Fishing With Spinning on the Lake in Summer

Mid-summer - heat, dazzling sun, warm water. Great! It's time to go on holiday and do what you love. And if this business is fishing? You can go for a bream or carp with a float in the early morning. You can go fishing with spinning on the lake. But for many fishermen on spinning the end of June - July mean the dead season. Is there really nothing else to do, how to wait when it gets colder and the predator is activated?

I want to share my experience of catching predatory fish in shallow lakes in the midst of summer. As practice shows, and at this time you can get an enviable trophy and get a real pleasure from fishing.

Conditions for fishing with spinning on the lake in the summer are difficult, and the angler should be able to adapt to them. I'll start with the weather.

In Europe (namely, it will be discussed), there is a fairly pronounced cyclic diurnal temperature of air and water, as well as other objective factors affecting the appetite of predators.

In shallow-water lakes, the water temperature reaches 24 degrees in the daytime, which actually paralyzes predatory fish and forces them to hammer into dense thickets of grass where there is a saving shadow, even if the depth of the reservoir does not exceed 1.5-2 meters.

In this case, the heating of water to such a high value occurs in a relatively short time - from sunrise to 10-11 am (although at night the water temperature does not drop below 20 C). Hence the obvious conclusion - the best time of morning fishing from 4 to 8 o'clock in the morning, until the water is too warm. Clouds significantly prolong the period of mourning activity of many predatory fish.

In the summer, there are often thunderstorms and winds that drive a wave and the boat can only hold a large anchor in its place. It is on such days that the best catches occur.

It is noticed that the approaching thunderstorm contributes to a brief revival of the biting, but usually it reaches its culmination by the second half of the day, so it should not be feared in the morning.

What time to go fishing for a predator?

It is desirable to get up for summer fishing for a pike early, two hours a night, to arrive at the lake before dawn. This is difficult, so you can do different things: do household chores before lunch and go fishing in the early afternoon.

Arriving at the lake, we proceed to its study and the choice of the evening route. The activity of predatory fish usually does not occur during the day. Therefore, you can, without fear of frightening the fish, check the perspective places - to assess whether they are suitable for casting various spinning baits and whether there are shelters for the pike that will be released in the evening for hunting. In the course of fishing, such a study is almost impossible, and it is useless.

In order to be able to find newly discovered perspective points, especially on large lakes, they should be stored in the memory of their navigators. For the majority of ordinary fishing enthusiasts, it is enough to print out the map of the lake from the Internet in advance and to put on it points that it is advisable to check during fishing.

Inspection of a large water area is a very tedious business, especially when you have to move around on oars. If possible, it is better to equip your boat with an electric motor. You should not buy the most powerful models, which are expensive, because saving time by increasing the speed of movement is negligible, but the battery power consumption significantly increases.

I prefer electric motors with a power of 0.6-0.7. For continuous operation, a battery of about 90-110 ampere / hour is required, which weighs about 20 kg, which is not much, and the motor itself weighs no more than 10 kg.

On fishing, it makes no sense to go before 17 hours, except, perhaps, overcast and rainy days, when the activity of a predator can last almost all day. The main thing is to arrive in the catching area until 18-19 hours, just at this time the pike starts to become more active, and the chances of success will grow with every minute.

You must finish fishing when you stop seeing the place where the bait falls. It often happens that pike strikes follow on each cast, and then suddenly there are none at all, and the change of baits and the accuracy of getting into the right place do not change the situation. As a rule, this happens in half an hour after sunset, but there are exceptions.

Fishing With Spinning on the Lake in Summer

For example, somehow, returning from fishing in almost total darkness, on approach to the base, I noticed strange bursts along the wall of reeds 20 meters from the shore. The depth there reached 1.5-2 m, and the water was free from underwater vegetation. I could not resist and, having collected a light spinning, threw the spoon of MEPPS Aglia Long No. 2 along the reeds.

And what would you think? After three turns of the coil handle felt a characteristic push, automatically sagged and felt strong resistance, which made me loosen the friction. The direction of the line and the distance to the fish was not visible. One hand somehow attached a flashlight to his head and, turning it on; he saw that the line was almost gone under the boat. A minute later a rather weighty pike wriggled in the boat, deeply swallowing the spoonbill. Looked at the clock - it was 23:40!

During the fight with the fish, the boat was demolished by forty meters. He threw the bait into the darkness for an unknown distance. Nothing happened, and I felt that the previous attack was an accident, but just in case, I made a couple more casts.

About a miracle! A new impulse was given to the hand, and the spinning again bent into an arc. This extraction turned out to be larger, but I was demolished far from the reeds, and I was not afraid that the pike would drop into it. So to the two pikes caught in the evening, two more were added and larger ones. Here the activity of the predator abruptly ceased, and I went to the base.

On the basis of the fishermen discussed the results of the day and complained about the bad fishing. Learning that I caught two pikes in total darkness, some were genuinely surprised. One experienced angler said that he often fell at night to a cluster of active predators, and they were not caught better for spoon-bait. Best caught on compound wobblers like JACKALL Hama-Ku-Ru or DAM Effzett Black Hummer.

Fishing With Spinning on the Lake in Summer

Later, taking these advices into service, I several times got on excellent fishing, and even on those days when in the very beginning of evening twilight predatory fish did not differ by special activity.

Catch in the evening you need to complete darkness and you can still a little in the dark, but not very long. Do not despair if the fish is not active and return to the base, where you will still be able to sleep a few hours, in order to continue fishing in the morning in this place.

In the morning in the place of fishing you should be half an hour before sunrise. It was not necessary before, because there is still no big activity of predatory fish. We begin to methodically check the planned locations. This is convenient when the boat moves in the direction you need under the influence of the morning breeze.

It's good, when the boat goes slowly, but if it carries quickly, you have to use the anchor. In order not to engage constantly in its descent and ascent, it is better to fix it above the bottom or above the bottom grass, so that it simply slows down the movement of the boat. Well, and if the wind is strong, and such use of the anchor will not produce an effect, a water parachute will come in handy, which has become more popular lately. After looking at the place for the evening, you can relax a little and prepare the gear for fishing.

Tactics and ways of catching a predator on the lake

In warm water pike and perch are rather slow and passive, since there is a lot of easy prey in the lake. In periods of increased activity, pike, as a rule, stands in thickets at the border with open water and patiently waits for its prey. The thickets can stretch for tens or even hundreds of meters, and the clearings in them can be only a couple of meters wide.

The main problem is that almost any bait, even with a slight penetration, during wiring inevitably clings to the grass. But in order to do this, preliminary reconnaissance was conducted to know how to fence each point. Super long casts are not needed. It is enough from a distance of 25-30 meters to exactly get, hold a bait of only 3-4 meters, and success is guaranteed.

Having planned the casting point, we occupy the position at the maximum possible distance for casting the bait. We lift the oars into the boat and lower, if necessary, the anchor or the water parachute. Now the main thing is to observe silence and avoid sudden movements.

Fishing With Spinning on the Lake in Summer

On lakes overgrown with reeds and reeds, a huge role is played by camouflage, so for several years I have been successfully using camouflage clothing from DAM Company with the Realtree AP drawing. In summer, another pattern from this series, in which there are more green tones, also fits well.

When catching a pellet in one place more than 3-4 times does not make sense, so it is better to create conditions when the boat is slightly drifting along the edge of the reeds in the direction you need. Casts are performed in the scanning mode of the specified area, without repeating the trajectory of the previous cast.

The direction of motion is determined by the wind, but it is desirable that the sun bending towards the sunset is in front of you, and not behind, casting a shadow on the catching zone. To avoid the impact of the blinding sun, you should stock up on convenient polarizing glasses and a baseball cap with a large visor.

Lures and ways of catching

The simplest is catching light rotating spinners: MEPPS Aglia, Aglia Long, Comet, BLUE FOX, DAM Effzett and others, no bigger than №2. The main thing in these baits is the shortest possible output to the rotational operating mode, which should begin literally after 10 cm of wiring. This is very important for fishing on overgrown shallows. Therefore, before throwing a turntable, check its game, having spent along the side of the boat. If it at least sometimes "sticks", do not waste time on its promotion, replace with the best mobile bait.

But their small size and weight - this is a disadvantage, because of which they can often attempt a small predator and will not get far to throw them. If the place, and most importantly - the depth (not less than 1 m) allow, it is better to use larger spoons. The rate of wiring should be fast enough, allowing driving a spoon close to the surface of the water.

Fishing With Spinning on the Lake in Summer

If your bait now and then brings grass, it is worth moving to the lungs, for example, WILLIAMS Jig Dandinette and Wabbler Lite weighing respectively 10.5 and 7 grams, preferably silvery-golden hues. Do not pay attention to the fact that this lure is designed for winter - it works well in the hottest summer months. I do not advise you to take off her side twins, which are important for the correct bait playing with fast wiring.

These amazing spoon-baits showed extraordinary catch ability on the summer shallow lakes. Many manufacturers try to forge them, but these fakes are absolutely useless. Here the situation is the same as with some baits that many manufacturers forge, but cannot provide the quality of the game, guaranteed by the manufacturer - ACME.

Spoon-baits are more a tribute to traditional methods of catching, they do not lose their effectiveness, but every year more and more new lures squeeze them. Their diversity gives the widest opportunities for experimentation on lakes. I do not want to claim the role of an absolute connoisseur of all these new ways of catching, but I can share my experience.


In recent years, lobules with a small, almost perpendicular lobe, lengthening no more than 30 cm, are becoming louder and louder. They are more efficient than spoon-baiters. The main condition for using the wobbler is the presence of a layer of clean water above the grass and a window 4-5 meters long. Of these, I will highlight DUEL / YO-ZURI products from the hardcore series, especially the MHT, WCL and MWH Hardcore WoB Ru 0 wobblers.

Fishing With Spinning on the Lake in Summer

For unknown reasons, in 2012 they were discontinued, but the Surface Crank wobblers that appeared to replace them are also catchy, although it will take time to check their effectiveness.

The main advantage of these models is that they have enough weight for long-distance casting. Excellent balanced, have a fairly aggressive game, which allows them to be used for catching on small, grass-free areas.

In this case, practice has shown that the relatively small size of the wobblack does not affect the size of the captured predator. They caught a lot of copies weighing from 3 to 6 kilograms.

Fishing With Spinning on the Lake in Summer

I note other wobblers, which showed good results. In my ranking, the top lines are occupied by PONTOON 21 Crack jack, JACKALL Chubby 38SSR and MEGABASS FX6. But their price, in my opinion, is too high and does not always correspond to the degree of their superiority over other wobblers.

Wiring wobblers can be uniform, and if space allows, then with pauses or jerks. The main thing is to hit the window, and then hold the wobblers to the end of the free stretch of water, so that it almost touches the near edge of the grass. Do not try to get the wobblack out of the water. A surprising feature of these baits is their high passage of patches with grass.

Fishing With Spinning on the Lake in Summer

As a rule, having stumbled upon a leaf of a lily, the wobbler simply flips over it and continues its work. In this case, it is desirable that the rate of the wiring is slow, but well felt by the spinning and wrist.

Separately, I note the wobbler RAPALA Husky Jerk. It has very high mobility and requires rigid spinning for wiring with short jerks with minimal pauses.

To make a pike or perch peck in the summer is not easy, especially on baits, monotonously moving in the water column. It is possible to provoke a predator to a throw, applying uneven or jerky wiring and using such lures for this.

Silicone Baits

Similar wiring is also used for large silicone baits equipped with one twin with a long forearm. The equipment options may vary slightly: the hooks can come out from both the backrest and the belly of the bait.

Silicone bait has enough weight to cast for 30-40 meters, wiring mode - the ratio of jerk and pause is selected by experience. The lure is very slow, and in 5 seconds after the jerk it goes into the immersion mode, which depends on the depth of the lake. This means that the fishers need an excerpt in order not to force the wiring, which lasts several times longer than with other previously described methods.

But in the summer heat the vibrotail often turns out to be beyond competition. In this case, one must be able to recognize the bite, which often appears as a barely noticeable change in the behavior of the silicone bait when immersed. It is necessary to make a powerful sweep, since a double, though a large one is not a pair of tees.

The middle of summer, the end of June and July - this is not a dead season in catching predatory fish, but it is necessary to choose the correct gear that will make it possible to get true pleasure from fishing.

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