• Crucian gold (description of the type, characteristics)

  • Where the golden carp is caught (specific habitats and search for a place of fishing on carp)

  • Catching carp gold (techniques and skills at catching carp)

  • The bait for carp bait and gold (especially lures and baits in carp fishing)

  • Tackles for catching golden carp (specific fishing gear on fishing)

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  • The culinary qualities of the golden carp (some recipes for carp)

Crucian know many fishermen, but the golden carp caught in our time is very rare. This type of carp and have a natural appearance, which has already gone the other species. Golden carp fish very carefully. Crucian Gold is a member of the carp family. From carp it is distinguished by the barbells at the mouth, and color scales. Crucian gold is 40 cm in length and a weight of 1.5-2 kg, unlike the silver carp, which can reach a length of 45-50 cm and a weight of 3.5 kg. Golden carp develops more in height, and is growing much more slowly than silver.

The body of the golden carp laterally compressed and strongly high. Back in his dark bronze, and hips naturally golden. Some individual’s bright orange color, which depends on habitat conditions. The scales have a big carp and clearly highlighted. This type of carp is very hardy and undemanding to the water. It is one of our fish that can survive in the water with a minimum amount of dissolved oxygen (0,6 -0,5 cu. Cm / L). The minimum amount of oxygen is not the only achievement of carp to survive in our waters.

Carp can survive in the common pool. But unlike silver, gold carp does not occur everywhere. Mostly golden carp can be found in the forest lakes and abandoned eateries. There is some cyclical development population in these areas. About 5-6 years of crucian carp has a strong presence in the largest individuals, but in a few years, he seems to be shallow. It is typical for this fish is the fact that in some ponds there are only a small number of females. Caviar carp also fertilized by males of other species of fish.

Carp shows remarkable adaptability and temperature of water in which they live. With no less success they are found in the warm waters of the reservoir, and in the cold waters of rivers and lakes. In the winter, especially in shallow ponds, carp are hammered into the mud and hibernate. If the winter is very cold and the pond may freeze to the bottom, it will save them from death. Generally it is the hardiest species of fish; it has been compared with a cat that he also has nine lives. Wrapped in wet newspaper, carp can survive up to two days. Where to catch carp.

We fish for many years, but still cannot understand the logic of the activity of carp. You can one day catch a lot of carp, but returned to this same place the next day; you do not see a single bite. Of course, this happens with other species of fish, but carp - it's something special in the capriciousness of fishing. Only on the grounds where the crowding carps, we can talk about a guaranteed success at fishing on carp.

However, in these areas, in turn, it is very difficult to expect a large samples - more than 1 kg. Of course, there are some areas where we can assume such production. In most cases, they have a warm lake with lots of large predatory fish, which beat detail. Thus, the golden carp actually find in some kind of secret lakes located away from populated areas and hidden in hard to reach places.

You can also bet on small, separately located small ponds, but its 1:10, you will find there is a golden carp. Chances are you have come across on its hybrid, in particular silver carp. Interestingly, the typical small factories are not suitable fish such as bream, roach and carp, because for them there is very little food. Apparently the golden carp can use other sources of food, and most importantly there are times that for other types of fish are less favorable, such as extreme heat. Also do not forget that the crucian carp can survive the winter, when water freezes to the bottom (I'm no expert, but I heard somewhere that carp can produce the oxygen from their fat reserves).

I'll tell you one incident that threw me in amazement about the survivability of carp. One was from an acquaintance carp in several small plastic bags. I thought they were dead (they were without water for a long time and did not move). I put my bags in the refrigerator with carp. The next day I would like to use them for catching walleye. Arriving at the fishing, the fish are not deteriorated ahead of time; I took a bucket of water from the lake and dumped goldfish in it. What was my surprise when, after a while, almost all carp came to life and began to swim in the water. They were more than 24 hours without water! Catching carp. When you find a good area, it is home to the golden carp, yet the fact that you can catch it. Necessarily it is necessary to determine the place suitable for fishing. Best of all, if it is close to the shore at a depth of 2 and a maximum of 3 meters. Crucian rarely found in open water and substantially avoids depth. He prefers to be caught in shallower areas of the lake, where there is a certain amount of silt or mud. It is sure to be the presence of reeds and other aquatic plants. Threw the bait should be as close as possible to the plants or algae in the window.

A favorite place catching carp anglers believe the so-called window in algae. In the confusion of algae carp he feels calm. These windows in a continuous carpet of algae give some solace Qarase despite the reality that one by one they disappear, getting our gear. As a rule, a good window for catching carp anglers create themselves, using them constantly. So, if you want to catch carp using ready-made windows, you have to be in place early in the morning fishing to get a good seat. There is one feature in the golden carp fishing. This species is never in one place. So catching a dozen carp can stop biting. It should move to another location and re lure. The new location carp again begin to gather. This is probably because the golden carp fish very carefully. During fishing we make some noise, and the fish seems to feel that the number of comrades fell. As a consequence, a flock of carp leaves a dangerous place. But then again it starts to gather in another place. A day of fishing, with good biting, you can change a dozen places. Perhaps instinctively looks for another location carp food source.

Bait and bait for carp

Crucian is typical demurral fish. The main rule from the carp, search for food, digging in the mud at the bottom. At the same time he does not miss the carp larvae, worms, small leeches and even small fish. It was an omnivorous fish. During warmer months, the carp with evident pleasure graze algae or varnish shoots sycamore and rushes. It occurs mostly in the evening, and in calm weather on a reservoir carried by the apparent champ.

First of all, the lake is a quiet deep bay. Throws in the selected location catching carp five or six large as orange balls soaked bread, which for turbidity, add a little clay. Typically, half an hour to the place starts to gather carp. Then we only need regular tossing small balls of ground bait added bait to catch carp that.

As a rule, the golden carp is well caught on bait animal origin: manure worms, grubs, the larvae of dragonflies and other insect larvae. Large carp are sometimes caught in the well-cooked or canned corn and peas. But the best bait to use animals.

If carp takes very badly and slowly, try to catch it on a croissant or a couple of maggots. You can try different lures designed to catch other fish carp. Does not use as bait hard bait, such as grain sweet corn, wheat or oatmeal. These baits are good for bait, as the carp difficult to bite a solid food. Carp loves soft baits.

Thus, it can be assumed that carp preferred food of animal origin, plant food for it will be more legible. The best bait to attract carp need to add chopped worms and maggots. Well to add bone meal, which by its strong smell great lures a flock of carp? Herbal bait for carp should be only very soft and small pieces such as pellets of bread or very soft dough. Of course we can assume that the large carp can be caught on larger and solid bait. Still, the ideal and the best bait for carp is the earthworm, as well as, and Dungy.

Tackles for catching carp

The most common way - catching carp to the bait to float. In this case, it is enough to catch a light-purpose telescope without drivers. The main line can be thicker - about 0.16-0.20, but the leash necessarily thin - 0.12. Hooks for catching carp need white №14 - №10.

If we want to expand the perimeter of catching carp and make long casts, suitable version of the telescope with the coil. Under this option, use removable float rods. The thickness of the main line in the range 0.16-0.20, the same use leashes and hooks for float rod. Weights are set at a distance of 25-30 cm from the hook.

When fishing for carp in reservoirs use two leashes tackle about 15 cm long. With this method of fishing, the main line can be up to a thickness of 0,24-0,30, but leashes have to do with thickness up to 0.14.

There is another version of fishing; carp fishing is from the bottom. This is a classic fishing on the cake. In this case the bottom gear for carp and bream.

How carp bite and the appearance of biting.

In a small golden carp mouth. He slowly and cautiously tries favorite bait. Sometimes, especially in the bakery bait, he can pull it unseemly for a long time, creating the appearance of a bite. When fishing for carp is often seen as a float shiver and swinging from side to side. It came to the bait carp and gently tries it. However, wild lakes, golden carp long ceremony. His bite is like a swift kick bass, it lacks running bait and tries to quickly hide it in a safe place.

If you have a poorly regulated clutch coil or too thin fishing line naturally followed breakage. When fishing in forest lakes carp, you have to be always on the alert. Golden carp fish is very strong, in contrast to the silver carp. In no case cannot give up the slack fishing line. At the top of the golden carp fin razor. Sensing the tension gear slack, he immediately flipped on its axis, thereby cutting the dorsal fin your fishing line. Another way of biting assumes a smooth withdrawal of the float to the side. Carp bite is similar to bite. Just float can dramatically lie on the surface. In such cases, immediately hooking carp.  And since it is small and very weak mouth should be very careful to try to sum it to the landing net. Since mainly carp caught in the overgrown ponds and lakes, there are difficulties with the wiring it to algae and vegetation. Crucian is constantly trying to get away in a thicket of grass. If he succeeds, he is the winner in the battle. Pull out of the grass carp is almost impossible. This must be taken into account when catching carp and.

However, the same size as carp or carp, crucian carp is still at least two times weaker than them, but quite intense fighting. Most importantly, after hooking it does not give leave carp in a thicket of grass or reeds and keep the line constantly in tension. When catching larger fish carp we should be more careful. There is already safe to celebrate. Although there were times that at the time the plant fish in the landing net, a large carp as it did last jerk, and often broke off the leash as a fisherman was in a relaxed state, having decided that the catch had been in the cage.

Despite widespread prejudice and contempt even some fishermen to catching carp as a serious fishing, many specifically looking for secret places to catch the golden carp. This type of carp is now becoming very rare. If one compares catch the gold with silver, are two big differences. Golden carp is very interesting in terms of fishing.

First, it can be said that the rare fish, and secondly for its beauty and active resistance, golden carp can be compared with the wild fellow carp - carp. When good circumstances, such as the discovery of the lake or pond is a golden carp, the right choice of bait and place of catch, catch carp can be very significant. In general, it is worthy of respect for the fish, no large claims, although many fishermen catching carp perceive as a serious fishing.

Culinary quality of crucian carp

Golden carp meat is very tasty, unlike silver. This is probably because the golden carp fish is still wild, living in clean waters and feeds on natural food. Crucian is very tasty in any cooking methods. No wonder even our grandparents loved this dish - carp in sour cream. He tried more than once. Real jam! Small carp up to 100 g, roasted whole on both sides. So they become thinner and better par fried and softened bones better.

Very large carp baked in the oven or on the grill as the meat between the ribs is the most delicious. Unlike goldfish, gold has no specific taste of slime and algae, as lives in clear lakes and feeds mainly on animal food. For the gourmet taste, well ahead of carp hot soak in milk. And finally, a nice feature goldfish - often in catches are why the female carp, which throughout the year a lot of eggs. Caviar does not differ from carp roe. Taking eggs from fish clean it from the skin. Wash and drain it, then saline and put in a jar. Hold for about 2 weeks in the refrigerator until the eggs will not accept an orange-golden color.

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