Multiplier reel spinning

The fact that the multiplier reel has certain advantages over fast-response attracts many anglers. But as clear guidance on the selection of the multiplier system - the rod is hardly possible to get when buying vending coils, most newly fans multiplier falls on your own risk complete tackle, often on the basis of considerations that are very far from the real understanding of how this tackle to use.

In the future, gathered in the reservoir brand new, what is called a brand, tackle, making her a couple of awkward casting and received "beard" of expensive braided line, irritation and spoiled fishing, annoyed beginner, cursing, takes away, far away rod and favorite package. And it is in vain!

The first failures happen at all, but they can be minimized, if the choice of multiplier reels and rods not guided by her age-old "I feel so comfortable," but practical standards, elaborated by several generations of spinning’s. Yes, that's spinning the honor of the invention and development of the development of the multiplier, which is derived from the simple inertia reel wheel with a large winding diameter.

But before considering the technique of casting and treatment multiplier reel in practice, the answer to your question: you are right-handed or left-handed?

Right-hand or left-hand reel

Which coil purchase: right or left depends, as it may seem strange to many, no matter what hand is more convenient to turn the handle "cartoon". Much more important - which hand you throw, that is, what kind of hand you have a "home" in the capture of the rod right-handers the right hand is in the coil, and the left -. Closer to the butt end of the rod and the casting is made from the right shoulder.

In left-handed - the opposite is true. And here it seems logical, without changing the position of a leading hand in the coil, after casting rod handle to press the elbow of the same arm, and the other to take up reel handle. That may be so, but there are two reasons why this is not always possible. First, keep the rod at conducting one hand below the multiplier is not very rational.

Typically, the center of gravity, balance rod defining with the coil 10-12 is at best - 5-7 cm in front of the majority of the coil even specifically multiplicative rod having a length of m 2,70-3.0.

When posting even medium-sized bait (not to mention the jig rods weighing about 32-45 g yes to strong currents) to hold a fishing rod below the capture coil is extremely tedious, and this is manifested in the form of belated sweeps. Secondly, if you're bombarded with, say, the right hand, not the fact that you are the same, and is cut down.

I retrained in the school left-hander throw just right, but it is cut down, that is quick to respond to bite much better with his left hand. It turned out very simple: on winter fishing when fishing jig or lure, I hold the rod only to the left, more intuitive hand. Based on the foregoing, determine which hand is more important to you, and get a different multiplier, if you want, "not working" hand.

Perhaps the handle to rotate the coil may initially not be too comfortable. If you equally own two hands, which in itself is very rare, try it in store motion casting and reeling in the chosen pair of rod - coil.

And since in this case the rod laid down in the arm," and turn the reel handle a little uncomfortable, yet stay on this option, because to get used to the coil rotation is much easier than to retrain ourselves to have thrown another, "not right" hand. This is the same as driving a car with the right wheel: unusual only at first, and then forget about it.

And finally, if you retrained left-handed, do not hesitate to purchase a kit to the right handle. Driven to automatism habit to shift left arm after a throw in front of the coil will allow you to very finely control the behavior of any bait, skipping the line between your thumb and forefinger. By this technique, we will come back, and now talk about rods.

Special or any?

If you dare to cut the family budget, and buy a multiplier, so to speak, on trial, then in the early stages of development of casting technology and practical fishing you will be quite enough of the spinning rod, with which you have caught pike last weekend.

Any other - and of match from Bologna to trolling and sea (even with a low-profile, often set the crossing of the ring or rollers) - not so demanding on the type installed on their reel. Actually, the multiplier rod spinning differs from spinning as the Allen wrench from a simple bean: doing the same job, but in different ways.

External differences casting rods rather sharply conspicuous presence of the hook, place the coil attachment (the multiplier is always only the top, although it was another attempt to do it from the bottom that has not caused much enthusiasm among German fishermen), the shape and length of the handle and, finally, the arrangement and frame structure crossing diameter and rings.

All these details are determined by casting technique and way to keep the rod at conducting and pulling the bait fish. Since the cast with the rod to a large extent depends on the shape, and the main thing - the length of the handle with it and start. Rods length of 7 feet (2.1 meters) long, and usually have a handle 31 to 40-45 cm apart from the bottom edge to the coil holder butt plugs or fungus.

This arm length due to the fact that the cast this rod is made with a smooth swing and uniformly accelerated promise lures, which involves both hands. Moreover, at the time of casting, when the spool begins to rotate, dumping the line after the departing bait, reel in hand while holding the rod and brakes (controls) spool to prevent fishing line dashes.

And if the front hand heavily strained (as is the case with the power casting), then touch the thumb of that hand bobbin hardly get easier, and will throw blurred - either a short or a "beard".

It is to facilitate the retention of the rod at the time of sending, and was coined by the so-called trigger - an elongated protrusion on the bottom of the coil holder, which lays down the index finger, relieving everyone else, including working great.

Quite a few firms engaged in the production of rods, usually have in its range of models of the same series. This reputable company is required to produce such a pure model, and forms in the form of casting handle put a total length of several (sometimes 5-7 cm) more than the same forms in the same series, but designed for the meat grinder. At first glance it may seem that in this case the length of the throwing form shortened by increasing the handle, it seems to be fraught with reduction in casting distance.

However, this is absolutely wrong! Since the casting of casting a fishing rod length 2.4-3.0 m is made with both hands, pivot rod when casting will be closer to the edge of the thick that is actually useful lever length can even be 3-5 cm longer than that of the same model. So, if you choose a special "mult" rod, do not hesitate to handle increased, it will help you to fully invest in the cast that is so necessary when fishing from shore.

Of course, there are limits, so try to trim rod for growth purposes and the length of the hands. If you are after casting rod used to move from one hand to another, as has already been said, the length of the arm from the capture location to butt plugs should not exceed the distance from the center of the palm to the middle of the straight arm biceps.

Otherwise, the end of the rod will cling to clothing. But if you liked the rod, it has a handle with a length of 2.59 m or 3.05 m, which is the capture of almost reaches to the elbow, refrain from acquiring it, because how to master the technique of casting with it oh how difficult. For catching for short distances - from the boat on small rivers or bays of lakes are very good short rod length 2,13-2,40 m.

Americans are very fond of their catch bass with even shorter rods 6 feet long and even 5 feet 4 inches, we have these, often collapsible, are quite rare.

Pistol grip of short rods, designed for one-handed casting

With such a grip, where the coil is as close as possible to the axis of the blank, you can more precisely control the rotation of the spool with your finger because it is not tense and take a natural position. This allows you to make accurate casts with one hand from completely different positions: side. A head, a circular casting, which is especially important when space is limited - among the bushes, rocks, or when you are with partners in the same boat.

On multiplicative rods crossing rings have an inner diameter of the insert 8 to 5 mm, the input (as the nearest-to-reel) - may have a diameter of 10-12 mm, sometimes a little more. This relatively small size of the rings is due to the fact that with the multiplier reel fishing line goes almost in a straight line, deviating only to the right and to the left by the width of the spool.

Rings, their arrangement is quite common point upwards while holding the rod and line was not to form propylene, bent into a bow under the load at the time of casting or pulling the fish. In the range of casting multiple touch line and rings effect is extremely small, and these frictional losses can be neglected.

But the material scope of the Rings significant effect on the rod as a whole as "mult" crossing rings have two mounting points, as opposed to the one-legged rings on other types of fishing rods. More frame - more and weight, which is not useful for the entire gear assembly. Therefore, if possible, it is wiser to purchase a rod, since much of this do you dare, with scope rings Fuji or steel, but the maximum fine.

Forward ring casting rod has two mounting points

Insert material - SiC is already well known to fishermen. I note that the Americans and to this day it is cost-ring insert HARDLOY alumina, considering it is not worse. Recently there has been a ring entirely made of titanium alloy, resembling homemade, from the safety pin.

Despite the simplicity of the shapes crossing rings resistant to wear, extremely elastic, which makes them practically invulnerable to attacks and, most importantly, they weigh almost nothing. Now, if after all of the above you will be able to distinguish closed eyes good rod from any other, you are halfway there. It remains only to pick up the rod corresponding pair - spool.

The spinning reel Multiplier need where it is needed. The actual minimum weight for throwing bait - 7.5-10 grams (depending on the ability of spinning). And if you prefer to fish with lighter bait, although I have seen specialists who unabashedly threw a 5-gram baits quite working distance.

On the basis of the said minimum, a set of a pair of rod - coil, also conformed with the conditions in which you are going to fish. For democratic fishing on the river from the shore using a jig lures weighing 18-32 g is the optimal pair of rods St.Croix Wild River WC86MHF2 with the dough of 10-35 g and a length of 2.59 m and a coil Caclcuta 150 (or 250 in the case of the need for greater lengths of line).

This combination will surely cast lures weighing between 10 grams that will expand your capabilities, providing a chance to practice on Kastmastera casting in 3/8 ounce in the "pot" asp. If you need something more powerful, you should pay attention to the rod Lamiglas Series Certified Pro Graphite H106MNS-T (3.20 m; 14-42 g) and Calcutta 250 reels or Swedish Ambassadeur 5600AV.

In economy class suitable working pair is a pair of Japanese Shimano: rod BEAST MASTER CASTING (2,70 m 15-40 g) and coil Catala 200. All these combinations, if necessary, cope well with a mild trolling that will also enhance your chances of fishing.

For spinning’s average height or slightly below (as well as the fair sex who are not lagging behind in catching fish) may seem a bit tedious to swing quite a long rod, complete with a multiplier, weighing about half a kilo. And it's not always casting distance is required, besides long rod when fishing from a boat is not so good to take fish in the landing net and especially to take her hands, which, I note, much sportier.

Procedure for casting through the head - the most simple, but very precise

In this case, I strongly advise a couple of A-elite Magic Jig (2,40 m 5-20 g) and coil SCULPTOR SL. The working and what is important, not too expensive for a certain combination of experiences will allow to do pretty biting casting lures weighing 12-18 g, the most optimal for fishing on lakes and reservoirs.

I have such a tackle, only rod with test 2-12 g (already an old MAGNA S PRO JIG length of 2.40 m), I did not part with her for five years, and she never let me upset. I admit, the Giants do not compete, but pike and a half, two kilograms often surrendered to the mercy of the couple.

All of the rods - Fast or Mod

The Fast, and it may seem that the only possible for this type of system. However, this is not entirely true, but the fact that the fast action rod almost instantaneously assumes its original position after removing the deformation and nods to the apex release (thereby rejecting the lure of flying intended target), makes it preferable.

However, since these rods have a very significant lower test - 10-14 g, they are quite tough even at Moderate, which in most cases is quite acceptable. So the choice of rods fail, rather, depends on the type of bait used by wiring and, respectively.

For steps with jig baits that require visual inspection of wiring and bite on rod tip, will be optimal Fast system or even Extra Fast, and for heavy spinners very good Moderate system. Once I had for lack of a better catch a rod Maestro Indian production.

So this rod length 3.10 m, more reminiscent of a billiard cue, allow stress-free cast plastic with a load of 18 g per 65-70 m and it suits me, if not for excessive weight and inconvenience in the capture of fish by hand after the draw.

Casting, casting more

So, you have purchased a fishing rod. If the store you do not adjusted coil - consultant, try to do it yourself. Click on the button, releasing the rotation of the spool. Shake the spool with your finger from side to side on its axis - if there is no backlash, unscrew half a turn end the knurled nut on the handle side of the coil body, if the backlash is too great - tighten the nut.

Normally tuned spool should move along the axis of 0.1-0.15 mm. Now install the reel on the rod and wind to start is not too soft and inexpensive mono filament diameter of 0.3 mm - for the classic "multi" size 4600-5500 (100-250 classification by Shimano) and 0.25 mm - for the size of the coil 50 or small "Soap".

Pass the line through the rod rings, insert it into the depositor and fix exactly against it on the spool some tightens (and known to you) node. Reel fishing line put on a pencil or a pen and asks someone to hold it (ideally, use a special device that is sold in fishing stores).

To ensure that the winding density, slightly tighten the friction brake and the line just below the entrance of the ring through the tack slightly damp cloth by hand and begin to rotate the reel handle. Fill the spool fishing line 1.5-2 mm below the rim cheeks spool. If the wound is much lower - rewind the entire line onto any spare spool and bobbin on "cartoon" is a bit of duct tape or the old fishing line, repeat the operation.

Now you can go to the pond. Learn to throw the best of all is fishing on the bank, and not on the site or stadium, as the resistance line and the training load, mastic is with water gives optimum packing density on the spool. To begin at the end of line tie usually ship "olive" or 18-20 g - for a conventional layout.

It allows you to send a three-act cast a heavy lure to the farthest distance, although it is somewhat more difficult to master

Holding the rod horizontally fishing line, sinkers to SVRS from the "tulip" was 20-30 cm. Press the spool, winding gently touching the pad of his thumb. Release your finger, giving sinker free fall to the ground.

If, after the fall of the sinker spool gives small dashes, you must slow down to adjust the device, increasing the number of weights («Enable", say, all the 6 or 5), and a magnetic system, moves the control chip on the higher number. Pick brake force so that when disinherited sinker spool is easy to fall and after they touch the ground, remained motionless spool.

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