Flavours and Attractants

Now, in any fishing shop we can buy any fragrances for fishing. Sometimes the smell of flavors pleasing to the human sense of smell, but the fish cannot come, he simply could scare her. But the overall effect of the use of flavorings for bait fishing inconclusive.

Formula flavors

Most modern flavors contain in its structure two main components that the hub and the solvent odor concentrate. The solvent serves two purposes: first, it gives a 100% guarantee complete dissolution of all components of the aroma and second, apparently as a preservative flavor.

Typical solvents - alcohol, glycerol, oils and derivatives of any of these products or something else. They provide high quality, although some anglers complain base solvents - ethanol, as it is decomposed in water and flavoring loses their effectiveness.

But in the winter, by using flavorings which it is desired to distribute aroma in cold water in the minimum possible time - flavorings ethyl alcohol are first. Various recent developments of flavorings allow year-round use of the flavor concentrates on fishing, which was not possible earlier.

One of the most important subjects to deliver flavor to ground bait place is water soluble bags PVA (PVA), which can be used by placing it in the bait with the addition of flavorings. When released into water, the package quickly dissolve and create a fragrant cloud, better than just throw balls of bait to lure fish selected location.

And if you decide to use granules, it is better to soak in the flavor oil before packing them in the package. It is important to know what the smell flavor works in this place. Not knowing exactly can lose some time to experiment with the use of flavors in this pond. However, if you correctly pick up the smell of flavor, the success of fishing you will be provided.

Flavors in syrups, pastes and aerosols

Aerosol fragrances are an excellent tool for flavoring bread without making it wet and not destroying it. Using thick paste which adheres to the bait simply ensures that any amount of flavoring will fall to the bottom and spread all over the place at a controlled rate, but not too quickly. This method is often used in the protein granules and Boyle for making good the localization.

The syrup flavors are used to coat the bait to attract fish gain. Mainly used for fishing on the boilies and other solid bait. In applying the syrup flavor can experiment, mixing different smells. For example, with the smell of strawberry boilies can attractant vanilla and so on. D.

If you read a lot of articles about the carp, then you've probably come to the conclusion that the limit is to add a sharp, strong flavor to the bait, for maximum efficiency. In fact, most anglers prefer overdose spices bait in order to be able to differentiate the flavor of the bait.

Why, then, in recent years, many experts recommend rinsing fishing protein balls in the lake water to reduce the concentration of flavors in them, as they claim that the glut of flavor bait can scare all the fish. Everything seems so complicated!

The components of fragrances

Below I will list a few of the components used in the production of flavorings and syrups for bait.

MULTIMINO - food resource for flavors, with a touch of red. You need to know how it turns into bait. It creates the effect of clouds on the bottom and is a proven attractant flavor to the fish.

NUTRAMINO - one of the best currently marketed under different names. This flavor source liquid food rich in proteins and vitamins, and many species of fish are very fond of him.

CORN STEEP LIQUOR (corn syrup) - a thick, sticky, sweet extract from corn, the dream of many anglers. Excellent soaking baits and pellets these flavors and actually attracts fish.

BETAINE HC1 (betaine) - is made from plants, yeasts and crustaceans. Properties for attracting fish are well known, as a rule, placed in easily dispersible granules, which may be dissolved in the liquid.

In the next article I will tell you about the mix and try to explain the definition of low or high protein content. What is the difference and what to use - a highly protein mixture or a mixture of organic seed proteins.

What are attractants?

The world produces an enormous number of possible attractants for fishing. Packing them also varied. There attractants in aerosol cans, there is a mechanical sprayer. Great choice as simple plastic, iron tubes and jars.

Attractants produced both liquid and gel-like. The choice is huge, but how to choose and is it really all work on fishing as their manufacturers advertise. To understand this, it is necessary to uncover the cause of action and the use of attractant, before you buy it.

Most fishermen believe that the only use of attractants on fishing is to attract the fish to the fishing spot. But it turns out that attractants are still necessary and in order to mask the adverse odors and tastes bait.

I never thought about it? Now we try to find out about it. Many have heard how strong and stinky smell of skunk or ferret to the human sense of smell. And you thought that the fish can smell the smell of a few hundred times stronger.

So imagine, before casting his bait, you have repeatedly touched her hands, and her hands touched different things. And all these odors through hands crossed on your bait. It's the same thing that you were offered a sandwich, which was sitting in front of this frightened ferret, leaving it on its odorous substance.

Now we understand that unconsciously offer to try the bait fish such fish-negative scents, as the aroma of suntan lotion, mosquito repellent cream, gasoline, cigarettes, and worst of all, our own human scent.

Naturally fish explode, far away from such a cocktail of aromas. And you wonder why such a proven and well-proven lure is absolutely useless. Even if you feel that your hands are clean, L-serine (odorless and tasteless chemical found in human skin) will always be present on each bait, wobblers or spoon-bait.

Applying attractants, you mask and eliminate unwanted odors, making your bait free of odor repellents and making it attractive to any fish. Studies have shown that fish can spit out the bait in the blink of an eye if it has a negative taste or smell. Chances are that a catch you are reduced to zero.

Use your bait attractants make interesting fish, make longer hold it in the mouth, thus giving you a chance to hook in production time. The attractants are able to fool the fish for five, 10 or even 30 seconds, allowing you to react in time to kick or bite.

If you are still in doubt, follow the steps above, you can conduct such an experiment. As fishing, sponge rub one hand, and on the other a drip or an attractant. Then find a shallow place with visible bottom, and throw in different places in the water, these sponges. The result will not be long in coming. What you've probably guessed they.

As you can see from the above examples, the use of attractants goes far beyond the concept, only to attract the fish to your bait by using the sense of smell. However, use of attractants should be strictly for a specific type of fish.

For the most part, movements, shapes, noise and displacement are the main incentives that cause the fish attack the lure. In layman's terms, the instincts that try to make fish bait long before the sense of smell and sight.

Once the fish will be quite close to your bait, it includes receptors of smell, taste and sight. If they give the go-ahead, the fish only if you’re trying to swallow the bait. But the final decision is made special receptors located in the mouth of a fish.

All the fish in their own different. Some of them have a finely tuned sense of smell, and the other is like and do not need. The initial flavor of the bait can attract fish from a distance, but it all depends on what you are targeting. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 is the most sensitive sense of smell), here are some examples based conventional notions of sport fishing:

As you can see, adding attractants can attract fish (such as catfish or carp) to your bait long before you see him, or he will know about them. Although perch below the middle of the list when it comes to olfactory abilities, he can feel the drops of 1/200 of the substance in 3000 liters of water! Not bad for a creature that has a brain the size of a pea.

The attractants are available in different varieties of flavors. This shrimp, garlic, anise, vanilla and many others. The combinations are endless. When choosing a fragrance, my logic works is to decide what kind of fish I'm going to catch purposefully.

When choosing a natural scented attractants, try to choose those that are made with natural ingredients. Attractants, made on the basis of actual cancers or herring will be as convincing to fish as bait and authentic.

My advice, it is necessary to select a few different varieties of attractants and start experimenting on a real fishing. Try to find out what the fish prefer a taste and odor attractant that work best. After a while, you notice how you increase the catch, then all is not in vain and you're on the right track, correctly identified, attractants which are relevant in this place.

The attractants are in different packages. Banks, tubes, spray cans and spray bottle - a wide range of options for fishing. I found that everything worked well, but in the case of enveloping bait sprays have the disadvantage that a large part of the attractant waste is sprayed in the air. On the positive side, they are quick and easy to use.

Spray bottle allows measuring the exact amount of attractant that you want to use - it affects the monetary savings for the angler. They can become dirty over time even though it's not as if you'll be at the end of the day attractant packaging wipe with a damp cloth.

The attractants are designed for catfish and carp is scented bait, and it is necessary to maintain a stable to keep odor attractant in a tightly sealed container. Tubes for me, the last of my favorites, as they have the ability to quickly heat up in the sun and have a very dense texture attractant for application to the bait. While they may work well for creating a traditional flavor. But for me they are not the best choice.

That seems to be the whole truth, the use of attractants. I hope that you correctly assess the degree of use of attractants for fishing. From my point of view attractants still needed if you want to not just sit on the bank and sunbathe, and you will successfully catch excellent specimens of any fish.

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