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No other fish has not been awarded such special attention is the pike. It is a constant, compulsory character of folk tales in Russia, Finland, the UK and Ireland, as well as throughout Europe. And no wonder about it so many legends. Pike not only grows to an enormous size, it's probably the most powerful and intelligent predator in fresh waters. Many anglers call a pike freshwater shark.

General description of the pike

The pike family, except ours, there is four species of pike, but they are found only in America and one species in Asia. Our pike reaches a length of impressive sizes, up to one and a half meters, and pike weighing up to 30 kilograms. From the past we have come to the attention of the huge living for century’s pikes, whose weight and size have been impressive, they were compared with the size of the boat. The most famous of them, the skeleton of which is stored in Mannheim, Germany, is described in all fishing guides.

Age of the pike of about 350 years, although there is no scientific evidence that the skeleton in the museum is the pike, which lived in one of the previous eras. In the history of the skeleton is mentioned pike Emperor Frederick II "Barbarossa". He launched it in Haylbron lake, and it was found on the shore, where died just old age. Pike - monster was 5.70 meters and weighed 140 kg. Officially registered a record weight of 43.54 kg, caught in the lake Brodaus, Ireland.

Pike lives mainly in rivers, lakes and large ponds. Here the predator is active in almost all regions of Europe. The only exceptions are Iceland, southern Italy and Greece. However, in some parts of Asia and North American populations were found pike. Pike prefers to live in the coastal areas, because growing near the shoreline vegetation, which a lot of food for pike.

In contrast to this, there is also a so-called open water pike. She lives in open water areas, where it can follow schools of fish feeding on separate individuals, who become easy prey for pike. While pike and prefer to be in fairly clean, fresh water, and is often found in brackish. The color of a yellow pike. Even in the regions of the Baltic Sea, where low salinity water, sometimes pike catches.

Power pike

When it comes to food, the pike is a predator, which is not very picky about food. Pike pursues and eats everything that moves. This can be explained by a reflex pike. In addition, pike food also consumes small mammals, frogs and birds in the appropriate size of the predator's menu. When fishing for pike is to benefit us as pike appetite robber. Whether spinners, wobblers, twister’s rubber or live bait, bait pike rarely ignored. Pike are generally considered to be very aggressive predator.

Spawning pike

In fact, spawning pike in our latitudes begins in February and can last until May. In November pike male begins to invade the territory of the females, it becomes very aggressive towards females. The aggressiveness of the male continues to grow, the closer the spawning pike.

During spawning, often several males compete for females, in most cases, with heavy fighting among rival. The winning male gets the right to mate; it means that he is the strongest. So there is a natural selection and production of the best specimens of pike. During the laying of eggs, the female "sticks" to its plants, so they cannot be washed over.

Pike male, tend to be much smaller than a female. This is done by nature to prevent an attack on males than females. But sometimes it also happens that after mating, females eat the males are smaller.

The development of the larvae of pike

Approximately 10 to 30 days after laying eggs, hatch larvae pike. Initially feed on zooplankton and water fleas. But after a few weeks pike larvae reach a length of about two centimeters, and now hunt for fish fry. Due to the fact that the predator extremely eagerly eats fish, its size and weight increases rapidly. So young pike has already reached in the first year of life of the average size of 15 cm. Reaches puberty males’ pike, usually in two years, females aged up to four years.

Description pike

This predatory fish has an elongated, torpedo-shaped body. The head of pike has an elongated shape with crocodile powerful jaws. The mouth resembles a duck, but only in the closed position. The jaws can be opened very wide, allowing you to grab large prey. Pike's Throat is also quite broad, and, on the theory, pike can absorb the fish in half of its growth. Her teeth of two types: a dog to kill prey and tiny needle, curved inward, covering the upper part of the tongue and palate to hold prey. In short words, this weapon freshwater sharks impeccable.

Caudal fin pike broad and strong. The dorsal fin is very close to it, which allows the body long predator literally shoots forward in attack. Fish eyes are large, yellow with black pupils. Ichthyologists maintain that the pike has excellent eyesight, seeing forward, up and away. Pike eats anything that moves and enters the waters of her ambush. The best bait for pike is considered rudd, roach, bleak, in a word, all the fish with suitable dimensions is a potential lure. Moreover, when in the water a little fish, pike readily catches frogs, birds, mice, and even water snakes.

Body Color pike varies depending on the habitat. However, normally it is brownish-green and becomes brighter up to the stomach, the stomach itself almost white. With age, the darker the color. Back, head and upper part of the pike can be almost black. Pike can reach an average size of 50 to 100 centimeters. Sometimes angler’s reports with many years of experience pike tell of sizes up to 150 cm. In Europe, pike sometimes reaches the weight of 20 kilograms and more.

In general the maximum size is reached only in females. Males are smaller pike to females and the average length of 90 cm. Pike on average live 30 years, and at this age is considered to be already very old. Males live pike half, about 15 years old. Favorite places for hunting pike are in the immediate vicinity of the plant. Submerged trees, tufts of aquatic plants, reeds, etc. This is because the pike likes to ambush.

Tackles for pike

If the pond, where the catch, there is a pike of more than 3 kg, so it is necessary to prepare for a record pike fishing. We need a strong 3 m spinning hard and flexible tip. Coil binding with a sufficient margin of safety. If you are using a fishing line, its thickness should be 0.30 and thicker. Hooks better use of tees, №7 - №5. The leash is attached to the main line through the swivel (swivel), in order to work properly bait or twist the main fishing line. From the practice observed that lures work best, reminiscent of the movement of sick or injured fish. These properties are the spinners of up №3 №6.

Consider the options for the various types of gear pike. So in order. First, we must decide which way we want to catch pike. The following methods fishing: trolling, bottom fishing or spinning fishing. Depending on the pike fishing techniques used and the different gear.

Spinning for pike

The best option is a spinning rod length from 1.80 to 2.70 meters. Test from 10 to 100 grams. The tip of the spinning must have an average sensitivity. Spinning test depends on the bait. If you want to go fishing with light lures or twister, it is necessary to have a spinning test with up to 40 grams. For lighter baits a nice touch and sensitivity is very important.

When bait is working, it should just be felt. However, those who want to catch a pike with a large spoon or a crank, for this purpose need a more powerful spinning the dough from 60 g. So my advice to you, buying a spinning, it is best to buy two at once. So you do not regret a broken tip, when you try to throw a heavier lure.

Bottom fishing pike

The length of the rods from 2.70 to 3.30 meters. Test from 50 to 300 grams. The end of the rod must withstand heavy load, it is especially important when casting lures at long range Typically such rods fishermen use to catch not only the pike, but also for catching catfish.

Who is large pike and catfish rods are sold that have test from 200 to 250 grams. If you choose a rod, then it must be provided for a specific fish. Although many anglers were getting their trophy pike simple not expensive spinning. But this is an exception or fishing happiness.

Trolling pike

Rod for trolling pike cannot be less than 2.40 m and has a test 30 to 80 grams. When trolling reel plays an important role, rather precisely adjustable brake and smooth running. Otherwise, otherwise the wrong coil lowers your chances to catch trophy pike.

Methods pike

Traditionally, the main method of lure fishing for pike is posted at the top level. The reason for this is probably that we have few places with depth and clean the bottom to catch pike near the bottom. It is best to throw the bait is always among the algae close to the tufts of grass or sunken tree rhizome. Pike does not like to clean places, it is important to have a place for an ambush. There is much debate about what the best bait to catch pike, heavy or lightweight.

It all depends on pike fishing grounds and obstacles when posting bait. Of course, a heavy lure easier to throw a long distance, but when you post, you can lose it, if there is a hitch. The overgrown vegetation places to fish for pike is best to. It is this type of bait, when you post a hook that easily passes through vegetation between the grass or reeds barrel. The latest innovation in the pursuit of pike in Europe, now it is "the Croatian egg."

Pike fishing

When fishing for pike on live bait float rod bite occurs in the following sequence. Bite starts with one or two float submerged or most direct immersion. This is followed by a quick movement, when the pike with prey in its mouth tries to return to the parking lot. Often after the first rapid of 5-6 meters predator stops to turn the prey in its mouth. Then again starts a rapid movement towards the lair or ambush site.

The main thing is not to hurry and do sweeps, when the pike will begin to move for the second time, already turning the prey in its mouth. At this point, it is necessary to make a powerful slicing down to the hook firmly stuck in the jaws of a pike. If a large pike, it is possible that the lure with a hook already in her stomach, but it does not mean that it is not necessary to do cutting. Pike, sensing a trick, can simply spit out the hook.

With a strong fishing line or braid and having at the end of a rugged metal leash, we have no reason to play soft. Pike have to strictly keep to themselves, without giving up the slack. If you give up the slack, pike can make the "candle" and get rid of the hook. If the leash caught pike for the so-called "mustache" is a 100% guarantee that your production.

After resection pike, as a rule, it makes a strong and powerful jerk. In most cases, this occurs so rapidly that if you got a very big pike, fishing line can occur rupture of the dynamic impact. This, of course, only by very large specimens, the size of which does not harm their immediate development speed. In any case, it is necessary to always keep the friction on the spool slightly have been released, and it will prevent breakage of line or braid.

Here is some information about the ability of the pike. If the initial breakthrough, you have stood with honor, pike tries to go into the bush or cramps and lie down there. If you care prevented the pike in the grass or the roots of our chances for more than 50 percent, you will take the trophy in his hands. Then you should try to forcibly drag pike to him. Experts say that the pain of entrenched hook throat breaks resistance pike.

If the hook spotted only by the jaw, the pike will be long and hard to resist. And yet it is not clear who will win in this battle. In general, a strong pike fish, fighting bravely and often comes out the winner, leaving you only the trembling of the hands and knees. The biggest danger is when Pike leads to the beach, because it felt it begins to struggle with a vengeance. Often, at this moment and there is gathering or open the main line.

The bait for pike

In addition to bait such as baubles, twister, lure, jerk bait or spaynerbeyt, pike can be fooled by a fishing lure. Here I want to introduce some of the fish that are especially suitable for catching pike.

Fish bait for pike

Many anglers’ specialists catching big pike argue that in many lakes and reservoirs are the best bait to catch trophy pike is itself, but small in size. We believe that it is not necessary to use such bait. After all, many of in time will grow and you will be pleased with his catch.

Roach, perch and bream. These fish are always present where the pike lives. Fish bait imply or whole small fish, or pieces. The basic rule when choosing bait for pike, is that as a live bait may be used any white fish living in these waters, where we try to catch pike. This applies to freshwater rivers, lakes and ponds. For fishing in saltwater fish species are used.

Mackerel. This fish is usually used 2 times. This means that after the first shock of pike, mackerel will get hurt, but still alive. It becomes even more attractive for pike, as a fish begins to stand out the flavor, plus a victim allocates pheromone fear that the pike feels a hundred meters. This leads to what may appear even in predator catching area. This only increases the chances of catching pike. Mackerel is one of the fattiest fish. Hard skin and firm flesh mackerel holds good tee, giving the bait to bring down the pike at the first stroke.

Sardines. As a rule, sardines are offered for pike in the bait completely. Sardines Meat and fat, but soft.

Herring. The fish has soft flesh. Herring fishing for pike using entirely. Flavor effect can be increased at the expense of the small incisions.

Acne. This type is oily fish with firm tight skin. Long kept on the hook. You can cast long distances. Eel as bait for pike cut into pieces.

Conclusions about pike fishing

Pike fishing is just another kind of fishing. It differs from the remaining catching fish in the same way as the actual pike different.

Fishing for pike it provides an excellent opportunity to keep track of all the action, as in the theater. The presence of pike in this section of the river or lake, we can detect when a flock of peaceful fish scatter in different directions, it is the pike to attack them. So predator somewhere nearby.

Often in the clean and clear water can be seen as the pike to attack its prey. Here at this time and should give her your lure. Yet it is said that pike is active, and you can safely try to fish the nearby backwaters and oxbows. Pike fishing is an incredible feeling and passion fishing coveted trophy.

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