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In the fall, when I went on fishing shops in search of deep crank baits, got an unusual lure the eye. A small, according to my standards, the lure with a narrow body and a rather large blade unusual shape. Neither the lure - Power Dive Minnow, nor any other bait on the company Luhr Jensen before me did not come across.

The packaging did not indicate any immersion depth or the size of the bait. Set was the only weight - 3/4 oz. Nevertheless, the word Dive in the name and, more importantly, a solid blade, led to the acquisition of the prototype. Fishing lure unexpectedly showed their best side.

Deepens when trolling up to 9 meters on a thin cord, he worked steadily at high wire speeds and, most importantly, was fishing. In late autumn the main prey was the pike. But the life of a wobblers at a depth of at trolling, though bright, but short. Wobbler was safely lost.

Going to my store disappointed. There was only one instance of a dark purple color. I had to take what was left. But the season is over, and it was not possible to experience the wonder of purple. In winter, I tried several times to buy something similar, but the shelves were empty, and the local sellers of fishing tackles promised me fill these wobblers, but in the summer.

In the summer of this lure has been very successful bait for pike and zander. They grabbed him, despite the purple coloring. After the loss of the last instance had ordered these lures through the Internet, while in July in all fishing shops does not appear a sufficiently wide range of lures from the Luhr Jensen, different models, sizes and colors.

I bought a stock of almost the entire range and with varying degrees of success began to fish. In winter, most likely out of boredom, I decided to know more about the available I wobblers this company. Here is what I have learned from various sources.

Lures Power Dive Minnow

To my regret, the information is about this model on the manufacturer's site was missing. Only briefly mentioned about its use for catching walleye. Bait was recommended as one of the best.I've seen models 3/4 and 1/2 oz. In general, the marking of these wobblers - separate song. Neither has you sized. Neither the working depth. This lures HOT LIPS with the same marking is clearly bulkier and heavier. The same is true when compared HOT LIPS and DEEP SECRET 1/2 oz. Body size one to one, the same weight is indicated, and in DEEP SECRET blade is much more massive, and it suspender, unlike floating HOT LIPS. In reality, the blade at a wobbler Power Dive Minnow significantly greater than in the photo is the same as that of crank baits Hot Lips, with three petals, scaffold attachment point is on the blade.

Lures Company Luhr Jensen

I almost always successfully fished wobblers Power Dive Minnow weighing 3/4 ounce of different colors, from white to dark purple. The difference is not noticed. Basically, trolling, but sometimes the alloy. Major trophies - pike and perch. The biggest pike - 4.5 kg, 2.5 kg pike. Wobbler at trolling deepened to 9 meters at 0.17 mm cord and leave by boat on the 40 ... 50 meters. Wobbler is 1/2 oz caught nothing. But apparently, simply did not meet the conditions for fishing. I bury it at casting about 3 ... 4 meters.

Painting is not a strong point of this bait. After a few fish caught much paint peeling off, but biting it has no effect. The strength of the housing is quite decent. Hooks are rather weak, however, as with all models of this brand. When pulling the power I have lost a decent pike and zander because tees. Later replaced tees on VMC corresponding numbers for all wobblers LJ. In my opinion, this is a good versatile lure for zander, big perch and pike middle.


Lures Company Luhr Jensen

Each wobbler must have their particular design or application. Series crank baits Hot Lips has been specifically designed to produce the maximum possible angle of the dive with the least amount of bait body. For this unique three-blade flap, consisting of at least two parts, bent at different angles to achieve the highest steep dive angle and minimum resistance wobbler lure for such fluctuations, which, as previously thought were only possible in wobblers of wood was developed. These lures to catch comfortably long rods with flexible apex and thin, heavy-duty fishing line, such as Berkley's Tri-Max.


When compared to the deep crank baits, the actual angle immersion bait is rarely considered as a criterion. Not only that, many of the so-called "deep-dive" barely reach 12 - 15 feet deep, so they also eat up to 30 - 35 percent of the distance casting! For most divers, capable of reaching 15 feet deep on the line with a test of 12 pounds, this can mean up to 13 feet of blank wire in half-waters! At the same time wasting your time, additional casting and permutations of boats for a more precise study of the bottom structure and fish finding neutral-minded, standing at the bottom.

Hot Lips easily outperform large, huge lures with metal balls in the blades or metal blades, as well as from sinking wooden lures that have a lot of weight, significantly worsening their game. And line test 8 - 10 pounds a small fourth-oz Hot Lips can dive into the 15-foot pit almost vertically while maintaining proper contact with the bottom, which gives significant advantages over large fourth-and-1 oz usual diver. Hot lips just leaves them all behind, and, like a cork from a bottle, easily overcomes even a 20-foot obstacle!

USE HOT LIPS at a depth of

Steeper before you reach the bottom. Nyrnesh deeper - you can keep track of all the grooves on the bottom, providing a reliable contact of the blade with the ground. A 1/4-oz Hot Lips easy dives with underwater edge to its base at 15 feet when long casts. This makes it possible to maintain steady contact with the ground baits, both at the top and at the base of the ridge, providing a reliable wiring and cutting.

Lures Company Luhr Jensen

Position rod tip down wiring extends wiring time wobbler at a depth of - it's a proven fact! The same effect of deep immersion allows anglers to be posted along the bottom of the underwater ridge. STEEP DIP ANGLE becomes very important when you post a wobbler through a steep slope or a projection. The curved blade up sharply deepened Hot Lips when driving on a steep slope, while maintaining contact with the ground. Conventional 12-15 ft divers planning to go at the same time in half-waters.

Dives and walks on the bottom

Wide three petal blade Hot Lips, and the wobbler body, wide at the head end and tapering to allow a plow bottom and underwater obstacles to overcome. The blade and the wobbler body protect the hooks, and the use of line with dough 17- £ 20 allows the use of force when posting style bait over obstacles. Hooking a fish among the submerged trees and the subsequent withdrawal of power from the depth of this fishing technique with Hot Lips, designed by Rick Zaleski and used in fishing competitions. This technique of catching fish deep at the bottom, where it is difficult to catch the soft baits and spine baits.

Fishing lines

  1. Seriya cranks baits Hot Lips is designed for use with the new thin hard wood. Thin fishing line allows the bait easier to play faster and better feel immersed wiring. This is due to reduce the resistance of small diameter fishing line. These benefits give only a decrease in the diameter of the fishing line, but not its quality, brand, or breaking load. Our tests show that the reduction in the diameter of the fishing line just 0.001 (1 / 1,000 inch) gives an additional 9 - 12 inches to the depth of the lure dive. Therefore, increasing the diameter of the fishing line only 0.001 inch, we reduce the working depth wobbler by the same amount, which is consistent with the study McClelland. We fished from the bottom of lakes and line Tri-Max to the test 8 - 10 pounds more effectively than a fishing line Tri-Max test higher. Always follow the exigencies of hooks for deep crank baits, boost stretch with depth and, accordingly, reduce the rate of the fish when lifting to the surface.
  2. This decrease in the diameter of the fishing line adds about 10 feet to the length of the cast. This extra distance also increases the depth of immersion of a wobbler, and an increase in the total immersion depth can reach a total of 10 percent. However, the use of fine woods requires fine tuning clutch.


Hot Lips Series has been specially developed small-sized in comparison with the size of conventional divers. It is a fact that smaller body size at a greater depth of immersion in Hot Lips gives them an advantage in comparison with larger wobblers by a steep dive angle.

  1. It is possible to get more bites at the expense of a large selection of sizes depending on the season or time of year.
  2. Smaller baits always give a high-game, than the larger.



Immersion depth diver is primarily dependent on the surface area of ​​the blade. That is why the blade Hot Lips are two side lobes, which prevent the disruption of the bait into a tailspin, and increase the surface area of ​​the blade. No other wobbler has a greater surface area of ​​the blades in comparison with the size of the body.


A feature of the bait is also tapering oval blade, which has minimal effect on body vibrations. Scaffold attachment point located on the blades, which, combined with its curvature gives the maximum possible angle bait dive.

This advantage is due to the water pressure on the curved blade that occurs at the same time force the lever with respect to the attachment point of line tilts nose bait down, reducing penetration resistance. The blades of conventional design are not in a position to compete, despite the large surface area.


Most of the features of Hot Lips design are hidden inside the body. The insides of the baits have been designed in such a way as to eliminate the traditional heavy massive body design plastic baits, consisting of several internal sections that are the product of existing industrial production technology.

Traditional plastic lure is a hollow structure made of two shells. Mounts hooks strengthened local tides. The thickness of the shells also increased through the connector halves wobbler. Balancing weights are fixed by means of special baffles and tides. All of this increases the weight of the wobbler and reduce its buoyancy.

Hard plastic lures have greater inertia and a sluggish game compared to wood. The inertia of light wooden crank baits is generally smaller, and they give a live game more attractive to the fish.

New Hot Lips have a special thin-walled body construction, designed with the help of computer optimization techniques in order to obtain bait lowest possible weight and inertia, combined with sufficient hull strength. The attraction of these baits vibrations, comparable to the best attraction of wooden lures, with incomparably greater strength and durability - this is the main advantage!

Lures Company Luhr Jensen

In addition to the thin-walled body, all Hot Lips get the added advantage of a triangular shaped head of the body. This body shape has been developed to reduce the flow resistance and surface friction for maximum immersion depth and the best games.

Baits Series Hot Lips Dive was very carefully designed to give the angler an advantage in cases where conditions require fishing lures over deep water, and is of particular interest for experienced anglers. Baits version with a curved lip completely swept away from the shelves after the stunning success of their use at the regional tournament for the North-West.

For me, crank baits Hot Lips - discovery of the year. The most universal work great when trolling even driftwood. At least, at the same conditions, in comparison with hooks Power Dive Minnow was two times less with the same number of bites. Besides pike and perch have been caught several solid perch, two decent chub and idea. And this wobbler 3/4 oz. Smaller sizes I generally apply very often. I caught wobblers both with curved blade and straight, but the big difference is not noticed.

Wobblers with a straight blade are in the trade as the version for trolling. Can trolling model slightly more stable at high speeds, and wiring is smaller than half a meter. Working depth at trolling for model 3/4 oz - 9 ... 10 meters at 0.19 cord and leave 40 ... 50 meters. The model is approximately 1.2 ounces is 7 ... 8 m, 1/4 ounce - 5 meters under the same conditions. With thinner cords can bury and stronger, but the hooks.

From unpleasant. Almost all the cranks require adjustment. I do not know how they conduct the test in a bath. Very sensitive to debris on the hooks, and especially on the blades. Immediately they begin sidetrack. Most worryingly, when trolling, this may not be noticed. Wobbler not tumbles and continuing to play out sideways and upwards. And then you'll never get bites. It is a lot of resistance when you post. More than the other divers, including large models. Well, this is understandable. With such a blade.


Deep Secret (0579 colors - Fire Tiger "Crystal")

Lures Company Luhr Jensen

New super deep divers Deep Secret significantly different design from those of industrial blades and crank baits are able to achieve a record dive depth, regardless of size. Like the previous project company Luhr Jensen, this series has some constructive purpose and function that sets it apart from many other lures that are considered "deep-sea divers".

For many serious anglers, the new Deep Secrets further development of the abilities of our well-known divers "Hot Lips" deep dive under even greater angle when you want to use crank baits to even greater depths.


Deep Secret Series demonstrates the advantage of the "deep-sea fishing small baits" as opposed to long and more massive divers, which give a very high resistance at the wiring and float slowly. Increasingly, small lures are more attractive to fish, but still small crank baits never achieved the same as the big depths. Features Deep Secret structure with its massive bury blade little resistance when the wiring and small body sizes now allow anglers to reach extraordinary depths with small lures.


Deep Secret, as well as some other modern lures is just working "tool" angler. Be aware of the opportunities to live and learn, before you attach it to the line and use this bait in those situations when it is most steep dive angle will give you a distinct advantage.

Deep Secret was primarily designed to achieve the maximum depth at casting, but in some cases it could be effective and trolling. Bait gives hard, "shaking" game at an average rate of deep-wiring and provides a balanced, attracting fish action.

Use these baits to maximize the depth on the edge, the steep cliffs, the inputs and outputs of the pits and on the slopes of underwater mounds. In the deep creeks and canals, dikes on the slopes, sandy or clay streamers stretching out into the deep water bays, in flooded riverbeds and streams to reservoirs in the deep hollows and ditches on the rivers and lakes.

Deep Secret was designed for use on the bottom portions consisting of clay, limestone, sand, or rock, in those areas where obstacles such as branches and stumps no or low.


Explore the design features of the bait, and then use it in situations where it will give you a significant advantage.

Suspender - both the size Deep Secrets will hover in the water column when preroll is suspended. This means that the bait will remain at the maximum depth, taking into account the weight of the fishing line, and will soar, or very slowly float to fish.

We believe that a deadly weapon against a deep-water bass will be the next wiring equipment - after casting dramatically deepened a wobbler with the impact of the blade on the bottom, then Brain bait on the bottom, raising a cloud of haze, and then give the second pause, during which the lure stops or very slowly emerges. Pause - Strike - Pause. Keep the tip tees sharp as a razor, and carries out the wiring in the "line" (suitable for multiplier) to increase the sensitivity tackle.

Action and Vibrations - wobblers both sizes give a very intense high-frequency oscillations. These lures are designed for optimal oscillation at the lowest rate of deep-wiring. This allows longer retain the bait in the work area by increasing the wiring time.

Test fishing line - both of Deep Secret was designed to achieve maximum depth using a thin fishing line. We recommend as ordinary fishing line to test 8 to 10 pounds, and braided fishing line or high-quality multi-layer test with 6 pounds. The thinner monofilament has less impact on the work of a wobbler and of course, allows him to dive deeper. In water bodies where these baits are effective, you can catch a big fish from a boat with a thin fishing line, not just boosting efforts and use sharp hooks.

Small efforts System - This unusual bury the blade, as though cobbled together from "several plates", uses water pressure and significantly reduces your effort when you post a wobbler. This is extremely important when using baits to bury large blades as you are less tired and can fish longer. This blade also reduces another cause of fatigue caused by "pumping out" to the surface. This - the main thing in the design of the bait.

Pumping super deep water wobbler can be more tedious than his harness, and you will notice how easy it is to raise the top bait with its relatively large blade. Catch these baits with a well-chosen gear and light line; catch a last longer by reducing the effort that provided multilamellar structure of the blade. This - a new approach to designing lures and it works!

The angle and depth of immersion - small Deep Secrets only can it! Extraordinary dive angle and extreme depth! Use fully the benefits of the fishing conditions, where these features will allow you to beat a very large and heavy lures. Even the smallest quarter-oz. model will outperform larger lures weighing between 3/4 to 7/8 oz. Half-oz. Deep Secret is easy to furnish the usual, great divers weighing an ounce or more at your own body size is only 2 5/8 ". Use the capabilities of these wobblers to work in tandem with a series of Hot Lips, which will increase your chances of catching depth.


No one knows your bait better than the professionals who came up with it. Complex structures are rarely the products of professional fishermen, but are developed by those who and fishing, and is specialized in designing baits. We also offer advice; you always get the most out of your "Deep Secret".

Wind - These baits have a very large blade deepens and, consequently, a lot of resistance when casting. However, they fly very well when you have fine tuned the bait away from the rod tip before each reflux and then perform a roll smoothly so that the lure body flew forward. A little practice will help you with this.

Tackles - you're going to catch deep wobblers - which you tackle? 6 1/2 - 7 foot spinning rod or a casting with moderate-handed batter, convenient reel with a large spool and good mono or braided fishing line with the test 6 - 10 pounds - what you need. Unfortunately, the use of slow-rods reduces the number of successful cuttings because of their low sensitivity.

Lures Company Luhr Jensen

How to catch at a depth of - sometimes even the Deep Secret cannot reach the bottom in your boat. Catch at depths that exceed the capabilities of its dive, and then you can catch fish at the stage of recovery or deep-wiring without contact with the bottom.

When the bait close to the boat, place your rod apex down to the water, Abut handle in the hip and "Pump the" bait. This is the least tedious process and if the bait is moving upward without stopping, many varieties suspender perform a unique zigzag, suddenly changing direction.

Set your bait - All Deep Secrets tested in the bath, but the first time we are faced with a structure for which this may not be enough. We offer a quick test on a reservoir with sufficient depth in the absence of wind. Throw bait is not less than 40 - 60 feet. Lower the rod tip down to the water and follow with an average speed of reeling. This lure should move directly to the tip of the rod.

If the bait moves to the right, gently bend (without turning) scaffold mount left small standard pliers. This is best done by gently holding jaws mount fishing line. If you then change the direction of motion, you went too excessive. Gently bend the mount in the opposite direction.

Rod tip - do not follow the bait when setting! Keep your rod tip straight, and just watch the fishing line. Properly configured baits have strong vibrations and reach the absolute maximum depth. If you catch trolling, bait the unconfigured go sideways and up and turned, unable to resist in the jet.

Sharp Hooks - Deep Secret comes with soldered bronze tees V.M.C. with a wide bend and short forearm. Super deep-wiring keep sharp hooks. Sharp hooks are more important than anything - else in deepwater fishing. If you replace the hooks, use the same dimensions (set number 6 1/4-oz., and number 4 1/2-oz lures.) Remember that even if you use the hooks with "Teflon" coating or any other super sharp hooks, then you still have to monitor their condition. For the majority of hooks, with a bite of fish and hook, are improving, and the need sharpening. Use Luhr Jensen 9130 Sharp Hook File size 414 for a professional sharpening.

Breakage - Deep Secret and many other modern lures of Luhr Jensen - great tools and have a thin-walled design of the body, causing oscillations and vibrations that exceed the capabilities of plastic crank baits. This is the first plastic lures that work no worse, and in some cases even surpassed wobblers balsa and cedar wood. Please, do not hurt them in the water in order to shake off the algae when the water temperature is below 55F. Even polycarbonate, the most robust of all plastic becomes brittle at these temperatures. Please remove seaweed residues by hand.

When the water temperature ranges from 55 - 60 the F, try not to throw your lures in the rocks, bridges and dams. Good mood bait - not a bowling ball, remember this. It is strong and durable workmanship under normal use, but keep in mind that the plastic becomes brittle when the temperature drops below 60F.


Casting distance - this is the basis of success! Confident the angler will use 1/4 and-1/2-oz. Deep Secrets at a distance of about half the length of the casting. Each long throw allows the lure to reach the bottom, stop and hang on this main section, and then stop and have to hang without touching the bottom. Many fish will be caught in this way, but only an experienced angler arranges boat, guided by sonar, to the point where there are underwater ditches and pits. This bait will go up through the fish under the boat, and it will catch in this place extra few fish. Very effective against white bass and largemouth bass! Always pump the bait on the surface, waiting for a bite, and no stops.

"Reach out," Away, Catch INTO

In lakes with lots of vines, it will follow the patches of plankton, as it drifts in the wind. Large flocks of juveniles create long paths intersecting with the movement of plankton, and bass will soon learn to wait for the fry when rotating around the shoals of the wind, using the point of intersection for waiting. Note the "cone" and the location of the bass pack within it. The top of the cone is located at the bottom of the center and the bass attack. Use a 1/4-oz. Hot Lips, and a 1/4-oz. Deep Secrets, to get to this point, even if you are 100 'from the beach.

Then use a half-oz. Deep Secret, to reach the deepest point and replace your bait from shallow to deep water. On lakes with boats labored movement, in such a place can be a lot of fish with different activities and at different depths. For a truly professional finish coverage this site soft artificial lures and Spoons, before moving on, but always constantly changing the direction of casting for a better supply of bait, depending on the floor structure and the proposed location of the fish.

Steep cliffs and shoals

Maximum steep dive angle Deep Secrets making them the perfect bait for fishing along the steep cliffs and steep braid. Follow the cast so as to avoid falling into the lure of the beach, try to stop it before it hit. Very often cast parallel to the cliff gives the longest wiring.

DEEP mound, Bouguereau, STONE DAM

In this case, the flow of water makes the soil sandbank in the outer bend. Natural or artificial dam and the main goals for exceptional diving abilities Deep Secret. Position the boat, guided by the direction of the wind, and the top treat underwater at different angles. Do long shots to "go", and then stop the bait in a variety of bottom structures.

Fishing in river embankments FOR WELLS

Your bait will always dive when casting or trolling, dive at the most deeply only when you use the flow of water. Experienced anglers have their boat downstream of the dam the river and use the wind to carry out long-distance casting, after which bring for Deep Secret in a deep hole. In this zone, with the weakened over going to a lot of species of fish, and wiring equipment "stop and hang" with one or two quick turns of the coil handle, followed by a posting to "stand and walk" deadly for deep bass.

From these crank baits I expected more. Appearance inspired respect, especially the blade. But the first wiring chastened. The result for the half season modest - a couple of pike and perch. But keep in mind that, once in the discharge of laterals, the lure is used much less frequently, and not gaining statistics.

From pleasant. A good high-frequency game, the possibility of catching alloy. Indeed, he plunges almost vertically down and goes deep enough. Resistance at wiring is not more than the Hot Lips of the same size, despite the significantly larger blade.

But there are serious drawbacks. Just two sizes. The largest - 1/2 oz. Not enough for trolling, but the blade is too big even for him. As a result, adjustment is required jewelry wobbler. The authors write modestly - "it may be necessary." Do not expect - will require not only initial adjustment, but also tuning after each draw or hook. Step right - step left - shot. Wobbler immediately leads into a tailspin. No fasteners triangular, oval only. By the way, dear clasp, which are equipped with wobblers LJ quite decent.

In all of this increase in the depth of light. In comparison to Hot Lips of the same size. Deep Secret is the deepest interest to 10%. Neutral buoyancy for the diver and I cannot be called an advantage. How to be with the game on the ascent? Flies also worse because of the large blade. All this applies to trolling. At catching on small alloy wire speeds lure behaves more stable. Note that I fished with cords test 12 ... 15 pounds instead of the recommended 8 ... 6. Perhaps the reason.

In general, my opinion, the scope of application - Fishing spinning on low alloy or within or without the bottom of the blue. Use it better as complementary to Hot Lips.


Rock Walker - beautifully stylized and following detailed under fry trolling lure, designed just for fishing and casting. Luhr Jensen is offering this bait in two sizes: a larger - 5-1 / 4 inches, the length of the body without the blade - 3-3 / 4 inches, weight 3/4-oz, and a smaller size - 4-inch, 3-inch body length, the weight of the 3/8-oz. Both are excellent and have deepened very tense, quivering body vibrations at trolling speeds.

Rock Walker (Color 0979 - Fire Tiger)

Lures Company Luhr Jensen


Rock Walker got its name because of the unusual material used to bury the bait blades. It is made of brass, a material much more durable than aluminum, commonly used for the manufacture of blades other trolling crank baits. Weaker aluminum blades wear out quickly at the junction, significantly shortening the term of service of a wobbler.

Brass blade wobbler provides a deep dive and a good game without additional steel balls, weighting plastic blades trolling lures. Quietly knock this crank on the bottom, tough brass blade allows you to do it repeatedly. Heavy brass blade also facilitates balance of a wobbler, so instead of a fixed balancing weights mounted freely moving inside the body, steel balls, rattles operating functions. After casting, as well as pause during reeling or trolling, Rock Walker will sink, and stand on the bottom of the vertical blade down, not allowing the hooks to lie on the bottom.

For large lakes and reservoirs is particularly suitable shiny bright brass blade, which attracts the fish to limit the reach of vast bodies of water, where the water column is a lot of walleye. Almost flat bury the blade is suitable for touch-up of its markers or gluing Flexo Light.


Bait body is made of tough A.B.S. plastic and mimics the elongated fry, which prefer to lovers of walleye fishing. High detail-designed fins with a broad blade bury protect baits from hooks, but do not interfere with the bite - a feature that many anglers will appreciate when trolling on the rocky bottom.

Well-designed lines, fins and freely moving steel balls rattle emphasize a slim body shape. Rock Walker comes in a variety of colors hot favorite walleye colors including Purple Tiger, Fire Tiger and novelty - Chartreuse Bluegill Perch. Powerful, VMC hooks sharp bend with a wide round perfect design complete wobbler.


Despite the small size of both the Rock Walkers immersed deep enough in trolling through the narrow body and vertical brass blades. You can reach depths of 17 to 18 feet with smaller bait, using ultra-thin fishing line Berkley with 10 pounds of dough (diameter of 0.009 ".), Letting the bait about 120 -. 125 feet from the boat to reduce the depth of the dive, use a larger diameter fishing line large bait easily. Deepened to 20 feet of line with the release of approximately 115 - 120 feet when used Trilene "Select" with the dough 14 pounds and a diameter of 0.0125 ".

Remember, not on the test, and on the actual diameter of the fishing line will depend on the bait depth of immersion. Use the proper diameter of fishing line, bait, and will go at the depth you need. Big Rock Walker runs a factory test in the bath and can catch big walleyes at trolling speed to 5 miles per hour.

You can even mark your fishing line on the beach. It will suffice to mention the distances of 100 and 120 feet wide strip of a marker, respectively, red and black before fishing. Green marker can also be used to celebrate the holiday of line, in which the lure starts to hurt for a bottom.

Most anglers say the distance, and then reduce the vacation of fishing line 3 - 5 feet, with the lure rises above the bottom and the bottom does not touch the obstacles. Rod may also be marked on the plots by 5 feet to control the bait when trolling vacation. Some anglers use a small knot of fluorescent yarn to mark the working section of line, while others rely on the length of the digital meters.


Does the trolling with small boats or large boats, but in large open bodies of water, most anglers will keep your bait at a level where the fish are located, or even a little higher. But Walleye bites can be much higher, if the wiring bait periodically touches the bottom. This is especially true for lakes with heavy fishing pressure, or in cases where fish ignores the wiring in the middle layers of the water. The rigid blade and low make particularly effective bottom wiring.

Another option - with an electric trolling to catch fearful walleye. Baits can be allowed to sink to the bottom, where it blade into the ground, and then jerks or step to lift it a few feet. Push the boat electric slightly forward and stop, drop the bait to the bottom and repeat the process. Rock Walker can demonstrate an unusual spectacle for the fish, which cannot be surprised by conventional well-known bait.

Colour 0806 - Rainbow Trout Color 0320 - Purple / Black "Tiger"

Lures Company Luhr Jensen

High-speed trolling in the river over - the possibility of using other Rock Walker. Walleye bite can occur at speeds of up to 5 wiring M.P.H. and even more by tempering up to 200 feet of fishing line.


Both large and small Rock Walkers - effective bait for catching in the cast. As with trolling, bait can be stopped at any time during the retrieve speed wired and held at the bottom. The rigid blade and a small allow the bait to move forward, rattling the blade flat area and rocky bottom to increase the number of bites.

Although the lure and is advertised as trolling, trolling, but it I have not caught anything. And I throw them did not catch. The reasons were unambiguous.

Appearance. Maybe this wobbler and "shiny brass blade attracts the pike," but I was thoroughly smeared it with glue. Let's not lucky. But uneven halves of the joint, and he himself made a wobbler somehow sloppy, compared to previous models.

A game. Sluggish and not expressive. However, it is typical for the majority of drowning models. Themselves as employees of LJ wrote about it, praising good game. However, 3/4 ounce lure while trolling fairly immersed in the cord and leave 0.19 to 40 meters by 6 meters deep and runs quite stable.


Lures Company Luhr Jensen

High tech modern series wobblers with specially designed properties. This is only a wobbler, which is necessary for catching among the submarine shrubs, stumps and trees.

A series of floating crank baits Brush Baby has been specially designed for the development and improvement of skills wiring wobblers with open hooks through stumps, thickets and flooded trees. Working with unprotected crank hook into snags - this is often the only one, but at the same time deadly stunt in bass fishing and Brush Baby quickly allows both experienced anglers and beginners, to improve the skills of catching fish in the bush.


In contrast, the main goal of wobblers - universality, that is, "all for all" without specific goals, wobblers Brush Baby series has been specifically designed to easily and naturally pass through underwater thickets and trees that enables even inexperienced anglers to "be as skillful as you wish in catching on wobblers".

The limited knowledge of the individual fisherman does not allow making the lure just as functional as the Brush Baby, so we checked the conclusions with the help of our professionals and full-time fishermen. Today's design Brush Baby - the result of research that led to the creation of better wobbler already available on the market lures to catch fish among flooded bushes and trees without hooks.


In developed series Brush Baby bait includes different sizes and different immersion depths, but we are bombarded with an avalanche of orders for small models required for fishing in cold and clean water, as well as in small ponds and where fishing pressure requires the use of small baits.

These suggestions have been made with the new Tiny Brush Baby, size 2-1 / 8 ", and retains all the features of more" Baby "and more New!" Tiny "version - of small, but has a good" cross-country obstacles, most importantly, it has a Luhr Jensen's signature hooks and the nature of the game, which is expressed in high amplitude vibrations and low frequency at low speed wiring, and HF vibrations at higher speeds. "Wee Baby" will actually replay the many three-inch lures.

Using a novel and midsize BRUSH BABIES

These baits are unusual in that they have been designed both for fishing the same depth - 10 - 12 feet. This gives you the opportunity to work at the same depth two baits, where the larger the bait can overcome obstacles using fishing line to test 20 or even 25 pounds, and the use of hooks 4 or even 3 numbers to catch a really big fish. Less bait used with a thin fishing line to test 8- 17 pounds, depending on the depth and bottom conditions. Use them alternately to find the fish, depending on the depth, water clarity, the activity of the fish and the fishing pressure.


FISHING - We propose to use the high-quality rod with «forgiving» systems 6-7 feet long. Avoid rigid rod, they will tear tees fish's mouth (or unbend tees) while posting it in the bush. The line - one of the most important elements, and we recommend that in most cases a mono fishing line resistant to wear. There is no limit to the strength of the fishing line, but thinner fishing line allows wobbler deeper dive. It is also important to understand that your bait will slowly emerge thick and fast on a thin fishing line. This - what most anglers forget when the timing of their ascent from the bottom surface lures. Use Luhr Jensen tool for sharpening to maintain tees sharp!

LEARN TO IDENTIFY OBSTACLES where you are fishing

  1. This is an obstacle in the form of fallen trees and beaver dams (blockages), dense shrubbery and trees standing on the top. This obstacle, causing the so-called "elastic failure" in the bait. When you touch the first contact to save Brush Baby, and then briefly loosen the tension, at this time the bait will play back. This bait should not jump too far back, and pause in reeling should not be too long, then you will avoid sagging of the cord and hook hooks for other obstacles nearby. Touching the obstacles, pause, back lift, reroll, touch, soft holiday touch. Be sure to keep contact with the bait at each stage.
  2. This obstacle mostly in the form of root rot, low bushes and branches. Avoid dead hooking your bait, raising the rod to the worming position (as I understand it, in the middle position), at the first contact. Touching, vacation, touch, leave. In this case, it allowed only a light touch!
  3. This is the easiest obstacle to overcome, and often you can increase the speed of your bait wiring and avoid hitting an obstacle. This is a good barrier to learning, and at the bottom of many of the new reservoirs are low cut stumps.
  4. These stumps dearly loved bass when they are little visited by fishermen. This requires good skills of catching and high sensitivity. If you do not want to permanently bury your bait on the reverse side of the stump between his roots while touching, vacation, advance to check for toe, fine tuned pause for surfacing bait over an obstacle, touching, vacation, move forward. This game requires mental effort, is particularly suitable for Brush Baby. Explore the coastline and location of obstacles in low water level in the reservoirs, where you constantly catch fish.


The standard position is good for "worming". As soon as your bait touches the bottom or underwater obstacles, you can perform a lift or release the bait with a rod as well as for fishing with a plastic worm.

In the position "B" (vertical rod?) To bury the blade acts load upward, helping to jump over obstacles wobbler. This increases the sensitivity of the gear, which facilitates wiring through dense thickets. The position "A" - rod down. In this position, the lure most steeply in depth and is longer in the operating area. This is - a comfortable position for the slow movement of the rod up and down to overcome the stumps. Stick to it. Be careful!

Brush Baby design allows the use of wiring technique with acting out the bait ago, which provokes the bass to attack. For the first time used angler Ed Parton at Texas State tournament, Squirt’s wiring, requires a quick jerk rod tip when touching the bottom of the bait or the obstacles. You literally weed out the bait and rod tip somersault fall through it with obstacles. This trick works perfectly in the stones.

The same wobbler design that allows it to work in the bush, also works well in the rocks. It's not at crank baits balsa and cedar, but, most importantly, the ability to rollback, the fins on the body and short body so reduce jamming of the bait in stones, it's like magic. But it is so!

If you want to catch on the rocky bottom at a depth of 10 - then use a hard ware-resistant fishing line with low test, such as Berkley XT or Maxima and perform long casts parallel to the shore 12 feet. We prefer in this case to test the cords 8 and 12 pounds, because it requires very rocky bottom rapid rise above the bottom in order to avoid jamming decoy.

Lures Company Luhr Jensen

Lightweight, inextensible cord allows you to feel the contact in a split second pause, rollback bait back on ascent, touch, pause, rollback, the contact follows immediately somersault, and it all works off technique to catch the biggest bass, which you have ever caught. Remember, touch, and stop rollback bait back on ascent and again posted until the next touch. We always say "the sooner bait is rolled back, the sooner you can continue reeling!" You can use Squirt’s, but we prefer the rocks just stop wiring and loosen the cord. Brush Baby actually moving backwards in time stop posting.

Brush Baby - more suitable for racing than the spinner-bait. The fins on the casing and ultra buoyancy allow you to spend a wobbler is very close to the underwater obstacles, sometimes touching them and passing through. Throw the lure close to an obstacle, bury him lift rod tip right and up, touch the bait branches, and passing an obstacle, keep the wiring. No spinning, who could repeat it, and we propose to use in this case, another, more rigid rod. Use a thick fishing line for small portions and make sure the bait held with both sides of each obstacle.


If you have a new series of Brush Baby, then surely catch them at a depth of 2 - 5 feet of water, where you could use spinner bait. This is not the usual baits with "buoyancy of wood." This - the bait, just designed for these conditions, with a strong blade and the fins on the body. Brush Baby threw straight into the thicket of seaweed and roots on the bottom at a depth of 2 - 5 feet 20 pound fishing line. You can touch the obstacles and play back, or "to walk" on the bait within the shallows. Do not neglect this aspect wobbler because his blade deep!


  1. Testing in the bath

The operation of each Brush Baby individually checked in the bath! Many anglers believe that the only expensive, foreign lures are hand-check operation, but each of Luhr Jensen bait for catching bass and walleye checked in the bath, including Brush Baby. They can be used at once, only taking out of the box.


Each color scheme Brush Baby manually air spraying and consists of 17 different steps. Color schemes are not surpassed foreign lures in complexity and are specially designed for catching here in America. Look at the color of your Brush Baby and enjoy.

Colour 0375 - Green Sunfish coloring 0579 - Fire Tiger "Crystal"

Lures Company Luhr Jensen

  1. HOOKS

Brush Baby kit is the best VMC hooks or Eagle Claw, a wide rounded a bend and short for end - hooks, preferred by all competent anglers.


Brush Baby - not just floating bait. It - Super floating bait due to its thin-walled body, excellent workmanship as a result of computer-aided design. Company Luhr Jensen sets the tone in the design of thin-walled hull crank baits.

  1. Quick action 'back". The original design of the blade

In the bushes and the rocks, you can move quickly, if you can pass quickly back! Correctly! Design instant rollback Brush Baby lets you touch and go, stop, pop up and get rid of the obstacles and then move forward quickly with the open razor tees with an absolute minimum of hooks. Look at the curved end of the blade. He pushes lure back immediately as soon as the water pressure acts on the pop-up bait body. This bait is actually moving backwards!


The design of the blade Brush Baby remains unchanged for more than 10 years. This blade allows easy rollback, a quick dip and some exclusive features. Note the three blade protrusion. Two side lobe blades prevent rollover, which is the cause of a hook at the other typical classical baits when they touch the bottom. Special projection on the underside of the blade keeps the bait when moving and wiggling on the bottom at low and medium speeds, which typically lures begin to slip and twist from side to side, stopping the game and putting tees hooked.

Look at the tip of the blade! The triangular protrusion actually defies barriers, skirting them or slipping of the blade edge, paired with it is fast pop-up bait body, as a lever and making it easy to bend around obstacles. Tees reliably shielded wobbler body and pass through the densest thickets with little hooks.

  1. "Fins on the body" - they really work

These words were spoken by our pro after the first test Brush Baby. The original design of the fins in the widest part of a wobbler enables push the body of bait at the touch of fin obstacle or bushes at the bottom, with sharp tees do not engage the obstacles as bait body escapes them. Remember, do not paddle Brush Baby protects the bait from the hooks is actually protective fins deflect the blade and the body itself bait, protecting the tip tees. That is true not engaging wobbler works! In fact, these projections make extensive bait body even wider without adding bulk or interference bait fish attacking.


The Brush Baby, specially designed to allow wiring at a low speed, such as when "wormed", or just pulling through the thickets, and hard or very hard game at medium speed wiring. Small 2 1/8 "Brush Baby - the embodiment of this duality, such as new types of lures little wobbler bury They SPEED TRAP -. All "tremble" at higher speeds.

Fee sharp hooks! The most elementary thing you have to do to increase your catch - always keep super sharp hooks on your lures.

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