Fluorescent Mini Boilies

Non-predatory fish are curious creatures. This has long been understood when fishing for carp. Carp can be attracted with fragrant bait and interesting bait. Often a color stimulus stimulates carp to try bait. Therefore Pop-Up boilie of bright colors, called Fluoro-Pop-Up belong to the best carp baits. Fluorescent mini boilies, slightly elevated above the bait, act on fish like a magnet.

Although the color of the Pop-Up fluorescent boilies does not occur in the surrounding carp environment, the fish are very well caught on them. Often bites for such baits occur soon after casting tackles. Carp, having arrived on the bait place, at first swallows the bright fluorescent mini boilies. He does it not because they assume in them a food source, but only out of pure curiosity.

Small boilies are preferable

From time to time, a bream or roach is caught in the fluorescent Pop-Up. This proves that other non-predatory fish are curious. Perhaps even more curious than carp. Often bream, roach and other fish before carp arrive on the grounded places and are tasted by the offered forage. This means that bright fluorescent mini boilies should be used as outstanding baits for catching non-predatory fish. Most of the Fluoro-Pop-Up, intended for carp fishing, is in an unsuitable format. Their diameter is 16; 18 or 20 millimeters.

Fluorescent Mini Boilies

A large bream or a large chub can swallow such a bait. But with large boilies, the number of bites being realized is quite limited. Therefore, you should choose smaller baits. Specially, for catching non-predatory fish, there are fluorescent Pop-Up mini format (for example from Pelzer Baits). They have a diameter of 10 mm. Therefore, it is easy to place in the mouth of non-predatory fish of medium size. Like large balls, mini boilies come in various colors and scents.

Wishing to successfully catch on catchy little baits, it is necessary to choose the appropriate size. Carp hook number 2 and leash 25 lb are not suitable.

Everything should be one or two sizes smaller and thinner. Hook No. 8 or No. 10 is more suitable for small baits and objects of catching. Leave too, should not be too rude.

You can use a woven or mono line. If you need a braided leash, you should choose a braided fishing line with a diameter of 0.10 or 0.12 mm and a hook with a ringlet.

The hook is attached using the "no knots" connection. But it is sometimes difficult to pass a fishing line through a small ring.

With a mono laser diameter of 0.16-0.20 mm and a crochet with a shovel, everything is simpler. A special knot is needed to tie a hook with a shovel. On the end of the hook bent the end of the line is made by a loop. To her mount a mini boil Pop-Up on the resulting hair. To prevent the float of the boil on the leash, a small fraction is pinched.

You can use special sinkers for Pop-Up rigs, but they are very large. They are often used together with large boilies with greater buoyancy. Like large fluorescent boilies Pop-Up, mini boilies are served on a fixed rig with a sink.

There are two possibilities. The first is to use the popular Safety-Clip clip. Such rigging allows the fish in the event of breaking the line to free from the sinker. With the purposeful fishing of non-predatory fish, a sinker weighing 1.5-2 oz is put (42 to 56 grams). To cast this bait requires a light carp rod with a test of 1.75-2 lb.

The second option is the tack Method. The name probably arose because some experts on catching non-predatory fish consider this method the best in fishing for carp and not predatory fish.

When using Method, you catch a tackle equipped with a fixed sinker. But these are not ordinary sinkers, but special heavy sinkers - Feeders Method. A characteristic feature of them is the presence of wings.

These wings allow you to knead around the sinker a large amount of dough, called paste Method. Dough provides success with such fishing. Lure "bomb", which is near the hook. Attracts fish and provokes rivalry for food. Even experienced large fish discard timidity and rush to the bait with a hook.

Making lures

You can buy ready-made Method dough, but there are also special mixtures for preparing bait. Adding water and flavors to the mixture, you can make a dough for catching Method. You can make a paste with various additives yourself. The basis is the basic bait MethodMix or Boilie-Mix. In the dry mixture add pellets, corn, chopped boilies and Dip.

The individual components are mixed, then water is added and the dough is needed. When moistening, use caution. Adding too much water - the risk of getting a bad mass. Which will not be held on the Method trough. Too dry the dough, too, should not be. Otherwise, it will prove to be stubborn and it will be difficult to crumple around the feeder. Therefore, water should be added gradually and thoroughly mixed.

The dough is prepared at home, stored and transported in a plastic bag, then it does not dry. Gnosting Method can weigh quite decently. If you send the bait not only with a careful cast from the hand to the point of catching near the shore, but also, you will need a powerful rod. Use the model with a test of 2.25 or 2.5 lb. This rod allows you to make further casts without risk of breakage.

In such a rod there will still be enough power reserve, if a small boil grabs carp. After the rig is equipped with a test and abandoned, a small fluorescent Pop-Up floats over the bait "bomb". Bait begins to give into the water odorous substances. Non-predatory fish, attracted by the test, immediately notice a small brightly glowing ball. Once the curious fish discover it, a bite will follow and the rod will bend.

Making a Test Method

Fluorescent Mini Boilies This will be required for making the test: Boilie-Mix, boilies, pellets, corn, Dip and Bait Crusher boilers.




Fluorescent Mini Boilies First, put the mixture ready for boilies in a bucket. Mixtures come in different tastes.




Fluorescent Mini Boilies Add a few pellets of pellets, consisting of nutritious fishmeal.




Fluorescent Mini Boilies Put corn in a bucket. Pour sweet water from the corn into the mixture.





Fluorescent Mini Boilies The next ingredient is a handful of boilies. For grinding, place them in the crusher Bait Crusher.




Fluorescent Mini Boilies Close the crusher, turn both sides of it in opposite directions.




Fluorescent Mini Boilies Having glanced inside the crusher, make sure that the boilies are well crushed.




Fluorescent Mini Boilies Put in the bucket bits of boilies.




Fluorescent Mini Boilies Add a small portion of Dip.




Fluorescent Mini Boilies Mix the resulting mixture with Dip thoroughly.




Fluorescent Mini Boilies Gradually add water.




Fluorescent Mini Boilies To obtain a homogeneous consistency, mix the mixture thoroughly.




Fluorescent Mini Boilies Dough Method is ready. It should not be too dry, but not too sticky.




Fluorescent Mini Boilies Double the dough around the Method trough. Thanks to the wings of the trough the dough holds well.




Fluorescent Mini Boilies Everything is ready for fishing: a feeding "bomb" with a bright bait on the hook can be used.

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