Fishing in Turkey

There is nothing better than relaxing on the shore of the lake, together with relatives or friends. Many people around the world love to go fishing, but to evaluate the fishing of various countries not everyone can appreciate and feel the fish in other countries.

If you are in Turkey, then do not despair, that you remain without a favorite fishing. Guided fishing in Turkey is everywhere in Antalya and Side. Almost all the Turkish resorts are located by the sea, but because it is perfectly possible to spend time doing sea fishing.

But there is a trip on the lake, where visitors are invited to relax with the family at one with nature, while at the same time feel and being included in the rest of Turkey, as the way of life and it permeates every corner of the country, because the Turks culture and friendly people. So divide fishing in Turkey can be of three types: sea fishing, lake fishing and spear fishing.

Sea ​​fishing

Historically, Turkey has evolved as a country of fishermen, but because they know about fishing a lot. You can still see the old-fashioned ships at docks, the value of which is not inferior to modern yachts. Arriving in Turkey, you can see the sights and enjoy a tour on a yacht with spinning, better entertainment, what you catch a big fish is not found, and the Turks are constantly monitoring the migration of fish in the sea, as well as for its purity, so wherever you are fishing, fishing will be fun entertainment.

It is not surprising that among the Turkish fishermen are women; do not give up their tips, as is often the women are there excellent fishermen. Fish caught in Turkey in the simplest way, by means of rods, but some have suggested, and I catch on spinning. Arrange the outlet to the sea can be coming into the port and outposts there anyone from fishermen. This trip will not only fun, but also quite useful in order to expand the horizons and explore the Turkish way of life.

How you are fishing?

Tackles in the Turks understand a fairly simple invention, which consists of a fishing line to which is attached 100 gr bob, the length of fishing line attached more branches, with hooks. The main attraction is shrimp, which are rich in the coastal waters of Turkey. In the waters of Turkey's perfectly possible to catch and red mullet. In the morning bite is fine and sometimes lasts until lunch. This happens infrequently, but still.

Well, if you were an experienced fisherman who knows the place and will take the boat to the right place. As a rule, excursions boats float on the specified rate plans, and catch a fish, and at the same time and enjoy fishing, far from easy. The only thing that you are being followed from the bank and are responsible for you a hotel or Excursion Company. In the free mode, you are left to themselves.

You can also catch fish and strange-mouse that recognizes only the small fish as bait. Fish have sharp teeth and can be easily hurt. The meat of the fish is soft and tasty. It is worth noting that from the shore perfectly caught mullet. Entertainment would be the best choice for leisure activities in Turkey for fishing enthusiasts. A lot of time is required not to do so, since the bite is from 6 am and 10 pm, after that you can go as the sea becomes warmer and the fish does not come close the banks, it will not affect the general rest, as they do not will break the schedule of holidays.

There are dangers and fishing, for example: a storm or fish Dragon, which is poisonous and prick can deprive you from limb forever. There are peaceful fish: sea bass, levrek, Palamut, Sagan and even tuna. Therefore, a pleasant pastime in the boat will be for you an unexpected passion.

Fishing on the lake and river

Rich in Turkey and lakes, rivers and swamps. 11% of the entire territory of Turkey is covered with rivers and marshes. In these places are places for a picnic, as well as places for fishing. Such places are usually equipped buildings or huts. In these huts roost visiting tourists and entertain the children, the most interesting thing is that even in such places there is animation that distracts children from their parents during the holiday.

All the fun is worth about $ 40 for travel to the territory, but for the money you will be provided and equipment and fish, which is specially launched into the water and soup, wine and sweets. So the Turks greeted their guests.

Some lakes border the marshes, which often have a curative mud and dirt that offer a swim in order to treat ailments. Basically treated dermatological diseases. It is worth pointing and two reservoirs, among which is a flooded village. At the source of the lower reservoir canyon begins. You could even say a small fjord.

On the pontoon and take out a small boat of tourists in these places, which allow enjoying trout fishing? Again, it is necessary to assess the situation, as many tour operators who are familiar with the terrain and abilities of Turkey being taken to places that push away from everything that is connected with Turkey. Kids might like it, but the children running around are not very much given to enjoy the scenery, but the walk around the place is worth.

Mainly in the fresh waters of Turkey usual mullet and trout. Catch just on bread, as in many countries around the globe. Fishing rods can bring with them, as do many tourists as specially sent on vacation to go fishing, to connect with nature and of course, drink strong drinks. In Turkey, the fishing belongs to the category of fishing and not to pastime, with the use of huge amounts of alcohol.

You can also go to the reservoir, which is also an opportunity to catch pike. There it is found in abundance in mind that eating a great variety to it. On the raft will have to catch on the line, if not taken with a spinning rod. Restrictions on fishing no, unlike spear fishing apparently Turks believe that the fish itself wants to be caught, and intent to poaching fisherman there. Although it is not clear why such a relation to it.

Spear fishing

Like many resorts located on the shores of the Sea, in Turkey there is a diving service. Tourists cannot just plunge into the world of underwater kingdom Turkey's coastal waters, but also to hunt for fish using underwater guns. This game is more about the category of sporting events, and the local population it is almost not involved, except enthusiasts - lovers.

Usually, wishing to hunt driven to the places where there are rocks or corals, as there is much more colorful hunt. And because the water is clear and the fish are constantly arriving, hunting is becoming more dynamic and interesting. Previously required license, currently this form during the Turkish government for underwater hunting abolished, in this connection, providing services to underwater hunting, it became much more.

Now spear fishing mainly developed in Alanya, and more precisely in its province of Lycia. There is organized tours whole spear fishing. You will be given and the equipment, and train the initial skills of diving, and sports equipment for scuba engage manpower fish will be given, in connection with which there is no cause for concern over the acquisition of ammunition. There are some rules to be observed by hunters.

So dive can be carried out only in the daytime, at night will be regarded as poaching. The total weight of several fish should not exceed about 8 kilograms. One big fish are not counted and not counted. Any company, in order to preserve your life and abdication of responsibilities for your integrity will not take you with contraindicated diseases, as well as if you are in a state of intoxication or the effects of drinking. It is immediately verified, as a violation of adequacy entails irreversible consequences, which no one wants to face, the more that local legislation for that levied heavy fines, threatening loss of dividends.

By the way, the hunt can be turned in the competitive game on the subject of who is more caught fish. The effect is stunning, as we are all reckless soul.

Own efforts to implement the hunt as you can through the local population. Fun cost is not so high, but has both its pluses and minuses. Ins can be called complete freedom and hunting in unconventional places and minuses can be called that the equipment periodically leaves much to be desired, suggesting that the rental equipment at the recreation.

Fishing in Alanya

Alanya is an area where there is access not only to the sea, and the sea is on three sides, but also to the local rivers. For fans of this kind of vacation offered all sorts of options for fishing. Today, fishing in Alanya - a unique opportunity to catch the unusual fish, for example, to hunt prey of sharks. For example, in these places is found excellent swordfish. Regarding the license is no problem, as a rule, does not arise. However, it recommended checking with all the tour operators that have arisen after the unnecessary questions or problems.

Go fishing in Alanya can, for example, together with the organizers, but you can a big company. It is best to go fishing in the morning, still relatively cool. It should be noted in fairness that fishing in Alanya make like the locals and catch of fish on an industrial scale is quite developed, therefore, do not obsess, do not allow tourists to catch a lot of fish.

Necessary equipment for fishing can be rented on the spot. All the necessary information can be obtained immediately. Many fans of this holiday prefer to buy tickets to Alanya, which involve fishing, for example, special tours. Some vacationers bought him such a pleasure on the spot; some come here on their own. Alanya is attractive and that gives freedom of choice.

Fishing in Alanya has long become commonplace way of life for the majority of local residents who feed on fish, as well as sell it. In any of the local restaurants for visitors skilled chefs prepare delicious dishes exclusively with fresh fish. From the resort of Alanya periodically conducted tours for fishing in the open sea. Typically, these tours are buying the tour operators, but their organization can engage in some hotels.

The group of fishing lovers on a small boat or other water transport and taken to the place where there is a maximum chance of catching some fish. It is clear that absolutely no one can give a 100% guarantee a successful catch; however, an experienced guide can give good advice. In addition, it is possible to negotiate with a local fisherman and go with him on a fishing trip.

This option is suitable for those fishing lovers who want to try out different methods of fishing, as well as to visit the places where difficult to get during the tours. In any case, you should not go fishing without a life vest and other safety equipment.

Fishing in Turkey with spinning

My wife is the fourth time my daughter was going to Turkey. At that time I usually plan their multi-day fishing or long trips. But once I found her by viewing various hotels on the Mediterranean coast. Suddenly I caught myself on the fact that not gazes at hotels, and rivers flowing into the sea. After all, there must be some kind of fish?

To find out, I sat on the internet until the morning, looking at the search engines anything about fishing on the rivers of Turkey. However, nothing about fishing could not be found. So, you have to go and check yourself.

I found about fishing in Turkey only tour operators advertising, promising trout fishing in freshwater lakes. From the photographs at once it became clear that artificially bred trout run in a certain place for the joy of tourists. Such fishing does not suit me. I found only two references to Russian tourists for rafting on some rivers, they noted in passing that in the rivers there are trout, local catch her float rod and they did it spinning.

For a trip to Turkey this was not enough. It was necessary to find out whether it is possible to fish in the rivers, or not? Find the answer to this question turned out to be even more difficult. All tour operators are given approximately the same advice: do not risk it; insurance does not cover accidents outside the hotel, so you can not catch a fish, except for tours offered by the tour operator.

However, on one site, I still found some information from which it was possible to understand that in fact fishing is practically not developed in Turkey and that there are very few fishermen using modern gear. Furthermore, for fishermen - fans there are no restrictions on the size of the fish or by number and can be caught and artificial, and animal and vegetable baits. Plus, I learned that fishing is prohibited in all national parks, it is true, not a word about the principle met - caught - let go.

Must go! That night I pulled out of the closet thin aluminum tube, which was intended for the future of fly rods, and not without pleasure ultralayt stuck to spinning. It was found that for me, you need to pay 11,000 rubles for 10 days. This, together with the flight and power on the principle of "all inclusive"! On the basis of what kind of fishing I can so cheaply rest 10 days, together with travel, food and alcohol? I bought a lightweight backpack, where to put the waders with boots and a couple of boxes of lures. For the exploration of this would be enough.

Manavgat: first meeting

Naturally, the hotel has been chosen taking into account my wishes. It was located close to the beach and near the mouth of the Manavgat River. My plan was first to walk to the river, to see her sitting there on the local fishermen, and then act according to circumstances. After all, birds of a feather always understand even without words. I chose a fairly cloudy day and in the afternoon, including Navigator, go with spinning towards the river. On the highway of farm fields saw the masts of ships. After going about 300 meters across the watermelon fields, I went to the river. So here you are, Manavgat!

The water is quite clean and cool. On it and then float boats in the sea. Beach, to which I came, quite precipitous, there are snags in the water and not everywhere to the river can be approached. And if so, then it is necessary to try and lure her tested, only a "turntable" starts or wobbler? The most versatile ultra wobblers, which I caught, and chub and asp, and red fins, not counting the pike and perch, minnow Lucky Craft Hump Buck.

He first plunged into the cold water of Manavgat. Within the visibility in the water - thick bundles of seaweed, decent depth, on the second wiring crank interested in some fish, I felt a tug, but the continuation was not followed. Next time will definitely come here early in the morning; well, there is no need to bring waders.

By the way, you can fly and catch. Thinking about this, I continued to explore the Manavgat, once had to swim for the crank that pendulum reflux neatly scored on a slope to the water branch. The water in the Volga in mid-June, invigorates, but managed to unhook the lure. Further downstream are no longer visible convenient approaches to the river.

Farmer’s field came close to dense riparian thickets of reeds and bushes. I turned back. Tied lure less - Masu Area of ​​the same firm. Whether I got the fish under his nose, whether she liked the lure, but saw her accompanied the bait, and he felt a pair of contacts. I decided that simply do not know how to fish for trout. Time allotted for exploration, was no more. Tied Mepps number 00 and changed the place to show the "turntable" not frightened inhabitants of Manavgat.

Finally, someone grabbed the bait. Just cannot see that in the fish jumping in the grass. This trout - my first trophy in Turkey. She spins, does not take a picture of you. What a trout, it turned out later. And now I am proud that the fish came to life after a long photo session and timidly beginning of the movement in the water near the shore.

Fishing is best in the early morning

All other fishing Manavgat was early in the morning before breakfast. Upriver from the hotel go exactly 12 minutes. I typed in a bottle of cold water and a light went on the familiar path to the river. On the morning of trout caught better. Trout half the size of the palm could catch without any problems. It was enough to put Mepps number 00 and throw it in the new location. I was unable to find any Turkish fisherman, at least a little speaker in English or in Russian.

Everyone I met on the beach, catch a float rod or the Donkey. Tackles, it must be said, is not very refined. Small trout as small perch: it is necessary to find a small flock - immediately begins an exciting fishing. After the capture of one - two trout biting stopped. I started to change the bait, wiring, trying to "persuade" another intractable fry, the third fishing I was not interested in catching detail. I tried to explore the depths, though, did this when the sun was hot, as the climb in cold water early in the morning so did not want to?

The first attempt to catch on deep crank baits brought larger trout. By the way, we in the Volgograd region of trout there, so I do not have the practice of catching it. For this reason, almost every day I ran away from the hotel early in the morning with spinning on the river; trout fishing for me was new and somewhat mysterious. After a few fishing’s found good places.

Now I know where the local catch eel, which usually sit anglers with fishing rods. And constantly looking out for the mysterious fish. Once I saw how big the fish picks up something from the water surface. Throw the light before it Mepps number 00 and could not, as long as bandaging Muran, fish imposingly retired the side, where there was no access to the water.

It seemed to me that I ultra light spinning such a huge trout are unlikely to be able to pull it off. However, I was not so important capture as biting. Unfortunately, the more I have not seen this fish. As for the rest of wobblers, it literally from the second caught the throw her large at the time trout wobblers Rigge. After another 20 minutes, he persuaded another same size of a palm.

At the last fishing trip, I not only fished much awaited meeting with a mysterious fish and said goodbye to Manavgat. I do not think ever. My wife and daughter liked the sandy beaches near the town of Side, and I - the river Manavgat. Now, when a trip to Turkey with a spinning back, I see the other opportunities that did not use the first time.

For example, you could rent a bike and go a little further up the river, to the mountains, where there are certain thresholds, and the water cooler could go to some other river, for example where rafting is organized. By the way, the main thing - not that I spend on recreation and fishing a lot less money than at home, and that I will spend holidays together with your family, explore another unknown river and continue to learn to catch trout.

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