Lures Aiko Tiny Chick

One of the most successful, in my opinion, the company's new products Aiko became lures Tiny Chick. I happened to catch him in the very different conditions, in different waters and different fish. Well proven in the fishing pond trout, chub and perch.

To begin with let us on the technical specifications. By the way, Aiko now indicates the main characteristics of the bait - length, weight, buoyancy.

Technical data Manufacturer:

- The length of 35mm.

- Weight 2,3gr.

- Deepening to 0.6 m.

- Index "F" indicates that the floating decoy.

Available in several colors. The palette is not very rich, but it contains both "natural" and bright colors. For example, the pink color is very visible and easy to angler's eyes. Complement the interior of the bait realistic eye.

Equipped with bait tees with a beard of satisfactory quality. A distinctive feature of the trout in this class, such as Zip Baits Rigge 35 - thicker wire hooks.

Painted well. Paint for half of the season and a dozen fishing’s whole, only slightly scratched by contact with other baits in the box.

My Tiny Chick clockwork was fitted with a ring with not very thick coils. Ring I took off to avoid losing the bait. I use the bait without it. On tees ring is not very, but their home and left hooks to the test.

The bait body mounted ball that rolls on the longitudinal channel. On casting it is a little out of the tail. Ball not how it is fixed. On the wiring can also be rolled freely. Ball also creates a sound effect.

Flight quality at Tiny Chick good. Range and accuracy lacking in all fishing conditions.

Game lures

Actually it is the most basic, what I liked the fish and lure.

Classic lure performs well on jerk guiding in all its variations. Easy to manage. Permits and jerks hard and soft, offering wide scope for creativity. He is playing well. It can expand so much that overwhelmed tees for fishing line. Little comparable in length with bait, lead-string fishing line minimizes overlaps with the active Twitchy tees with fine soft braid.

Pike - enemy Tiny Chick. Put a long leash, not a game. Short, bite. For all time were a couple of pike bites. Realize no one failed. Obviously, the pike is interested in the bait and there is a high probability of losing a lure into sharp teeth. If the pike is found in the fishery, a small, no more than 7 cm. thin leashes will not be superfluous. Game lures such leash not much hurt. But it should be borne in mind that the buoyancy of the lure is not high, and a string leash 5cm. 0.011 inches of the wire becomes the bait slowly sinking.

Tiny Chick great plays and uniform wiring. Really great starts and can stably operate without failure at a very slow posting. This bait feeding can be very necessary. On one of the trout fishing’s Tiny Chick is called "shot" is such a posting. Trout on the day reacted to the various options for the animation. However, it is slow to the point of breakdown of the game uniform wiring fishing on other options of animation at times.

Bait plays equally well with monofilament and braided lines.

Horizon harness is easy enough to diversify by raising the rod tip up. Bait is responsive to such a reception. You can spend at the depth and 10cm. pure water.

Let us consider the application in more detail.

Rainbow trout

Several fishing’s has caught on paid ponds with iris. On one of fishing’s early summer Tiny Chick was simply inimitable, fishing on many and proved to be not less eminent have proven similar baits.

He caught it in the height of summer, when fish are practically no, and each fish goes with great difficulty. I am catching both uniform and at regular series wiring. Uniform wiring on the verge of collapse is usually better catching.

As for the size of fish - the average about one kilogram.


Application place - small rivers. For example, on a large river such bait is not necessary, but if you do not want to strain the search for a good fish, you can catch small fish and Tiny Chick. On the small rivulets showed their best side, primarily due to a stable game on a uniform wiring, including flow. Bait well holds jet, keeping the wiring horizon.

Middle-sized bait size attracts even small chub, so that will not be bored. But the good by the standards of a small river, chub, too, did not miss the Tiny Chick. Although if you aim at catching trophy is an instance to not be distracted by a trifle better to take something else, bigger. Max caught chub I was weighing about 500g. In my pals Tiny Chick also works fine on it of a small river. A pink color even hit of the season!


No bass unable to resist if he has a nose to hold Tiny Chick. With the bass in the first place is beyond jerk guiding. The bait floats slowly enough so welcome pauses.

At the same uniform wiring catches, of course. The size corresponds to the size of fish bait - small.

In conclusion, I note that the lure has proved on all sides perfectly. The only disadvantage of bait - supplies of low quality. But given the price of bait, perhaps, is the norm. If desired, it can always be changed.

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