish, this can be expressed in migrations, changing parking places, changes in the diet. To such anomalous manifestations, I can refer the case that occurred last year, when I was engaged in catching in the summer and pretty surprised me. In July, on one small river, on which I visit very often, I once again caught small chubs. All, it would seem, as usual, but, having reached his favorite overfill, began to notice on the water the blows of a large fish.

At first I thought, a big chub, I tried to catch him with different wobblers and turntables, everything was in vain. After a while, by the nature of the bursts and strikes, I realized that it was hunted fairly large asp. And often the outbursts were right in front of me, since the main, strong stream runs near the shore. Seeing this, decidedly wanted to catch these fish. But the wobblers had only a few weak blows, and in fact it was clearly felt that the predator was feeding. And what was my surprise when I caught the fifth asp about 2 kilograms. Usually on this river, if you even catch one asp, this is an event. And here in one very local place was a flock of not less than ten fish, and all large individuals.

I am convinced that the asp came to this river from the larger river into which it flows, about thirty kilometers downstream. On the way it was a lot of obstacles, and yet in search of comfortable conditions, he did this way. Even if it was a local asp, anyway, after all, something pushed it to gather in one place on the strongest stream. And it turned out precisely because of the abnormal heat.

Fishing in the Summer for Spinning

Well, I cannot fail to note the technique of catching the asp in summer, which made me no less impressed than the very fact of its presence in this place. As I said, the right choice was Lucky Craft NW Pencil 52.

I threw the bait very close to myself upstream at the very beginning of the jet, and at that moment, while the bait floated freely on the surface of the water, and the attacks followed. When the weakness of the fishing line was selected by the current and the bait began to slow down and resist the flow of water, it could be safely exhausted and again cast, as there were no beats of the predator in this case.

Due to the fact that there was no clear control over the bait and almost all fish strikes occurred without tension of the line, their realization was very low. And even more often the first attack on the bait was by. The main thing was not to make sharp movements, since after the first miss the asp always committed a second attack already effective. Only at this moment the bait to control on the surface was no longer possible, it was lost somewhere in the whirlpool, and a powerful blow was felt in the hand.

In general, for me it was a very interesting and memorable event, which once again proved the unpredictability of fishing.

Standing ponds

Catching in the grass

In general, in addition to this non-standard case, surface baits come to the forefront of fishing in the summer. Of course, not everywhere, but in closed, small ponds with a shallow depth and aquatic vegetation it is so.

Why often surface baits replay any others that are slightly receding? Again, it is worth returning to the beginning of the article and thinking about what the fish finds for itself at the surface. Of course, this is oxygen, which enters the non-flowing body without flow from the air, and its concentration at the surface is the highest.

Therefore, the fish tends to shallow places, despite the fact that the water temperature in shallow water can be much higher. It should not be forgotten that if a slight breeze rises, in shallow water the water mixes and cools much faster than at a depth. Of course, if it is a reservoir with significant depths and underwater currents, this pattern no longer works.

With prolonged high temperature, aquatic vegetation develops very quickly. And often tighten the entire body of such vegetation. And those who like to catch in the summer in small ponds have to fight with this grass. Of course, when the whole water mirror is covered with grass, traditional fishing is almost impossible. And we have to resort to non-standard approaches and baits.

Fishing in the Summer for Spinning

I most often use silicone without a load or a Croatian egg. But it is better to find a pond in which there is at least some layer of open water. And here you can already achieve a good result with the help of floating baits.

On the technique of catching and baits, we, perhaps, today will not focus, and once again turn to the tactical part. Probably, many try to swim out or go fishing on a summer day as early as possible. When the sun just rises and does not bake as much as at noon. It is right. Since the comfortable temperature for both fish and fishers does its job. It is best to go fishing at dawn and sunset. This applies to most water bodies, but not to all.

Have you ever been in such a situation that at the most appropriate time, at dawn, on a warm summer morning, but not hot, does the fish completely ignore your baits? And the sun should rise and begin to bake, the fish is activated. I understand, it sounds a bit strange, but believe me, it often happens, especially on water bodies, overgrown with grass.

What is the matter here? And in that in small ponds, abundantly overgrown with vegetation, at night without sunlight photosynthesis of plants does not occur and they do not produce oxygen. And as a result, in the morning it is very little in a pond. And until the sun rises, and the oxygen balance does not return to normal, the fish is in a very lethargic state.

Be careful!

The heat is not a frost, and I endure it more easily than a cold snap. But still you cannot forget that this is also the extreme conditions of fishing. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the minimum safety requirements, so that fishing does not turn into a nightmare.

Fishing in the Summer for Spinning

When fishing from a boat, especially on large ponds, the heat is transferred easier. Even a small breeze pleasantly blows from all sides and creates a cool appearance, especially when moving on the motor. But do not forget that you are not just under the scorching sun, but also by its reflection from the water.

Even if you are hot, it is better not to take off your outerwear, or else you can get a decent burn in the excitement of fishing. If you decide to strip, do not forget about the cream. You can feel comfortable, but when you arrive home, you will find a burned back or legs.

If you catch all day long, it will be very pleasant and useful to take a break in fishing and just take a dip. And do not forget about the headdress. Getting a heat stroke in the middle of a pond in a boat is even worse than a burn.

And otherwise look for fish, try to adjust to certain conditions and choose the optimal bait, and you will definitely be lucky, even on the hottest day.

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