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Who would not want during the holidays catch conger eel at night, or kosher, on the island? Robert Lund went to the Isles of Silly, to the south-east of England to fight with a worthy opponent.

In light lamps forehead gleamed in the last half of the mackerel before you fly into the sea. Freed from the burden while the backswing, straightened powerful surf rod and reel Multiplier softly sang until sinker and bait a hook mounted on the shaft with a soft splash not plunged into the dark waters at a distance of about 80 m.

All this was repeated again, and the two rods with a strained were placed on a tripod. My fishing research Silly Isles, located near the south-western tip of England began. Tucked on the eve of the leg just sentenced me to a simple contemplation. More I could not afford, because they do not know the technique long casting on crutches.

Sea eel

Flat Rocks locals call the area of ​​one of the Silly Islands group. A resident of this island Mike Parson invited me to one of their nocturnal hunts conger eel from the shore. The rocks here are so eroded that at a height of 2 m from the sea waves are convenient platform for fishing. From Cape extend deep into the sea rocky ridges.

Between them, the sea bottom is sandy with fewer obstacles than in the rocks themselves. These elongated holes go sea eels during the night hunting. In one of these wells are currently bait Mike. Lines stretched, rod tips a little nod to the beat of the waves. Suddenly the right tip is bent a little harder and passed Multiplier reel fishing line a few centimeters.

Mike gently picked up the rod, walked to the edge of the cliffs and down became mastic is the line until he felt resistance. Here it sharply raised the rod up and quickly began to turn the reel handle, returning to its original position. He knows that the first 30 seconds of pulling conger eel most important.

It is necessary to immediately pull out of cover and pull off the rocks. If sitting on a hook conger of stone, it is for the angler is usually lost. To prevent this, the required line was 0.50 mm in diameter and a powerful rod. Strong coastal wrestlers. The surprises began.

Eel gave to drag themselves a few meters along the bottom, but soon turned to defense, strongly shook his head several times and persistently swam in a southwesterly direction along the cliff edge. Mike managed to keep the eel, and after a few tense minutes, during which Conger tried to hide in the seaweed, the angler was able to take a boat hook at the ready.

Yet it was not easy pulling on sliding stones on a dark night. Mike proudly showed me a conger eel weighing 5 kg: not a giant, of course, but these fish require considerable effort from the angler, as to catch a predator shore of this magnitude harder than the 25-pound fish in the open sea.

Later, Mike told me that this acne there are a lot and catch five to six copies of the evening - a common occurrence, and some fishes are up to 15 kg. But I'm on my own experience I know that takes a lot of luck to the shore to catch a 15-pound eel. Overall fishing spots. Larger eels near Silly Isles do not happen.

Somewhere near the Canary Islands coastal sea eels reach the weight of 30 kg. But near the Isles of Silly, although here and fish are smaller, they are more numerous. Along the coast there are regularly caught wrasse Lure and weighing up to 2.5 kg. During the summer, ubiquitous mackerel, garfish and small seethe, which guarantee a good spinning fishing?

Fishing from a boat between the islands and along the many reefs is great. However, only two boats are regular flights in fishing and in the evenings, when the island visitors will for his numerous affairs. Most people come to the island to enjoy the wonderful nature, a lush splendor of colors and diverse world of birds.

But late check-fishing is not so bad, because there is no need to search long for fishing spots - they are everywhere, even among the islands. So, I'm with my 13 year old daughter Britta went to sea on a summer evening on a boat by Kestrel St. Mary's Island. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and around we could see the outlines of the wonderful islands.

In some 15 minutes' travel from the island's engine noise stopped and the first drift began. With us on board were family from the north-west of England with two children and one man from London who wanted to relax a couple of days. Onboard tackle, however, was pretty rough, but it is quite appropriate: the average multiplier reel, fishing line diameter 0,50-0,60 mm, simple rod made of fiberglass with mackerel leashes and sinkers weighing 150 g

Fishing tackle Laura on mackerel. I decided, despite my handicap with crutches, enjoy a summer evening, to make the company his daughter and do everything that she caught something else than mackerel. Britta tuned gear: light board rod with a reel ABU 7700 and braided fishing line 0.20 mm in diameter.

We, like all on board, use a short leash Scombridae, because long we have had difficulties. Much to our surprise, in a short time we caught an incredible amount of fish, primarily Laura. Most fish were weighing 1.5 to 2.5 kg, but across every time drift, and among them only Lure and mackerel rather large, and from time to time and wrasse two 3.5-kg fish.

I would, of course, more likely to catch all of the fish on ultra-light tackle, but Britta with her fishing pole was also a lot of work. Big Fish over the sunken vessels fishing from a boat around the islands of Scilly is not limited to coastal fishing. In front of the giant reef islands over the past 100 years, it sank more than 2,000 ships.

The remains of the ships on guard prey large sea eels and Molveno and Luray settlement weighing more than 5 kg are found regularly. In addition, during the period from October to February there in cod abundance. Summer is very popular and successful catching blue shark. It happens that after an hour after leaving the sea comes first shark. Shark places are located about 30-45 minutes' travel from Hugh Town.

In quantitative terms, catches, usually better here than elsewhere. Family Islands. Isles of Silly provide an avid angler the best conditions for a family holiday. Weather although not as smooth as in Mallorca, but more stable than in the Nordic countries and Ireland.

Locals say in English, that our children will benefit the school. Silly - small, well foreseeable island, there is almost no crime, and your offspring there is no place to get lost. The locals are friendly, honest and sensible. Incidentally, it is worth noting here that with every rock and in any part of the beach you can fish.

Fishing here is really plaque primitiveness. Additional Information. For distance casting. Tackles for catching conger eel from the coast need to be very powerful. Suitable heavy surf or some rod with a test of 150200 Bait: mackerel in the bottom half on a strong leash a diameter of at least 2.5 mm.

Hooks from №6 / №8 0/0. Acne pecks best in the evening, an hour before high tide and one hour after it. Near the southern coast of St. Mary's Island the sea is very deep. As for catching conger eel, mackerel or packing of herring strips should be offered at the bottom.

Strong leash 2.5 mm while not interfere. Lure, wrasse, mackerel and garfish guarantee crazy fishing. Flounder can be caught in the classical way light surf rod or (much more interesting) spinning from the bottom. Fish, birds, flowers.

Approximately 30 nautical miles off the southwestern tip of Great Britain, the north-western part of the Strait of Pas-de-Calais located Isles of Silly. ... Many of the islands are inhabited only St. Mary, St. Martin's, Tresco, Bryher and St Agnes, are grouped around the main islands - St. Mary's. They are washed by the warm Gulf Stream, and therefore have a rich flora and fauna.

Sill antsy (so called by locals) lives mainly due to the many amateur ornithologists, who every year come here to visit one of the largest reserves of the world for seabirds. On the islands there are only two fishing-fishers. No one else has the right to engage in fishing in fishing at a distance of six nautical miles from the Silly Isles.

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