Fishing on the beach

Many are not even aware that fishing on the coast of the Black Sea can not even get up from the chaise longue. To this end, the minimum cost will be needed. You need to bring with you or buy on the spot a strong fishing line with a diameter of 0.6-0.8 mm and a length of 100 m, fishing line spool 0.25-0.35 mm in slight unwinding of leads and a few bags of the type of hooks Bait holder (with the notches on the forearm) № 6 on the classification of Gamakatsu.

In addition, for the "resort" require fishing gear rubber band 20 m long, large beads, a pair of strong zippers and snap swivels with a breaking load of about 5-7 kg. As a result, the assembly should get regular donk with rubber shock absorber, but adapted for fishing in the sea.

Tackle a whole resembles a "rubber band" used for fishing with live bait walleye in lakes and reservoirs. Major hardware and sturdy thick line was needed because of the specificity of sea fishing. Unlike lakes, the sea often is present during which, together with the excitement of tangling contributes to snap.

Since the catch happens in places with rocky bottom, with difficult terrain and an abundance of algae, often "dead" with hooks cliff leashes. Because of this scaffold for leashes should be about half as thick as the main. Leashes better to do in advance, so as not to waste the time of their production on the shore.

Yes, and all the gear is easier to prepare more home, spending on this one evening. Transporting a work site with equipment attached to leashes comfortable roomy winder.
Assign tackle very simple.

On the site the main line length of about 10-15 meters from one end of the tie with a large swivel snap hook for attaching to rubber shock absorbers. Then put on the line and bead knit her a simple knot at about 1 m from the rifle. Then put on a leash and swivel to fix the beads in the same way on the other side.

Swivel rotates freely around the main line, preventing entanglement snap. This operation is repeated several times, with its leash swivels for about 1-1.5 m from each other. The number of leads is determined on the spot, depending on the complexity of the terrain. Swivels can be up to 10 pieces.

Leashes make short, about 30-40 cm, so that they are not entangled with each other. To quickly change the leash on its end do a loop. At the other end of the working section snap swivel is tied with carabiner for attachment to the main line. Snap-on reel to reel up, alternately sticking hooks in the "scum."

Where to rest from the "rest"?

Not far from the equipped beach is almost always there outwardly unremarkable plot unspoilt coast. If the water in this place there is at least a little bit unusual for the bottom topography of land, fishing success is almost guaranteed. For reconnaissance need any information from the locals, or mask with a tube and a little patience.

You can, of course, throw the right gear in swimming area, but the bottom in places, as a rule, sandy, except for red mullet, it is difficult to catch anything. In addition, equipment requires some free space on the beach. I find this interesting terrain, where the bottom of the fishery is a pile of stones covered with algae or large "layer cake" when limestone slabs arranged layers on top of each other to form a multi-storey structure of the bottom.

These underwater "floors" like to settle various inhabitants:. Of ordinary bull-dog and inedible fish in shallow water to a large ruff - scorpion fish, wrasse, and croaker (now banned its fishing) at depths greater than 6-8 m in the twilight, many inhabitants of the depths of fit close to the shore in search of easy prey. Sometimes on the hook come across large stone crabs, often eat up the nozzle, but this is a rare chance for the angler.

Evening fishing

What could be more pleasant contemplation of the sunset on the sea coast, and if more and throw the bait. By the way, have to tackle not throw, and deliver, swim in the desired distance. For this desirable mask with snorkel and flippers. This kit, as a rule, have included many holidaymakers. Do swim with equipment better still light. Cargo (stone tied with cord segment) I make about 80 m from shore. To this pre-matured gum and the main fishing line.

The working part of the leash while lying on the shore. Sail with a cargo from the shore, it is necessary to inspect the bottom under a carefully. It is desirable that the cargo went to the bottom of a little more promising area for fishing, then leashes will be in the right place. Ideally, between the fishing grounds and the shore should not be large stones, which can prevent a snap to get to the point of fishing.

Out on the coast, I usually do the work piece nozzle. For catching of predators using cutting fish (goby or medium-sized wrasse can be caught on a worm in the coastal zone), but a special delicacy for them are small crabs. Get them is not difficult, at sunset crabs out of the water in search of food to coastal boulders rafting or sea wall, and can be assembled using a powerful headlamp.

It is desirable to have suitable footwear, since the surface of the stones, as a rule, covered with algae and is very slippery. Keep the nozzle in a convenient pouch of fabric with strings, periodically wetting it with water. To fit flush hooks, better snap stretch on the breakwater or simply spread out gently on the shore. I pick up the slack fishing line, fix the end of gum on the beach with the help of a rope loop, sub-wood and stone.

Then I sit down crabs, or entirely, without the shell, or by breaking it in half, to the barbs on the shank of the hook firmly hitched bait. Sting remains open. When the gear is ready, work area with hooks secured to an elastic band with the help of fasteners and the opposite end - to the main line.

Then let go of the line gently with a rubber band into the water, raising higher, so as not to catch in the shallow water. One can only be made from the materials at hand switch and wait for a bite.

Of course, a sports gear can not be named, but if not provided with a spinning rod or heavy Picker, "gum" may very well help out. Another advantage of this gear for campers that her can not watch the whole night: catch the evening, and then check in the morning. A large number of leads can shoot a few fish with a "gum".

Beach "Trophy"

The most common prey becomes ruff sea - scorpion. He almost always deeply swallows the bait, so it is easier to detach the leash, you remove the hook spines bristling with poisonous fish. Here's the handy harvested leashes home.

Ruff hunts from ambush, perfectly camouflaged among algae because of the brown color and distinctive appearance. For the first time seeing this monster would never think that it can have. Head sea perch, which occupies a good half of the volume of his body, adorned with a huge mouth, immediately gives it a predator, and many sharp thorns.

The dorsal fin is also equipped with a stockade of thorns. Handle caught ruff must be extremely cautious. The poison spines on its quite strong, deep wound from the injection site may not heal for several days, causing pain and fever. But all this should not deter fishing - if butchering the fish carefully, it does not hurt. And once in a skillet, scorpion fish more than compensates for your efforts, meat ruff - a true delicacy!

For gourmets

From sea ruff get amazing ear, especially if the first weld head with fins, and then in the strained broth to put the pieces of fish, onions and spices. But, in my opinion, ruff most delicious fried. The easiest way to cut ruff "Finnish" way, which usually is cut perches: take the fish's head and firmly squeezing the gill cover (hands must be wearing gloves), make an incision along the dorsal fin and around the head, and then the pliers to tear off the skin with scales .

Then remove the fillets from the bones, after separating the head with a knife and cut the spiky fins with scissors. It remains only to roll the pieces in a mixture of flour and spices and put on a baking tray with fried onions.

Before serving, you can sprinkle the fish with lemon juice and add the mayonnaise. And if on the next plate will show off a crab boiled in sea water, salad or baked mussels Rapana, you will be envied even the regulars restaurants.

Please do not forget to pull out of a tackle water before leaving or before a storm. This will help float tied to a pre-load. Aborted fishing line with hooks adorn nature and can harm other people.

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