Nutritious Boilie

What kind of additives are not included in the mixture for cooking boilie. All fishermen want to make nutritious boilies really nutritious food for carp. Everyone knows chewing gum. For 30 seconds, her taste is very good, then it disappears. It becomes tasteless. "I do not need this anymore," you think after this. And if you still chew it, it's only for the first 30 seconds. Something like this happens with carp. He eats the first time eats heavily flavored boilie, even if they do not contain nutrients.

But then the carp stops taking them, because he notices that they cannot get enough. He does not realize this as a person. But carp distinguishes well what kind of food is good for him, and what does not, or even leads to exhaustion. For a short effect, aromatic boilie, poor in nutrients, are sufficient.

But in order to constantly succeed, boilie must contain a balanced mixture of essential nutrients. Only in this case carp, getting a full, high-quality food, will eat boilie regularly for a long time. The boilie should contain in a certain ratio several important nutrient components. Nutritious boilie should be useful for carp and promote its growth.

This is necessary for carp


Amino acids are the "building material" for protein, which is more famous for the fisher of catching carp. Consumed with food, they turn into a protein of the body of fish. Amino acids contribute to the growth of fish, and also heal wounds.


Fats and oils consisting of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are an important part of the carp menu. They are significant suppliers of energy. Included in the composition of boilie soy flour and vegetable oils increase the energy reserves of carp.


Starch and sugar are carbohydrates, which consist of the same elements as fats, but in different proportions. They are a direct source of energy, or "fuel" for fish. Excess carbohydrates turn into fat.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are very important for the life and growth of the body. Therefore, Vitaminalo (the name speaks for itself) and lactalbumin are added to the boilie. These elements are part of the countless additives designed to make boilie. In the food market there is nothing that has never been included in the boilie. I will limit myself to only the most important components for the production of boilie.

Composition of nutritious boilie

Nutritious Boilie

Shrimp flour

Like fish, shrimp flour has an intense smell. It is well combined with fish meal. Shrimp flour is very light and sometimes amounts to 15% of the mixture for boilie. A higher percentage of this flour can make the boilie float.

Peanut flour

Thinly ground peanuts have a high protein and fat content. It is a good alternative to casein. In this case, vegetable protein is used instead of animal protein. Since peanut flour is rather rough, boilie produce a somewhat coarser texture. When the intensity of bites on cereal baits (tiger nuts, beans, nuts) is reduced, boilie based on peanut flour can often give good results.

Soybean flour

Grinded soybeans are rich in natural oils. In addition, soy flour has a high protein content. Having good binding properties, it is a very useful part of boilie. On sale there is a soya flour of a fine milling with the maintenance of fat more than 25% and skim - with the high maintenance of fiber, but with the low maintenance of fat - to 1%.


Casein does not have its own smell, taste and color, it contains up to 85% protein. It can serve as the basis for boilie. The taste of the boilie is determined not by the main ingredients, but only by the flavor. 10-30% of casein is added to the mixture. He makes boilie more rigid.

Robin Red

Special food Robin Red for chicks well proved to be a spicy substance in the composition of the boilie. However, in the mixture for the Robin Red boilie, there should not be more than 5-10%, otherwise the carp will have digestive problems.

Corn flour

Finely milled corn is a good and inexpensive component of the boilie. A high proportion of cornmeal gives the boilie a firmness. In addition, it stimulates digestion and is an energy supplier.


Amino acids are needed by any living creature, including carp. They strengthen the body and increase its resistance. This additive is especially recommended for carrying out feeding campaigns. Especially on water bodies, in which carp finds little natural food. The protein content of lactalbumin is about 80%. In the mixture for the boilie, the proportion of lactalbumin is 10-35%.

Egg albumin

If you need a hard crust, use egg albumin. The protein content in it is about 80%. Such boilie are better against attacks of cancer and white fish. Well tolerated long casts. But more than 15% of egg albumin in the mixture should not be added. Boilie will be too hard.


Semolina contains many carbohydrates. Neutral by smell and taste. It is a good carrier of aromatic substances. With her, the boilie is easier to roll. In addition, semolina makes them heavier. The share of semolina 25-30% in the mixture for boilie is almost standard.

Carp appetite stimulant

It is worth mentioning one more interesting supplement, even if it is not considered nutritious. It's about the stimulant of appetite. You know it from your own experience. For example, you wanted to eat only one piece of chocolate or a few potato chips, but now all the tiles or bags are eaten. Because something stimulated you to continue eating.

This is also true for carp. Ingredients that stimulate appetite in carp are ground hemp, flaxseed, chocolate powder and vanilla. It's worth adding a small amount to boilie, and the carp will eat one more. To carp well digested too plentiful meal, in the mixture for the boilie, you need to add a little vegetable oil.

Nutritious Boilie

Nutrient mixture for the boilie

If you add 5 ml of flavor from cuttlefish and octopus, attractant Momstercrab or garlic attractant for 5-6 eggs, the flavoring of boilie will be 100%. Boilie during the year will be guaranteed to be effective.

Here is the composition of the nutrient mixture for making a boilie:

10% fish meal, 10% corn flour, 10% semolina, 10% soybean fat, 10% Polenta, 10% Robin Red, 15% egg albumen, 10% lactalbumin, 5-10% flaxseed.

Successful fishing and good trophies!

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