How to Choose a Sounder for Fishing

Now select the sounder for fishing and how to do it right, it is difficult to know. Too many different companies and different prices. But it is quite possible and now we look at how to choose a sounder for fishing. First, I want to dispel all doubts the fishermen - sounder can actually see the fish, not just the bottom relief. The assertion that "Fish finders" does not exist - false. And those who argue about the absence of normal market fish finder, mistaken by 100%.

How to Choose a Sounder for Fishing

Because they are likely to use cheap and old echo sounders. In addition, the echo sounders are inherently not designed to search for the fish, but only to explore the seabed. So, let's see what types of echo sounders for fishing there.

What are the types of echo sounders for fishing?

All sounders for fishing can be divided into these types:

  • Surface area study
  • For a thorough study of the area and search for large or schooling fish
  • universal, multifunctional and 3D echo sounders

The essence of the sonar is their radius of the review and the power amplifier. After all, he sounder operates on the same principle of ultrasonic measurement. Also on the stable operation of the sonar affects travel over the pond. If you do not move, the sonar is much easier to view the terrain and the presence of fish.

Sounders of the first, the most simple and cheap categories are designed to search for fish habitat. With their help, you can easily find a pit, rolls, bed ponds or lakes, rocky surface, or muddy bottom. They are suitable for experienced fishermen who are often on unfamiliar waters. This is the best sonar for fishing in new and interesting places. They are characterized by a large viewing angle (45 to 50 degrees), small screen and poor detail. Also, they have to work, stopping or moving slowly.

Best Fish Finder for most fishermen - is sounder second category. These echo sounders are the most popular and the most common. From well-known companies can be called JJ-Connect Fisherman, Humminbird PiranhaMAX, Garmin Fishfinder and others. They are already 2 (sometimes 3) beam, which allows them to have a fairly large range of viewing.

Also, this sonar’s often have water temperature indicators, alarms when it detects fish, water speed sensors and more. They can already be seen in the bottom of the boat. They may be viewing angle at the same as the previous, but much stronger signal that allows to "seeing" more accurate and deeper. Also in the bottom of sonar items and fish do not merge into a single entity.

How to Choose a Sounder for Fishing

The best sonar for fishing, and of course the most expensive, is universal echo sounders. These include Humminbird Combo, Garmin GPSMAP, Humminbird Matrix 3D sonar’s and other stationary. Of these sounders can talk for a long time, since the filling of each is quite large. They packed full to capacity with all sorts of features and additions.

How to Choose a Sounder for Fishing

These features include:

  • 3D visualization of the bottom at a distance of 50 meters and more
  • more than 4-5 rays, which allows for a better view and see the entire bottom at a glance
  • Compatibility with GPS, computers and other equipment
  • shock - rugged
  • Special opportunities for night fishing and fishing on the sea

This is suitable for those who do not just want to relax, and really wants to get a result. Also for lovers of sport hunting. There are such a powerful echo sounders several thousand dollars. But if the sonar is the most expensive, it does not mean that he is the best. There are many other more important criteria for selecting the best sonar for fishing.

What to look for when choosing sonar for fishing

The main criteria of any fish finder is the power of the transmitter, the transmitter quality and receiver sensitivity. The transmitter sends a powerful signal that is reflected from objects in the water, back to sonar. The characteristics of sonar used two powers: RMS (average) and peak. They are given over to comparing the different sonar and some mathematical calculations (for example, how far he sees) on them not to do. But the higher transmitter power, the stronger and more effective sounder.

How to Choose a Sounder for Fishing

The converter also has several characteristics. This viewing angle, frequency and shape of the transducer. From the angle of view it depends on the total area of ​​visibility and detail. The greater the angle, the less detail (this is due to dissipation of the signal) and vice versa. Frequency allows penetrating deeper and more accurately convey relief. It depends on the viewing angle. But the lower the frequency, the greater viewing angle. Shape converter affects the noise when moving. The best considered a spherical shape sonar transducer.

The receiver controls all the data and enhances them if necessary. I recommend choosing sounders with adjustable receiver. With his help, you can increase or decrease the range of viewing it. This allows you to look separately at the bottom and fish separately.

Not unimportant factor is the sonar screen itself. It must be the highest resolution (it indicates the multiplication number of horizontal pixels by the number of vertical pixels, for example, 640x480). This will more accurately reflect the situation at the bottom. With the use of motorboats suggest using echo sounders with a larger screen (5 inches or more). Because, look closely to the small screen fish finder for boats driving uncomfortable.

How to Choose the Best Fish Finder for fishing

In order to properly select the sounder, I advise you to do so:

Decide how you will use sonar. Will you ride with him rarely and only in unfamiliar places, or do you do sport fishing and you often need a sounder.

Think about whether you will be looking for fish or just need relief. When you select the sonar to find out all warranty, repairs, power, the possibility of using the boat and from the shore. Also do not forget about winter and summer fish finders, they are quite different from each other.

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