Modern Equipment for Catching Carp Boilies

Fishing Equipment carp with long casting nozzle, using coasters "rod-pod" and electronic sensors bite for a long time and has been used successfully by athletes and amateur hunting for carp in large lakes, reservoirs and rivers. Presence at the competitions in France, leading sportsmen anglers from around the world suggests that what he saw on the lake Fishabil - it really is the best of what there is today in the sport fishing for carp. Of course, the gear used by professionals, the product of extra class, and therefore very expensive. However, the general principles of the rod tooling requirements for each element of the tackle, casting technique and tactics of fishing may well be taken up by any fishermen.


Need to throw the heavy (80-100 grams) of lead at 100 meters or more requires the use of powerful, very rigid rods semi parabolic action. The usual length of carp fishing rods - 3.5 meters, although some fishermen prefer and 4.5 meters - for increased casting distance. The long but fairly rigid rod allows you to send snap away, without forcing a throw, which means no risk to break the fishing line or fishing rod to break itself.

You will easily recognize the carp rod on the window of a fishing store on put forward far ahead of the coil holder with a short handle. Another handle is located at the butt end of the rod. This placement is dictated by the arms feature the cast: a major effort is necessary on the butt and the right hand, located near the coil - this is a point around which the rotation of the rod during the cast. Recently, on the shelves of our stores you can find special carp rod Silstar firms, D.A.M and others.


The use of modern power freewheeling coils is fully justified, especially taking into account the size of possible production. But even with such a coil drawing process is alternately pulling a fish rod and reeling the fishing line. I have not had occasion to observe that any of lugging big carp professionals as a winch, using only the power of the coil. Another distinctive feature of the carp reels - wide, large diameter spool, which allows carrying out very long casts.

It must contain not less than 200 meters of line with a diameter of 0.3 millimeters, which extends the possibilities when pulling a large specimen. The design should provide a very uniform filling of the spool, helps to increase casting distance. An example of such a coil - TS 6000T firm Daiwa. The last word fishing equipment - carp reel with two adjustable brakes at the same time (for example, "Bait runner" AR GT Shimano Company).

When biting starts helper, very soft brake which allows carp reel fishing line from the reel with minimal effort. Carp never carry off the bait and do not fall through the hook because of the constant tension of the fishing line. After hooking includes a main brake, regulated by the maximum breaking load of line. When carp powerful bursts threatening to break a tackle, the coil automatically resets the number of turns of line.

Fishing lines

Has not received the recognition from our fishermen fluorescent fishing line has long been well-founded popular in the west. The fact that the fish is not absolutely bright colors alarming these woods, but her observation during drawing greatly simplified. The desire of some fishermen "play it safe", going fishing with fishing line large diameter, not justified for two reasons: firstly, with a thick fishing line cannot even think about the long casting nozzle, and after long casts - this is not an end in itself, and often forced need (when carp cautious and is far from the coast); secondly, the margin of safety of fishing line with a diameter of 0.35 mm (the size used in fishing) is enough to pull the specimens weighing more than ten kilograms.


This is an important element of carp rigging. Its form is chosen based on the nature of the bottom. To muddy bottom is most suitable spherical sinker, and for more dense clay is the best sinker "Olive", is easier entering into the ground. The point is that Georgia as it is stuck in the bottom ground and carp biting contributes to the pumping. For the same reason, the sinker weight should be in the range 80-100 grams. Far to throw a sinker weighing 100 grams - not an easy task. Match power rod weight to throw the bait - that's the key to success.


Despite its relative high cost, braided fishing line found their fans. The main feature of these woods - much higher strength compared to conventional of the same diameter. And although woven woods have a number of disadvantages (they are confused, heavily tied deprived cushioning properties, have an increased friction in the rod rings), nevertheless, they are the ideal material for carp leashes due to its durability and flexibility.

The length of the leash is very important, because when "the blind" installation is determined by the length of the leash is a distance that can swim carp with a hook in the mouth before a sweeps! In France, in waters not subject to strong press by the hunters for carp anglers use very short (10-20 cm), leashes, as the carp boldly takes lying at the bottom of the nozzle and fearlessly begins to move. In addition, the shorter the leash, the less the likelihood of entanglement of the main fishing line. At the world championships in Fishabile many athletes used longer leashes.

The fact that all fish caught lake Fishabil released back into the reservoir (popular in the west of the principle of fishing "no-kill"), and many carp accumulated negative experience, having been hooked on fishing. Taking in the mouth with the hook bait, carp begins to move very cautiously, as if expecting a dirty trick. Not feeling the resistance, it is moving more boldly ... here also affects the advantage of a long (40 centimeters) of the leash. Usually, however, the competition was a lead length of 20-25 centimeters.


For carp fishing requires special forged hooks in black or dark brown in color with a ring. Many leading foreign companies - manufacturers of fishing tackle - produced a series of special carp hooks. Hook size should match the diameter of the boilie and size of the proposed production. Most athletes use in France hooks № 2-4 (№ 8-9 on national classification), focusing on catching carp weighing 8-12 kg, and used boilies diameter of 18-20 mm.

Hair fixing

With this method of catching nozzle is not worn directly on the hook, and tied to it. This is called a hair fixing. Only in this way can be caught on boilies! The fact that the solid bait, worn directly on the hook fully closes and the sting when slicing down simply jump out of the mouth of the carp. When using the mounting hook hair is completely free for undercutting and allows you to catch even more successfully in the traditional nozzle: corn, peas, potatoes, and so on. There are two ways of tying boilie to the hook. Most often, one or more boilies secure the fishing line on the allowance left over after tying the hook to a leash (the so-called "hair").

Length of hair depends on the hook size, diameter and number of baits. To better hook hooked in the mouth of the fish, put on the forearm plastic tube length of about 1.5 centimeters and the hair should move away from the hook around the middle of the forearm. So first on the leash is put on the tube, and then attaches the hook. Hair length for securing a boilie diameter of 16 millimeters must be equal to about 4 centimeters; at the end of the hair is done in advance to stop a loop. Using a special needle with a bend at the end of the hair put bait in the loop and inserts the stopper Boyle shifted on the hair until it stops.

To verify the correct installation, you need to throw a leash with a hook and attached to it Boyle through the hands of the index finger, pull the opposite end, and if we approach the finger hook turns to his sting and tries to glare at the skin, then so does he behave when meeting with the lower lip carp. If not, change the length of the tube. Here is another method of securing one or more boilies, pre-strung on the hair and fixed stopper tied to the hook at the point of bending. If you make the hair in the form of a loop, and Boyle shallow incision along the circumference (thin blade), it is possible to attach the bait to the hook, hold the hair in a cut. In this case, the needle and the stopper are not needed.


Boilies popularity in Europe is growing every year; they are strongly pressed by conventional nozzles for carp (corn, beans, worms, maggots). Counters specialized fishing shops are filled up bags with boilies of different diameter, color and odor. The cost of 1 kg boilies - $ 30, but this does not prevent amateurs to use them on a fishing trip, spending two-thirds of the stock at the bait place.

What is the reason for such popularity boilies? They are easy to absorb and keep their flavor additives; painted in any color; attached to the hook by means of a hair installation, very good hold on it; but most importantly - allow you to select the prey. Only big carp, with powerful mouthparts, able to see through Boyle, then other fish they will not be interested. In the course of the competition on Lake Fishabil some teams have tried to stick instead of corn or boilies worm and from time to time recorded bites ... bream, which was too much in the lake, but it is something in the set-off did not go!

Even professionals emphasize that boilies - not only packing for carp. Do they always turn out to be better than other baits? The fact is that in Europe, carp are used to this bright and tasty balls generously scatter fishermen as bait. Naturally, in such ponds carp boilies specifically looking for them and prefer any other nozzle. If you find yourself on the pond where carp are not used to Boyle, you can successfully catch it on the corn, peas, potatoes, using the hair installation, or train carp to boilies, their upcoming fishing place.

Boilies are floating and sinking

Lake Fishabil has quite muddy in some places overgrown with algae bottom, and it is logical that 80 per cent of the competitors used the floating baits, which, rising above the bottom, becoming more affordable for the common carp. Maximum lift height is limited pellet attached to the leash.

If the bottom is clean and solid, it is possible to use sinking boilies. They go to the bait. Often hair strung on not one, but several baits. If you do not know which of the two types prefer to fish in this lake, we can recommend the installation of two boilies. Sinking bait lying on the bottom, and floating, tied is higher. Carp will choose bait "to taste." The transparent water color boilies has some, but not critical, and in this muddy water quality and does not matter. Much more important is the smell of the bait. In waters where the principle "catch - release", avoids the carp boilies with sadly familiar smell. There may not be effective at all unexpected flavor. Where the fish are not issued back, you can use almost any flavor.

The diameter of carp baits is selected depending on the intended production size, with an average of 16-18 millimeters.

Interestingly, the top athlete’s anglers prefer to make their own boilies, rather than buying them in the store, despite the wide selection and high quality of this product. This is done often for financial reasons.

Here is one of the recipes, the most adapted to the specifics of the grocery stores.

Mix 300 grams of corn flour, 300 grams of semolina, 200 grams of milk powder, 200 grams of soy flour, 200 g of fish meal. Per kilogram of the mixture is necessary to add 5 teaspoons of flavor (coriander, cinnamon, garlic, cumin). The ingredients are needed in the chicken egg (1 egg per 100 grams of the mixture), and from the resulting molded dough balls of the desired diameter. Before kneading the dough add in beaten egg liquid flavorings and food colorings.

Finished beads immersed in boiling water. As soon as they float to the surface (remember how boiled dumplings), they were immediately removed from the water and dried. The longer boilies are dried, the harder they become. The drying process can be up to several weeks. Better your boilies drier longer than digest them. Available in a special device for forming balls of the dough which increases the productivity of a few dozen times.

There is a great variety of flavors, and we need to learn a lot more in the delicate matter of their application. A common mistake - an overdose of flavor. Naive assumptions such as: "The stronger the smell, the better" - often cause the opposite effect. Divide the entire stock boilies into several equal parts and treat them with the same flavor, but different concentrations. This operation will help to determine the appropriate dosage. Try experimenting with different combinations of flavors opposite: if the test shows a sharp additive (cinnamon, garlic), you can dip before fishing bait in some fruit flavor.

To enhance the effect of bait that is used as the nozzle, before the fishing is also possible to dip a flavor, such as a liquid caramel, which is applied in the confectionery industry.


The main goal of any carp mounting - to prevent entanglement of the leash with a hook for the main line. The probability of such a hook is quite large, as heavy loads always flying ahead of snap. Anti twirled - a tube of vinyl chloride or of hard plastic inside which passes the fishing line. The sinker is attached to the tube by means of fasteners. The variant, when one end of the tube is fixed directly to the body weights.

The length must exceed the length of the leash; otherwise it will not perform its main function - to prevent overlap. It is enough to make anti twirled 5-6 centimeters long.

Another principle laid in the foundation of installation "helicopter". There tie-in is avoided due to the fact that the leash with Boyle, attached by a swivel to the main line, spinning like a propeller blade, in the plane perpendicular to the direction of movement of the main line. The disadvantage of this type of installation - the ability to overlap at the time the dive equipment to a large (more than 4 meters) depth, where the effect of "helicopter" disappears. To the fishing line is not overwhelmed, mastic is it in the process of immersion equipment.

A characteristic feature of the majority of installation - permanently secured to a lead sinker or the presence of a stop on the main line next to the sinker that does not allow the carp to sail away after the bite. Do not have time to absorb it boilie hook and start moving as the leash is pulled. Scared carp trying to spit out the bait, but the hook bites his lower lip.

With this installation can be delayed with a few sweeps, because the fish has already been partially detected itself. In addition, deaf installation allows catching very far from the shore. If you use a sliding assembly, it is unlikely you will be able to make full and timely slicing down when you are carp fishing line divides the 100 meters or more. However, if you are fishing close to the shore, are permissible sliding mounting options?

Fishing Tactics

If the bottom is not clean, overgrown with grass or littered, it is better to change the location or move to other fishing gear.

Finally, taking into account the weather and other conditions of the place is chosen, rod-pod (a special stand for the rods, which are fixed bite alarms) is assembled, the rod equipped. Now you are laborious, but absolutely necessary step - the study of the bottom relief. To do this, tie the sinker to the line and make the maximum throw.

When the sinker touches the bottom, start slowly reeling uniform, while carefully watch the rod tip. The sinker is dragged along the bottom and bends a certain way tip is rods. If suddenly the tip of the straightened, then you has got to the bottom of the slide: ravine, pit, an old river bed, and so on. It is known that such differences of depths - the most interesting places for fishing.

Having determined after trial casting distance at which you will catch, tie a leash with a hook.

A few words about the casting technique. Making sure that behind and above the head there is no interference, proceed to perform the cast. In the initial stage rod retracted (casting because of the head), the line with the sinker and hook are behind in a static position. Right hand around the coil, left hand - near the butt end of the rod.

Look forward, as it should, not hurrying up, aim, and quite sharply, click on the butt of the rod. The main thing - time to lower the index finger of the right hand presses the line, and not to force a throw. During the flight, follow snap the rod tip for a flight to Georgia, as brake rod fishing line in the rings is often the cause of entanglement leash.

Once the snap touched the water, without waiting until the load reaches the bottom. Casting to do a little more in terms of catching alleged that, firstly, not to scare carp spanking straight above his head, and secondly, to make snap properly positioned at the bottom.

So tackle abandoned her place of splashdown seen - you can start catching complementary feeding places.


Among carp anglers on the very popular dissolvable scaffold. Strung on a scaffold more boilies ground bait, fisherman binds the garland to the hook and throws tackle.

Sometime after the dive line was made of a special water-soluble material, externally similar to cellophane, it disappears in the literal sense of the word. At the bottom is a handful of boilies ground bait, boilie among which is "a surprise" in the form of your hook. If the carp in the pond a lot and it is actively moved in search of food, the best bait and wanting nothing.

If the carp need to draw from a distance, you do not know where he is, or if you simply do not have a soluble scaffold (which for our anglers the most important), it is possible to resort to any of the traditional ways of feeding: throw the bait from the shore with the help of a slingshot or a special tube - "cobra", in which the hollow body is put one or more boilies and then a sharp movement of the hand sent to the place of the intended catch. This "cobra" masters throw very far, while achieving a relatively high accuracy of hits.

The name "Cobra" won for the shape of the tube, curved like a snake ready to attack. The main drawback of "Cobra" - it is intended mainly for boilies. Slingshot in this sense more universal tool. However, the casting distance slingshot limited to forty meters, while the "cobra" can be cast twice as far.

"Why - you ask - do not throw the bait arms, as do our fishermen?" The bottom line is that fishing, in question, implies the most distant casting lures and practiced primarily in the area of ​​large bodies of water, where carp is far away from the shore. If we are talking about catching carp in a small stream or pond, it is indeed prudent to throw the bait by hand.

Some of the elements described can be replaced by gear more affordable. Instead of "rod-pod" and electronic sensors to use conventional bite Flyers, leaving only the mechanical switch "to climb the monkey." Unlike common among the fishermen of bells, the alarm will automatically detach from the fishing line during sweeps and thereby make it possible to freely manipulate tackle. Boilies can give way to traditional corn or potatoes. Importantly, do not forget about the hair installation and all other features of Snap!

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