Not Expensive Aiko Spinnings

Expensive spinning is a good acquisition of an object of worship. But, unfortunately, not every fisherman can afford spinning with a few zeros on the price tag. Qualitative and not expensive Aiko spinning - that's what most anglers need in the first place. In 2015, Aiko, the well-known manufacturer of the fishing gear market, will offer five series of inexpensive spins, but a narrow focus.

I managed to get acquainted with four rulers: Dixi, Lansar II, Espada, Ranger. They, in addition to completely different purposes, have a lot of constructively common. Consider these spinners in terms of design and design. We pay attention to the hardware and discuss the working properties of each spinning separately.

Not Expensive Aiko Spinnings

What good spinning Aiko

Handles and holders of spools Aiko

The arms of all Aiko spinnings are made in a spaced format, made from high-quality synthetic EVA material. The quality of this material, first of all, is determined by its hardness. Rigid EVA, used on Aiko's budgetary spinning, is a guarantee that the spinning handle will not deform during operation.

Coil holders are not a brand, but very worthy of execution. On different series of Aiko spinners different holders are used. The jig of the Aiko Espada series of spinnings is equipped with a classic holder with open thread and a rear clamping nut. In the spinning of the ultralight Aiko Dixi and Twitching Ranger, the nut is also lower, but it is combined with the EVA handle part. On Lansar II the system is similar, but the nut is located above the coil and is combined with fore grip.

All Aiko spinners have a "hook" to fix the Hook Keeper bait. Moreover, it is installed in such a way that it does not interfere with catching in any way of retaining the spinning. Rings, as well as coil holders, do not carry high-sounding names, but at the same time of decent quality. The frames of the rings are light and rigid, and the inserts are perfectly friendly with the lines and cords of all types. The alignment of the rings corresponds to the new concept. Consequently, it improves the casting of the spinning characteristics without overloading the spinning itself.

Design of Spinnings Aiko

On the one hand, Aiko spinnings are quite conservative. Dark forms, black pens, black windings of rings. And everything would be normal, if not for the most relevant trend of the season, eye-catching. Radically bright segment on the knee joint (green, blue, pink). The most "inconspicuous" spinning is the Espada jig, whose decal is made in a silvery version. All of the above is nonsense, which does not matter, if the performance of the Aiko spinners is not up to par.

Spinning Aiko series Dixi

Not Expensive Aiko Spinnings

The Dixi series of spinnings is a line of classic spinning light and ultralight class, universal purpose. These medium stiffness spinning cannot be better suited for both beginners and professionals. Under this name, three models were on sale - 195 with a test of 1-7 grams; 210 with a test of 2-9 grams, and 221 with a standard test of 3-12 grams. I was able to catch the middle model of this line of Akin spinners, Dixi - seven-foot spinning DIX210UL.

Seven feet long has become the standard length for light spinning gear. This length, on the one hand, allows you to control various types of baits and rigs. On the other hand they are comfortable catching in cramped conditions.

What immediately catches your eye is the ease of spinning Dixi on casting, regardless of the type of baits. Far and accurate fly and compact jig heads with silicone, and classic spoon-bait. The spinning test of Dixi is absolutely honest, 2.2 grams of turntables are flying far away, and an 8-gram "eared" cargo with a small silicone.

If we talk about wiring spinning Dixi, then the "double blasting" of a six-gram jig head, with a two-inch rubber bait - comes out with a slight delay at the extreme points.

In this you can consider the positive side. Pike perch with such a weight bait we catch not often. But perch, bass and pike react well to long jerks. As for the sensitivity, I define the lower threshold as 2.5-2.7 grams without considering the bait.

With this weight, the spinning tip (fairly thick) begins to noticeably "beat off" when the bait falls to the bottom. When you reach the weight of the head weight of 4-5 grams, on a sandy bottom, the drop of the bait is clearly audible in the hand. But of course, Dixi flashy and resilient spinnings will appeal to catching the chub.

Spinning Aiko series Espada

New spinnings Aiko-Dixi, Espada, Lansar II, Ranger Espada are positioned by the manufacturer Aiko as a jig series of budgetary spinnings. The Aiko Espada series of spinnings is large - six models. Such a variety of options emphasizes the variety of jigs: from 232 centimeters with a test of 3-18 grams, to a full "nine" from 10-48 grams. Such a line of spinnings is good even not so much by the range as by the completeness. Lengths and tests vary literally by grams and centimeters. This will allow you to choose the spinning for any occasion and for any angler.

Not Expensive Aiko Spinnings Taking a spinning Aiko Espada ESP240ML (test 5-25 grams) in hand, immediately note the excellent balance and adequately light weight. Do not forget, it's about spinning the most that there is a budget level.

The spinning structure is fast, without any "near" or "near". Returning the top to rest, after vigorous shaking, also leaves no questions. The casting by spinning Espada is easy, comfortable and very far.

As it is customary to say in such cases, "spinning throws up the fish". Sensitivity is not bad: 6 grams + silicone on an adequately thin cord is fairly well visible visually. From 8 grams and above - "heard" in the hand. Spinning Espada well also copes with the diverting leash.

Especially good with this spinning are the animation of such snapping, when it comes to catching non-active fish. The only drawback is with the coil holder. It is comfortable and reliable, but "cold". To catch with it at negative temperatures without gloves is not comfortable.

Spinning Aiko series Lansar II

Lansar II differs from its predecessor Lansar. The novelty is a series of powerful spinning rods of universal orientation. The series is represented by four models: 230 centimeters, 3-18 grams; 240, 4-28 grams; 260, 5-32 grams; 270, 8-42 grams.

Not Expensive Aiko Spinnings

As you can see, all Aiko Lansar II spinnings are characterized by sufficiently wide test ranges, which indicates the universal direction of the Lansar II series of spinnings. Without changing the tradition, we took the spinning, and by chance it turned out to be the model LAN240 M.

Lansar II is a hard moderate fast. Such a system will appeal to those anglers who are completely concentrated on jerky harnesses. The actual test, I would call 10-28 grams. In the entire range of weights, we get a classy, ​​long-range and accurate cast, which does not require the application of unnecessary efforts.

Disadvantages found two. Not everyone will like the color of the knee joint (lilac-pink). It would be interesting to look at the spinning with other rings, on the regular very massive inserts.

Spinning Aiko series Ranger

Not Expensive Aiko Spinnings

The last tested model is Ranger. Spinning, which the manufacturer Aiko imposes a twitching direction. The line with this name combines spinning, which can be characterized as for catching bass. Small length, "K-ring" and very beautiful, cleverly designed handle. Here are the key points that you notice right away, considering the Ranger spinning line at the rack in the store.

Spinning four. I tested the lightest - RAN190L, the length of which is displayed in the marking, and the nominal test is 3-18 grams. Three other spinnings (two-meter 4-22 grams, 2.10 meters, 5-28 grams and 2.25 meters, 6-32 grams), we also looked. All that will be said below, with a correction for high power, applies to them.

The first impression is "dry", hard spinning. With a static load, the curve of the bend represents half the parabola, in order to achieve this, a sufficiently large force must be applied. The handle is characterized by a long front part. This allows you to catch it comfortably. Even with light or heavy coils, just changing the holding point.

The main task of the Ranger spinning is tweaking, and with this technique, the Ranger spinning is excellent. Of course 3 grams, like 18 grams - this is a fairly optimistic statement. But let's say in the range of 5-14 grams, in the size of 65-100 mm, the spinning Ranger works almost perfectly.

Any jerks, braces and hardly noticeable perturbations in place, everything turns out as it should be with the help of a good tool. In addition to jerking bait wires, the Ranger spinning is quite good for jigging postings and for a diversion leash. However, in the latter case, spinning really does not have enough length. Especially in cases where the length of the leash exceeds the meter mark.

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