Grayling and brook trout spinning

In this article, I will share ways of catching a spinning grayling and brook trout. It is about fishing with spinning rather than fly fishing. I'll tell you what is better to use spinner bait and catching grayling and trout. Trout and grayling - the two types of fish live in almost the same waters. But, despite this, the habits of these fish are quite different. Combines well their love of cool water, the rapid flow and nutrition to all those that fly and fall into the water.

Grayling and brook trout spinning

Trout and grayling, and even can live in the same river, but mostly prefer to stay at a distance from each other. That is, on the local stretch of the river, where she found refuge flock of trout, grayling is almost impossible to meet. And - on the contrary: where is fattened grayling, trout catching is highly unlikely. But spawning places in trout and grayling is almost the same, only the trout spawn much earlier and prefers a strong current. The growth rate for both types of fish - is also almost the same.

The first three years fry significantly added in the growth, and the fatness: after the first year of life fry mass can be 10 - 12 grams, after the second - at 100 grams, and at the end of the third - to fluctuate in the 300 - 400-gram ranges.

Then the growth of trout and grayling is already a much slower pace. Puberty trout and grayling mostly achieved in the fourth year of life. Although there are exceptions - for example, male dwarf trout with growth of just 8 cm can secrete milk and fertilize eggs.

As you can see, trout and grayling have much in common, starting with the habitats and ending objects supply.

Fishing for grayling

Start with a story should respect the words that deserve grayling. The fact is that the grayling is one of those rare species of fish, among which almost no widespread cannibalism. That is, the representatives of this species in very rare cases feed their congeners.

Agree that this phenomenon among the underwater creatures that live in our waters - an unusual phenomenon. Basically, grayling feeds on insects; this explains the prevalence of grayling fly fishing in the catch, applying for catching various imitations of insects. But spinning’s with baits to catch grayling is also possible.

Engage only grayling fishing spinning I was forced to joint fishing on small rivers in the fly fishing community. Looking at how the guys tying different flies, recklessly pulled out of the water grayling I set out to catch a grayling is spinning’s with baits. I cannot say that to achieve this goal was simple and easy, although many with the acquisition of some experience all the past and it seems easy and simple. But whatever it was, but for several seasons, we purposefully teammates catch grayling spinning on numerous rivers.

Grayling, like most other fish species living communes. And in communes dominated by a certain size of fish. As is customary in many underwater creatures, large individuals prefer to reclusive. Active grayling can be anywhere in the river, standing on the main jet, which blows for a variety of midge. If the bed of scattered stones, then the presence of them grayling is almost guaranteed. Well, if in such places still tree branches hanging over the water - the best option for catching grayling and submit impossible.

Another one of the classic places where there is a good chance to catch grayling - rocky shoals. Places after rolling, pouring himself just before a roll at any of these points’ grayling can wait for their prey.

Grayling fishing spinning lesson quite difficult. Especially it concerns summer fishing, when flying over the water a myriad of insects that make up the main diet grayling.

Catch a spinning grayling not really that simple, but certain skills and appropriate skill like fishing can bring the angler a lot of pleasant moments. The main thing that you need to catch grayling spinning - is to try to hold the bait so that it was as close to the water's surface.

Small spinners can bring good catches of grayling in the spring and summer. At this time of year come first spinners (turntables), the smallest sizes. Specific models of turntables can be called the smallest sizes of lures brands Mosca Rastel, Panther Martin Trout Spinner, Worden's Rooster Tail, MEPPS Aglia Long and the like. One of the main conditions for the bait operation - the presence of feathers on the hook baits.

MEPPS Aglia Long

In autumn, when the grayling starts fatten in preparation for the long winter, you can offer him and medium sizes. There are cases where very large grayling offended Spoons. Here is the main thing - to choose the lure of this caliber, so that it can communicate the power of the river flow.

In this regard, it recalls one incident occurred on one of the salmon fishing’s. One day in December, and winter that year was delayed significantly, snow and frost does not have - and we have deliberately hunted for trout using correspondingly large Spoons. The place was well-known and famous for the fact that the trout often comes here to feed.

Special trout activity that day was not observed, but the three trout for two, we were able to two hours to catch. It was evening, and we decided that making a few entries, stop fishing. And after one of casting my friend said, "There!" How can we be surprised when the shore was pulled grayling! Spoon was not small, about 12 cm in length. So autumn grayling (or any other fish) quite allows the use of large-sized lures.

Not a bad catch grayling can be achieved using crank baits. Lures should be miniaturized and may not exceed a length of 30 mm. Although there are exceptions, but they are so unlikely that they are not to be thought of. The second main requirement necessarily imposed on the wobblers for catching grayling - the ability to keep the jet. Basically grayling fishing is conducted in a strong current, at the junction of different jets.

Therefore it is very important that the lure had stable "game" does not overwhelm the side and did not go "into a tailspin" when posting. The main animation wobblers should take into account the effect of the flow. Wobbler just put on stream - and will be given on the flow. In this case, effectively disable the anti-reverse reels - and help the passage of a wobbler, rotating the knob in the opposite direction, holding the cord with the necessary speed.

For such grayling suitable surface models and lures that mimic a variety of insects. Of particular models of wobblers my arsenal I can recommend to try to seduce grayling models such as the Bug Minnow 20SR from Angler's Republic, Kumo Spider and Akkan Bem from Jackson, Almond - a co-production Lucky Craft and Bravo, SoniCRA 20S from WaterLand, Baby Hickory from ZipBaits.

Bug Minnow 20SR

And most importantly, be sure to say, grayling fishing with spinning - is a purely sporty type of fishing that can bring a lot of pleasant moments. Therefore, among the fishermen in fly fishing and spinning, there is a kind of "code of honor" - virtually all fish caught, regardless of size, is released back!

Catching trout

It's about the brook trout - fish, born and bred in the river in a constant struggle for survival. Fish powerful, capricious and, I dare say - clever. There is, of course, also the rainbow trout - fish, grown in greenhouses of different fish nurseries. In many countries, rainbow trout are grown artificially. And after reaching a certain size released into lakes and rivers. Naturally, released in the wild after she from a change of scenery, gets used to life in the river, rainbow trout is also becoming a very honorary trophy of every angler.

Still, when fishing on small rivers more valued catching trout is - so to say "native" local waters. It is no wonder it is catching trout fishing is considered to be riding skill. Brook trout, especially individual, which has reached the age of three, feels full mistress of the reservoir - and behaving aggressively and boldly, while managing to largely cautious. Therefore, in order to catch a brook trout, you must not only know the habits of the fish, but also the lure, that it should be offered.

brook trout

Catching trout spinning differs significantly from the grayling in spite of all that unites these fishes. The most important thing here is that the trout is pronounced predator, perfectly responding to all kinds of imitation of small fish. It is this predatory nature and can successfully apply different kinds of spinning lures with targeted hunt for brook trout.

Habitats brook trout can be varied: it rocks, is located directly in the water and turns of the river bed, and hanging over the water branch of the coastal vegetation, and all sorts of rolls and a variety of pits and grooves, which is rich in virtually any small river.

Simply put, any place in the river where there are fast flowing and there are various types of obstacles that can bring a good catcher catch trout. Particular attention should be paid to the trunks of fallen trees in the water. Particularly if they are arranged along the main stream. It likes to stand underneath a big brook trout.

I will give only one case from my own practice. Rifts. And in the end is rolling wills shore fallen tree. I make a few casts himself in the flow of water - and take out of the river two small trout. But the tree, lying along the shore, it attracts my opinion. "Why not?" - Is constantly spinning in my head I thought, encouraging exploitation of such grips lying trunk. Mentally said goodbye to vobbler Rigge 56S, I throw it very close to the distal end of the barrel.

Take short lift spinning, then a slight pause, allowing the flow to carry the lure at the very trunk. Another lift, pause again. Nothing. Repeat throw. Now lure splashed down much closer to the log. Again, the wiring in the same style: lift - pause. And on the second rest period, when the lure went under the barrel, followed by a powerful breakthrough. A brief struggle - and soon appeared in front of the camera lens, a fine specimen of trout 600 grams.

Catch the brook trout lures can spinning’s almost any kind. And all those baits that are used when fishing for grayling and which were discussed above, it is suitable for fishing and trout. But if you want to become the owner of trophy trout specimens, you can safely use larger lures. This is especially true of wobblers. Brook trout wobbler favorably refers to a length of 5 -. Like Jackall Trout Tune 55 6 cm lures, Lucky Craft Pointer 48SP, ZipBaits Rigge 46 and 56 are able to seduce the most incredulity trout. Models such as Smith Camion, Jackall Shubby, Peppy 27F, Salmo Hornet and the like can deliver a lot of pleasant moments in any trout fishing spinning.

Lucky Craft Pointer 48SP

Small spinners up to №3 can bring good catches of trout. Using small "turntables" and guiding them according to the conditions of the fishery, almost always you can count on the fact that the brook trout willing to respond to the offer - regardless of the depth at which it is located. Only here, as in the case of grayling fishing, it is desirable to have rotating spinners attended tail hooks. Because of specific models than those that apply when fishing for grayling, should pay close attention to the spinners Nature and Slash of Blue Fox, Myran Wipp and to Agat, as well as spinners and Salmon Egg and Sported Fly from Panther Martin.

Myran Wipp

The same applies to the ultra light spinners, who are able to take the fish, is situated in any horizon of water. The main requirement for Spoons for fishing on small rivers - so that they would not turn on the jet.

There is another type of spinning lures are very effective at catching trout. That view, which is almost always possible to seduce brook trout, is silicone worms. This silicone trout rarely miss, even in spite of the fact it is in a stage of activity. This type of silicon lures is a truly deadly for occupants spotted small rivers. They made almost all the manufacturers of spinning things. Here and founder of the order Soft Plastic - Mister Twister, which produces a series of Exude Trout Worm.

And what's more famous for its hooks Eagle Claw, offers us several options for "worms" for catching trout - like Waxworm or Trout Crawler. And, of course, such a "silicone tycoon", as Berkley - not able to pass this kind of baits, silicone manufacturing «works of art» Trout Worms or Micro. Even our European DAM launched the production of a series of trout "worms", calling it a Power Trout System.

Exude Trout Worm

The list goes on for quite some time. Almost every manufacturer produces silicone bait, does not avoid the topic of trout fishing. Then be sure to say that these silicone "worms" is hailed as a brook trout, and rainbow. Therefore, they are very effective in the wild, and at catching trout on paid reservoirs grown in hatcheries and released into artificial ponds.

And, of course, with fishing lures you can use some types of «blended», which use fans fly fishing. One of these baits - legendary Woolly Bugger, imitation leech. Hook with a fly, weighted head 3 - 4 grams, very well thrown ultra light spinning. And this type of bait harness fully controlled. So it makes sense to look at the arsenal of fishing fly fishing enthusiasts - and much to learn from them.

Woolly Bugger

That's all that I wanted to talk about catching a spinning grayling and brook trout. Of course, every kind of bait requires a certain approach and the application of skills. And in the future we will consider in detail the bait themselves, and their methods of animation on the small rivers at catching grayling and brook trout.

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