Murena Helena - Catching Moray Eels

From more than a hundred species of moray eels in the Mediterranean Sea are home to a subspecies, called Murena Helena. Catching eels is an exotic type of fishing. Mainly from meat moray eels and edible in many species it is poisonous.

Moray habits with piranha

Remember the words of a local guide on the bloodthirsty predators that swarmed local marine waters only a few centuries ago. In the Mediterranean Sea were carried giant moray eels. Several of these monsters were able to eat immediately servant thrown to them in the pool. And such scenes are often staged rich patricians.

I sailed along the cliffs. Abyss was very close. That cliff, and her cape, from which the water cool down piles of large stones. At this point, yesterday I missed some huge fish. She literally gnawed 0.5mm fishing line. Today, wearing a diver's gear and armed with underwater gun, I went down into the water to explore.

It all began with the fact that because of the high cost of hotel rooms Capri Me and a friend had become "savages" and live in a cave, which we found near the port of Marina Grande. Comrade day climbed by cable car to the village and draw tourists. But his wages for two is not enough, so my goal was from morning until evening to catch the bait or engage in underwater hunting.

But so far I have been able to produce only small fishes, and those were few. And in the distant cliffs of line breakage. It could be a big grouper, a small shark. Or maybe there is not yet extinct giant moray bloodthirsty? Banish intrusive thoughts, dive under the rock. Promptly rushed a flock of small mullet. The depth of five meters, a large fish to be seen. I surfaced, gasping for air, and then plunge into the water.

Surveyed area with a flat bottom is sent to Nabal stones. There are many great crevices where fish can hide. Suddenly I notice distance moray: wriggling snake-like body, it is rapidly slipping away from me. Soon moray he hid in a crevice between boulders. As I approached, sticking out of a hole only the head. Beady eyes stared at me, and his mouth, studded with many sharp teeth grinned menacingly.

From the mouth stuck a piece of thick fishing line. So who preyed on my red mullet! Of course, against these teeth and thick nylon to resist! Shoot moray I did not. Somehow I had pity for this fish. Not so blood-thirsty she was - she is rather frightened me. I inadvertently moved his hand, and moray finally disappeared into his shelter.

There are more than a hundred species of moray eels. All of them belong to the family of scientist’s acne. Some of them, the inhabitants of tropical seas reach three meters in length. However, eels are very rare. The meat of some species of fish is considered poisonous. The trunk has a Mediterranean moray serpentine shape, flattened tail section.

Head elongated. Broad jaws form powerful jaws with sharp, curved teeth into. Very thick skin covered with mucus. Long, well-developed dorsal fin begins at the head and goes along the whole body. Pelvic and pectoral fins are completely absent. Moray has the ability to disguise them well. Her coloring is dependent on the environment.

Murena Helena - Catching Moray Eels

The most common fish is dark brown with yellow highlights. It feeds mainly on small fish and crabs, for which hunts at night. This fish has a very developed sense of smell. But in the Mediterranean Sea there are places where this fish is still quite a lot. Friends have told me that while relaxing on one of the islands off the coast of Spain, they are constantly caught 2 kg morays. In the more southern latitudes, I happened to catch the bait does not morays yourself again. In general, if you know the habitat of eels, is to catch this fish is quite simple, some special equipment is required.

But when choosing a rod and reel should be borne in mind that moray strongly resists when pulled, and focus on strong tackles. Naturally, it is meaningless to put the line thinner than 0.4 mm. To protect against tooth moray quite mild steel leash of 20 cm in length, connected to the main line through the carabineer and swivel capable of preventing twisting of the gear. Hook needs strong, steel. The use of so-called "lost weight" makes it easier to respond to the bite.

When the float is immersed under the water should immediately make short sweeps hard and not letting the fish go to the rocks, to begin its conclusion on the water surface. It is necessary to clearly regulate the clutch coil. With good boats to fish along the breakwaters or near large underwater rocks teeming with moray eels burrows, where you can catch the big ones even during the day.

The choice of bait is not particularly dependent on the time and method of fishing. Bait can serve as squid, octopus medium-sized, dead or alive herring, sardines, mullet or any other small fish. Often used as a nozzle strip of fish meat, coiled and tightened on the hook thread. Another option bait is very simple: a strip of meat or cut off the tail of the small fish hook pierced in two places. The first hole is expanded to bring out the eye of the hook.

Murena Helena - Catching Moray Eels

Beware of bites moray! Her sharp, needle-teeth are badly hurt. The wounds are not only extremely painful, but also may be infected. For the treatment of a wound it takes a long time. Therefore, moray eels removed from the hook to be very careful, and it is better, if possible, just cut the leash without putting themselves at risk. To remove hooks often use special tongs. Beautiful, full of dramatic description of catching eels gave D. Klindzhel. He explored the island of Inagua Bahamas group: "Ten minutes later, I noticed that the ugly green head slowly begins to protrude out of the cave. Moray did not hurry: meanders between the algae, it is approaching the bait in short spurts.

Mouth eels slowly opened, and I saw a series of straight teeth ivory. Moray took a sip and immediately slipped back. With all my strength I pulled the line, but in the blue water below me suddenly all grown rougher, and twine, burning his fingers, quickly went into the water. Then I quickly threw a loop on a ledge of rock and hung on the end of line, she stretched like a steel wire. Big fish was already in his cave and firmly stuck.

We could not do anything with each other. Then I rushed home, grabbed small block and tackles and ran back to the shore. My device is allowed to pull the power of a few people, but I could not move from the spot moray eels. I cannot imagine how I snatched her full throat. Inch by inch, I pulled out of her den of moray eels.

She stubbornly resisted frantically wriggling. Could even slightly backed away, suddenly I passed all positions. In a blind rage, mad with pain, she flew out of the cave and sank his teeth into the line. I abruptly pulled her from the water, and then began to untie the hoist.

But I did not realize the wild rage suffocating fish. Spurts, splashing through the algae, she rushed to my side. I dodged, threw the line and climbed higher. Moray angrily flipped his teeth, and the sound reminded me of the sound of castanets. I knew that one bite of the teeth is enough to cause severe abscess that does not heal in a few months.

Moray slipped into the water and tried to escape, but I immediately grabbed the line and pulled it high up on the shore. There she lay for a long time, opening the jaws and thrashing tail on the sand. One stick about an inch thick moray crumbles into small chips.

The skin of the fish is thick and leathery, without any sign of the scales, was covered with a thick layer of mucus. This slimy cover places came down and bared bright blue leather underneath. Fish seemed exactly green, thanks to a combination of yellow mucus and blue skin. In the stomach of her I found a few fish. "

Catching eels in the Mediterranean Sea

Returning to the Mediterranean morays. Today, to catch large specimens of this fish is rarely possible. Suitable locations for its fishing can be found to the south of Naples, where the steep banks with stones in bulk. Many moray eels inhabit the coast of Sicily and Sardinia.

Mediterranean moray, despite its small size, is not less dangerous than the ocean giants. In an effort to get rid of the hook, it meanders like a snake, twisted into a spiral, instantly straightens, snaps a metal leash. Once I slipped moray eels caught the stick, she clung to her teeth and crumbled.

At the end of our stay in Capri guide our friend explained to me in detail about the moray-eater, the details of which have survived. As it turned out, cannibalism among morays not inherent nature. Just these huge predators that were released into the pool for a long time kept half-starved, taunted and specially accustomed to the blood. Acquired instinct made them look like a piranha. And then perverted Roman patricians told to throw a hungry morays offending slave, from which a few moments were only bones.

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