For Bass Cyprus

A trip on holiday in Turkey or Egypt became for many of us the most ordinary thing. The only purpose of such special trips is not original. Lie down on the beach, swimming in the sea, so the pyramids view. Now the number of common species of foreign tourism and fishing included. My trips are always on vacation for the bass to Cyprus.

Bass fishing in Cyprus

Catching bass - kind of addiction

Bass, who is often referred to as the American black bass, not black and greenish-gray. He was not quite American, because now it can be found in the waters of many different parts of the world.

For Bass Cyprus

Fishing is like a drug. The more you catch, the more the body requires.

Why Cyprus?

Option with Cyprus emerged as if by accident. But the coincidence of the number of those for whom traced motivated pattern. From his friends, vacationing at different times on the island, I found out that there has bass and caught well. It's about whether born in Cyprus or elsewhere Aphrodite, one can argue. But bass in Cyprus reservoirs is - it is a real fact confirmed by real people.

Welfare Cyprus is almost entirely based on tourism. Because we are always happy tourists there. A big plus - in English is well spoken by almost all islanders.

Gamble or gamble?

Preparation for the trip to our small group, organized under the auspices of the DAM Company, was held in the shortest possible time. In all this, I feel the spirit of adventure. After all, we could hardly imagine where we go. Heap inevitable in such cases, the questions grew day by day. And all went to what they would have to decide already in place.

But just before the departure to Larnaca I was able to communicate with friends. He worked in Cyprus for four years. All free time devotes fishing. Unlike the locals fishing in the same style as we do. Because of his experience has allowed us to avoid mistakes and without intelligence to start fishing.

I am sure that without the help of a friend, we would have caught the fish, but the way it came out much more practical. For five half days we were able to catch in five different reservoirs, which was very important for primary acquaintance with fishing on the island.

Features reservoirs

Cyprus has been and there are obvious problems with fresh water. To them, at least partially solved, several dozen dams were built in 80 years. In early spring, when melting snow in the mountains, reservoir filled to the maximum. During the year the water are gradually climbs and goes down to the level of ten meters or more.

In order to create full-fledged ecosystems ten or fifteen years ago, ponds were stocked. Since fish have mainly given to itself. The man in her life did not interfere. Fish caught on well and run wild. It behaves in a natural environment, and it is important to complete the fishing.

For Bass Cyprus

Depths predominate very large, but the fishing takes place mainly at medium and shallow depths. They concentrated the underwater life in Cyprus reservoirs. Good fishing available throughout the calendar year. Force majeure occurs only in one case - if you suddenly for two or more consecutive nights are heavy rains. The water becomes cloudy and the fish is no longer caught. But immediately after the water enlightenment in bass and other fish appetite intensifies.

On the verge of extreme

Just want to say that fishing in Cyprus - not for everyone. Bellied and clumsy beer lovers will be very difficult on the steep rocky shores.

Boat fishing in the inland waters of Cyprus is not quite understandable reasons prohibited. Therefore, whether you like it or not, you have to catch from shore. In some reservoirs, about 90% of the shoreline available for fishing. The banks go under seventy-degree angle in the water. Get to the right place, you can except in the presence of climbing equipment.

For Bass Cyprus

Only one walking on the coastal slopes is fraught with some danger. The stone on which you tread, can work as a ball bearing. The leg will go, and then - as lucky.

However, not everything is so bad. You just need to comply with reasonable care, and no problems. On foot you should not be beach slippers and shoes with a good tread.

From clothes to exclude shorts. On the slopes of a lot of thorny bushes. In particular, there are very similar to that from which Jesus was made a wreath, as he is portrayed on the cross. It is unpleasant, to tell you the plant. Theoretically, there is also a snake, but we did not see them.

Caught at all!

Indeed, if the short answer is the "rating" question (What?), it is the way it is. I just enumerate all the varieties of lures, which we successfully catch bass in Cyprus. This lure, spinner, spoon, any rubber on the jig head worm on Texas snap jig spinner, classic spinner Bait, Popper. In short I would have made a list of lures, which we did not catch bass.

Naturally, it is limited to simple transfer - this is not to say almost anything. However, the practical side of the matter requires detailed coverage of this issue. Meanwhile, restricted to specific comments.

For Bass Cyprus

Almost half of Cyprus Bass I caught on popper. Only here the size of Bass was small. If they come across ladies popper weighing 200-250 g, then "Zuriko" - and even less. It seems that the lure size here matters. But in general, in the surface layer of water held only small bass. Which sometimes can be seen? Because nothing major we are on surface lures do not get caught.

Here on a working horizon wobblers 1.5-2 m. Was able to catch a few specimens of bass, weighing half a kilogram to a kilogram. I caught another pike. Large Bassy caught on jig - in its different variations.

For Bass Cyprus

Some practical tips

I can give you some recommendations for catching bass. Thus, a variant with Cyprus, of course, not the only one, but a number of key points it is preferable to most others.

Complete fishing tourism ideally suggests that tour operators provide all the necessary services to "special package". In other words, you should not get a headache about airfare, hotel, and a license to fish and everything else.

Optimal, in my opinion, it is such a scheme. You are going to a group of three or four men and a week fly to Cyprus. You live in a hotel on the beach in Limassol district - this is the most convenient starting point in relation to most of the reservoirs.

You get the license. If you take care of in advance, you will have them at the moment of arrival. If not - then the next day. The license costs a little less than twenty dollars.

Take a rental car. It is reasonable money. If something and have difficulty with is the left-hand traffic. Roads in Cyprus are very good, traffic jams almost never happens. Before the reservoir can be reached in almost all weather conditions on the usual low car.

Cyprus is particularly interesting for us in the "dead" tourist season - is from about November to March, net of the Christmas holidays. And the prices are lower and the crowds of tourist’s beach not annoyed. At the same time the sea, by our standards, it is still warm for swimming all winter.

Week trip for bass to Cyprus if no additional pleasures will cost a total of about $ 550-600. Good luck fishing for Bass in Cyprus!

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