Fly Fishing in October

It's still early to lay the winter gear. Fly fishing in October, quite real. Especially when the house does not sit. Each new day always brings us closer to winter. All less happy fisherman shy sun hidden behind the low rushing the October sky dark clouds all the cup cold mornings greeted us ringing underfoot frozen dew.

However, not sit at home. Hunting still observe floating on the river float, stretch your bones, had covered dozens of kilometers by boat in search of autumn raptor. No matter how comfortable it was on the couch watching TV.

But still wants to look into the crystal clear waters of our favorite waters before they spring to hide their secrets under a thick layer of ice. And wrong those who believe that the fly fishing in October is no longer possible. It's still early to lay in winter gear, gentlemen amateurs catching on an artificial fly.

Fly fishing on the pond in October

Upon arrival at the pond even if you do not mind a small amount of insects flying over water. They are not as much as in the summer, but this fact does not affect the appetite of the fish. Still wants to eat underwater inhabitants. If you look closely, you can see how all the different flying mosquitoes and other insects.

And hunting for them fish, as in the past, gives its presence splashes and ripples. However, it is mainly small fish. Something larger than just them will not issue, although it is undoubtedly in the river there.

And, therefore, and catch big trout and chub. On fine days of October, this fish is caught very well. But about chub we remember a little later, but for now let's talk about river fly fishing.

Baits for fly fishing in the fall

Autumn in the waters of the river type generally well are 3 main types of flies. Moreover, both in wet and dry performance. This, above all, small mayfly steel-gray (the maximum size of the hook on which the bait is connected - 14 number).

Not bad work also simulates various small spiders (18-20 the hook number) in black. Similar to those insects that travel on the web during the Indian summer. The third working fly - classic beige Sedge.

Last bait, known as "water beetle", is the largest and is ideal for hunting for chub. As for dry flies, in good sunny weather should choose light gray bait, in cloudy - dark gray, almost black.

Fly Fishing in October

Gear for fly fishing in October

Everything here, as in the summer: the rod is chosen for the fish. Or rather on her size, cord - on required throw distance and depth fly posting. It is only necessary to say that the fall of leashes should be used as far as possible thinner - a maximum of 0.12 mm.

Their length is determined by the individual characteristics of the water body, but too much is not necessary to shorten the leash. Do not forget that now the water in the river is much more transparent than in the warmer months. Fish alert the suspect something very close (meaning the power cord).

For chub tackle need more powerful. For some reason in the fall across particularly large specimens, which fully demonstrate the full potential of their fighting qualities? It is possible that the fly can also leave asp. So with a lead granulate is not worth it - at least 0.14 mm.

Apply sinking cords for catching chub does not make sense. He takes pretty good on a wet fly that is moving under the surface of water - in the 10-15 cm from it. In cloudy weather, the chub is on the pit, and when the sky brightens - enters the roll. Usually at noon at noon.

Catching pike fly fishing in October

Among other predators on a fly in the river, you can fish for pike. In the fall of sharp-toothed predator likes to stand along the shoreline vegetation. This is due, probably, to the fact that with the withering away of aquatic vegetation shelter for young fish are coastal reeds and cane.

It also seeks and pike. Fly fishing for such fishing need 3-meter 7-8 grade. If the depth of the fishery more than a meter, it is advisable to put in place a floating cord sinking cord. Necessarily the presence of tungsten leash. Streamers are the same as in the summer. The only difference is that, given the clarity of the water fall is better to use not bright lures. Good work green, light gray, sometimes yellow streamers.

Like summer, autumn popular target fishing on a dry fly is dace. In warm sunny weather, it goes into small rolls sunbathing. This fish comes exclusively on tiny baits. On the fly large dace either do not respond or can, looking up from the bottom, for some time to follow her to study.

Fly fishing on the lake in autumn

In the middle of autumn lake fly fishing, perhaps, still more efficient river. That is what lures work best. Out of competition on the Lake - Nymph with golden head. Only the autumn version of the fly is performed in a different style - back to normal nymph added fluffy tail of marabou feathers.

Another working autumn fly - Booby Bobs. It looks quite strange; something resembling a nymph with golden head, but it has two huge eyes, made of plastic balls. Due to the latter fact of its appearance, this fly is floating and moving during wiring 20-30 inches from the bottom.

Catch it better in places with clean bottom. As autumn nymph fly from Booby Series has a large movable tail. It has been observed that the best fish caught on bait with white, green, yellow, especially - black tail. Somehow, on the perch, contrary to affirmed in the opinion of fishermen environment, not running red color.

By the fall of "tailed" flies indifferent not only to perch, but rudd. At the confluence of the river into the lake may fall idea occasionally. In general, autumn fly fishing catches are very impressive. Fish of one type by this time gathered in a flock, which runs over the pond.

Fly Fishing in October

Catching bass fly fishing in the fall

There is a definite advantage to the fly fishing spinning against perch. Fishermen who catch this fish all the time, they know that the closer to winter, the worse perch caught trolling. Perch becomes sluggish and it is simply too lazy to chase the fry (including spoon). It is much more likely to grab the slow moving larvae as well as the rubber bait, and in our case - an artificial fly.

Not bad caught bleak autumn. To find it, you can park on the spikes on the surface of the water. Usually, they are off the coast of the pond, especially if there is any coastal vegetation: shrubs, trees. It often happens that the day fishing on her weak, it is better to hunt for fish that evening, when she comes to the shore. At this time, there is a chance to catch a select bleak.

Going to catch a fly fishing on the lake, do not forget to take a boat. Catch with it much more convenient, because there are fewer problems with casting. It's time to tell the basic rules of fly fishing from a boat. Bait while it is not thrown to the middle of the pond, and the coast, towards the reeds.

Doing the contrary, you risk to break off all flies and disperse all the fish. Fishing Tactics fly fishing in a lake in the middle of the fall is due, first of all, the weather. With the improvement in the weather (the temperature increase, weakening the wind), the fish comes out of the depths to the grass.

Fly Fishing in October

More likely to catch it in those places where the brow is close to the coastal reeds. On the so-called "table" and they themselves can be found thickets of perch and rudd, and piled a little deeper will be a pike.

Fly fishing in October, usually ends in 4-5 hours of the day. At this time it starts to decrease air temperature, and completely disappear insects. But behind them lies and fish. She goes to a depth that tomorrow will stand silent if a fine day, again to please anglers welcomes autumn catch.

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