Moray fishing in the Mediterranean Sea

The maritime world inhabited by predatory fish called moray. Moray fishing in the Mediterranean Sea attracts many anglers from around the world.

Catch moray can even a beginner, but you need to know exactly in what place she lives, as well as the need to know its habits. Build, moray eel resembles the body. To catch the fish, you do not need to have special gear. Moray, living in the Mediterranean, up to 1.5 meters, and its weight is 10 kg. Most often, the fishermen come across moray weighing about 6 kg. The average length of the fish 1 meter.

It is best to use tackle, rod length of 6 m. The apex must be rigid enough. The most common moray very resistant when placed on the hook. For this reason, the rod must be tough. Float on a tackle cannot wear, as will bite and so much palpable. It is desirable that the bait was a multiplier reel. Line diameter should be about 0.50 mm. Regarding the guide; it is made of metal wire. Leash length must be at least 25 cm.

Moray not whimsical fish, so it is not necessary to select special bait. Fisherman is enough to use small fish. It is important that the bait was narrow body length of 10 cm. The Squid and octopus may well be the bait. Perhaps, under the hand of no fish or squid, you can use pieces of fish fillets. If the bait is not fresh, then the chances of catching moray will not.

Moray is found in underwater gorges or the accumulation of stones. It is best to fisherman knew exactly where in the home to moray. If the place is chosen correctly, the fish will react to the bait quickly. Moray very well moray their prey.

They say that was a case where the vicinity of Capri wounded moray clung to the neck artery underwater hunter and he died. In fact, many small teeth moray strongly bent inward mouth. The teeth of the upper jaw at the closing have the ability to bend even more, making it a dead grip.

Moray never attacks first, but always fiercely resisted. If injured or caught the angler can crumble sharp teeth tucked her subjects. Local fishermen for killing moray use a special wooden mallet.

Even in ancient times it was known that the biggest moray live near the sea villa of the Roman Emperor Tiberius, who became famous for his cruelty. The chronicler mentions that the Villa had swimming pools in which fat moray lived, accustomed to human flesh. Guilty slave throwing them to the wolves.

Of the numerous types of moray inhabiting the world’s oceans, the Mediterranean Sea is home to just one type – moray Helena. This is a relatively small fish, although some individuals reach 1.5 meters at weight up to 6 kg.

Looks like moray to Tiberius caught directly from heaps of boulders near the villa, because today there across the largest in the Mediterranean specimens.

Experienced anglers catch morays only during Low Tide Sea. At this time, the underwater boulders, between which likes to dwell in this fish, are closer to the surface. Even better, the place and time when the rocky shore and calm sea illuminates the moon.

If you selected a place inhabited by a moray eel, she is sure to give himself away, when you throw at the water the juice squeezed from small oily fish. To do this, sardines or other fish is placed in a nylon stocking or wrapped in gauze, and then twisting the bag, squeeze out the contents of the water near the boulders.

Moray fishing in the Mediterranean Sea

It is necessary to ensure that the water did not get the pieces of fish, moray otherwise, seizing one of them will go into the depths. If this place is inhabited by moray, after a moment on the surface of the water will be a lot of swarming hungry snake-like creatures, smell, but cannot find the pickings.

If they throw impaled on a sharp hook small fish – grip will follow immediately. Then it remains only to quickly pull the fighting fish on stones and stun it hit a heavy object. Loiter this is not necessary, as the fish can quickly confuse the entire gear. Besides sight uncomfortable when slippery narrow body rages on a hook, curling into a spiral and almost tying the knot on a leash.

Tackle for catching moray

Tackle is quite simple for catching moray. Rod is fine 4-5 meters, with test 170-250, the apex should be tough enough to make it easier to confront rowdy resistance morays. In addition, weak apex you do not immediately leap to the fish. Moray in the first instant carry off a tackle by the stones. In this connection more reliable catch without a float controlling the tension of the fishing line when biting the hand. For better maneuvering tackle rod, it is desirable to equip Passage rings and multiplier reel. Not too hard, able to quickly reel fishing line, with reliable friction brake.

The diameter of the main line of 0.4-0.5 mm. Removable leash, 25-30 cm long steel, clear or blue or green. It is attached to the main line through the carabineer, before which it is necessary to put a swivel to prevent line twisting when pulling the fish. It is necessary to have a supply of leads as free moray off the hook very difficult.

Usually simply unfasten leash and release it already when cutting fish. In Italy, for catching moray often use a hook called “eagle beak” – it is a reliable and durable. The sinker can be any shape. Or it is fixed on the end gear, or it is in sliding position above the leash. Mass of the load is selected depending on fishing depth.

Types of equipment for catching moray

Since the depth at times often have to be changed, it is better to use a removable sinker, hooking it to snap through the carabineer. In a similar snap-catch and boats, where you can get close to steep rocky cliffs. Where in deep in burrows like to settle morays. When fishing in these areas is necessary to stay a little further from the shore, as it is likely that the top from a great height, you can drop a stone on the rocks because a lot of birds.

Bait fishing for moray

As the bait is best to use small fishes from 6 to 12 cm in length, such as mackerel and herring. In the Mediterranean the best bait for any predator is considered to be a sardine. It is possible to plant and a small octopus and squid. Suit even slices, cut off from shellfish or fish. The nozzle can be dead or alive, but always fresh. With frequent attacks and casts of small fish, I try to use bait with a dense meat. Then it is not so fast breaks. Very good hold on the hook fish heads, but their use is ineffective.

The choice of location and time of catching moray

The basic condition for living moray – the presence of reefs. So often hunted her with breakwaters, rocks, in places with a sharp decrease in the depth. If caught without bait, then place a part of me looking moray holes at random. First of all, check the foot of the underwater ridge or breakwater. If moray nearby there, she quickly react to the bait. Therefore, in the absence of activity of moray in a minute or two you need to shift gear to check another site. The maximum activity of the fish showing in the dark. At greater depths below the steep cliffs large moray are caught even in the daytime.

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