How to Catch Big Perch

Previously, they were to me rather an additional trophy along the pike, trout or walleye. However, these rather impressive size instances prompted to try sighting catch perch on track. And I soon got a taste. After a few months a series of large photos of perch length of about 45 cm is already adorned the walls of my "Fisherman's office", the fish were caught in the waters of different types! Have I become a pioneer of a new method? Large perch - quite a rarity. The spring and especially autumn (September, October and November) is perhaps the best time for fishing perch.

For more beauty gives her the fact that pike - gourmands known at this time with some special pleasure to eat perch. So sometimes you can catch pike, and a decent, if to take into account some of the nuances. But first you need to find Perch flock. To do this, you should use a mini-crank.

The best places to fish - estuaries, intermediate bridge supports, boat ramps, perch ridge, steep slopes or the beach, covered with trees. Sometimes it is not so easy to find these nimble "thorns". Whether you are fishing on the "track" or spinning, usually advise to change the size of the bait and trolling speed. This can drastically change the amount of catches of perch.

"Snatch" method

During perch on artificial bait catch the eyes of two circumstances. Apparently, big perch do not like the uniform wiring wobblers. Therefore it is better to keep the rod in your hand at catching on track ", but with a smooth movement of the bait boats to conduct short spurts.

Such short jerks with sharp acceleration wobblers brought me many bites. Large, mistrustful perch or pike only way to seduce. Perch bait often pursues a uniform wiring, not daring to attack her. Such persecutors hesitant, skeptical after watching the bait, and then go back home, leaving the angler with nothing.

If you give a little wobblers pass behind the boat, and then hold it in short spurts, many pike and perch a few meters from the boat, unable to stand, still makes it a snap. This confirms the fact that fish are chasing bait on a large distance. Posting method of artificial lures when fishing in the choppy "track" is valid only if the motor or rowing partner drives the boat.

When intermittent wiring bait we change not only its speed, but also the depth at which it goes. This allows you to fish different parts of the bodies of water at different depths of water. This method of fishing on the "track" is, in fact, half spinning fishing, since the rod is always in his hand, and the speed of movement of bait depends largely on the jerking than the boat speed. It should be noted mistake many anglers when fishing on the "track."

Although they use catch ability bait, but posting speed is too monotonous character to lure predatory fish to bite. I propose to hold the next test: when fishing on the "track", set one rod in the holder, and the other to take a hand. I'm pretty sure that bait "jerks" catch will be much greater.

Pike - it's too bad

It turns out that not only the perch, pike and goes crazy with "a regular series" bait! Most pike bites occur when I'm a big lure through Perch flock. You familiar with this situation, when the rod suddenly bent quickly and calms your partner: "Yes, it's just a snag any caught."

But later, when checking the bait, it appears that the pike jaws still "caressed" her and her predator teeth marks clearly visible. Therefore it is better to take the rod in your hand and pull the bait jerks. Then you will not only be more bites, but also more opportunities to respond immediately to them hooking.

It happens that some kind of crazy pike tries to grab the lure right next to the boat. In this situation, despite a powerful adrenaline rush, it's important to keep a cool head, such a pike after sweeps in a panic rush for the boat. It is always exciting moments when you feel a short jerk baits resistance, and then see how the pike jumps out of the water.

Pike takes particularly good wobblers elongated. However, when fishing for walleye I accelerate the wiring is not so fast. And the bite is similar rather to shorter lift than a "sharp shot." Zander have to strike more sharply to pierce the hook wobblers his bony jaw.

Major fish - big bait

Along with the "snatch" method, there is another trick you can use to entice big perch to biting: Change the size of the bait. Of the many fall for the bait big caught my largest pieces. However, I will not hide: large perch pecked and small lures. Several times it happens sometimes.

Enough to catch middle perch, I rented a mini-baits and catch "track" on a very large wobblers, because I wanted to catch a pike in a solid Perch pack. The results are striking. Sometimes the lure length 18 cm pecking perch up to 44 cm! "Good pike!" - I stubbornly repeated at each new biting, although the water is clearly a large dorsal fin sticking perch.

Then I finally realized that this simple technique can serve as a method of sighting catch trophy bass. Sometimes less fishing on, but most of catch. Is it better to drive around a few good places to fish or a whole day in one or two places? The answer is simple: imagine that a headwind you go rowing on the 10-mile lake and fishing grounds are located a few kilometers from each other.

Then a lot of time it will take to it to move from one area to another. So you should be limited to one or two places. Here, the catch will be smaller, but safer! If the fishing sites are located just a few hundred meters from each other or have a speed boat, the less time is lost, and you can learn new fishing grounds.

Luck will accompany you, especially in areas with a variety of bed profile, where predatory fish are on the edge, in ditches and pits. Places me "detectable" with the deep-water wobblers (long front blade disposed at an acute angle). Its main disadvantage: he is not immune from the hooks.

Therefore, I advise to replace it with tees on a thin wire hooks. Thanks to this you can save costly wobblers at the toe, because the hooks are easier to straighten.

Try not to torture

Many different sized perch catches and mini-wobblers, but if you play around a bit, and harness the speed of movement of the rod will vary, then you have a better chance of catching big perch. Once you've caught a few copies in the average mini-bait, try to spend a great lure through Perch flock.

When fishing for perch I've always ready pike tackle, as very often the transition to larger bait brings success. To catch mini-wobblers, I prefer a rod length 1.8-2 m test weight to 15 g for the same fishing with large wobblers, up to 18 cm, it is necessary to have a more rigid rod length 2,40-2,7 m with weight test before '40

Braided lines though and allow better noticed a bite, but I prefer monofilament fishing line, as due to their extensibility reliable strong fish on lightweight gear.

Fishing by drift boat

After several hours of hard paddling advisable in any plot to heave. On known catch ability places do not hurry, you should try to calmly try different lures, for example, silicone fish and twisters. Among silicone fishes I prefer to Trick-Fisch firm Paladin under color of perch or blue stripes and Sandra-Twister (Ehmanns) white.

Many of my friends Trick-Fisch presented beautiful fish. Most bites occur on the stage of the bait drop that falls to the bottom of the pond, remarkably resembling a live fish. By the way, Trick-Fisch in the color of the perch I had to catch a great fish, even when the rest of the baits she lost interest. To slow catching on "track" Trick-Fisch and Sandra-Twister are also great.

Mini wobblers

From mini-wobblers for perch search flocks are especially good Salmo company model, for example, or the Hornet Salmo Deep Runner. The length of these wobblers from 2.5 to 4 cm, they are painted in natural colors of the fish feed. Salmo Hornet goes to a depth of 1.5 m, a Salmo Deep Runner sinks to 4 m, and it is therefore well suited for fishing in the deep places.

For delivery "models shallow" depth to add to the load they can, depending on the depth of the reservoir. To do this, at 30-50 cm from the lateral leash tied wobblers with a sinker weighing about 10 grams (perhaps all: pellets, strips, "pear"). Before the mini-wobblers are sure to put a thin steel leash, because, you see, and grab decent pike bait.


For "catch jerks" I take floating wobblers or suspender that can be used to fish different depths using additional reloading. Especially good model to dim elongated own game. These lures attract attention only when their movement accelerated by the breakthrough, - a change in behavior makes them interesting for predatory fish.

In water with good visibility at a depth of 3-5 meters, I would recommend to use one-piece elongated model with natural bait color. On wobblers elongated faster, without noticeable delay, transmitted snatch efforts as water resistance is negligible. When fishing on the "track" in the very murky water where predators perceive bait rather sideline, I prefer these two-part floating wobblers like Rapala jointed.

However, my favorites are the 18-inch invincible floating and the 15-18-inch Rapala Husky Jerk Company. In autumn, when the fish are already at depth, often I use thick (Fat) or spherical model "rattles" and extended the blade, for example, Loudmouth firm Mann's or deep diving crank baits firm Yo-Zuri.

However, due to the increased resistance of water transfer motion from the breakthrough they have significantly slower than crank baits elongated. Therefore, spherical lures are designed for very slow "track" over the deep places. "Rattles" further attract fish. Remember that due to jerk the lure not only speeds up the movement, but also goes into depth.

If you fished area with a strong drop depth (precipices, edges, ridges), deep diving floating crank baits have also the advantage that after a quick dash down the rod lowered, and they go far into the depths. Lift the rod tip; you can transfer them to the middle layers of the water.


Always accelerate the movement jerks the bait, it will encourage hesitant pursuers to biting.

Perch flock attracted pike, so there is always a catch on the big lure.

Time fishing valued expensive, so it is best to travel fewer seats, but fishing on them with greater intensity.

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