How to Catch More Carp on Your Pond

If you want to catch as many carp during any carp fishing, to begin with you will need to make them hard to eat your yard catch. As soon as the medium-sized carp begin to feed confidently on point, catching them is not easy. Because there is much competition for every morsel of food. In addition, when a little carp feels full, his suspicion and caution will decrease significantly. You can easily catch fish, even if the equipment you use will be poorly disguised or bad pinpoint carp. Using some catching tricks, you will be able to surprise many in your local lake.

How to Catch More Carp on Your Pond

One of the best ways to get the carp to eat hard is to let them know that you proposed the bait tasty and useful. In addition, safe and poses no threat. Carp greedy creature, and eats virtually all types of food that it finds. One reason why it does not always have to be some bait - carp is uncertainty about its safety.

Once you have located the carp in your lake, a good choice would be complementary feeding small amounts of food in a place where you can see the bubbles and other signs of feeding carp. Continue to feed the fish, not throwing rods, just feed and watch.

You have to make sure supply of fish. Once this happens, in any case, do not throw their rigging lured into a point or for her. Threw his equipment on the sides of the food to the carp could safely eat spot on the stern, suspecting nothing.

When carp eat with confidence, try to reduce the weight of the load in a snap as much as possible, so as not to frighten him once again. Throw-tooling around and closer to the shore at a sufficient distance from the feeding spots, it not only does not give cause for concern nursing fish, but also may bring a bite of a larger specimens, which is usually held at a distance from the bait.

How to catch more fish on the short sessions?

During the short session carp, you need as much as possible to get the carp will eat on your fishing area. You need to use balanced food of the best quality that could compete with natural food in the pond. It is necessary to attract as fish that they literally fought for every morsel of food.

To make sure to catch large quantities of fish for a short session to best your fishing site for a few days before leaving on a fishing trip. To give the carp more time to get used to the new food for him and link bait with a useful, nutritious food, and most importantly safe.

How to Catch More Carp on Your Pond

One effective method of feeding is that your bait stands out against the background of complementary foods. But to make it so that its performance was different from how others do it carp anglers. For example, many anglers use PVA bags; however, they almost always lead to bait placed inside.

Carp have long been accustomed to this method and is afraid to touch these small groups feed. What you need to do is to get a carp to understand that a bunch of your food completely safe for him. In other words, try to lure food, bombarded in PVA bags. You can throw 20 or 30 packages with food at a time, and do not feed. Do not throw their equipment within a few hours.

You make sure to eat the fish, and it is nothing to be suspicious when you throw another PVA bag, but with a hook. In fact, I think that this tactic will work a lot better after a preliminary ground bait company.

How to Catch More Carp on Your Pond

Doing this for a few weeks and throwing each time with some food PVA bags with bait, the fish can develop a strong association with a secure source of nutritious food in the lake. This trick can be fishing using PVA tape to accustom the carp need not fear lying in the range of baits on the bottom of the reservoir.

It's just a few ideas to get the carp to eat your food and greedily grab your bait. Use your own ideas and create their own unique tactics feeding and fishing, to get as much as possible for the next carp bites carp fishing.


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